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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 430/6

Curzon Collection: 'Views of HH the Nizam's Dominions, Hyderabad, Deccan, 1892'.

Photographers: Deen Dayal.
Contents: 83 prints 197x120mm to 180x529mm Albumen prints
Provenance: 1976
Notes: Whole collection comprises Photo 430/1-89.
Subjects: Indian architecture - Islamic - Hindu - Buddhist
Description: Black full-leather album, 320x448mm, containing mounted prints with letterpress captions. The title and state crest are stamped in gold on the front cover within a gold floral border along with Deen Dayal's name. The photographs record the topography and architecture throughout Hyderebad State including Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Trimalgiri, Bolarum, Golconda, Warangal, Hanamkonda, Gulbarga, Aurangabad, Daulatabad, Khuldabad, Ellora and Ajanta.

Album contents:-
Photo 430/6(1) The Char Minar, Hyderabad. 
Photo 430/6(2) HH the Nizam's Chowmahela Palace, Hyderabad. 
Photo 430/6(3) The Afzul Mahel, Hyderabad. 
Photo 430/6(4) The Drawing Room of Chowmahela Palace, Hyderabad. 
Photo 430/6(5) Principal Street, Hyderabad. 
Photo 430/6(6) Street view, Hyderabad. 
Photo 430/6(7) Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad. 
Photo 430/6(8) Langar procession of Mohurram, at Hyderabad. (Arabs). 
Photo 430/6(9) The Terrace of Jehanuma Palace, Hyderabad. 
Photo 430/6(10) The Faluk-numa Palace, Hyderabad. 
Photo 430/6(11) Distant view of City, Hyderabad. 
Photo 430/6(12) Mir Alum Lake, Hyderabad. 
Photo 430/6(13) The entrance bridge to City, Hyderabad. 
Photo 430/6(14) Musi River view, Hyderabad. 
Photo 430/6(15) The Grand Race Stand, Malikpett, Hyderabad. 
Photo 430/6(16) The Residency Chaderghat, Hyderabad. 
Photo 430/6(17) The interior of Bashir-bagh Palace, Hyderabad. 
Photo 430/6(18) Bashir-bagh Palace, Hyderabad. 
Photo 430/6(19) Panorama of Chaderghat, from Black Rock. 
Photo 430/6(20) Railway Station, Hyderabad. 
Photo 430/6(21) Old Mosque at Khairtabad. 
Photo 430/6(22) The Mills, Hyderabad. 
Photo 430/6(23) Husain Sagar Tank from Saifabad. 
Photo 430/6(24) Tomb of Secunderabad. 
Photo 430/6(25) Husain Sagar Tank from Secunderabad. 
Photo 430/6(26) James Street, Secunderabad. 
Photo 430/6(27) The Picquet Tank, Secunderabad. 
Photo 430/6(28) One-Tree Hill, Secunderabad. 
Photo 430/6(29) General view of Trimulgherry. 
Photo 430/6(30) Trimulgherry Entrenchment. 
Photo 430/6(31) The Residency House, Bolarum. 
Photo 430/6(32) Golconda Fort near view. 
Photo 430/6(33) Golconda Fort distant view. 
Photo 430/6(34) Golconda Fort general view, form [sic] Bala Hisar. 
Photo 430/6(35) Tombs at Golconda. 
Photo 430/6(36) HH the Nizam's Railway, Poosapally gorge. 
Photo 430/6(37) Pakhal River view from Garla Bridge. 
Photo 430/6(38) Heap Stead of Singareni Coal Fields. 
Photo 430/6(39) Southern gateway inside the Warangul Fort. 
Photo 430/6(40) Carved Nundees, Warangal Fort. 
Photo 430/6(41) Side doorway of Hanumkonda Temple. 
Photo 430/6(42) Pillar details of Hanumkonda Temple. 
Photo 430/6(43) The Thousand pillar temple, at Hanumkonda. 
Photo 430/6(44) Gulbarga Fort. 
Photo 430/6(45) Asuf Gunj, Gulbarga. 
Photo 430/6(46) Great Mosque in Gulbarga Fort. 
Photo 430/6(47) The Shekh-ka-Roza, Gulbarga. 
Photo 430/6(48) Dargah of Banda Nawaz, Gulbarga. 
Photo 430/6(49) Saran Basuppa Temple, Gulbarga. 
Photo 430/6(50) Tomb of Rabia Durrani, at Aurangabad. 
Photo 430/6(51) Alumgiri Mosque in Royal Palaces, Aurangabad. 
Photo 430/6(52) Palace of Zeb-un-Nissa (Aurangazebe's daughter), Aurangabad. 
Photo 430/6(53) Gateway of Islam-Khan's Tomb, Aurangabad. 
Photo 430/6(54) Mecca gate, Aurangabad. 
Photo 430/6(55) The Pan Chukki water fall, Aurangabad. 
Photo 430/6(56) Channel below the Pan Chukki water works, [Aurangabad]. 
Photo 430/6(57) Dowlatabad Fort from lower entrance gate. 
Photo 430/6(58) Dowlatabad Fort, distant view. 
Photo 430/6(59) The Bala Hissar gun, Dowlatabad Fort. 
Photo 430/6(60) East Scarp of Dowlatabad Fort. 
Photo 430/6(61) Tomb of Khowaja Burhan-ud-din Owlia, at Rozah. 
Photo 430/6(62) Deowara Caves, Ellora. 
Photo 430/6(63) The Kailasa rock-cut Temple, Ellora. 
Photo 430/6(64) The Kailasa rock-cut Temple, Ellora. 
Photo 430/6(65) Figures in side Caves of the Kailas Temple, Ellora. 
Photo 430/6(66) Goddess [sic, for Trivikrama, avatar of Vishnu] in Das-owtar cave, Ellora. 
Photo 430/6(67) Tin-Thal Cave, Ellora. 
Photo 430/6(68) The Sutar-ki-Jhonpri [Visvakarma] Cave, Ellora. 
Photo 430/6(69) The Sutar-ki-Jhonpri [Visvakarma] Cave, Ellora, interior view. 
Photo 430/6(70) Wedding scene of Seeta [Shiva and Parvati] carved in Dhumar Lena Cave, Ellora. 
Photo 430/6(71) Interior of Indra Sabha Cave, Ellora. 
Photo 430/6(72) Indra Sabha Cave, Ellora. 
Photo 430/6(73) Interior of Seeta Cave [Dumar Lena], Ellora. 
Photo 430/6(74) Rameshwar Cave, Ellora. 
Photo 430/6(75) Interior of Rawan-ki-Khai Cave, Ellora. 
Photo 430/6(76) Ahalya Bai's Temple, at Ellora. 
Photo 430/6(77) Valley of Ajunta Caves, general view. 
Photo 430/6(78) Cave No 19, Ajunta. 
Photo 430/6(79) Interior of Cave No 26, Ajunta. 
Photo 430/6(80) Interior of Cave No 16, Ajunta. 
Photo 430/6(81) Cave No 24, Ajunta. 
Photo 430/6(82) Cave No 26, Ajunta. 
Photo 430/6(83) Cave No 1, Ajunta. 

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