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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 394/

Album of 'Photographs of India & Overland Route'.

Photographers: Samuel Bourne, W. Baker, Charles Shepherd, Shepherd & Robertson, Oscar Mallitte, Nicholas Bros, Antonio Beato, W. Hammerschmidt and others unknown.
Contents: 155 prints 97x137mm to 232x310mm Albumen prints
Subjects: Indian architecture - Islamic - Hindu - British colonial architecture
Description: Black full-leather album, 435x610mm, containing mounted prints with handwritten captions. The title is stamped in gold on the front cover. The name 'Col Bennett, Hounslow' is written on the front free endpaper. The photographs are topographical and architectural views at Agra, Amritsar, Attock, Bangalore, Bharatpur, Bijapur, Bombay, Calcutta, Chamba, Coonoor, Dalhousie, Delhi, Dharmsala, Elephanta, Gwalior, Hyderabad, Jabalpur, Jhelum, Kali, Kangra, Kanpur, Karachi, Kashmir, Khyber Pass, Kulu Valley, Lahore, Lucknow, Madras, Mahabaleshwar, Multan, Murree, Mussoorie, Nagpur, Naini Tal, Ootacamund, Peshawar, Pune, Saugor, Simla, Sukkur, Wai. The album also includes views in Paris, Malta and Egypt.

Album contents:-
Photo 394/(1) Scinde. Sukkur on the Indus. 
Photo 394/(2) Mooltan. Vans Agnew Monument. 
Photo 394/(3) Lahore, Punjab. Runjeet Singh's Tomb. 
Photo 394/(4) Fort, Lahore, Punjab. 
Photo 394/(5) Shahdera, nr Lahore. Jehangeer's Tomb. 
Photo 394/(6) Jhelum, Punjab. Church & Bridge of Boats. 
Photo 394/(7) Attock, Punjab. Fort & Bridge of Boats. 
Photo 394/(8) Peshawar, Punjab. 
Photo 394/(9) Khyber Pass & Fort Jumrood, Punjab. 
Photo 394/(10) 7th Fusiliers after Umbeyla [Ambela Campaign], 1863. 
Photo 394/(11) Eusafzaie [Yusufzai], Umbeyla [Ambela] Campaign, 1863. 
Photo 394/(12) Eusafzaie. Cemetery, Koti Murdan. 
Photo 394/(13) [View of the church], Murree, Punjab. 
Photo 394/(14) [Waterfall near Sarahan on the] Great Tibetan Road. 
Photo 394/(15) The Sutlej in Wangtu Valley. 
Photo 394/(16) Natch girls of Srinugger, Cashmere. 
Photo 394/(17) Marqual Canal, Srinugger, Cashmere. 
Photo 394/(18) Canal, Srinugger, Cashmere. 
Photo 394/(19) Natch House, Shalimar gardens, Srinugger. 
Photo 394/(20) Akbar's Bridge, Srinugger, Cashmere. 
Photo 394/(21) Takht-i-Suleiman, Srinugger. 
Photo 394/(22) Ruins of Martand, Cashmere. 
Photo 394/(23) Vernag, Cashmere. Source of Jhelum. 
Photo 394/(24) Padree Pass, Cashmere. 10,000 feet. 
Photo 394/(25) Islamabad, Cashmere. Poplar Avenue. 
Photo 394/(26) Srinugger, Cashmere. Commissioner's House. 
Photo 394/(27) Dalhousie, Punjab. 
Photo 394/(28) Chumba. Bazar & Temples. 
Photo 394/(29) Budrawar [Bhadarwah], Chumba [Kashmir]. 
Photo 394/(30) Koti Kangra, Punjab. 
Photo 394/(31) Dhurmsala, Punjab. 
Photo 394/(32) Bajoura, Kooloo. Valley of Beas. 
Photo 394/(33) In Hugh Rose's House, Mahassoo. 
Photo 394/(34) [General view of] Simla. 
Photo 394/(35) Lawrence Asylum, Sanawur. 
Photo 394/(36) [General view of the cantonment and sanitarium at] Sabathoo. 
Photo 394/(37) [Distant view of the church], Mussoorie. 
Photo 394/(38) [View looking across the lake towards] Nynee Tal. 
Photo 394/(39) Golden Temple, Umritzar, Punjab. 
Photo 394/(40) The Church, Delhi, Punjab. 
Photo 394/(41) The Fort, Delhi, Punjab. 
Photo 394/(42) Interior of Palace, Delhi, Punjab. 
Photo 394/(43) Cashmere Gate, Delhi, Punjab. 
Photo 394/(44) 'Janter Manter'. The Observatory, Delhi, Punjab. 
Photo 394/(45) The Lath. Stone Pillar, Delhi, Punjab. 
Photo 394/(46) Jumna Musjid, Delhi, Punjab. 
Photo 394/(47) Entrance to Kootub Minar, Delhi. 
Photo 394/(48) The Kootub Minar, Delhi. 
Photo 394/(49) The Colonade [sic], at the Kootub, [Delhi]. 
Photo 394/(50) The Taj, Agra, NWP. 
Photo 394/(51) Fort & Palace, Agra, NWP. 
Photo 394/(52) Elephant Tower, Fattehpore Sikree, near Agra. 
Photo 394/(53) Fort Bhurtpore. 
Photo 394/(54) Rajah's Palace, Bhurtpore [Baldeo Singh's Cenotaph, Gobardhan]. 
Photo 394/(55) Ruins of Residency, Lucknow, NWP. 
Photo 394/(56) Mermaid Gate, Kaiser Bagh, Lucknow. 
Photo 394/(57) Wingfield Park, Lucknow. 
Photo 394/(58) The Ghaut, Wheeler's Massacre, Cawnpore, NWP. 
Photo 394/(59) The Well, Cawnpore. 
Photo 394/(60) Outside of well, Cawnpore. 
Photo 394/(61) [Railway] Bridge over Jumna at Allahabad. 
Photo 394/(62) Calcutta. Government House and Ochterlony Monument. 
Photo 394/(63) Calcutta. Gateway of Govt House. 
Photo 394/(64) General view of Calcutta [from the top of the Ochterlony Monument]. 
Photo 394/(65) Calcutta. St Paul's Cathedral. 
Photo 394/(66) Calcutta. Old Court House Street [looking north]. 
Photo 394/(67) Calcutta. Sir W. Peel's Monument, Eden Gardens. 
Photo 394/(68) Calcutta. Band Stand, Eden Gardens. 
Photo 394/(69) Gwalior. [Distant view of] Fort from Road. 
Photo 394/(70) Saugor, Central India. Temples & Tank. 
Photo 394/(71) Saugor, Central India. Temples & Tank. 
Photo 394/(72) Jubbalpore, Central India. Hotel. 
Photo 394/(73) Jubbalpore, Central India. Marble Rocks. 
Photo 394/(74) Jubbalpore, Marble Rocks. 
Photo 394/(75) [General view of] Seetabaldee, or Nagpur, Central India,. 
Photo 394/(76) [General view at Srinagar.] 
Photo 394/(77) [View of the ghats at Benares with Aurangzeb's mosque in the distance.] 
Photo 394/(78) Simlah in winter. 
Photo 394/(79) Madras. Government House & Banqueting Hall. 
Photo 394/(80) Madras. Fort St George & Beach. 
Photo 394/(81) Madras. The Cathedral. 
Photo 394/(82) Madras. Temples & Tank. 
Photo 394/(83) Madras. Idols. 
Photo 394/(84) Madras. Idols. 
Photo 394/(85) Madras. Idol near Rifle Ground. 
Photo 394/(86) Bangalore, Madras [Mysore]. Fort. 
Photo 394/(87) Bangalore, Madras [Mysore]. The Lall Bagh, or Red Garden. 
Photo 394/(88) [General view], Ootacamund, (Blue mountains) Neilgherries, Madras. 
Photo 394/(89) [General view], Ootacamund, Neilgherries, Madras. 
Photo 394/(90) The Church, Ootacamund. 
Photo 394/(91) The Willow Bund, Ootacamund. 
Photo 394/(92) Silk's Hotel, Ootacamund. 
Photo 394/(93) Waterfall at Katarry [Karteri], Neilgherries. 
Photo 394/(94) Coonoor, Neilgherries. 
Photo 394/(95) Waterfall at Coonoor, Neilgherries. 
Photo 394/(96) Place St Germain, Paris. 
Photo 394/(97) Le Nouvel Opera, [Paris]. 
Photo 394/(98) Hotel de Ville, [Paris]. 
Photo 394/(99) The M[?] & Port-Neuf, Paris. 
Photo 394/(100) [View of a tower, Paris.] 
Photo 394/(101) The Tour St Jacques, [Paris]. 
Photo 394/(102) Chateau de Fontainbleau, [Paris]. 
Photo 394/(103) Palais de Versailles, [Paris]. 
Photo 394/(104) [Notre Dame, Paris.] 
Photo 394/(105) Jardin du Palais Royal, [Paris]. 
Photo 394/(106) Madeleine, [Paris]. 
Photo 394/(107) [View in the Kailasanatha temple at Ellora.] 
Photo 394/(108) Inside of Kalee [Karli] Cave, Bombay. 
Photo 394/(109) [View of a Shiva image], Elephanta, Bombay. 
Photo 394/(110) [Interior view], Elephanta, Bombay. 
Photo 394/(111) [Relief sculpture depicting the marraige of Shiva and Parvati in Dumar Lena cave at Ellora.] 
Photo 394/(112) [Interior view], Elephanta, Bombay. 
Photo 394/(113) [Facade of rock-cut temple], Elephanta, Bombay. 
Photo 394/(114) Entrance to caves of Elephanta, Bombay. 
Photo 394/(115) The Hindoo Triad, Elephanta, Bombay. 
Photo 394/(116) [One of the temple entrances], Elephanta, Bombay. 
Photo 394/(117) The Great Gun, Bidjapore, Bombay. 
Photo 394/(118) Great Tree, Waee [Wai] nr Mahableshwar, Bombay. Covers 5 acres of ground. 
Photo 394/(119) Temples at Waee [Wai], Bombay. 
Photo 394/(120) [General view of] Mahableshwar, Bombay. 5,800 ft high. 
Photo 394/(121) General view of Poona, Bombay. 
Photo 394/(122) Jejeebhoy [Jamsetjee] Bund, Poona. 
Photo 394/(123) Parbathy Temple, Poona. 
Photo 394/(124) Gateway of Peshwa's Palace & Fruit Market, Poona. 
Photo 394/(125) Khandalla on the Bhore Ghaut, Bombay. 
Photo 394/(126) The Reversing Station, Campoolee, Bombay. 
Photo 394/(127) Elphinstone Circle, Bombay. 
Photo 394/(128) Fort & Cotton Market, Bombay. 
Photo 394/(129) The Town Hall, Bombay. 
Photo 394/(130) Malabar Point, Bombay. 
Photo 394/(131) Byculla Club, Bombay. 
Photo 394/(132) [General view of] The Esplanade, Bombay. 
Photo 394/(133) Church Gate Street, Bombay. 
Photo 394/(134) Hyderabad, Scinde. 
Photo 394/(135) Muggerpeer [Magar Pir], nr Kurrachee, Scinde. 
Photo 394/(136) The Church, Kurrachee. 
Photo 394/(137) Frere Hall, Kurrachee. 
Photo 394/(138) Kurrachee, Harbor. 
Photo 394/(139) The Paris Exhibition. 
Photo 394/(140) Lac du Bois de Boulogne. 
Photo 394/(141) [General view of Paris.] 
Photo 394/(142) General view of Paris. 
Photo 394/(143) Saint Chapalle, Paris. 
Photo 394/(144) [Theatre], Paris. 
Photo 394/(145) The Sphinks & Great Pyramid, Egypt. 
Photo 394/(146) Great Mosque, Cairo, Egypt. 
Photo 394/(147) The Great Square, Alexandria, Egypt. 
Photo 394/(148) Great Mosque, Alexandria, Egypt. [Incorrect caption: this shows the Cairo Mosque.] 
Photo 394/(149) Cleopatra's Needle, Alexandria, Egypt. 
Photo 394/(150) Public Library, Malta. 
Photo 394/(151) Auberge de Castille, Malta. 
Photo 394/(152) Saluting Battery, Malta. 
Photo 394/(153) Auberge de Baviere, Malta. 
Photo 394/(154) Fort Manoel, Malta. 
Photo 394/(155) Fort Manoel, Malta. 

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