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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 392/38

Stein Collection: Albums A.102-105. Ancient Persia, (?)1933.

Photographers: Sir Mark Aurel Stein
Contents: 382 prints 100x75mm Gelatine silver prints
Provenance: Presented by the Royal Geographical Society.
Description: A collection of four albums documenting Stein's archaeological tour of the Fars Province of Iran between November 1933 to May 1934. A full account of the expedition, which reproduces a number of the photographs in these albums, can be found in Stein's An Archaeological Tour in the Ancient Persis (Iraq, vol. III, no. 2, pp. 111-225). This narrative also contains a useful map of the ground covered, compiled from Stein's own surveys. Photographs from the tour account for prints 1-326. The remaining prints (327-382) were taken by Stein on holiday in England, Austria and Italy.

A.102 F.I Prints 1-96 Grey cloth covered album measuring 180x225mm, containing 96 prints in aperture mounts measuring 98x73mm. Binding of album block split. The album covers the period 21 November 1933 to 1 February 1934, with photographs taken at the following locations: Atash-kadeh, Bab-i-Arab, Baba Haji, Bishe-zard, Charg, Deh-shahr, Fidishkuh, Firuzabad, Gilian, Gizze, Jahrum, Kaidu, Kaseh-tul, Kavar, Khaneh-i-gabri, Mian-deh, Qala-i-Dukhtar, Qala-i-Gabri (Fasa), Qala-i-Habri (Jahrum), Qir, Rudbar, Shiraz, Tal-i-Zohak, Tal-i-regi, Tal-i-sabz, Tal-i-siah, Tang-ab Gorge, Tangi-Tangab, Vakilabad, Zahidan.

A.103 F.II Prints 97-192 Blue cloth covered album measuring 155x240mm, containing 96 prints in aperture mounts measuring 96x72mm. The album covers the period 1 February to 9 March 1934, with photographs taken at the following locations: Ab-i-chuk, Atash-kadeh (Tang-i-Karam), Burj-i-Chinar, Dogan, Husainabad, Ij, Isfendiar, Istahbanat, Nazimabad, Puzeh-sangareh, Qala-i-Dukhtar (Istahbanat), Runiz Valley, Sarvistan, Shah-nishin, Shahr-i-Majj, Shaidunak, Shash-deh, Tal-i-Sang-i-siah, Tang-i-Gabri, Tang-i-Haji, Tang-i-Majj, Tang-i-Murdi.

A.104 F.III Prints 193-288 Blue cloth covered album measuring 155x240mm, containing 96 prints in aperture mounts measuring 96x72mm. The album covers the period 9 March to 4 May 1934, with photographs taken at the following locations: Banavat, Baz, Chir, Darab, Darabgird, Dashtakhuram, Deh-bid, Deh-i-khair, Do-dashtak, Dudz-i-gabri, Faizabad, Giun, Ij, Jauluni, Khonsar, Kurkhungan, Lahr Pass, Mazijan, Mishkun, Niriz, Pasargadae, Pir Harun, Seving, Shah Hada, Shamian, Takht-i-Sulaiman, Tal-i-regi (Madavan), Tal-i-siah (Madavan), Tal-i-skau.

A.105 F.IV Prints 289-382 Green cloth covered album measuring 155x240mm, containing 94 prints in aperture mounts measuring 96x72mm. The album covers the period 4 May 1934 to 5 February 1935, with a few additional prints inserted at the end of the volume, taken in 1937. The photographs document the last part of the Iranian tour (prints 289-326, 4-19 May 1934), and Stein's return to England and holiday in Austria and Italy (prints 327-374, 21 July 1934 to 25 February 1935). Prints 375-382 are a series of photographs of Barton House, Temple Guiting, taken in 1937. In the Iranian section, photographs are from the following locations: Do-tulan, Istakhr, Mader-i-Sulaiman, Maidan-qunquri, Naqsh-i-Rustam, Pasargadae, Persepolis, Sarvistan, Shiraz, Tang-i-Bulaqi.

Album contents:-
Photo 392/38(1) Tank and trees, Consulate, Shiraz (Ashgar Ali). 
Photo 392/38(2) Gendarmerie post of Baba Haji. 
Photo 392/38(3) Bridge over Kara-agach, Kavar. 
Photo 392/38(4) Tangi-Tangab. 
Photo 392/38(5) [Panoramic view of] Atash-kadeh Palace, Firuzabad. (1) Aiwan to north. 
Photo 392/38(6) [Panoramic view of] Atash-kadeh Palace, Firuzabad. (2) Continued to north-west. 
Photo 392/38(7) Second Hall, Firuzabad Palace, west corner, plaster and squinch. 
Photo 392/38(8) North wall of court, Atash-kadeh (Azizullah and Muhammad Ayub [standing in front of walls]). 
Photo 392/38(9) Tangab Gorge looking up from way to Qaleh-i-dukhtar. 
Photo 392/38(10) Qaleh-i-Dukhtar pile from east, across neck [of Tang-ab Gorge]. 
Photo 392/38(11) Qaleh-i-Dukhtar near [view] (man at top and Muzaffar at tree). 
Photo 392/38(12) Atash-kadeh, back of third hall, from north-west. 
Photo 392/38(13) Qaleh-i-Dukhtar from north-east. 
Photo 392/38(14) Qaleh-i-Dukhtar from north-east. 
Photo 392/38(15) East corner of interior of dome, Qaleh-i-Dukhtar. 
Photo 392/38(16) Outer hall, Qaleh-i-Dukhtar (Gharib and measure). 
Photo 392/38(17) Lower court, Qaleh-i-Dukhtar, from south-east. 
Photo 392/38(18) Ruined 'takht' of Deh-shahr [near Firuzabad] from south across Hauz. 
Photo 392/38(19) Minar of Deh-shahr [near Firuzabad]. 
Photo 392/38(20) Aiwan of Qaleh-i-Dukhtar, north-east corner (Muhammad Ayub and Qazimi [standing in front of wall]). 
Photo 392/38(21) Takht-i-Nishin, with man on wall, from north-east [Firuzabad]. 
Photo 392/38(22) South end of rock sculpture, Tangab. 
Photo 392/38(23) Bridge and rock sculpture below Qaleh-i-Dukhtar. 
Photo 392/38(24) Lower court and structure from south [Qala-i-Dukhtar] (Gendarme and measure [standing beside wall]). 
Photo 392/38(25) Panoramic view of Lower Castle, Qaleh-i-Dukhtar. (1) Structures to north-west (Muzaffar Khan [in foreground]). 
Photo 392/38(26) Panoramic view of Lower Castle, Qaleh-i-Dukhtar. (2) Structures continued to north-east (Amniyeh [standing in foreground]). 
Photo 392/38(27) Aiwan from north-east [Qala-i-Dukhtar] (Tufangchi in corner). 
Photo 392/38(28) Back of domed hall, Qaleh-i-Dukhtar (Qazimi and Tufangchi, meas. [with measuring poles]). 
Photo 392/38(29) Lower castle, Qaleh-i-Dukhtar, and upper structures from terrace below. 
Photo 392/38(30) Cliffs with relievos and right bank of Tangab. 
Photo 392/38(31) Youthful warrior (half in shade) [rock-cut sculpture in the Tang-ab Gorge near Qala-i-Dukhtar]. 
Photo 392/38(32) Youthful warrior (spoilt) [rock-cut sculpture in the Tang-ab Gorge near Qala-i-Dukhtar]. 
Photo 392/38(33) Figure of Shahpur (in shade) from east [rock-cut sculpture in the Tang-ab Gorge near Qala-i-Dukhtar]. 
Photo 392/38(34) Atash-kadeh palace, from east-north-east across pond. 
Photo 392/38(35) Plaster decoration of niches (mouldings), hall of Atash-kadeh. 
Photo 392/38(36) Qashgai group at Tul-i-sabz (on left Kathuda of Mushkun). 
Photo 392/38(37) Tul-i-Regi mound, from north-east (Gendarme on top; diggers on right). 
Photo 392/38(38) Drain in Tul-i-Regi, sections 6-8. 
Photo 392/38(39) Tangi-i-Rudbar. 
Photo 392/38(40) Qaleh-i-Parian, Qir, from west. 
Photo 392/38(41) Head of gorge below Tul-i-Kuseh Pass [Kaseh-tul]. 
Photo 392/38(42) Top of rocky crest, Qaleh-i-Gabri (Gendarme on left below). 
Photo 392/38(43) Haji Mirza Asadullah (90 years) with his two sons (42 and 47 years) [probably at Jahrum]. 
Photo 392/38(44) Agha Azizulah Qazimi at Jahrum. 
Photo 392/38(45) Khaneh-i-gabri caves, Tadawan [Taduvan] (Asadullah up gorge). 
Photo 392/38(46) Khaneh-i-gabri caves, with walls under cave [Taduvan]. 
Photo 392/38(47) Khaneh-i-gabri caves from road, north-east [Taduvan]. 
Photo 392/38(48) Imamzadeh of Pir Boke, Gizze, from west. 
Photo 392/38(49) Cypress avenue (Qazimi) of Qawam's garden, Kaidu. 
Photo 392/38(50) Charg village. 
Photo 392/38(51) Pot (ribbed) and smaller vessels, painted, in cairn deposit, Tul-i-Zohak. 
Photo 392/38(52) Three vessels from cairn, large pot on left, jar in middle, high jug on right [Tal-i-Zohak]. 
Photo 392/38(53) Tul-i-Zohak, digging at, from south-west. 
Photo 392/38(54) Tul-i-Zohak from north-west (Muhammad Ayub on top). 
Photo 392/38(55) Tombstone of Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad, A.H. 735 [Tal-i-Zohak]. 
Photo 392/38(56) View from Tul-i-Zohak to north, along north trench. 
Photo 392/38(57) Tul-i-Zohak walls, seen from north (men on top). 
Photo 392/38(58) Darwazeh Band, at foot of Qaleh-i-Gabri, Fasa. 
Photo 392/38(59) Top of Qaleh-i-Gabri [Fasa], from half height, south-east. 
Photo 392/38(60) Highest portion of Qaleh-i-Gabri [Fasa] from near well. 
Photo 392/38(61) Qaleh-i-Gabri [Fasa], looking north-west from above vaulted structure (high wall to right). 
Photo 392/38(62) Wall line, buttressed, ascending to highest castle (two men at wall) [Qala-i-Gabri (Fasa)]. 
Photo 392/38(63) Bastion and wall, Qaleh-i-Gabri [Fasa] from north (Gendarme on top to right). 
Photo 392/38(64) Domed chambers, A-C, and ruin from above E [Qala-i-Gabri (Fasa)]. 
Photo 392/38(65) Upper fort portion, with high wall to west, seen from F. (Gendarme on high wall) [Qala-i-Gabri (Fasa)]. 
Photo 392/38(66) East portion of Qaleh-i-Gabri [Fasa] with lines of quarters and wall, seen from north-west. 
Photo 392/38(67) High wall on north face of Qaleh-i-Gabri [Fasa] (man at postern from south-west). 
Photo 392/38(68) Stucco decoration on south-west side of Gumbaz H., Qaleh-i-Gabri [Fasa]; above squinch. 
Photo 392/38(69) Panorama from north-west end of Qaleh-i-Gabri [Fasa] fortified crest. (1) Looking south-south-east. 
Photo 392/38(70) Panorama from north-west end of Qaleh-i-Gabri [Fasa] fortified crest. (2) Continued to south-west into valley with wall and fort below. 
Photo 392/38(71) Loopholed wall and domed ruin H., Qaleh-i-Gabri [Fasa], from east. 
Photo 392/38(72) Bastion and quarters at south-east end of Qaleh-i-Gabri [Fasa], from above. 
Photo 392/38(73) Castle, Qaleh-i-Gabri [Fasa], looking north-west from above A-C. 
Photo 392/38(74) South-east wall, Qaleh-i-Gabri [Fasa], descending into valley and fort above ravine. 
Photo 392/38(75) View from highest ruin, Qaleh-i-Gabri [Fasa], down to south-east wall line and fort below. 
Photo 392/38(76) Zahidan village, Fasa, across road from north. 
Photo 392/38(77) Imamzadeh Abdul Kasim, Zahidan, with women wailing. 
Photo 392/38(78) High green glazed jar brought from Fidishkuh (Bagh). 
Photo 392/38(79) High green glazed jar brought from Fidishkuh (Bagh). 
Photo 392/38(80) At bottom, quern from section 1 (19/1); on left below: pot A.17 (18/1); on right, 15 (19/1); on left top, 17 (18/1), burial 6 (19/1); on right, 8 (18/1) [from Vakilabad]. 
Photo 392/38(81) Trench C, Vakilabad, measure on left, from above west. 
Photo 392/38(82) Trench C, Vakilabad, measure rod on right, from west. 
Photo 392/38(83) Tul-i-Surkh [Tal-i-siah], Vakilabad, seen from north-west. 
Photo 392/38(84) My tent, etc., on Tul-i-Surkh [Tal-i-siah] (Mashalla [standing beside tent]). 
Photo 392/38(85) Tents of Gendarmes [Tal-i-siah] (over [?exposed]). 
Photo 392/38(86) Labourers and Asadullah Khan at trench C, Wakilabad [Tal-i-siah]. 
Photo 392/38(87) Tul-i-siah from south-east (men and horses on top). 
Photo 392/38(88) Haibatullah Khan, bandit, at Bishezar [Bishe-zard], with Asadullah Khan. 
Photo 392/38(89) Damb II.2 (largest), Bishezar, from south-east. 
Photo 392/38(90) Dambs II.2, 4, 5, Bishezar, seen from slope to north. 
Photo 392/38(91) Dambs III.1, 2, Bishezar, in course of opening. 
Photo 392/38(92) Bandit and two confereres, caught at Mian-deh. 
Photo 392/38(93) Eroded ridges to south towards Tawar Peak, seen from above Bab-i-Arab. 
Photo 392/38(94) Imamzadeh Saiyid Shamsuddin, Gilian. 
Photo 392/38(95) Gilian, fort village with gate. 
Photo 392/38(96) Gendarme station, 1½ miles above Gilian, from south. 
Photo 392/38(97) Panorama, Tang-i-Murdi from 'Robbers'-sangar'. (1) Looking east-north-east. 
Photo 392/38(98) Panorama, Tang-i-Murdi from 'Robbers'-sangar'. (2) Continued to north-north-east. 
Photo 392/38(99) Tudej Range, snow on top, from plateau above Shaidunak. 
Photo 392/38(100) Threefold cuttings and supports, for canals, above debouchure [Tang-i-Majj]. 
Photo 392/38(101) Cave entrance, Shah-nishin Majj. 
Photo 392/38(102) Dahana Tang-i-Majj, from south (cutting of canal). 
Photo 392/38(103) Head of canal above mouth of Tang-i-Majj. 
Photo 392/38(104) Shahr-i-Majj site from west. 
Photo 392/38(105) Cave matrices in limestone, Tangi-gabri. 
Photo 392/38(106) Tang-i-Balashahr, Shash-deh. 
Photo 392/38(107) Shash-deh, towers and wall from south-east. 
Photo 392/38(108) Gate and tower of Nazimabad (Kirre). 
Photo 392/38(109) Isfendiar Castle, from north. 
Photo 392/38(110) Isfendiar from ridge, north-east. 
Photo 392/38(111) Gumbaz at Isfendiar, with buttress, from west. 
Photo 392/38(112) Cliffs on south face of Isfendiar. 
Photo 392/38(113) Cistern nearest to dome, Isfendiar. 
Photo 392/38(114) Descent from Isfendiar. 
Photo 392/38(115) Turk Ainalus from Dogan. 
Photo 392/38(116) 'Dambs' at foothills above Puze-sangare, Dogan. 
Photo 392/38(117) Kara-chadir of Ainalus in Tang-i-Haji. 
Photo 392/38(118) Cliffs at head of Tang-i-Haji. 
Photo 392/38(119) Ainalu tent group, Tang-i-Haji. 
Photo 392/38(120) Cliffs in valley towards Ij and walls. 
Photo 392/38(121) Ij, with route to Sawanat seen from south-east. 
Photo 392/38(122) Azizullah Kazimi sorting potsherds from Madehwan [at Ij]. 
Photo 392/38(123) Abdul Ali, reciter, and interpreting boy [at or near Ij]. 
Photo 392/38(124) Masa'ud Khan at Ij. 
Photo 392/38(125) Gate if Ij Castle, Tul-i-Shah-nishin. 
Photo 392/38(126) Kohindil Khan, Ainalu chief at Ij. 
Photo 392/38(127) Hills of Ij seen from camp. 
Photo 392/38(128) Castle of Ij, 'cisterns' seen from west. 
Photo 392/38(129) Walls and cliffs at north end of Ij Castle, looking south-west. 
Photo 392/38(130) Gorge of Ij streamlet, seen from centre of Shahban kara Castle. 
Photo 392/38(131) Looking across Shah-nishin and plateau of Ij Castle towards valley and hills, from north-east. 
Photo 392/38(132) Plateau of Ij-shahr, seen from south-east end (Shah-nishin in centre). 
Photo 392/38(133) Cisterns along cliffs, Ij, seen from north-east. 
Photo 392/38(134) Tiers of cisterns with 'Araghatta' well from east [Ij]. 
Photo 392/38(135) Cisterns and Ab-ambar [tank] in fore from road (Asadullah and horses) [Ij]. 
Photo 392/38(136) Masjid below Shahr Ij. 
Photo 392/38(137) View up gorge from above Masjid [Ij]. 
Photo 392/38(138) Dome over stream, Masjid Shahr-i-Ij. 
Photo 392/38(139) Plateau of Shahr-i-Ij, seen from near pass. 
Photo 392/38(140) Ab-i-chuk, stone enclosures with cliffs [near Istahbanat]. 
Photo 392/38(141) Stone circles at Ab-i-chuk (Katirchi with mules [in right foreground]). 
Photo 392/38(142) Qaleh-i-dukhtar, Istahbanat, from west. 
Photo 392/38(143) Qaleh-i-dukhtar, Istahbanat, from north. 
Photo 392/38(144) Istahbanat (in haze) with snow covered range towards Shash-deh, from north. 
Photo 392/38(145) Chinar in centre of bazar, Istahbanat. 
Photo 392/38(146) Husainabad, fort village, tree to left. 
Photo 392/38(147) Atish-kadeh [Tang-i-Karam] walls, looking up from west. 
Photo 392/38(148) Atish-kadeh [Tang-i-Karam] and Qaleh-i-dukhtar from south-west across pool. 
Photo 392/38(149) Atish-kadeh [Tang-i-Karam], flanking wall to west of Qaleh-i-dukhtar. 
Photo 392/38(150) Tower on west wall above Atish-kadeh (Muhammad Ayub and gendarmes [beside tower]). 
Photo 392/38(151) Darband and Atish-kadeh [Tang-i-Karam] seen from Qaleh-i-dukhtar. 
Photo 392/38(152) Runiz Valley with post seen from Qaleh-i-dukhtar. 
Photo 392/38(153) Atash-kadeh [Tang-i-Karam], with cliffs and pool. 
Photo 392/38(154) Sarvistan Palace [Chahar-taq] from west (Mashalla). 
Photo 392/38(155) Atash-gah, opposite Atash-kadeh [Tang-i-Karam], seen from north-west. 
Photo 392/38(156) Mazar of Shaikh Yusuf Sarvistani (A.H. 683) [Sarvistan] 
Photo 392/38(157) Tombstone of Shaikh Yusuf Sarvistani [Sarvistan]. 
Photo 392/38(158) East door of shrine of Shaikh Yusuf Sarvistani [at Sarvistan]. 
Photo 392/38(159) Diwan-i-Khas, Sarvistan, west face (Muhammad Ayub [beside doorway]). 
Photo 392/38(160) Diwan-i-Khas, Sarvistan, interior, towards south-east corner (pillar). 
Photo 392/38(161) Diwan-i-Khas, Sarvistan, east corner (measure against pillar). 
Photo 392/38(162) Diwan-i-Khas, Sarvistan, east corner (measure against pillar). 
Photo 392/38(163) East Aiwan at back of Diwan-i-Am with north-west niche and double pillar (Muhammad Ayub [standing beside wall]). 
Photo 392/38(164) East Aiwan at back of Diwan-i-Am, with pillar and arch (Mashalla [standing beside wall]). 
Photo 392/38(165) South-east corner of interior of Diwan-i-Am, up to squinch (Muhammad Ayub [standing in corner]). 
Photo 392/38(166) Façade of Diwan-i-Am, Sarvistan (pilasters on left of outside hall). 
Photo 392/38(167) South-west corner, Sarvistan, with arch (Mashalla on right). 
Photo 392/38(168) Corner of interior, Diwan-i-Am, Sarvistan, with squinch and drum. 
Photo 392/38(169) Sarvistan, Diwan-i-Am and Diwan-i-Khas, from north (Asadullah [standing at corner of building]). 
Photo 392/38(170) North-west room with niches, Sarvistan (measure to left), to north. 
Photo 392/38(171) North-west room with niches, Sarvistan, looking north (measure below niche). 
Photo 392/38(172) Fire altar after foot cleared, from west [Atash-kadeh (Tang-i-Karam)]. 
Photo 392/38(173) North-east corner room, near Diwan-i-Khas, Sarvistan. 
Photo 392/38(174) Diwan-i-Khas, Sarvistan, north-east door and dome, from south-west door (tilted). 
Photo 392/38(175) North-west corner, Diwan-i-Am, Sarvistan, with dome courses. 
Photo 392/38(176) North-west corner, Diwan-i-Am, Sarvistan, with squinch (measure). 
Photo 392/38(177) Pots with bones within kiln, section 11, Tal-i-Sang-i-siah. 
Photo 392/38(178) North-west corner of Diwan-i-Am, Sarvistan (measure in middle). 
Photo 392/38(179) Pots with bones within kiln, section 8, Tal-i-Sang-i-siah. 
Photo 392/38(180) Kiln in 7-8, Tal-i-Sang-i-siah. 
Photo 392/38(181) Burial pots (3), with stones from Sang-i-siah mound. 
Photo 392/38(182) Three burial pots in front with circular hammer, behind two querns, one pounding stone, one pounder, Tal-i-Sang-i-siah, Sarvistan. 
Photo 392/38(183) Diggers at mound of Sarvistan [?Tal-i-Gaud-i-Rahim] (Kazimi at angle). 
Photo 392/38(184) Burj, with hills above pass to Mian-jangal. 
Photo 392/38(185) Fire altar at Atash-kadeh, from north. 
Photo 392/38(186) Goats of Shash-samand being watered before Istahbanat. 
Photo 392/38(187) Shop with boys, Istahbanat. 
Photo 392/38(188) Valley south of Istahbanat camp. 
Photo 392/38(189) Walls of Asiab, Shahr-i-Ij, from camp. 
Photo 392/38(190) View to north-west, Ij, along line of high Asiab and canal from above. 
Photo 392/38(191) Large reservoir, Ij, on top of east spur, with gendarme and Bashi from south-west. 
Photo 392/38(192) Rock face, Ij, with cisterns, from intermediate cliffs (sun?). 
Photo 392/38(193) Lowest tanks, Ij, to south-east below plateau (Bashi at corner). 
Photo 392/38(194) Lower tank, Ij, from below, south-east end (Bashi, Mashall and gendarme on top). 
Photo 392/38(195) Middle spur, Ij, seen from path to upper fort. 
Photo 392/38(196) Cliffs, Ij, with canal leading to cisterns below spur, from north-west. 
Photo 392/38(197) Main plateau of Shahr-i-Ij looking down from north. 
Photo 392/38(198) Madehwan mound, from north-east, digging started. 
Photo 392/38(199) Cistern, Ij, below cliffs, seen from crest of cliffs, south-east. 
Photo 392/38(200) Arab tents at Pir Harun below Kham Pass. 
Photo 392/38(201) Arab nomads moving beyond Madehwan, Tul-i-regi. 
Photo 392/38(202) Skeleton in section 18 of trench, Tul-i-regi, from west. 
Photo 392/38(203) Skeleton and child's skull in section 18, Tul-i-regi, from north-west. 
Photo 392/38(204) Kham Peak from Tul-i-regi (tent, Mashalla, Alia [in foreground]). 
Photo 392/38(205) Hat-shaped handmade pot, Tul-i-regi. 
Photo 392/38(206) Tul-i-skau, Madehwan. 
Photo 392/38(207) Tul-i-skau, Madehwan, trench II.6-12, with Muhammad Ayub. 
Photo 392/38(208) Tul-i-skau, Madehwan, trenches II-III being dug, from north-east. 
Photo 392/38(209) Diggers filling in trenches at Tul-i-skau, Madehwan. 
Photo 392/38(210) Aqueduct leading from north-east into Qaleh-i-Darab [Darabgird]. 
Photo 392/38(211) Hill in centre of Qaleh-i-Darab [Darabgird], panorama. (1) Looking towards south-west. 
Photo 392/38(212) Hill in centre of Qaleh-i-Darab [Darabgird], panorama. (2) Continued to west. 
Photo 392/38(213) View from fort in Qaleh-i-Darab [Darabgird], panorama. (1) Darab to north-west (hill in fore). 
Photo 392/38(214) View from fort in Qaleh-i-Darab [Darabgird], panorama. (2) Continued to Jamshi village and camp. 
Photo 392/38(215) View from top of Qaleh-i-Darab [Darabgird] towards north-east gate and Darab. 
Photo 392/38(216) Hillock of Qaleh-i-Darab [Darabgird] from north. 
Photo 392/38(217) Rampart of Darab-gird with hill, panorama. (1) Looking south of camp. 
Photo 392/38(218) Rampart of Darab-gird with hill, panorama. (2) Continued to south-west, Qadamgah of Dahya. 
Photo 392/38(219) Naksh-i-Shahpur [Nakhsh-i-Rustam], Darab, enlarged. 
Photo 392/38(220) Naksh-i-Shahpur [Nakhsh-i-Rustam], Darab, with measure and Mashalla. 
Photo 392/38(221) Naksh-i-Shahpur [Nakhsh-i-Rustam], Darab, with pool and measure. 
Photo 392/38(222) Naksh-i-Shahpur [Nakhsh-i-Rustam], Darab, near [view], slightly tilted. 
Photo 392/38(223) Naksh-i-Shahpur [Nakhsh-i-Rustam], Darab, from near rock. 
Photo 392/38(224) Naksh-i-Shahpur [Nakhsh-i-Rustam], Darab (measure horizontal), from near rock. 
Photo 392/38(225) Naksh-i-Shahpur [Nakhsh-i-Rustam], Darab (tilted, enlarged). 
Photo 392/38(226) Naksh-i-Shahpur [Nakhsh-i-Rustam], Darab, nearer (horse of king in sun). 
Photo 392/38(227) Naksh-i-Shahpur [Nakhsh-i-Rustam], Darab, measure horizontal. 
Photo 392/38(228) Naksh-i-Shahpur [Nakhsh-i-Rustam], Darab, measure vertical and Mashalla standing [next to scultpure]. 
Photo 392/38(229) Interior of Masjid-i-sang, Khairabad [near Darab]. 
Photo 392/38(230) Interior of Masjid-i-sang, Khairabad [near Darab], from entrance. 
Photo 392/38(231) Qasr-i-dukhtar (Masjid-i-sang), with mules [Khairabad, near Darab]. 
Photo 392/38(232) Interior of Masjid-i-sang, from entrance (north-west niche) [Khairabad, near Darab]. 
Photo 392/38(233) Interior of Masjid-i-sang, from entrance (north-west niche), measure on left [Khairabad, near Darab]. 
Photo 392/38(234) Entrance of masjid-i-sang with men [Khairabad, near Darab]. 
Photo 392/38(235) Deh-i-khair, wall of village and palms. 
Photo 392/38(236) Amira Khan Baharlu, with sons (Ghulam Hasam and Bahman Khan) [?at Deh-i-khair]. 
Photo 392/38(237) View from Lahr Pass towards Darb and Rudbal Valley mouth. 
Photo 392/38(238) Niriz looking south-west from above Khwaja Khijr. 
Photo 392/38(239) View across east end of Niriz lake towards Istahbanat. 
Photo 392/38(240) Panorama. (1) View south across east end of Niriz lake, towards Istahbanat. 
Photo 392/38(241) Karai tents at Do-dashtak. 
Photo 392/38(242) Panorama. (2) View south across east end of Niriz lake, towards Istahbanat, continued towards south. 
Photo 392/38(243) Mishkan, looking north-west towards Koh-i-Sar-i-safid. 
Photo 392/38(244) Mishkan, looking north to route of Chah-hak. 
Photo 392/38(245) Interior of Ashgar Ali Katkhuda's house [?Mishkun]. 
Photo 392/38(246) Qaleh-i-Faizabad, with Alia [on mule in foreground]. 
Photo 392/38(247) Alia in full kit on mule, Faizabad. 
Photo 392/38(248) Khonsur orchard with baggage. 
Photo 392/38(249) Kurkhunjan village from south-west (baggage on way). 
Photo 392/38(250) Mazijan from south-east. 
Photo 392/38(251) View from Kalatuk Mazijan, towards Koh-i-Raghu. 
Photo 392/38(252) Panorama. (1) Mazijan village from hillock west. 
Photo 392/38(253) Qasid from Niriz [?at Mazijan]. 
Photo 392/38(254) Panorama. (1) Mazijan village from hillock, continued to north-east. 
Photo 392/38(255) Seving village, with Mazijan stream in fore. 
Photo 392/38(256) Hills above debouch of Mazijan Valley from north-west (Dashtakhuram fort in fore). 
Photo 392/38(257) Digging started at Chir, view up valley. 
Photo 392/38(258) Chir site with cliffs above stream, from east. 
Photo 392/38(259) Chir site, from across stream looking south. 
Photo 392/38(260) Pots, etc., excavated by Munj people at Duzd-i-Gabri. 
Photo 392/38(261) Find place of pots, Dudz-i-gabri, from west. 
Photo 392/38(262) Broken pots and cups left at Dudz-i-gabri. 
Photo 392/38(263) Entrance of Imamzadeh Hamzeh, Baz. 
Photo 392/38(264) Mosque at Banavat (Mihrab from north-east). 
Photo 392/38(265) Mimbar of Banavat Mosque. 
Photo 392/38(266) Imamzadeh Hamzeh [Baz], chinar in front of entrance. [Double-exposure.] 
Photo 392/38(267) Imambara, Banavat, from east. 
Photo 392/38(268) Trees and Imam tower, Banavat. 
Photo 392/38(269) Giun village, with baggage and gendarmes in fore. 
Photo 392/38(270) Pamir camp at Jauluni. 
Photo 392/38(271) Entrance to tomb chamber, Shah-Hada, from north-east. 
Photo 392/38(272) East corner of entrance hall to tomb of Shah-Hada. 
Photo 392/38(273) Tomb of Shah-Hada from south-west. 
Photo 392/38(274) Enamelled ceiling of entrance hall and arch of porch, Shah Hada. 
Photo 392/38(275) Springs of Qasr Ya'qub, Dehbid. 
Photo 392/38(276) Qasr-i-Bahram from north [Deh-bid mound]. 
Photo 392/38(277) Deh-bid mound, west bay (man on fallen wall). 
Photo 392/38(278) North bay of Deh-bid mound, looking south-west. 
Photo 392/38(279) Deh-bid mound from plain to west (ladder for steps). 
Photo 392/38(280) Deh-bid mound from south (ladder on left). 
Photo 392/38(281) Deh-bid mound, with sandstone ledges in fore, from north-east. 
Photo 392/38(282) Deh-bid mound from north-east on road. 
Photo 392/38(283) Zindan from north, Pasargadae. 
Photo 392/38(284) Ante of west palace, Pasargadae, from south. 
Photo 392/38(285) 'Zindan' tower, Pasargadae, ruin from west. 
Photo 392/38(286) Bases of colonnade in west palace, Pasargadae, from south-east. 
Photo 392/38(287) Bridge and Sarai, Shamian. 
Photo 392/38(288) South face of Takht-i-Sulaiman with south-west bastion, from south-east. 
Photo 392/38(289) Column and ante of palace south Pasargadae, from north-east. 
Photo 392/38(290) Cyrus' Tomb, Pasargadae, from west. 
Photo 392/38(291) Cyrus' Tomb, Pasargadae, from south(both north-west and south-west faces). 
Photo 392/38(292) Cyrus' Tomb, Pasargadae, from tent (south-west and south-east faces). 
Photo 392/38(293) Relief sculpture on ante, palace right, Pasargadae. 
Photo 392/38(294) Entrance of Tang-i-Bulaki, looking south. 
Photo 392/38(295) Gendarmes at Pasargadae (double exposure). 
Photo 392/38(296) Gendarmes at tent (boy on left) [Pasargadae]. 
Photo 392/38(297) Gendarmes at tent (boy on right) [Pasargadae]. 
Photo 392/38(298) Muleteers Kerbelai Ahmad, Aziz, Abdul Husain, Ali Akbar, at Mader-i-Sulaiman. 
Photo 392/38(299) Do-tulan, excavation progress on top, from north-east. 
Photo 392/38(300) Do-tulan trench, looking along from east (Agha Buzurg Khan [standing beside trench]). 
Photo 392/38(301) Do-tulan, excavation of 6c, 7c, with Agha Buzurg. 
Photo 392/38(302) Looking up Tang-i-Bulaki (Alia in fore [on mule]). 
Photo 392/38(303) Achaemenian road cut in rock below Pasargadae, looking south. 
Photo 392/38(304) Achaemenian road cut in rock below Pasargadae, looking up valley. 
Photo 392/38(305) Rock cutting at south end of Achaemenian gallery. 
Photo 392/38(306) Tang-i-qurquri, looking down from Maidan [Maidan-i-qunquri]. 
Photo 392/38(307) Columns and ante at Istakhar from north-east. 
Photo 392/38(308) Ancient bases and pillars from Persepolis brought to Istakkar. 
Photo 392/38(309) Two fire altars (Kazimi and Naib [standing beside]). [?Istakhr.] 
Photo 392/38(310) Ardeshir with grandees [rock-cut sculpture, ?Naksh-i-Rustam]. 
Photo 392/38(311) Panorama of Naksh-i-Rustam rock-tombs from north to south. (1) Tomb on projecting cliff. 
Photo 392/38(312) Panorama of Naksh-i-Rustam rock-tombs from north to south. (2) Tomb of darius with relief of Shahpur and Valerian below. 
Photo 392/38(313) Panorama of Naksh-i-Rustam rock-tombs from north to south. (3) Tomb to left unfinished. 
Photo 392/38(314) Panorama of Naksh-i-Rustam rock-tombs from north to south. (4) Tomb at extreme left with Sasanian sculpture. 
Photo 392/38(315) Ardeshir receiving crown from horseman [rock-cut sculpture, Naqsh-i-Rustam]. 
Photo 392/38(316) Ardeshir and horseman with broken lance [rock-cut sculpture, Naqsh-i-Rustam]. 
Photo 392/38(317) Relief of Ardeshir (?), receiving crown [rock-cut sculpture, Naqsh-i-Rustam]. 
Photo 392/38(318) Rock sculpture of Shahpur and Valerian [rock-cut sculpture, Naqsh-i-Rustam]. 
Photo 392/38(319) Palace of Xerxes, Persepolis. 
Photo 392/38(320) Baggage being unloaded [Consulate, Shiraz]. 
Photo 392/38(321) Mules at Consulate [Shiraz]. 
Photo 392/38(322) Garden of Consulate, Shiraz. 
Photo 392/38(323) Relief on left bank, triumph of Shahpur with Valerian and Romans on right. Double exposure [rock-cut sculpture, ?Naqsh-i-Rustam]. 
Photo 392/38(324) Relief of Shahpur's triumphal procession with Valerian [rock-cut sculpture, ?Naqsh-i-Rustam]. 
Photo 392/38(325) Shahpur receiving crown (two horsemen) [rock-cut sculpture, ?Naqsh-i-Rustam]. 
Photo 392/38(326) Muhammad Ayub Khan at Shiraz. 
Photo 392/38(327) [Diwan-i-Khas, Sarvistan, east corner]. 
Photo 392/38(328) Barton [House] with both faces (L. [Louis] and Olga [Allen]). 
Photo 392/38(329) Group at corner of Barton. 
Photo 392/38(330) Thalhof, Reichenau, from lower. 
Photo 392/38(331) View towards Eng. from Thalhof [Reichenau]. 
Photo 392/38(332) Wooded heights to north-west from Thalhof [Reichenau]. 
Photo 392/38(333) View down from above Thalhof [Reichenau]. 
Photo 392/38(334) View towards Eng. from above Thalhof [Reichenau]. 
Photo 392/38(335) View to north-west from La Capponcina. 
Photo 392/38(336) Tower and wall at Porta Vesuvia, Pompeii. 
Photo 392/38(337) Inner face of wall west of Porta Vesuvia, buttressed [Pompeii]. 
Photo 392/38(338) Tomb of Isbaciolu with temple on top [Pompeii]. 
Photo 392/38(339) South-west front of La Capponcina [near Florence]. 
Photo 392/38(340) House of Faun from atrium, Vesuvia in distance [Pompeii]. 
Photo 392/38(341) Panorama [of Pompeii]. (1) To south from tower towards triumphal arch. 
Photo 392/38(342) Panorama [of Pompeii]. (2) Continued towards south-west, Porta Herculanea. 
Photo 392/38(343) View down Via Sepulcharia from above same [Pompeii]. 
Photo 392/38(344) Temple of Ceres from south-east, Paestum. 
Photo 392/38(345) Oldest temple (c.550 A.D.), Paestum, from south-east. 
Photo 392/38(346) Peristyle of Poseidon Temple with upper row of columns from south-east corner of peristyle [Paestum]. 
Photo 392/38(347) Interior of Temple of Poseidon from east of Pronuos [Paestum]. 
Photo 392/38(348) Stoa or Forum, Paestum (column), from south-east. 
Photo 392/38(349) Selinus Temple C. [colonnade] from (oldest) column south. 
Photo 392/38(350) Selinus temple C. [colonnade] from south-west, above cross-roads. 
Photo 392/38(351) Silunt Acropolis gate from south on road [Selinus]. 
Photo 392/38(352) Covered way below Acropolis walls, looking south-west [Selinus]. 
Photo 392/38(353) Covered way, east end and large sunk quad, looking south-west [Silenus]. 
Photo 392/38(354) Demeter Temple, Selinus, from above dune. 
Photo 392/38(355) Temple of 'Concord', Akragas, from south-west. 
Photo 392/38(356) Temple of 'Concord' from north-west (orchard [in foreground]). 
Photo 392/38(357) Temple of Juno Laticinia (A) from north. 
Photo 392/38(358) Acropolis and Rupe Atenea, seen from Temple A. 
Photo 392/38(359) Temple of Juno Laticinia (A) from south-east on altar. 
Photo 392/38(360) View to Ogucia, Syracuse, from window. 
Photo 392/38(361) Latomie, looking north towards Archimedes. 
Photo 392/38(362) Latomie, up towards hotel side. 
Photo 392/38(363) Tomba di Terone, south of Porta Aurea. 
Photo 392/38(364) Outer fosse of Euryalos from east. 
Photo 392/38(365) Latomie, towards great excavation (Marchini bust). 
Photo 392/38(366) Euryalos, second fosse with bridge pillars and side walls. 
Photo 392/38(367) View from bastioned wall, Euryalos, to south across fosse. 
Photo 392/38(368) View from between bastions towards large court to east [Euryalos]. 
Photo 392/38(369) View across large court from east entrance [Euryalos]. 
Photo 392/38(370) Bastioned wall with first fosse in fore, seen from south-west [Euryalos]. 
Photo 392/38(371) Outer fort, Euryalos, to north-west gate to Epipolae. 
Photo 392/38(372) Latomie dei Cappuccini from bedroom balcony. 
Photo 392/38(373) Latomie dei Cappuccini, view from Hotel terrace to east gate. 
Photo 392/38(374) Latomie dei Cappuccini, from Hotel terrace. 
Photo 392/38(375) Barton House [Temple Guiting]. 
Photo 392/38(376) Barton House, front and trees [Temple Guiting]. 
Photo 392/38(377) Barton House panorama [Temple Guiting]. 
Photo 392/38(378) Barton House garden [Temple Guiting]. 
Photo 392/38(379) Barton House panorama [Temple Guiting]. 
Photo 392/38(380) Barton House garden [Temple Guiting]. 
Photo 392/38(381) Barton House, south front. 
Photo 392/38(382) Barton House back front [Temple Guiting]. 

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