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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 430/2

Curzon Collection: 'Afghan War 1878-79. Peshawur Valley Field Force. J. Burke'.

Photographers: John Burke
Contents: 94 prints 142x241mm to 937x193mm Albumen prints
Provenance: 1976
Notes: Whole collection comprises Photo 430/1-89. See also Photo 487.
Subjects: military campaigns - Second Afghan War
Description: Maroon half-leather bound album measuring 315x455mm, with title as above stamped in gold on leather label laid down on front cover. The album is secured with a brass clasp and is in generally firm condition apart from some scuffing and tears to top and bottom of spine piece. The prints are mounted one to a page with handwritten captions and photographer's reference number in ink beneath each photograph. A 4pp. letterpress catalogue sheet listing Burke's Afghan views is contained in the album, and this sometimes adds to the information given in the album captions. In these cases, Burke's catalogue captions are also given, enclosed in square brackets after the album caption. Most of the prints are in good condition, apart from torn patches in a few which appear to be the result of prints on facing pages sticking together due to damp or humidity.
A number of the prints in this album (those covering the advance up to the signing of the Treaty of Gandamak) are duplicated in Photo 487, which has an identical binding to this volume and is a copy of 'The Afghan Book' advertised in the Burke catalogue.

Album contents:-
Photo 430/2(1) H.H. The Amir Shere Ali. 
Photo 430/2(2) Copy of certificate given by European prisoners in Kaubul 1842. 
Photo 430/2(3) Afreedie Picket near Jumrood. 
Photo 430/2(4) Fort Attock. [Fort Attock, with Bridge of boats and Khairabad, from below the old Seraie on left bank of Indus.] 
Photo 430/2(5) Fort Attock from Khyrabad. 
Photo 430/2(6) Peshawar, general view. 
Photo 430/2(7) Jumrood Fort and Camp. [Jumrood Fort and Camp, from right bank of Khyber stream, looking towards Mohmund Hills.] 
Photo 430/2(8) Shadi Bagiar. [Shadi Bagiar, mouth of Khyber, from Sarkai Hill on left of Pass.] 
Photo 430/2(9) Shergai Heights. [Shergai Heights looking towards Ali Musjid, showing entire line of enemy's defences right and left of Ali Musjid, and camp of 3rd Brigade.] 
Photo 430/2(10) Ali Musjid and camp from Sultan Tarra. [Ali Musjid and Camp from Sultan Tarra, showing Sunga where Major Birch and Lieutenant Fitgerald, 27th Punjab Infantry, were killed.] 
Photo 430/2(11) General view from Ali Musjid. [General view from Ali Musjid, looking back towards Peshawur, showing the whole of the Khyber and country operated over by the troops.] 
Photo 430/2(12) Ali Musjid and surroundings. [Ali Musjid and surroundings, from left of enemy's position on Rotass, looking down on Fort, showing ascent with river below.] 
Photo 430/2(13) End of the Ali Musjid defile. [End of the defile, looking back at Ali Musjid, showing sentry on lower bastion, narrowness of the defile, and height of fort above the stream.] 
Photo 430/2(14) Back view of Ali Musjid. [Back view of Ali Musjid, from a little below Kuta-Kushta.] 
Photo 430/2(15) View in the Pass near Ali Musjid. [View in the Pass near Ali Musjid, showing Tortang.] 
Photo 430/2(16) Buddhist Temple, Ali Musjid. [Buddhist Temple excavated at Ali Musjid.] 
Photo 430/2(17) View from Lundi Kotal Pass. [View from Landi Kotal Pass, looking over Landi Khana towards Dakka.] 
Photo 430/2(18) General view Ispola and Sultan Kheyl villages. [General view Ispola and Sultan Kheyl villages, showing Buddhist Tope.] 
Photo 430/2(19) Lundi Kotal Camp. [Landi Kotal Camp, looking East towards Ali Musjid.] 
Photo 430/2(20) General view Lundi Kotal Pass. [General view Landi Kotal Pass, showing windings and descent.] 
Photo 430/2(21) Landi Kotal Pass. [Landi Kotal Pass showing road made by the (Q.O.) Madras Sappers.] 
Photo 430/2(22) Western end Dakka Fort. [Western end Dakka Fort, looking towards Khurd Khyber.] 
Photo 430/2(23) Interior Dakka Fort. 
Photo 430/2(24) Gipsy villages near Dakka. [Kutchi (Gipsy) village and encampment near Dakka.] 
Photo 430/2(25) River gorge two miles from Bassaule [Basawal]. 
Photo 430/2(26) Khyber chiefs and Khans. [Khyber Chiefs & Khans with Captain Tucker, Political Officer in Jamrood Fort.] 
Photo 430/2(27) Khan of Lalpura and followers. [The Khan of Lalpura and followers, with Political Officer.] 
Photo 430/2(28) Bassaule [Bassaule, the Hill of Caves.] 
Photo 430/2(29) Kabul River, Jellalabad. Scene of the disaster. 
Photo 430/2(30) Jellalabad. Main street showing covered bazaar. 
Photo 430/2(31) Major Cavagnari C.S.I. and Chief Sirdars. [Major Cavagnari, C.S.I. and Chief Sirdars with Kunar Syud.] 
Photo 430/2(32) Jellalabad city and surroundings. [Jellalabad, the city and surroundings from Kabul Gate.] 
Photo 430/2(33) Major Cavagnari C.S.I. and sirdars, Jellalabad. 
Photo 430/2(34) Amir's garden, Jellalabad. 
Photo 430/2(35) Rosabad. 
Photo 430/2(36) Fort Battye and plains of Futtiabad. 
Photo 430/2(37) Nimlah Bagh. [Nimlah Bagh, below Safed Bagh.] 
Photo 430/2(38) Lt General Sir Sam Browne and staff. [Group. Lt. General Sir S.J. Browne & staff with Generals Macpherson, Tytler, Gough & Appleyard. Safed Sang.] 
Photo 430/2(39) General Roberts and Heads of Department [?Peshawar]. 
Photo 430/2(40) Panorama Sufaid Koh. [Panorama Safed Koh from Khyber to Shutan Gardan.] 
Photo 430/2(41) Panorama Safaid Sang. [Panorama Safed Sang Camp from 51st Camp, Safed Koh in distance.] 
Photo 430/2(42) Surakh-aub Bridge. [Surakh-aub, the bridge from the gorge looking downstream.] 
Photo 430/2(43) The 44th hill looking towards Jagdulluck. 
Photo 430/2(44) The Amir Jakoob Khan. [The Amir Yakub Khan, the first meeting with Major Cavagnari C.S.I. and Mr Jenkyns 7 miles from Safed Sang.] 
Photo 430/2(45) The Amir Jakoob Khan's Highlanders. [The Amir Yakub Khan's Highlanders in group.] 
Photo 430/2(46) The Amir Yakoob Khan and Sirdars of Kaubul [at Gandamak]. 
Photo 430/2(47) Mr Jenkyns - Sir L. Cavagnari - H.H. Yakoob Khan - Gen. Daud Shah - Habeeboolah Mustataphi [at Gandamak]. 
Photo 430/2(48) Puzwan Camp. 
Photo 430/2(49) Valley of the Jugdulluck. 
Photo 430/2(50) Bit in the Jugdulluck. 
Photo 430/2(51) Midway in Jugdulluck. 
Photo 430/2(52) Entrance to Jugdulluck. 
Photo 430/2(53) Lataband Pass. The valley of Death. 
Photo 430/2(54) Sei Baba showing Black Hill. 
Photo 430/2(55) Sei Baba from Lataband Camp. 
Photo 430/2(56) Bhutkukh [Butkhak]. 
Photo 430/2(57) The Logar bridge. 
Photo 430/2(58) The Bala Hissar [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(59) The Dewan-i-Am [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(60) Gap between Bala Hissar and Bala Burghall [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(61) Upper Bala Hissar from west [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(62) South face, Bala Hissar [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(63) Lahore Gate of City [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(64) Old bridge, Kaubul River, Bala Hissar in distance. 
Photo 430/2(65) Timur Shah's Mosque [should read tomb, Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(66) Baber Shah's Musjid [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(67) General Roberts and Sirdars [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(68) Dost's Family [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(69) General Roberts and staff [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(70) Durbar Maidan and Logar Chiefs [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(71) General Roberts inspecting guns [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(72) Cemetery from West Bemaru [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(73) Sham Shere Bridge [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(74) Gurzergas Bridge [Guzargah]. 
Photo 430/2(75) Bit of the road in the Demazung Gorge. 
Photo 430/2(76) General view, musjid and graves [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(77) The laager and abattis, north-west corner, Sherpur. 
Photo 430/2(78) The laager and abattis, N.W. corner, Sherpur. 
Photo 430/2(79) Winter scene looking towards Bemaru [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(80) Winter scene near the R.E. Park [Sherpur Cantonment, Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(81) Asmai Hill with Killa Balundi [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(82) View down the river from bridge [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(83) Kohistani Chiefs [?Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(84) Bisutee Hazara chiefs. 
Photo 430/2(85) View from Sha Sahid Mosque [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(86) The Residency [Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(87) Map of Bala Hissars and Kaubul City. 
Photo 430/2(88) Jugdulluck Kotal. 
Photo 430/2(89) Headquarters Gate from Engineers' Park [Sherpur Cantonment, Kabul]. 
Photo 430/2(90) Western end Sherpur from Bemaru. 
Photo 430/2(91) Panorama from above Bala Boorz. 
Photo 430/2(92) Panorama [of Kabul] from Siah Sang. 
Photo 430/2(93) Panorama from Pai Minar Kotal. 
Photo 430/2(94) Going up to the Bala Boorz [Kabul]. 

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