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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 15/1

Elgin Collection: 'Spring Tours 1894-98'.

Photographers: Samuel Bourne, Bourne & Shepherd, and others unknown
Contents: 100 prints. 155x198mm to 284x354mm Albumen prints
Provenance: Deposited on permanent loan by the Earl of Elgin, 1956.
Notes: Collection deposited along with Mss Eur F 83-4.
Subjects: viceregal tours - official functions - hill stations
Description: Brown full leather bound album measuring 457x380mm containing prints mounted on page with newspaper cuttngs and other related ephemera. Some prints have handwritten captions, a number are captioned in the negative, the remainder uncaptioned. The majority of albums in the Elgin Collection deal with one year's events per volume. This first album presents a (very abbreviated) synopsis of the series, from Lord Elgin's arrival in Calcutta in 1894 to the arrival of his successor Lord Curzon and his own departure in 1899. Most of the photographs (in this and succeeding albums) relate to viceregal tours and the main events here documented are the visit to Gaya in Spring 1895 and to Buxar in January 1896. A large proportion of the remaining views are of Simla and the surrounding regions.

Album contents:-
Photo 15/1(1) Arrival of Lord and Lady Elgin at Government House, Calcutta. 
Photo 15/1(2) East Gate of the Kaiser Bagh, Lucknow. 
Photo 15/1(3) View in the Kaiser Bagh, Lucknow. 
Photo 15/1(4) Viceregal Palace [Lodge], Simla. 
Photo 15/1(5) The Viceroy's Cup 1897, won by Colonel Desraj Ur' ch. aus. g. 'Leonidas'. 
Photo 15/1(6) Viceregal escort, furnished by the Behar Light Horse at Gaya. 
Photo 15/1(7) Their Excellencies leaving the Railway Station, G[a]ya. 
Photo 15/1(8) Viceregal Lodge from the Observatory [Simla]. 
Photo 15/1(9) View in Simla near the Public Works Office. 
Photo 15/1(10) General view of Sabathu. 
Photo 15/1(11) Jutog[h] Cantonment from Prospect Hill [Simla]. 
Photo 15/1(12) The Commissioner's House, Gaya. 
Photo 15/1(13) The Dufferin Zenana Hospital, Gaya. 
Photo 15/1(14) Opening the new Dufferin Zenana Hospital at Gaya. 
Photo 15/1(15) Casket in which the address of welcome was presented at Gaya. 
Photo 15/1(16) Key of the casket containing the address of welcome presented at Gaya. 
Photo 15/1(17) [Viceregal group at the Commissioner's house, Gaya.] 
Photo 15/1(18) St David' Church and the Maidan, Gaya.Braginwai Hill in the distance. 
Photo 15/1(19) Gya N.W. view of [Mahabodhi Temple] Budh Gya. 
Photo 15/1(20) Japanese image of Buddha at Gaya. Said to be over 700 years old. 
Photo 15/1(21) [Viceregal group] At Budha Gaya. 
Photo 15/1(22) Principal street of Gaya. 
Photo 15/1(23) Their Excellencies driving through the streets of Gaya. 
Photo 15/1(24) The Vishnupud Temple, Gaya, with Gaywal priests. 
Photo 15/1(25) At the Vishnupud Temple, Gaya. 
Photo 15/1(26) The Grierson Well, Gaya. 
Photo 15/1(27) [Lady Elgin seated in a tonjan at the Commissioner's house, Gaya.] 
Photo 15/1(28) Head of Ganges Canal, Hardwar. 
Photo 15/1(29) Banian tree at Hardwar. 
Photo 15/1(30) An Indian compound [Ambala]. 
Photo 15/1(31) Rustic scene in Bengal. 
Photo 15/1(32) Through the Terai by D.H.R. [Darjeeling-Himalayan Railway]. 
Photo 15/1(33) The Loop 'Agony Point' Darjeeling Ry. 
Photo 15/1(34) The decent from Choom Station to Darjeeling. 
Photo 15/1(35) General view Darjeeling. 
Photo 15/1(36) Kinchinjunga from Birch Hill, Darjeeling. 
Photo 15/1(37) Arrival of the Viceroy at Buxar. 
Photo 15/1(38) [Viceregal group at] Buxar. 
Photo 15/1(39) Unveiling of Lord Roberts' statue. Arrival of Their Excellencies. 
Photo 15/1(40) Statue of Lord Roberts [Calcutta]. Immediately after the unveiling ceremony. 
Photo 15/1(41) Statue of Lord Roberts. After the unveiling ceremony. 
Photo 15/1(42) Statue of Lord Roberts. 
Photo 15/1(43) Panorama from Rajah of Kupurthalla's house [Dharmsala]. 
Photo 15/1(44) The Sutlej on Kulu Road. 
Photo 15/1(45) Kulu Valley from Munglaor. 
Photo 15/1(46) Village of Kot Kul[u]. 
Photo 15/1(47) Narkunda dak bungalow & village. 
Photo 15/1(48) In Narkunda Forest. 
Photo 15/1(49) Great deodar 42 feet in circumference. 
Photo 15/1(50) On road near Muttiana. 
Photo 15/1(51) On the road between Theog & Muttiana. 
Photo 15/1(52) Between Phagoo & Theog. 
Photo 15/1(53) The Retreat [at Mashobra, near Simla]. 
Photo 15/1(54) The Retreat Mahassoo [or Mashobra, near Simla]. 
Photo 15/1(55) [The Retreat, Mashobra, near Simla.] 
Photo 15/1(56) [Domestic staff, Government House, Calcutta.] 
Photo 15/1(57) [Domestic staff and footmen, Government House, Calcutta.] 
Photo 15/1(58) The Snowy Range from Jakko [Simla]. 
Photo 15/1(59) View of Simla from the Telegraph Office. 
Photo 15/1(60) [Viceregal Lodge, Simla.] 
Photo 15/1(61) Town Hall & Mall, Simla. 
Photo 15/1(62) [Interior of Christ Church, Simla.] 
Photo 15/1(63) [Wedding cake for the marriage of Lady Elizabeth Bruce to Henry Babington Smith, Simla.] 
Photo 15/1(64) Dining Room [Viceregal Lodge, Simla]. 
Photo 15/1(65) Mahassoo [near Simla]. 
Photo 15/1(66) Jakko from Sinjauli [Sanjauli, Simla]. 
Photo 15/1(67) Sinjauli [Sanjauli] Bazar [Simla]. 
Photo 15/1(68) Mashobra [near Simla]. 
Photo 15/1(69) Theog [near Simla]. 
Photo 15/1(70) Road beyond Fagoo. 
Photo 15/1(71) Viceregal Lodge and Boileaugunge from Prospect Hill [Simla]. 
Photo 15/1(72) The Tonga Road [Simla]. 
Photo 15/1(73) Government House, Calcutta. 
Photo 15/1(74) [Government House, Calcutta, from the Ochterlony Monument.] 
Photo 15/1(75) [The Throne Room, Government House, Calcutta.] 
Photo 15/1(76) Marble Hall, Government House, Calcutta. 
Photo 15/1(77) Dining Hall, Government House, Calcutta. 
Photo 15/1(78) Ball Room, Government House, Calcutta. 
Photo 15/1(79) [Group portrait of the Viceroy Lord Elgin and staff.] 
Photo 15/1(80) Council Room, Government House, Calcutta. 
Photo 15/1(81) [Council Room, Government House, Calcutta.] 
Photo 15/1(82) Council Room, Government House, Calcutta. 
Photo 15/1(83) The Hoogly River [Calcutta]. 
Photo 15/1(84) The Hoogly [Calcutta]. 
Photo 15/1(85) Shipping on the Hooghly, Calcutta. 
Photo 15/1(86) Bathing Ghat, Calcutta. 
Photo 15/1(87) Shipping on the Hooghly [Calcutta]. 
Photo 15/1(88) Government House, Barrackpore Park. 
Photo 15/1(89) [North front of Government House, Barrackpore.] 
Photo 15/1(90) [Banyan tree, probably in Barrackpore Park.] 
Photo 15/1(91) The Cathedral, Calcutta. 
Photo 15/1(92) Banyan tree, Calcutta. 
Photo 15/1(93) Orchid House, Botanical Gardens, Calcutta. 
Photo 15/1(94) Avenue of palms, Botanical Gardens, Calcutta. 
Photo 15/1(95) In Eden Gardens, Calcutta. 
Photo 15/1(96) [Viceregal Lodge, Simla.] 
Photo 15/1(97) [Viceregal carriages in front of the High Court, Calcutta.] 
Photo 15/1(98) [Viceregal group with Sir Krishnaraja Wadiyar, Maharaja of Mysore.] 
Photo 15/1(99) Arrival of Lord and Lady Curzon [at Government House, Calcutta]. 
Photo 15/1(100) Departure of Lord & Lady Elgin [from Government House, Calcutta.] 

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