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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 469/6

E.H. Colebrook (Indian Police) Collection:

Photographers: Edward Hilder Colebrooke
Contents: 355 prints 74x110mm to 110x161mm Gelatine silver prints
Provenance: Presented by Mr M. Ellis.
Notes: Complete collection comprises Photo 469/1-17.
Subjects: Indian Police - civil defence - occupations - Indian architecture
Description: Black cloth post-bound photograph album, 315x415mm, containing mounted prints with handwritten captions. A label pasted to the outside of the album reads 'V. February 1941', and the front fixed endpaper is signed 'E.H. Colebrook, Madras, 12th Feb 1941'. The album contains miscellaneous views and portraits in South India.

Album contents:-
Photo 469/6(1) [Prints 1-2 are detailed views of the War Memorial at Pondicherry.] 
Photo 469/6(3) Jane John. Statuary at Cochin. 
Photo 469/6(4) [Model cannon] Police Mess. 
Photo 469/6(5) Pondicherry. 
Photo 469/6(6) [View of a cart wheel.] 
Photo 469/6(7) [View of trees and sky] Bellary. 
Photo 469/6(8) Tranquebar. [Wrought iron fence] in Danish Fort. 
Photo 469/6(9) [Prints 9-11] Sdr K. Krishna Panniker & his house at Manjeri. 
Photo 469/6(12) M.S.P. [Malabar Special Police] Camp, Kollaparamba. 
Photo 469/6(13) Kollaparamba Fort. 
Photo 469/6(14) [Prints 14-17 are views of Malabar Special Police Camp from Fort, Kollaparamba.] 
Photo 469/6(18) [Prints 18-24] M.S.P. Sports, February 1941. 
Photo 469/6(25) [Prints 25-26 are landscape views from police camps.] 
Photo 469/6(27) [Prints 27-29 are interiors of] Underwood's bungalow, Palamcottah. 
Photo 469/6(30) [Prints 30-31 are interiors of] Ratan Tata House, Ootacamund. 
Photo 469/6(32) [Prints 33-34 are interiors of] Hume's bungalow, Madras. 
Photo 469/6(35) Tellicherry. 
Photo 469/6(36) Mangalore. 
Photo 469/6(37) Tellicherry. 
Photo 469/6(38) Tellicherry shipyard. 
Photo 469/6(39) Mangalore. 
Photo 469/6(40) Malabar fishing boat. 
Photo 469/6(41) Cuddalore. 
Photo 469/6(42) Mangalore. 
Photo 469/6(43) Mangalore. Shrimping. 
Photo 469/6(44) [Prints 44-50 are views of a bungalow interior and details of furniture and objets d'art.] 
Photo 469/6(51) [Prints 51-53 are views of fields] Near Palghat. 
Photo 469/6(54) [Prints 54-56 are coastal views] From Tellicherry Club. 
Photo 469/6(57) Mangalore. 
Photo 469/6(58) Temple, West Hill, Calicut. 
Photo 469/6(59) [View of a backwater] Near Ernakulam. 
Photo 469/6(60) [Prints 60-61] D.S.P.'s bungalow, Palamcottah. 
Photo 469/6(62) [River view] From Tinnevelly Bridge. 
Photo 469/6(63) Ratan Tata, Ooty. 
Photo 469/6(64) D.S.P.'s bungalow, Calicut. 
Photo 469/6(65) [Prints 65-66] Ratan Tata House, Ooty. 
Photo 469/6(67) Walthamstow. Monsoon. 
Photo 469/6(68) D.S.P.'s bungalow, St Thos's Mount. 
Photo 469/6(69) [Prints 69-93 are topographical views in and around] Ootacamund. 
Photo 469/6(94) [Prints 94-98 are views on the coast at Cannanore.] 
Photo 469/6(99) [View looking down on a barge] From Godaveri Bridge. 
Photo 469/6(100) Cocanada barge. 
Photo 469/6(101) [View of the surf] Madras. 
Photo 469/6(102) Lawson's Bay, Waltair. 
Photo 469/6(103) Village greengrocer. 
Photo 469/6(104) [Two men sawing a fallen tree.] 
Photo 469/6(105) Transplanting paddy, Madras. 
Photo 469/6(106) Village butcher. 
Photo 469/6(107) [View of a palm grove]. Near Salem. 
Photo 469/6(108) Banian trunk, Mangalore. 
Photo 469/6(109) Moplah, Mongam. 
Photo 469/6(110) Village pigs. 
Photo 469/6(111) Evening Toilet, Mangalore. 
Photo 469/6(112) Fruiterers, Mangalore. 
Photo 469/6(113) Ichabod - Hitchcock Monument , Mongam. 
Photo 469/6(114) [River scene] From Police bungalow, Malappuram. 
Photo 469/6(115) [Prints 115-119 are views of fields and rivers] Near Mannarghat. 
Photo 469/6(120) [Prints 120-126 are views of canals at Samalkot.] 
Photo 469/6(127) [Prints 127-135 are miscellaneous topographical views including a snipe ground in Madras and landscape views at Rajahmundry and Gudavancheri.] 
Photo 469/6(136) No, we have today. [Portrait of a banana seller]. 
Photo 469/6(137) Tank weir. 
Photo 469/6(138) [View of bullocks pulling a cart.] 
Photo 469/6(139) [Prints 139-142 are ethnographical studies.] 
Photo 469/6(143) [Prints 143-145 are topographical views including a bungalow in Madras.] 
Photo 469/6(146) [Prints 146-151 are views in and around Ootacamund, some taken from a train.] 
Photo 469/6(152) Rack engine. 
Photo 469/6(153) [Prints 153-154 are views at] Mettapalayam. 
Photo 469/6(155) [Prints 155-158 are studies of Arum Lilies at Ootacamund.] 
Photo 469/6(159) [Prints 159-161 are views at Ootacamund including the lake.] 
Photo 469/6(162) Ratan Tata Garden. 
Photo 469/6(163) Temple Tank, Singaperumankoil. 
Photo 469/6(164) Kalyaman Mantapam, Tiruporur. 
Photo 469/6(165) [Mandapa, Tiruporur]. Details of roof, lit by reflection from puddle. 
Photo 469/6(166) [Prints 166-167 are views of the] Temple Tank, Tiruporur. 
Photo 469/6(168) Hill Temple from Road, Tirukalikundram. 
Photo 469/6(169) [Prints 169-171 are views of] Hills at Nagalapuram, Chingleput Dt. 
Photo 469/6(172) The steep ascent, St Thomas' Mount, [Madras]. 
Photo 469/6(173) On Summit, St Thomas' Mount, [Madras]. 
Photo 469/6(174) [View] From Summit, St Thomas' Mount, [Madras]. 
Photo 469/6(175) Sadras. Entrance to Dutch Fort. 
Photo 469/6(176) Sadras. 17th & 18th century tombs. 
Photo 469/6(177) Church on summit, St Thomas' Mount, [Madras]. 
Photo 469/6(178) [Prints 178-180 are views of the] Anglican Church of St Thomas, [Madras]. 
Photo 469/6(181) [Prints 181-187 are views at an Air Raid Precaution Service demonstration at Vizagapatam.] 
Photo 469/6(188) [Prints 188-189 are views at an Air Raid Precaution Service demonstration at Coimbatore.] 
Photo 469/6(190) Winnowing paddy. 
Photo 469/6(191) Banyans, St Thos's Mount, [Madras]. 
Photo 469/6(192) Gt Southern Trunk Road. 
Photo 469/6(193) Poseur. 
Photo 469/6(194) [Prints 194-199 are views of] Malabar from train. 
Photo 469/6(200) [Prints 200-203 are views of a demonstration by the Air Raid Precaution Service at Coimbatore.] 
Photo 469/6(204) [Prints 204-205 are views of the Anglican church at St Thomas' Mount, Madras.] 
Photo 469/6(206) [Prints 206-207 are studies of] Bellary water lily. 
Photo 469/6(208) [Prints 208-209 are interior views of] Lane's bungalow, Madras. 
Photo 469/6(210) [Prints 210-218 are studies of flowers.] 
Photo 469/6(219) [Prints 219-227 are dog portraits.] 
Photo 469/6(228) [Prints 228-236 are views in and around Ootacamund.] 
Photo 469/6(237) [Prints 237-238] Hume's bungalow, Madras. 
Photo 469/6(239) Lane's bungalow, Madras. 
Photo 469/6(240) [Prints 240-241] Police Mess, Vellore. 
Photo 469/6(242) DIG's bungalow, Bellary. 
Photo 469/6(243) [Prints 243-244] King's bungalow, Kurnool. 
Photo 469/6(245) Bellary bungalow, Dec '43. 
Photo 469/6(246) [Prints 246-256 are miscellaneous views at Ootacamund.] 
Photo 469/6(257) [Prints 257-265 are portraits of Europeans.] 
Photo 469/6(266) [Prints 266-273 are interior views of the] Indian Police Mess, Vellore. 
Photo 469/6(274) [Prints 274-283 are miscellaneous views at] Bellary. 
Photo 469/6(284) Kistna Canal. 
Photo 469/6(285) [Prints 285-286] Madanapalle. Hill & Temple. 
Photo 469/6(287) [Prints 28287-288] Bellary. Copper mountain [and] Fort, from bungalow. 
Photo 469/6(289) Madanapalle rock carving. 
Photo 469/6(290) [Temple at Madanapalle.] 
Photo 469/6(291) Head sluice, Buckingham Canal. 
Photo 469/6(292) [Prints 292-293] Godaveri Ferry. 
Photo 469/6(294) [Prints 294-301 are portraits of Europeans at a house party.] 
Photo 469/6(302) [Prints 302-307 are landscape views at] Vellore. 
Photo 469/6(308) [Prints 308-309 are views of demonstrations by the Air Raid Precaution Service at Cocanada.] 
Photo 469/6(310) [View of a weir, Vellore?] 
Photo 469/6(311) [Prints 311-319 are portraits of Europeans.] 
Photo 469/6(320) [Prints 320-338 are views of passengers embarking and disembarking on ferries, Godavari River.] 
Photo 469/6(339) Near Nakkapalli. 
Photo 469/6(340) [Prints 340-341 are temple views at Bhimlipatam.] 
Photo 469/6(342) Vizag. Fishing boats. 
Photo 469/6(343) [Prints 343-345 are studies of trees including a coconut palm and a banyan.] 
Photo 469/6(346) [Landscape view]. Near Nakkapalli. 
Photo 469/6(347) Mosque, Chicacole. 
Photo 469/6(348) Tomb, Nellore. 
Photo 469/6(349) Nellore Tank. 
Photo 469/6(350) Near Kovvur. Dhobies. 
Photo 469/6(351) [Prints 351-352 are general views of] Hills near Kaluvay, Nellore Dt, on Pennar River. 
Photo 469/6(353) [Distant view of a temple] Near Kovvur. 
Photo 469/6(354) [Landscape] Nr Chick'pet, Guntur. Floods. 
Photo 469/6(355) Temple & Tank, Kanchili, Vizag.. 

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