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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 430/35

Curzon Collection: 'Views of Caves of Ellora and Dowlatabad Fort in H.H. the Nizam's Dominions'.

Photographers: Raja Deen Dayal & Sons.
Contents: 46 prints 130x205mm to 215x287mm Albumen prints
Provenance: Purchased 1976.
Notes: Whole collection comprises Photo 430/1-89.
Subjects: Indian architecture - rock-cut temples - forts
Description: Red full-leather bound album measuring 320x445mm, with title as above stamped in gold within decorative border, and photographer's credit reading, 'Raja Deen Dayal & Sons, Secunderabad and Bombay'. Label pasted onto front fixed endpaper reads, 'Bound at Education Society's Press, Byculla'. The last page of the album is signed 'Raja Deen Dayal & Sons. Photographers to H.I.M. the Queen Empress of India, H.E. Lord Curzon Viceroy of India, H.M. the Nizam of Hyderabad Deccan. Secunderabad, Deccan, 8th Novr. 1899.' The album contains architectural views at Ellora, Rauza and Daulatabad, the majority probably taken in the 1890s (print 34 can be precisely dated to 1895) but some possibly dating back to the 1880s. Many of the views are duplicated in later prints (generally of inferior quality) from the same negatives in Photo 97.

Album contents:-
Photo 430/35(1) The Kailas Cave, rock cut temple, Ellora. 
Photo 430/35(2) Kailas cave temple looking down from above [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(3) Kailas cave, right side [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(4) Side gallery, Kailas cave [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(5) Figures at the entrance of Kailas cave temple [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(6) Figures in Kailas cave [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(7) Sutar ki-Thompri cave [Visvakarma cave, Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(8) Interior Sootar [Visvakarma] cave [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(9) 'Sutar' cave upper part [Visvakarma Cave, Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(10) 'Tin Tal' Cave [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(11) Jain [sic. for Buddhist] figures in the 'Tin Tal' Cave [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(12) Tin Tal cave [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(13) Duo-owtar cave [Dasavatara Cave Temple, Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(14) Deowara caves [Dherwada Cave Temple, Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(15) The Grand Hall, Dhedwada [Dherwada] caves [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(16) Upper rooms Dhedwada [Dherwada] caves [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(17) Mahadeo and Parbuttee Seeta [Dumar Lena] cave [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(18) The Goddess in Das-Owtar cave [Tripurantaka in Dasavatara Cave Temple, Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(19) Dhedwada [Dherwada] caves [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(20) End of Dhedwada [Dherwada] caves [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(21) Exterior Dhumar-Lena (Seeta) cave [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(22) Interior of Seeta cave 'Dhumar-Lena' [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(23) 'Vir-Bhudra' in Dhumar-Lena cave [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(24) Seeta's wedding scene in Dhumar-Lena cave [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(25) Sculptures in Rawan [Ravana ki khai] cave [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(26) Rameshwar cave [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(27) Figures in Rameshwar cave [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(28) Inder-Sabha cave [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(29) Interior of Inder Sabha cave [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(30) Interior of Inder Sabha cave [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(31) Side gallery Inder Sabha cave (from below) [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(32) Side gallery Inder-sabha cave (from above] [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(33) Battle scene carved in Kailas cave temple [Ellora]. 
Photo 430/35(34) What next? Her Excellency Lady Elgin waiting at Inder Sabha cave, Ellora. Nov. 1895. 
Photo 430/35(35) The Paradise Cottage (Rest house) [Rauza]. 
Photo 430/35(36) Tombs at Roza [Rauza]. 
Photo 430/35(37) Tomb of Mowlana Zarzari Zarbuksh, Rozah [Rauzah]. 
Photo 430/35(38) Tomb of Khaja Burhan-ud-din Owlia [Rauza]. 
Photo 430/35(39) Sarcophagus of Aurungzebe Rozah [Rauza]. 
Photo 430/35(40) Ahullia bai's temple at Ellora. 
Photo 430/35(41) Entrance side of Dowlatabad Fort. 
Photo 430/35(42) Interior of Dowlatabad Fort. 
Photo 430/35(43) Bala Hissar Gun, Dowlatabad Fort. 
Photo 430/35(44) Exterior of subterranean passage of Dowlatabad Fort. 
Photo 430/35(45) East scarp and trench, Dowlatabad Fort. 
Photo 430/35(46) Dowlatabad Fort from Ellora Road. 

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