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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 17/4

Kitchener of Khartoum Collection: Miscellaneous views in India.

Photographers: Gobindram & Oodeyram, Jaipur; Wiele & Klein, Madras; Herzog & Higgins, Mhow; Bourne & Shepherd and others unknown.
Contents: 72 prints 62x128mm to 184x1047mm Gelatine, albumen and platinum prints
Provenance: Presented by Lord Kitchener, 1 October 1959.
Subjects: British colonial architecture - Indian architecture - Hindu
Description: Green half-leather album, 278x389mm, containing mounted prints with handwritten captions. The album is untitled. Inside the front cover is a label which reads: 'Presented to the India Office Library by the Rt. Hon. the Earl Kitchener of Khartoon [sic] on 1 October 1959', however the album was actually the gift of his son, Lord Kitchener. The album contains architectural and topographical views from the following locations: Cochin, Quilon, Trivandrum, Cape Comorin, Trichinopoly, Madura, Periyar Lake, Guindy, Mysore, Hosur, Hyderabad, Rewah, Kishangarh, Bundi, Mount Abu, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Amber and Alwar.

Album contents:-
Photo 17/4(1) The Residency, Cochin. 
Photo 17/4(2) The Residency, Quilon. 
Photo 17/4(3) [A] Cabin Boat [possibly near Quilon]. 
Photo 17/4(4) [A] Snake Boat [possibly near Quilon]. 
Photo 17/4(5) A Backwater, Travancore. 
Photo 17/4(6) The Residency, Trivandrum. 
Photo 17/4(7) [Distant view of] The Palace, Trivandrum. 
Photo 17/4(8) [View of the village, shrine and headland at] Cape Comorin [Kanniyakumari]. 
Photo 17/4(9) The Residency, Cape Comorin [Kanniyakumari]. 
Photo 17/4(10) [View of the Rock at] Trichinopoly [from the tank]. 
Photo 17/4(11) Madura. [Entrance to the] Old Palace. 
Photo 17/4(12) [Interior of one of the] Madura Temples 
Photo 17/4(13) [View of the Teppakulam outside Madurai.] 
Photo 17/4(14) The Southern Gopuram, Madura. 
Photo 17/4(15) Madura [sic. Should read: View of the carved horse pillars in the Hall of a Thousand Pillars, Srirangam]. 
Photo 17/4(16) [Carved pillars inside the Viravasantaraya mandapa,] Madura. 
Photo 17/4(17) Peryar [sic] Lake. 
Photo 17/4(18) Dam, Periyar Lake. 
Photo 17/4(19) [View of flooded forestation in] Periyar Lake. 
Photo 17/4(20) [View of rapids in an unidentified river, possibly near Periyar Lake.] 
Photo 17/4(21) A Transit [or covered bullock-cart]. 
Photo 17/4(22) [Panoramic view of] Government House, Ghindy [sic]. 
Photo 17/4(23) [Government House,] Ghindy [sic]. 
Photo 17/4(24) Tippoo Sultan's Tomb [at Seringapatam]. 
Photo 17/4(25) [The Residency?] Mysore. 
Photo 17/4(26) [Distant view of the] Hosur Remount Depot [at Mattagiri]. 
Photo 17/4(27) [Bungalow in] Hosur. 
Photo 17/4(28) The Residency, Hyderabad. 
Photo 17/4(29) Falaknamar Palace, Hyderabad. 
Photo 17/4(30) [Fortified] Gateway, Hyderabad Residency. 
Photo 17/4(31) [Fortified] Defences, Hyderabad Residency. 
Photo 17/4(32) [Study of a dog called] Blarney. 
Photo 17/4(33) [Street scene in] Hyderabad City [looking towards the Char Minar]. 
Photo 17/4(34) The Old Palace, Rewah. 
Photo 17/4(35) [Portrait of Earl Kitchener (?) with a dead tiger, at a hunting camp in Rewa.] 
Photo 17/4(36) [Distant view of a] Shooting Camp, Govindgarh, Rewa. 
Photo 17/4(37) [Two European men with their motor car.] 
Photo 17/4(38) Shooting Camp, Dubri, Rewa. 
Photo 17/4(39) Kotah, Rajputana. 
Photo 17/4(40) Kishangarh. Polo Ponies [being paraded]. 
Photo 17/4(41) [View of the islands on the lake at] Kishangarh. 
Photo 17/4(42) [View of the Fort and Palace at] Bundi. 
Photo 17/4(43) [Panorama of] Mount Abu. 
Photo 17/4(44) [General view of the] Jain Temples [at Dilwara, Abu]. 
Photo 17/4(45) [Interior of a Jain temple at Dilwara, Abu.] 
Photo 17/4(46) [Pillars in a Jain temple at Dilwara, Abu.] 
Photo 17/4(47) [Interior of a Jain temple at Dilwara, Abu.] 
Photo 17/4(48) [View of a shrine in a Jain temple at Dilwara, Abu.] 
Photo 17/4(49) The Lake, Mt. Abu. 
Photo 17/4(50) [Interior of a Jain temple at Dilwara, Abu.] 
Photo 17/4(51) [Interior of a Jain temple at Dilwara, Abu.] 
Photo 17/4(52) The Residency, Mt Abu. 
Photo 17/4(53) [Panorama of] Jodhpore City. 
Photo 17/4(54) Temple of Heroes, Mandor, Jodhpore. 
Photo 17/4(55) The Fort & old Palace, Jodhpore [from the Rani Sagar tank]. 
Photo 17/4(56) [Group of] Nagas, Jaipur. 
Photo 17/4(57) [Street scene in] Jaipur City. 
Photo 17/4(58) The Indur Mahal [?Chandra Mahal] from the garden, Jeypore. 
Photo 17/4(59) [Distant view of] The old Fort, Jaipur. 
Photo 17/4(60) Main Street, Jeypore. 
Photo 17/4(61) [View of Amber palace]. The old capital of Jaipur. 
Photo 17/4(62) The [Albert Hall] Museum, Jaipur. 
Photo 17/4(63) The temple [Hall] of the Winds [or Hawa Mahal], Jaipur. 
Photo 17/4(64) [Ganesh Pol in] The old Palace, Ambere, Jaipur. 
Photo 17/4(65) Buffaloe fight, Alwar. 
Photo 17/4(66) [View of a buffalo fight in Alwar.] 
Photo 17/4(67) [Distant view of a captive tiger, probably in the menagerie in the Purjan Vihar, a garden on the outskirts of Alwar.] 
Photo 17/4(68) Processional horse [rearing up on its hind legs], Alwar. 
Photo 17/4(69) [March Past of the] Alwar Imperial Service Lancers. 
Photo 17/4(70) [March Past of the] Alwar Imperial Service Infantry. 
Photo 17/4(71) A shooting box, Alwar. 
Photo 17/4(72) [Distant view of] Alwar City. 

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