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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 430/17

Curzon Collection: 'HE Lord Curzon's first tour in India, 1899'.

Photographers: Deen Dayal & Sons.
Contents: 147 prints 69x100mm to 205x287mm Collodio-chloride (?) prints
Provenance: 1976
Notes: Whole collection comprises Photo 430/1-89.
Subjects: viceregal tours - official functions - Indian architecture - Indian rulers
Description: Black full-leather album, 320x456mm, containing mounted prints with numbered letterpress captions. The title is stamped in gold on the front cover along with the photographer's name, 'Raja Deen Dayal & Sons, Bombay and Secunderabad'. The photographs record Curzon's first Autumn Tour of India as Viceroy in October-December 1899, including visits, receptions and ceremonies at Delhi, Bombay, Bhopal, Sanchi, Gwalior, Agra, Sikandra, Fatehpur Sikri, Mathura, Vrindavan, Kanpur, Lucknow and Varanasi. There are all also copies of Deen Dayal's earlier topographical and architectural views in these locations.

Album contents:-
Photo 430/17(1) Arrival at Delhi. 
Photo 430/17(2) Drive through Chandui [sic] Chowk, Delhi. 
Photo 430/17(3) At Juma Musjid, Delhi. 
Photo 430/17(4) Departure from Juma Musjid, Delhi. 
Photo 430/17(5) Arrival at Government House, Malabar Point, Bombay. 
Photo 430/17(6) On the Road to Government House, Bombay. 
Photo 430/17(7) Visit to Goculdas Tejpal Plague Hospital, [Bombay]. 
Photo 430/17(8) Arrival at Agripada Ceremony, Bombay. 
Photo 430/17(9) Visit to Maharatta Plague Hospital, Bombay. 
Photo 430/17(10) At the Mahomedan Plague Hospital, Bombay. 
Photo 430/17(11) HE Lord Sundhurst [sic] addressing at Agripada, Bombay. 
Photo 430/17(12) HE Lord Sandhurst laying Foundation Stone of Workman's Dwelling at Agripada, Bombay. 
Photo 430/17(13) Arrival at Bhopal. 
Photo 430/17(14) Arrival at Bhopal Review. 
Photo 430/17(15) Her Highness the Begum going to meet HE Vicereoy, Bhopal. 
Photo 430/17(16) Her Excellency Lady Curzon at Bhopal Review. 
Photo 430/17(17) Inspection of Bhopal Imperial Service Troops. 
Photo 430/17(18) Bhopal Imperial Service Lancers. 
Photo 430/17(19) Bhopal Imperial Service Lancers. 
Photo 430/17(20) Triumphal Arch at Bhopal Bridge. 
Photo 430/17(21) On the way to Sanchi Hill. 
Photo 430/17(22) On the road to Sanchi Tope. 
Photo 430/17(23) Going up Sanchi Hill. 
Photo 430/17(24) Elephant [sic] procession to Sanchi Tope. 
Photo 430/17(25) Arrival on Sanchi Hill. 
Photo 430/17(26) Going round Sanchi Tope. 
Photo 430/17(27) Inspecting Eastern Gate, Sanchi Tope. 
Photo 430/17(28) Ancient History, Sanchi Tope. 
Photo 430/17(29) Gwalior Camp, [Lashkar]. 
Photo 430/17(30) [Curzon and staff] With HH the Maharaja Sindhia, Gwalior. 
Photo 430/17(31) Guests in Viceregal Camp, Gwalior, [Lashkar]. 
Photo 430/17(32) HH Maharaja Sindhia returned from Shikar with Tigers, Gwalior, [Lashkar]. 
Photo 430/17(33) First Tiger shot by HE Lord Curzon in India, Gwalior, [Lashkar]. 
Photo 430/17(34) Opening Victoria College, Gwalior, [Lashkar]. 
Photo 430/17(35) Victoria College at Gwalior, [Lashkar]. 
Photo 430/17(36) Victoria Hospital at Gwalior, [Lashkar]. 
Photo 430/17(37) Waiting for the Maharaja at Gwalior, [Lashkar]. 
Photo 430/17(38) At the Gwalior Review. 
Photo 430/17(39) HH the Maharaja Sindhia commanding his own troops, Gwalior. 
Photo 430/17(40) Gwalior Imperial Service Lancers. 
Photo 430/17(41) At the saluting point, Gwalior. 
Photo 430/17(42) HH Maharaja Sindhia saluting HE the Viceroy, Gwalior. 
Photo 430/17(43) Gwalior Imperial Service Lancers. 
Photo 430/17(44) Maharaja's Artillery, Gwalior. 
Photo 430/17(45) HH Maharaja Sindhia going to visit HE, Gwalior, [Lashkar]. 
Photo 430/17(46) On the road to the Victoria College, Gwalior, [Lashkar]. 
Photo 430/17(47) HH the Maharaja Sindhia [in his carriage, Lashkar]. 
Photo 430/17(48) Return of HH Maharaja Sindhia from Shikar, Gwalior. 
Photo 430/17(49) First Tiger shot in India, Gwalior. 
Photo 430/17(50) What next, Maharaja Saheb? 
Photo 430/17(51) Inside Gwalior Fort. 
Photo 430/17(52) Return from Manmandir, Gwalior Fort. 
Photo 430/17(53) Opening New Light Railway, Gwalior. 
Photo 430/17(54) Party at Gwalior Fort. 
Photo 430/17(55) Opening Ceremony of New Light Railway at Gwalior. 
Photo 430/17(56) At the Gwalior Sports. 
Photo 430/17(57) Top Gate, Gwalior Fort. 
Photo 430/17(58) On Tam Jhan [tonjaun?], Gwalior Fort. 
Photo 430/17(59) Victoria College, Gwalior. 
Photo 430/17(60) Departure from Gwalior. 
Photo 430/17(61) Inspecting Black Throne, Agra Fort. 
Photo 430/17(62) At Diwan-i-Khas, Agra Fort. 
Photo 430/17(63) The Suman Burj, Agra Fort. 
Photo 430/17(64) Black Throne, Agra Fort. 
Photo 430/17(65) Diwan-i-Khas, Agra Fort. 
Photo 430/17(66) Visiting palaces within Agra Fort. 
Photo 430/17(67) Machi Bhawan, Agra Fort. 
Photo 430/17(68) In Agra Fort. 
Photo 430/17(69) Leaving Agra Fort. 
Photo 430/17(70) Body-guard, Agra. 
Photo 430/17(71) Arrival at the Tomb of Etmad-ud-Dowla, Agra. 
Photo 430/17(72) Inspecting Tomb of Etmad-ud-Dowla, Agra. 
Photo 430/17(73) Arrival at Chini-Ka-Roza, Agra. 
Photo 430/17(74) Chini Ka-Roza, Agra. 
Photo 430/17(75) Gate of Akbar's Tomb at Secundra. 
Photo 430/17(76) Past and present rulers of India at Secundra. 
Photo 430/17(77) Entrance, Fatehpore Sikri Palaces. 
Photo 430/17(78) Palace Gate, Fatehpore Sikri Palaces. 
Photo 430/17(79) A little rest, [Fatehpur Sikri]. 
Photo 430/17(80) Palaces of Fatehpore Sikri. 
Photo 430/17(81) Palaces of Fatehpore Sikri. 
Photo 430/17(82) Diwani Khas, Fatehpore Sikri. 
Photo 430/17(83) At the Tomb of Seikh Salum Chisti, Fatehpure Sikri. 
Photo 430/17(84) Jumping scene into a well, Fatehpore Sikri. 
Photo 430/17(85) Departure from Fatehpore Sikri. 
Photo 430/17(86) Visiting Punj Fatehpore Mahel, Sikri Palace. 
Photo 430/17(87) On the Jugunath Car at Muttra. 
Photo 430/17(88) Visiting Mosque at Muttra. 
Photo 430/17(89) Receiving Municipal Address at Brindaban. 
Photo 430/17(90) Temple at Brindaban. 
Photo 430/17(91) Arrival at Cawnpore. 
Photo 430/17(92) At the Memorial Well, Cawnpore. 
Photo 430/17(93) Visiting Boot Factory, Cawnpore. 
Photo 430/17(94) At the Residency, Lucknow. 
Photo 430/17(95) On the Tower of Residency, Lucknow. 
Photo 430/17(96) The Tykhana Residency, Lucknow. 
Photo 430/17(97) Residency grounds, Lucknow. 
Photo 430/17(98) Driving through Bailey Guard Gate, Lucknow. 
Photo 430/17(99) Visiting Historical Parts, Lucknow Residency. 
Photo 430/17(100) Visiting Important Graves, Lucknow. 
Photo 430/17(101) Visiting Ochterlony's Monument, Lucknow. 
Photo 430/17(102) At Dilkhusa, Lucknow. 
Photo 430/17(103) All about Dilkhusa, Lucknow. 
Photo 430/17(104) Bodyguard, Lucknow. 
Photo 430/17(105) Guard of Honour, Lucknow. 
Photo 430/17(106) Durbar Tent, Lucknow. 
Photo 430/17(107) Garden Party at Lucknow. 
Photo 430/17(108) Departure from the Durbar, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 430/17(109) Garden Party at General Jennings', Lucknow. 
Photo 430/17(110) HE the Viceroy and Lieut Governor, NWP, at Lucknow. 
Photo 430/17(111) HH Maharaja Benares and HE State Group. 
Photo 430/17(112) HE at the Benares Ghats. 
Photo 430/17(113) HE at the Benares Ghats. 
Photo 430/17(114) HE at the Benares Ghats. 
Photo 430/17(115) HE at the Benares Ghats. 
Photo 430/17(116) HE at the Benares Ghats. 
Photo 430/17(117) HE at the Benares Ghats. 
Photo 430/17(118) HE landing at the Dufferin Bridge, Benares. 
Photo 430/17(119) HE inspecting Sarnath Tope, Benares. 
Photo 430/17(120) HE inspecting Sarnath Tope, Benares. 
Photo 430/17(121) General view of the City, Bhopal. 
Photo 430/17(122) The Moti Mahal, Bhopal. 
Photo 430/17(123) General view of Sanchi Tope from North. 
Photo 430/17(124) Northern Gate, front view, Sanchi. 
Photo 430/17(125) Eastern gate, front view, Sanchi. 
Photo 430/17(126) Western gate, front view, Sanchi. 
Photo 430/17(127) Pillar details, East gate from North, [Sanchi]. 
Photo 430/17(128) Northern Gate, rear view, Sanchi. 
Photo 430/17(129) Main entrance, approach of Gwalior Fort. 
Photo 430/17(130) Carved inside Courtyard, Manmandir in Gwalior Fort. 
Photo 430/17(131) The Great Sas Bahu Temple, Gwalior Fort. 
Photo 430/17(132) The Telika Mandir or Oilman's Temple, Gwalior Fort. 
Photo 430/17(133) The Taj Mahal from River Bank, showing Bathing Ghats, [Agra]. 
Photo 430/17(134) Sarcophagus inside the Taj Mahal, [Agra]. 
Photo 430/17(135) The Elephant Tower, Fatehpore Sikri. 
Photo 430/17(136) Remarkable pillar supporting the throne in Diwan-i-Khas, Fatehpore Sikri. 
Photo 430/17(137) Memorial Well, entrance door showing statue, Cawnpore. 
Photo 430/17(138) The Massacre Ghat, Cawnpore. 
Photo 430/17(139) [Rumi Darwaza] Views of Lucknow. 
Photo 430/17(140) [Rumi Darwaza] Views of Lucknow. 
Photo 430/17(141) [Taj-replica tomb in the Husainabad Imambara] Views of Lucknow. 
Photo 430/17(142) [Great Imambara mosque] Views of Lucknow. 
Photo 430/17(143) Ghats below Aurangzeb's Mosque, Benares. 
Photo 430/17(144) Burning Ghat, Benares. 
Photo 430/17(145) Kailas Temple, Ellora Caves. 
Photo 430/17(146) Upper part front view of Sutar-Ki-Jhomprid [Visvakarma] Cave, Ellora. 
Photo 430/17(147) Exterior of Deowara Caves, Ellora. 

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