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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 470/2

T.W. Barnard Collection: Miscellaneous photographs.

Photographers: T.W. Barnard, A. Ratna and Co, Klein and Peyerl and others unknown.
Contents: 45 prints 69x94mm to 245x297mm Gelatine silver prints
Provenance: Presented by Captain T.W. Barnard, 1977.
Notes: Collection comprises Photo 470/1-4.

Album contents:-
Photo 470/2(1) Annual exhibition of the Madras Photographic Society [opened by] Lord & Lady Erskine. 
Photo 470/2(2) Lady Leach's Garden Party, March 1940. Her Excellency Lady Hope chatting with Mrs Barnard and a Greek lady. 
Photo 470/2(3) Governor's Cup Day, [Guindy races]. 
Photo 470/2(4) T.W. [Barnard] with the Chief Justice, Sir Lionel Leach. 
Photo 470/2(5) [Spectators descending a staircase at Guindy races.] 
Photo 470/2(6) A & T.W. [Barnard] joining Sir Hugh Wood. 
Photo 470/2(7) Taken at Guindy, Madras Races on Nov 30th 1936. 
Photo 470/2(8) T.W. [Barnard] & Lady Barbara Wright. Waiting to present a Race Cup. 
Photo 470/2(9) Madras Races, 22.2.37. T.W. [Barnard] with Colonel Kelly, Military Secretary to His Excellency. His birthday is on the same date as mine and most appropriately he won the Birthday Plate at my Lunch Party in 1935. 
Photo 470/2(10) Sir George Boag, Advisor to Governot, T.W. [Barnard], Hugh Keene, Ass Commissioner of Police. 
Photo 470/2(11) T.W. [Barnard], Lady Howard [and] Her Excellency Lady Erskine. 
Photo 470/2(12) Madras Races, Feb 24/37. T.W. [Barnard] with His Excellency Lord Erskine. Discussing Politics! 
Photo 470/2(13) T.W. [Barnard] and Her Excellency Lady Erskine snapped at the Races. 
Photo 470/2(14) Madras Races, Governor's Cup Day, Jan 1/38. Just before the last Race. I have come down into the stand to secure a snap of H Ex presenting his Cup. 
Photo 470/2(15) Governor's Cup Day, Madras Races, Jan 1/38. The Stewards being presented to Their Ex's. I am hidden by His Excellency who has his back to the camera. 
Photo 470/2(16) Governor's Cup Day, Madras Races, Jan 1/38. Their Ex's leave the course in State. 
Photo 470/2(17) [Spectators in the grandstand, Guindy Races.] 
Photo 470/2(18) Dec 1936. Proclamation Parade. His Ex taking the salute for the King Emperor at the foot of the Banqueting Hall steps. 
Photo 470/2(19) Proclamation Parade, Madras, Dec 1936. T. [Barnard] with Mrs Russell. 
Photo 470/2(20) The Proclamation Parade on the steps of the Banqueting Hall at Gov House. His Excellency and staff proceeding to their places. 
Photo 470/2(21) Proclamation Parade, Madras, Dec 1936. Waiting for cars. 
Photo 470/2(22) [Lady Erskine and Indian guests]. Proclamation Parade, Dec 1936. 
Photo 470/2(23) Proclamation Parade, Dec 1936. Mrs Ganapathy talking to Col Goss. Col Ganapathy is near. 
Photo 470/2(24) [Group descending the steps of the Banqueting Hall]. Proclamation Parade. 
Photo 470/2(25) [Prints 25-36 are exterior and interior views of 'Chipstead', a bungalow at Nungambakam, Madras.] 
Photo 470/2(37) Mumtaz Mahal, wife of Shah Jahan who built the Taj Mahal in which she was buried. 
Photo 470/2(38) Shah Jahan who built the Taj Mahal as the Tomb of Mumtaz Mahal, his wife. 
Photo 470/2(39) Captain Agar, VC, visited Madras in HMS "Emerald" in ?1939. Here, he is seen at the Madras Races with the Lady Marjorie Erskine. 
Photo 470/2(40) "Chipstead", Nungambakam High Road, Madras. 
Photo 470/2(41) [The Drawing Room of 'Chipstead', a bungalow in Madras.] 
Photo 470/2(42) Drawing Room at "Chipstead", Nungambakam High Road, Madras, 1932. Captain Barnard's Residence. 
Photo 470/2(43) Sir George and Lady Beatrix Stanley. Sir George was Governor of Madras in the 1930's and acted as Viceroy of India in 1937. 
Photo 470/2(44) [Portrait of Lord Willingdon.] 
Photo 470/2(45) [Portrait of Lady Willingdon.] 
Photo 470/2(46) [Painting] Fort at Lanka. King Ravana who held Sita, the wife of Rama, prisoner, until released by Hanuman and friends. 

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