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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 430/45

Curzon Collection: Album of South Indian views.

Photographers: Zachariah D'Cruz
Contents: 76 prints 175x233mm to 192x243mm Albumen prints
Provenance: Purchased 1976.
Notes: Whole collection comprises Photo 430/1-89.
Subjects: canals
Description: Red full-leather bound album measuring 373x293mm, with stamped decoration in gold leaf on covers and spine bands. Prints are mounted one to a page with handwritten captions beneath. The volume is signed by the photographer, 'Zachariah D'Cruz, Govt. Photographer & Mechanic, Trivandrum.' The album contains views of scenes in Kerala, and was possibly presented to Lord Curzon during his South Indian tour of 1900.

Album contents:-
Photo 430/45(1) Trivandrum Pagoda. 
Photo 430/45(2) H.H. the Maha Raja's Palace [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(3) Adoption Durbar [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(4) Normal School [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(5) Residency [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(6) Public Offices [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(7) College [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(8) Jubilee Town Hall [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(9) General Hospital [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(10) Industrial School of Arts [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(11) Christ Church [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(12) Museum [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(13) Band Stand in the Public Gardens [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(14) Lake in the Public Gardens No.1 [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(15) Lake in the Public Gardens No.2 [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(16) Lake in the Public Gardens No.3 [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(17) The Public Gardens [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(18) Chief Engineer's Office [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(19) Distant view of the Kannakacunoo Palace [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(20) Golf Pavilion [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(21) View east of the [Golf] Pavilion, No.1 [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(22) View east of the [Golf] Pavilion, No.2 [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(23) Leper Asylum [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(24) Dewan's official Residence [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(25) Central Jail [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(26) Chakay. 
Photo 430/45(27) Vailey Lake [Velli Lake]. 
Photo 430/45(28) Varkala. 
Photo 430/45(29) Varkala Cliffs. No.1. 
Photo 430/45(30) Varkala Cliffs. No.2. 
Photo 430/45(31) Varkala Tunnel. 
Photo 430/45(32) Varkala Canal northen view. 
Photo 430/45(33) Nadayara. 
Photo 430/45(34) Paravur. 
Photo 430/45(35) View north from the bridge, Quilon. 
Photo 430/45(36) Quilon Residency. 
Photo 430/45(37) Cevalli [Quilon]. 
Photo 430/45(38) Backwater and Residency [Quilon]. 
Photo 430/45(39) Darragh's Mill, Quilon. 
Photo 430/45(40) View near Chavray [?Chavara]. 
Photo 430/45(41) Kayangulam [Kayankulam]. 
Photo 430/45(42) Alleppey Lighthouse. 
Photo 430/45(43) View of the Pier, etc. from the Lighthouse [Alleppey]. 
Photo 430/45(44) Alleppey No.1. 
Photo 430/45(45) Alleppey No.2. 
Photo 430/45(46) View with stone bridge, Alleppey. 
Photo 430/45(47) Bolghatty. 
Photo 430/45(48) Bolghatty Backwater. No.1. 
Photo 430/45(49) Bolghatty Backwater. No.2. 
Photo 430/45(50) Peermede [Pirmed]. 
Photo 430/45(51) Chencanoor [Chengannur] River [Travancore]. 
Photo 430/45(52) Ponaloor [Punalur] suspension bridge. 
Photo 430/45(53) [Bungalow at] Courtallum. 
Photo 430/45(54) Courtallum Waterfalls. 
Photo 430/45(55) Ariancavoo [Ariyankavu] Temple. 
Photo 430/45(56) Culuthayouritee [Kalthuritty] River. 
Photo 430/45(57) Parapaar River. 
Photo 430/45(58) Meenmooty River. No.1. [Travancore]. 
Photo 430/45(59) Meenmooty River. No.2. [Travancore]. 
Photo 430/45(60) Meenmooty River. No.3. [Travancore]. 
Photo 430/45(61) Meenmooty River. No.4. [Travancore]. 
Photo 430/45(62) Aiyor [Ayur] Temple. 
Photo 430/45(63) Ponmanay [Poonmana] head works. 
Photo 430/45(64) Ponmanay [Ponmana] Poothen Channel. 
Photo 430/45(65) Ponmanay [Ponmana] Pandian Channel. 
Photo 430/45(66) Ponmanay [Ponmana] Poothen Channel. 
Photo 430/45(67) Ponmudi Palace. 
Photo 430/45(68) Kular River No.1. 
Photo 430/45(69) Kular River No.2. 
Photo 430/45(70) Kodayar [Kothayar River]. No.1. 
Photo 430/45(71) Kodayar [Kothayar River]. No.2. 
Photo 430/45(72) Tiruvattur Temple interior. 
Photo 430/45(73) Christ Church interior [Trivandrum]. 
Photo 430/45(74) Chathan Kovil, Trivandrum. 
Photo 430/45(75) Chirparapoo Market. 
Photo 430/45(76) H.H. the Maha Raja's State Car [Trivandrum]. 

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