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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 15/6

Elgin Collection: 'Autumn Tour 1898'.

Photographers: Philip Kllier, Felice Beato, and others unknown.
Contents: 68 prints 138x102mm to 364x274mm Albumen prints
Provenance: Deposited on permanent loan by the Earl of Elgin, 1956.
Subjects: viceregal tours - official functions - ethnic groups - Burmese
Description: Green full leather bound album measuring 457x370mm, with title as above stamped in gold on front cover. Prints pasted on page with handwritten captions, interspersed with newspaper cuttings relating to places visited. Apart from a few prints at the beginning of the volume recording the Viceroy's visit to Nabha and Patiala, the album is devoted almost entirely to Lord Elgin's Burma tour of November to December 1898.

Album contents:-
Photo 15/6(1) [Portrait of an unidentified Indian.] 
Photo 15/6(2) The Raja of Nabha. 
Photo 15/6(3) Palace of the Raja of Nabha. 
Photo 15/6(4) Garden of the visitors' residence at Patiala. 
Photo 15/6(5) [Portrait of Sir Rajendra Singh, Maharaja of Patiala.] 
Photo 15/6(6) Interior of the Palace at Patiala. 
Photo 15/6(7) The landing at Rangoon. 
Photo 15/6(8) The R.I.M.S. 'Clive'. 
Photo 15/6(9) Officers of the R.I.M.S. 'Clive'. 
Photo 15/6(10) The Viceroy inspecting the Guard of Honour at the landing place, Rangoon. 
Photo 15/6(11) The Burmese Arch [of Welcome, Rangoon]. 
Photo 15/6(12) The Chinese Arch [of Welcome, Rangoon]. 
Photo 15/6(13) [Arch of Welcome erected by the Hokkien community, Rangoon.] 
Photo 15/6(14) The Kyan Taik Society's Arch [of Welcome, Rangoon]. 
Photo 15/6(15) [Burmese Buddhist schools arch of welcome, Rangoon.] 
Photo 15/6(16) [Jewish community's arch of welcome, Rangoon.] 
Photo 15/6(17) New Government House, Rangoon. 
Photo 15/6(18) Elephant at work [Rangoon]. 
Photo 15/6(19) Elephant at work [Rangoon]. 
Photo 15/6(20) Royal Lakes Rangoon at eventide. 
Photo 15/6(21) Burmese racing boats. 
Photo 15/6(22) Government House, Mandalay. 
Photo 15/6(23) View of the moat outside Dufferin Fort, Mandalay. 
Photo 15/6(24) Another view [of the moat and Palace wall, Mandalay]. 
Photo 15/6(25) The Palace. The centre of the universe, Mandalay. 
Photo 15/6(26) Young Burmese Princes & Princesses. 
Photo 15/6(27) King Thibaw's Throne in the Palace, Mandalay. 
Photo 15/6(28) King Thibaw's Kyaung now used as a throne [Mandalay]. 
Photo 15/6(29) Where King Thibaw gave up his kingdom [Mandalay]. 
Photo 15/6(30) Golden Kyaung of Queen Soopyalat, Mandalay. 
Photo 15/6(31) Silver kyaung of Queen Soopyalat, Mandalay. 
Photo 15/6(32) King Thibaw's Prime Minister. 
Photo 15/6(33) General view of Mandalay showing the 450 Pagodas. 
Photo 15/6(34) Burmese pwe. 
Photo 15/6(35) Phoongyis returning from begging their daily food [Burma]. 
Photo 15/6(36) Floating Palace on the Irrawaddy River. 
Photo 15/6(37) Burmese princess [or dancing girl?]. 
Photo 15/6(38) Burmese mother and child. 
Photo 15/6(39) Paloung woman [Burma]. 
Photo 15/6(40) Burmese lady. 
Photo 15/6(41) Burmese family. 
Photo 15/6(42) Burmese girl. 
Photo 15/6(43) Burmese girl with cheroot. 
Photo 15/6(44) Young Burmese Princess. 
Photo 15/6(45) Kachins [Burma]. 
Photo 15/6(46) Sawbwa's wife and child [Wuntho, Burma]. 
Photo 15/6(47) Village buffalo cart [Burma]. 
Photo 15/6(48) [Chinese temple, Bhamo.] 
Photo 15/6(49) [Carvings on the Chinese temple at Bhamo.] 
Photo 15/6(50) The Irrawaddy River. 
Photo 15/6(51) The second defile on the Irrawaddy River. 
Photo 15/6(52) [Village scene, Burma]. 
Photo 15/6(53) Burmese village poay. 
Photo 15/6(54) [Fortified village and stockade.] 
Photo 15/6(55) [Loading harvested pineapples onto carts, Burma.] 
Photo 15/6(56) Landing place, Prome. 
Photo 15/6(57) Prome, Strand Road. 
Photo 15/6(58) Government House, Rangoon. 
Photo 15/6(59) Entrance to Shw Dagon Pagoda [Rangoon]. 
Photo 15/6(60) Burmese musicians at the Shwe Dagon Pagoda [Rangoon]. 
Photo 15/6(61) Burmese Buddist [sic] Priests (Poongyes) 
Photo 15/6(62) [Viceregal group at Government House, Rangoon.] 
Photo 15/6(63) ['Clive' and 'Mayo' at anchor off] Moulmein. 
Photo 15/6(64) Burmese arch, Moulmein. 
Photo 15/6(65) Moulmein. 
Photo 15/6(66) [Street scene with decorations, Moulmein.] 
Photo 15/6(67) Interior, Farm Caves, Maulmain. 
Photo 15/6(68) The compiler of the Tour Books [F.W. Latimer]. 

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