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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 15/5

Elgin Collection: 'Autumn Tour 1896'.

Photographers: Bourne & Shepherd and others unknown.
Contents: 58 prints 100x129mm to 229x295mm Albumen prints
Provenance: Deposited on permanent loan by the Earl of Elgin, 1956.
Subjects: viceregal tours - Indian rulers - camps - Indian architecture
Description: Blue full-leather album, 510x380mm, with the title stamped in gold on the front cover. It contains photographs, newspaper cuttings, addresses of welcome, programmes and a map of the tour. The majority of prints have handwritten captions. The album covers visits to Alwar, Udaipur, Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Baroda, Indore and the Marble Rocks.

Album contents:-
Photo 15/5(1) [Portrait of the Maharaja of Alwar, Jai Singh, as a minor.] 
Photo 15/5(2) Arrival of the Viceroy [Lord Elgin] at Ulwar. 
Photo 15/5(3) [Viceroy's] Camp at the Residency, [Alwar]. 
Photo 15/5(4) [Triumphal arch bearing the message, 'Long live the Empress of India', Alwar.] 
Photo 15/5(5) [Small carriage drawn by black buck at Alwar.] 
Photo 15/5(6) [Parade of the] Imperial Service Infantry, Alwar 
Photo 15/5(7) [Parade of the] Imperial Service Cavalry, Alwar. 
Photo 15/5(8) Elephant carriage, Alwar. 
Photo 15/5(9) [Group portrait at the Residency including the Elgins and Major Jennings, the Political Agent at Alwar.] 
Photo 15/5(10) Illuminations, Alwar. 
Photo 15/5(11) [Group portrait taken at a palace garden party, Alwar, including the Elgins, the Maharaja and the Political Agent, Major Jennings.] 
Photo 15/5(12) Ajmere from above the Dowlat Bagh. 
Photo 15/5(13) Arhai-din-ka-jhopra [mosque], Ajmere 
Photo 15/5(14) Interior of Arhai-din-ka-jhopra [mosque], Ajmere. 
Photo 15/5(15) Mayo College, Ajmere. 
Photo 15/5(16) Residency, Oodeypore. 
Photo 15/5(17) The Lake, Udaipur. 
Photo 15/5(18) State Elephants, Oodeypore. 
Photo 15/5(19) [Portrait of] The Maharaja of Oodeypore [with] H.E. the Viceroy [Lord Elgin]. 
Photo 15/5(20) [Viceroy's] Camp, Oodeypore. 
Photo 15/5(21) [Parade of the Meywar Bhil Corps at Udaipur.] 
Photo 15/5(22) The two palaces, Oodeypoor. 
Photo 15/5(23) [Group portrait at Udaipur, with the Elgins, viceregal staff and the Resident of Mewar, Colonel Wyllie.] 
Photo 15/5(24) Chitor Fort. The Tower of Victory [Jaya Stambh]. 
Photo 15/5(25) [Portrait of Sir Sawai Madho Singh, Maharaja of Jaipur.] 
Photo 15/5(26) Arrival [of the Viceroy, Lord Elgin] at Jeypore [Railway Station]. 
Photo 15/5(27) Arrival [of the Viceroy, Lord Elgin] at Jeypore [Railway Station]. 
Photo 15/5(28) [Distant view of the procession through the streets of Jaipur on the arrival of the Viceroy, Lord Elgin.] 
Photo 15/5(29) [A triumphal arch on the occasion of Lord Elgin's visit to Jaipur.] 
Photo 15/5(30) Principal street in Jeypore. 
Photo 15/5(31) The Residency & Garden, Jeypore. 
Photo 15/5(32) [View of bullock carts in a Jaipur street.] 
Photo 15/5(33) [Portrait of the] Maharaja of Bickaneer, [Sir Ganga Singh]. 
Photo 15/5(34) Residency, Bickaneer. 
Photo 15/5(35) Residency Camp [for the Viceroy Lord Elgin's visit to Bikaner]. 
Photo 15/5(36) The Palace [at Bikaner]. 
Photo 15/5(37) Review of the Camel Corps [at Bikaner]. 
Photo 15/5(38) [A sowar of the Bikaner Camel Corps on his mount showing details of kit.] 
Photo 15/5(39) [Group portrait at Bikaner including Lord Elgin and Colonel Henry Vincent, Political Agent.] 
Photo 15/5(40) [Portrait of Sardar Singh], Maharaja of Jhodpore. 
Photo 15/5(41) [Viceroy's] Camp, Jhodpore. 
Photo 15/5(42) [Panoramic view of Jodhpur.] 
Photo 15/5(43) [Street scene in Jodhpur.] 
Photo 15/5(44) Review, Jhodpore. 
Photo 15/5(45) [The Viceroy, Lord Elgin, and staff watching a military review by the Jodhpur Imperial Service Lancers.] 
Photo 15/5(46) [Group portrait of the Jodhpur Imperial Service Lancers under the command of Lt Col Sir Pratap Singh and Major Harji Singh with Colonel Mellis, Inspector-General of Imperial Service Troops.] 
Photo 15/5(47) [Group portrait probably at Mandor of Lord Elgin and staff, Sir Pratap Singh, Chief Minister of Jodhpur and Maharaja Kishore Singh.] 
Photo 15/5(48) Residency Camp, Baroda. 
Photo 15/5(49) Lakshmi Vilas Palace, [Baroda]. 
Photo 15/5(50) Residency [at Baroda]. Visit of Maharani to Her Excellency. 
Photo 15/5(51) Group at [the Residency], Baroda, [including Lord Elgin and staff and Colonel Norton Martelli, the Resident.] 
Photo 15/5(52) [Viceroy's] Camp at Indore. 
Photo 15/5(53) Visit of Maharaja to His Excellency, Residency, [Indore]. 
Photo 15/5(54) The City Palace [Indore]. 
Photo 15/5(55) Group at Indore [including Lord Elgin and staff and Colonel David Barr, Agent to the Governor-General in Central India]. 
Photo 15/5(56) [River scene near the Marble Rocks on the Narmada River at Bheraghat.] 
Photo 15/5(57) [View of the Marble Rocks on the Narmada River at Bheraghat.] 
Photo 15/5(58) [View of the Marble Rocks on the Narmada River at Bheraghat.] 

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