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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 392/33

Stein Collection: Albums A.58-74. Middle Eastern tours.

Photographers: Sir Mark Aurel Stein
Contents: 394 prints 98x73mm
Provenance: Presented by the Royal Geographical Society.
Description: 17 uniform soft covered brown or grey albums, each measuring 150x225mm, containing a total of 383 prints (11 prints missing or not printed from numbered sequence 1-394) in aperture mounts measuring 98x73mm. . The albums continue the 'A' sequence, covering A.58-74, and Stein has also gives this series a sequence in Roman numerals running from I-XVII. The volumes cover Stein's 1928-29 Middle Eastern journey, on which, on his retirement from Indian service, he travelled overland from Srinagar to Florence, visiting archaeological sites en route in Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Turkey, Cyprus, Greece and Yugoslavia. Each print has a typescript caption label pasted beneath the window mount, together with Stein's own negative number. By checking the corresponding reference in Stein's negative notebooks, dates are supplied for each photograph.

A.58 Album I Prints 1-22 Covers period 2 November to 13 December 1928, photographs from Mohand Marg, Srinagar, Habibulla, Khorramshahr, Al Obaid, Eridu, Ur, Lagash, Senkereh, Warka, Ctesiphon.
A.59 Album II Prints 23-46 Covers period 13 December 1928 to 9 January 1929, photographs from Ctesiphon, Baghdad, Babylon, Al Hillah, Kish, Al-Khubz, Eski-Baghdad.
A.60 Album III Prints 47-70 9-16 January 1929, photographs from Eski-Baghdad, Samarra, Tarqulan, Kirkuk, Altin-kopru, Hatra.
A.61 Album IV Prints 71-94 16-23 January 1929, photographs from Hatra, Gir Gaura, Ba'aji, Al-Ashik, Arbil, Nabi Yunus, Tel Afar, Sinjar.
A.62 Album V Prints 95-118 23-31 January 1929, photographs from Sinjar, Jabal Sinjar, Sataiya, Haseche, Suwar, Dura Europus.
A.63 Album VI Prints 119-142 31 January to 8 February 1929, photographs from Dura Europus, Palmyra.
A.64 Album VII Prints 143-166 8-11 February 1929, photographs from Palmyra.
A.74 Album VIII Prints 167-190 11-17 February 1929, photographs from Palmyra, Baniyas, Saida (Sidon), Sour (Tyre).
A.65 Album IX Prints 191-214 17-27 February 1929, photographs from Sour (Sidon), Abu-Zirek, Beisan, Jarash.
A.66 Album X Prints 215-238 28 February to 8 March 1929, photographs from Jarash, Amman, Anti-Lebanon, Baalbek, Kerak.
A.67 Album XI Prints 239-261 8-12 March 1929, photographs from Kerak, Hamah, Haissa, Lafmira, Apamea, Kalat-al-Mudik.
A.68 Album XII Prints 262-285 12-15 March 1929, photographs from Apamea, Kalat-al-Mudik, Mejdeleiya, Khirbet-al-Hass,Arbe'a, Serjilla, Al-Bara.
A.69 Album XIII Prints 286-308 15-20 March 1929, photographs from Al-Bara, Dersanbil, Dalauzeh, Murayem, Jisr ash Shughur, Orontes valley, Antakya (Antioch), Daphne, Beit-el-Ma, Seleucia.
A.70 Album XIV Prints 309-332 20-23 March 1929, photographs from Kasubieh, Seleucia, Suveidiyeh, Antakya (Antioch).
A.71 Album XV Prints 333-356 23 March to 1 April 1929, photographs from Antakya (Antioch), Belen, Iskenderun (Alexandretta), Mersin, Famagusta, Salamis, Nicosia, Antalya, Rhodes, Athens.
A.72 Album XVI Prints 357-380 1-16 April 1929, photographs from Athens, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Cavtat, Perast, Kotor, Solin, Orebic, Neum, Vrcgora, Zagvozd.
A.73 Album XVII Prints 381-394 16-17 April 1929, and February 1929, photographs from Solin, Trogir, Sibenik, Palmyra (region), Bir al Marba'ah.

Album contents:-
Photo 392/33(1) [Mohand] Marg Camp ridge from meadow south. 
Photo 392/33(2) Spin Khan and Dash [Srinagar]. 
Photo 392/33(3) View from pass to G. Habibullah towards Kisangunga [Kishenganga Valley] and Jh[elum]. 
Photo 392/33(4) Dr Neve and dogs [Srinagar]. 
Photo 392/33(5) Sheikh of Mohammerah's Palace, Mohamrah [Khorramshahr]. 
Photo 392/33(6) Self and dog [Srinagar]. 
Photo 392/33(7) Al Obaid mound, 1st Ur dynasty, south-east façade with stairs. 
Photo 392/33(8) Eridu zigguraut from east-north-east. 
Photo 392/33(9) Eridu Ziggurat from south, mounds in fore (Khan Murad [standing in middle distance]). 
Photo 392/33(10) Eridu mound [and ziggurat] in distance, from beyond debris to south-east. 
Photo 392/33(11) Ziggurat, Ur, from north-east 
Photo 392/33(12) Ziggurat, Ur, from north-east, nearer. 
Photo 392/33(13) Excavations, Ur, from north-west. 
Photo 392/33(14) Excavations, Ur, from north-west. 
Photo 392/33(15) Ruined (?)palace, Lagash, from south-west. 
Photo 392/33(16) Senkerah; south mounds. 
Photo 392/33(17) Anu Temple, Warka, from Ziggurat. 
Photo 392/33(18) Warka camp and diggings in foreground. 
Photo 392/33(19) Temple to south, Warka, from Ziggurat. 
Photo 392/33(20) Nefuje Mound, Warka, from south. 
Photo 392/33(21) Ctesiphon Palace, façade and hall from south-east. 
Photo 392/33(22) Ctesiphon Palace, façade and hall. 
Photo 392/33(23) Ctesiphon Palace, hall. 
Photo 392/33(24) Slanting vault of hall, Ctesiphon, from east: PRINT MISSING. 
Photo 392/33(25) Slanting vault of hall, Ctesiphon, from west: PRINT MISSING. 
Photo 392/33(26) Outer apartments to south of Ctesiphon Palace, from west (men in gate): PRINT MISSING. 
Photo 392/33(27) View up river, Baghdad. 
Photo 392/33(28) View down river, Baghdad, towards old Residency. 
Photo 392/33(29) House of Mr Holt, Baghdad. 
Photo 392/33(30) Palm trees near Mr Holt's House, Baghdad. 
Photo 392/33(31) Baghdad bridge, view up river. 
Photo 392/33(32) Baghdad, view across [Tigris] to Carlton House. 
Photo 392/33(33) Ruins of Babylon Palace, panorama (1), from south-west. 
Photo 392/33(34) Ruins of Babylon Palace, panorama (2). 
Photo 392/33(35) Lion statue, Babylon, over excavated area, from south. 
Photo 392/33(36) Lion statue, Babylon, nearer to right. 
Photo 392/33(37) Ship on Shatt-ul-Hilla. 
Photo 392/33(38) Northern hemicycle of Greek theatre, Babylon, seen from scene. 
Photo 392/33(39) Side of Ishtar Gate [Babylon]. 
Photo 392/33(40) Ishtar Gate substructure, seen from south [Babylon]. 
Photo 392/33(41) Kasr Mound Nineveh [Babylon?], Ishtar Temple seen to north. 
Photo 392/33(42) Kish excavation down to subsoil water at double Ziggurat Mound. 
Photo 392/33(43) Kish Ziggurat, to west of expedition quarters. 
Photo 392/33(44) Temple, Neo-Babylonian, Kish, by side of double ziggurat, from south-west. 
Photo 392/33(45) Bridge at Al-Khubz on way to Istabular. 
Photo 392/33(46) Minar of Mosque Abu-Daluf, Eski-Baghdad. 
Photo 392/33(47) Part of arcade, north of Abu-Daluf, Eski-Baghdad. 
Photo 392/33(48) Nahrwan Canal and bridge looking south-east. 
Photo 392/33(49) Samarra town from distance. 
Photo 392/33(50) Wall of enclosure of Mosque of Al-Malwiya [al-Mutawakkil Mosque, Samarra]. 
Photo 392/33(51) Malwiya Minar, Samarra, from court [al-Mutawakkil Mosque, Samarra]. 
Photo 392/33(52) Malwiya Minar, from north [al-Mutawakkil Mosque, Samarra]. 
Photo 392/33(53) Malwiya Minar, with structure to left [al-Mutawakkil Mosque, Samarra]. 
Photo 392/33(54) Street in Samarra. 
Photo 392/33(55) Mosque of Ali-al-Hadi, Samarra. 
Photo 392/33(56) Mosque of Ali-al-Hadi, Samarra. 
Photo 392/33(57) Hall, Tarqulan, from south-east. 
Photo 392/33(58) Drain, Tarqulan, from south-east corner. 
Photo 392/33(59) Triple drain, Tarqulan, near hall. 
Photo 392/33(60) Kalah of Kirkuk, seen from roof of hotel. 
Photo 392/33(61) Altun-kupri, right bank houses, seen from bridge. 
Photo 392/33(62) Altun-kopri, island portion, looking up river from second bridge: PRINT MISSING. 
Photo 392/33(63) Hathra Palace, east front from south-east corner, panorama (1). 
Photo 392/33(64) Hathra Palace, panorama (2), towards north-west corner. 
Photo 392/33(65) Detached building near north-east corner of Hathra Palace. 
Photo 392/33(66) South-east corner of Hathra Palace, with heads on arch and loophole above. 
Photo 392/33(67) Hathra Palace, south front with stairs on left and north-east corner building on right. 
Photo 392/33(68) Hathra Palace, nearer [view], from south-west. 
Photo 392/33(69) Vaulted entrance of room to north of Central Hall, Hathra, with heads. 
Photo 392/33(70) West passage of large cella, Hathra, to west, looking south. 
Photo 392/33(71) Hathra ruins from south-east. 
Photo 392/33(72) Hathra ruins from near enclosure. 
Photo 392/33(73) Aeroplanes and Yezidis of Gir Gaura, north of Jabal Singar. 
Photo 392/33(74) Yezidis and Police Sowar at Gir Gaura. 
Photo 392/33(75) Police post (new) at Ba'aji, south of Jabal Singar. 
Photo 392/33(76) North-west corner of Al-Ashik Palace from within. 
Photo 392/33(77) South-west portion of enclosure, Al-Ashik, from south. 
Photo 392/33(78) South face of Al-Ashik Palace. 
Photo 392/33(79) Tower of north-west corner of Al-Ashik Palace, from outside. 
Photo 392/33(80) Tower of north-west corner of Al-Ashik Palace, from outside. 
Photo 392/33(81) North-west corner of Al-Ashik Palace from outside. 
Photo 392/33(82) Erbil town, seen from above town. 
Photo 392/33(83) Aeroplanes starting from Erbil. 
Photo 392/33(84) Walls of Erbil town, seen from school built by Littledale. 
Photo 392/33(85) Nabi Yunus with mosque from south-west. 
Photo 392/33(86) Tel Afar looking north-west from bridge. 
Photo 392/33(87) View of Balad Sinjar from terrace of police station. 
Photo 392/33(88) Remains of old town wall in gorge, Balad Sinjar, looking west. 
Photo 392/33(89) Ancient wall, Balad Sinjar, above stream with Polos, 'Assyrian', from east. 
Photo 392/33(90) Yezidi in bazar at Balad Sinjar. 
Photo 392/33(91) Ancient wall, Balad Sinjar, from west. 
Photo 392/33(92) Old city wall of Balad Sinjar, at Haft-Kaniz (Yetti bulak). 
Photo 392/33(93) View along Balad Sinjar wall, from west of Gulamira spring. 
Photo 392/33(94) Balad Sinjar wall looking north-west from Ismail Beg's house. 
Photo 392/33(95) Ismail Beg, Dand s/o Dand Khale, Khidmatchi Yezidi (B. Sinjar). 
Photo 392/33(96) Ismail Beg, Dand s/o Dand Khale, Khidmatchi Yezidi (B. Sinjar). 
Photo 392/33(97) Balad Sinjar from Ismail Beg's house, looking east, panorama (1). 
Photo 392/33(98) Balad Sinjar from Ismail Beg's house, looking north-east, panorama (2). 
Photo 392/33(99) Wadi to east of route to Deir Wazna, Sinjar Range. 
Photo 392/33(100) Freja Wadi with caves to west, Sinjar. 
Photo 392/33(101) Group of Yazidis around Ismail Beg, Polos and police sepoys in front of cave [Freja Wadi, Jabal Sinjar Range]. 
Photo 392/33(102) Balad Sinjar, from south-east. 
Photo 392/33(103) Iskeniyeh, with Yazidi greybeards in fore [?Jabal Sinjar Range]. 
Photo 392/33(104) Roman bridge at Sataiya, on Jagjag River (Scabora). 
Photo 392/33(105) Camels unloading near Sataiya. 
Photo 392/33(106) View of Haseche fort from bridge. 
Photo 392/33(107) Suwar bridge, seen from Tel. 
Photo 392/33(108) Dura-Europos, north-west portion of citadel. 
Photo 392/33(109) Dura-Europos, north-west towers of citadel. 
Photo 392/33(110) Dura-Europos, detached building on west side of town hall. 
Photo 392/33(111) Palmyra Gate, Dura, from west. Mr Jotham Johnson against north wall. 
Photo 392/33(112) Well of Jubb [Dura Europus]. 
Photo 392/33(113) Well of Jubb [Dura Europus]. 
Photo 392/33(114) M. Cumont's house, Dura, from west. 
Photo 392/33(115) Artemic Temple, Dura, from north-east. 
Photo 392/33(116) Main south portion of Artemis Temple, Dura-Europos, from north-east (Mr Hopkins [standing in foreground]). 
Photo 392/33(117) Tents of camp below citadel wall [Dura Europus]. 
Photo 392/33(118) South-west corner of citadel, Dura-Europus, with postern, from south. 
Photo 392/33(119) Tower of Palmyrene Gods, Dura, Panorama (1). 
Photo 392/33(120) Tower of Palmyrene Gods, Dura. Outer court of frescoed temple, panorama (2). 
Photo 392/33(121) Dura-Europos, wall and towers, south-east face with 'tour pentagonal', from east. 
Photo 392/33(122) South-east face of Dura-Europus enceinte, looking towards river in distance. 
Photo 392/33(123) South-east corner of Dura-Europus circumvallation with Palmyrene gate in background. 
Photo 392/33(124) South bastion, Dura, cliffs below, dump on right. 
Photo 392/33(125) Palmyrene Gate, Dura, with wall. 
Photo 392/33(126) Palmyrene Gate, Dura, with vault. 
Photo 392/33(127) Palmyrene Gate, Dura, from inside, with door to north tower. 
Photo 392/33(128) Temple of Palmyrene Gods from south-east [Dura Europus]. 
Photo 392/33(129) West side of front of cella, Temple of Helios, Palmyra. 
Photo 392/33(130) Triangular door top in chamber of Tower of Archers [Dura-Europus]. 
Photo 392/33(131) Roman bath, interior from south-west (Kh. M. [standing in foreground]) [Dura Europus]. 
Photo 392/33(132) Camels seated with Meharistes [en route to Palmyra]. 
Photo 392/33(133) Arab Gate of Temple of Helios, Palmyra. 
Photo 392/33(134) View to north-west from roof of Helios Temple cella, Palmyra. 
Photo 392/33(135) View of main portal (west) from temple roof, Palmyra. 
Photo 392/33(136) View from temple roof, Palmyra, towards Muezzim. 
Photo 392/33(137) Group of Muezzim on temple roof, Palmyra. 
Photo 392/33(138) Group of Muezzim on temple roof, Palmyra. 
Photo 392/33(139) View from north-east angle of Helios Temple colonnade, Palmyra, from roof. 
Photo 392/33(140) North-east portion of Helios Temple court and colonnade, Palmyra, from east face of cella. 
Photo 392/33(141) South face of Temple enclosure [Palmyra]. 
Photo 392/33(142) View to north from same tomb, termination of colonnades, hills [Palmyra]. 
Photo 392/33(143) Panorama from above tomb, colonnades (1). [Palmyra.] 
Photo 392/33(144) Panorama from above tomb to east towards temple (2). [Palmyra.] 
Photo 392/33(145) West side arch at head of colonnades, Palmyra. 
Photo 392/33(146) Tower tomb of [blank]. [Palmyra.] 
Photo 392/33(147) Same [tower tomb] with Arab fort [Palmyra]. 
Photo 392/33(148) Main arch of colonnades, Palmyra, from south-east. 
Photo 392/33(149) Ornamental pilasters inside east portion of main arch, Palmyra. 
Photo 392/33(150) Ornamental pilasters inside east portion of main arch, Palmyra (with Ahmed ibn Sale [standing in foreground]). 
Photo 392/33(151) Columns of Tetrapylon on central colonnade, Palmyra. 
Photo 392/33(152) North wall of large structure to south of central colonnade, Palmyra. 
Photo 392/33(153) Temple of Diocletian, Palmyra (front). 
Photo 392/33(154) Temple of Diocletian, Palmyra, from centre of colonnade. 
Photo 392/33(155) North side of theatre, partially excavated, Palmyra. [Negative print.] 
Photo 392/33(156) Colonnade to south-east of theatre, Palmyra. 
Photo 392/33(157) Large structure to south-west of theatre, Palmyra. Panorama (1). 
Photo 392/33(158) Large portico to south of theatre, Palmyra. Panorama (2). 
Photo 392/33(159) Gate of Museum, Palmyra, from south. 
Photo 392/33(160) Sculptured group in 'Musée', Palmyra. 
Photo 392/33(161) Sculpture of Méharistes with shield and horse millinery, Musée, Palmyra. 
Photo 392/33(162) [Sculpture of] Horse with decorated harness (quatrefoil pattern) and statue with laurel embroidered coat, Palmyra Museum. 
Photo 392/33(163) Panorama from above Museum, Palmyra. (1) To north colonnade. 
Photo 392/33(164) Panorama from above Museum, Palmyra. (2) Continued towards 'Sarai', north-west. 
Photo 392/33(165) Panorama from above Museum, Palmyra. (3) To north colonnade (with custodien). 
Photo 392/33(166) Small temple facing 'Hotel Zenobia', Palmyra. 
Photo 392/33(167) Temple and colonnades seen from room in Hotel, Palmyra. 
Photo 392/33(168) Diocletian's Temple, Palmyra, terrace from north-east. 
Photo 392/33(169) Triangular top of window, Diocletian's Temple, Palmyra, with quatrefoil ornamentation on inner surface. 
Photo 392/33(170) Temple with pediment (in line with Arab fort), square column with relief decoration [in foreground], Palmyra. 
Photo 392/33(171) Diocletian's Temple, Palmyra, from south-east, with terrace on left foreground and Justinian's wall above; castle in distance. 
Photo 392/33(172) Door top monolith, Diocletian's Temple, Palmyra (15 ft. long), with floral ornament. 
Photo 392/33(173) Apse of Diocletian's Temple, Palmyra (M. Dairaines). 
Photo 392/33(174) Lintel near Diocletian's Temple, Palmyra, decorated with interlacing vines (double knots) and grapes. 
Photo 392/33(175) Lintel with lozenges [Palmyra]. 
Photo 392/33(176) Towers of tombs, valley west of Palmyra. 
Photo 392/33(177) 1re Peloton, 2me Compagnie de Méharistes du Levant, with Lieutenant Berthelot [at Palmyra?]. 
Photo 392/33(178) Lt. Bethelot with standard bearer and two Méharistes [at Palmyra?]. 
Photo 392/33(179) Lt. Berthelot with standard bearer, etc. [at Palmyra?]. 
Photo 392/33(180) Kasr-el-Heir tower on way to Karyate: PRINT MISSING. 
Photo 392/33(181) Banias village and Kalat-Namrud, with Roman bridge. 
Photo 392/33(182) Banias village, Upper JordanValley, with Roman bridge. 
Photo 392/33(183) Village across Banias Valley, from car. 
Photo 392/33(184) [View over country towards snowy ranges, ?Syria or Lebanon.] 
Photo 392/33(185) Harbour with fort of Saida (Sidon) with sea. 
Photo 392/33(186) Sea front of Saida, from causeway. 
Photo 392/33(187) View from south wall, Sidon, towards harbour. 
Photo 392/33(188) Houses and old gate, Sidon, from south wall. 
Photo 392/33(189) South wall tower, Sidon, withgraves in fore. 
Photo 392/33(190) North face of Tyre [Sour] with houses. 
Photo 392/33(191) West sea front of Tyre (Sur). 
Photo 392/33(192) West sea front [at Sour or Tyre] with Abd-el Kadir, driver [in foreground]. 
Photo 392/33(193) Ancient remains of moles on south side of Tyre [Sour] island. 
Photo 392/33(194) Village Abu-Zirek on way to Haifa. 
Photo 392/33(195) Beisan mound from train. 
Photo 392/33(196) Tadhwan (?) junction of Nahr-ez-Zarka with Jerash. 
Photo 392/33(197) View from bridge, Jerash, to north. 
Photo 392/33(198) Colonnaded road, Jerash, seen from temple. 
Photo 392/33(199) South theatre, Jerash, looking east towards scene. 
Photo 392/33(200) South theatre, Jerash, looking to west. 
Photo 392/33(201) Nymphaeon, Jerash, from main road. 
Photo 392/33(202) Temple to west of Forum [Jarash]. 
Photo 392/33(203) Scene of south theatre, Jerash, looking south from near lowest row. 
Photo 392/33(204) Artemis Temple, Jerash, looking south from window in Mr Buchanan's house. 
Photo 392/33(205) Niche in bath, Jerash, with rosette closing back of bath. 
Photo 392/33(206) North theatre, Jerash, looking from north-west (column in left [in foreground]). 
Photo 392/33(207) North theatre, Jerash, looking from centre of top row towards north-east corner. 
Photo 392/33(208) Artemis Temple, Jerash, side view from south-east. 
Photo 392/33(209) Artemis Temple, Jerash, from east front, with adyton [adytum] at back. 
Photo 392/33(210) Propylaeon of Artemis Temple, Jerash, looking down from west. 
Photo 392/33(211) Corinthian capital, Jerash, with fallen columns in front of Nymphaeon. 
Photo 392/33(212) Propylaeon of Artemis Temple, Jerash, decorated window with pediment on north inner side. 
Photo 392/33(213) Colonnade in front of propylaeon, Jerash, with view of town to east of Wadi. 
Photo 392/33(214) Street of columns, Jerash, to south of Tetrapylon and towards Forum. 
Photo 392/33(215) Church of St Theodore, Jerash, court from north-east. 
Photo 392/33(216) Church of St Theodore, Jerash, from south-east (with Said Beg Istakat [standing in foreground]). 
Photo 392/33(217) Said Beg Aistakat, in colonnaded street, Jerash. 
Photo 392/33(218) Decorative relief on wall of Sasanian palace, Amman, in south-west corner of central hall. 
Photo 392/33(219) Amman Gate, Jerash. 
Photo 392/33(220) Race course and amphitheatre in distance, Jerash, from south. 
Photo 392/33(221) Amman theatre seen from window, Hotel Philadelphia. 
Photo 392/33(222) South apse of Sasanian(?) Palace, Amman citadel. 
Photo 392/33(223) West portal of Sasanian(?) Palace, Amman citadel, from east portal. 
Photo 392/33(224) West front of Sasanian Palace, Amman citadel. 
Photo 392/33(225) View across to Antilibanon from road, 20 miles beyond Damascus. 
Photo 392/33(226) Hexagonal forecourt, Baalbek, looking north-east. 
Photo 392/33(227) Bacchus Temple, Baalbek, seen from great altar, to north-east. 
Photo 392/33(228) Great Exedra, Baalbek, on south side of Altar Court, seen from basin. 
Photo 392/33(229) Relievo panel, Baalbek, masque between two putti, north side of north basin: PRINT MISSING. 
Photo 392/33(230) Relievo panel at south-east corner of north basin, Baalbek. Group of Aphrodite with marine monsters and amoratti. 
Photo 392/33(231) Fragment of cornice fallen from roof of north exedra, Altar Court, Baalbek. 
Photo 392/33(232) North-west Exedra of Altar Court, Baalbek. 
Photo 392/33(233) Six columns of Helios Temple, Baalbek, from north-west corner of Arab wall. 
Photo 392/33(234) Door and window at north-west corner of Altar Court enclosure, Baalbek. 
Photo 392/33(235) Bacchus Temple, Baalbek, from mound to north-west. 
Photo 392/33(236) Interior [of] side of Bacchus Temple, Baalbek, looking to south-east corner. 
Photo 392/33(237) Portico of Bacchus Temple, Baalbek, from east. 
Photo 392/33(238) Kalat-al-Husn, Castle Kerak of Knights of St John [Krak des Chevaliers], seen from road to south. 
Photo 392/33(239) North face of Kalat-al-Husn, from north-east [Krak des Chevaliers, Kerak]. 
Photo 392/33(240) South wall of inner castle, Kalat-al-Husn, from west [Krak des Chevaliers, Kerak]. 
Photo 392/33(241) South-west tower of inner castle, Kalat-al-Husn from south-east [Krak des Chevaliers, Kerak]. 
Photo 392/33(242) South wall of inner castle, Kalat-al-Husn, from east [Krak des Chevaliers, Kerak]. 
Photo 392/33(243) Entrance on north face of inner castle, Kalat-al-Husn, from north-east. 
Photo 392/33(244) Arcade in front of Knights' Hall, Kalat-al-Husn, from chapel [Krak des Chevaliers, Kerak]. 
Photo 392/33(245) Arcade in front of Knights' Hall, Kalat-al-Husn, from chapel [Krak des Chevaliers, Kerak]. 
Photo 392/33(246) West front of inner castle, Kalat-al-Husn, from south-west bastion [Krak des Chevaliers]. 
Photo 392/33(247) Arcade of Knights' Hall, Kalat-al-Husn, from above [Krak des Chevaliers, Kerak]. 
Photo 392/33(248) House of Grand master of Order of St John, Kalat-al-Husn (arcade below), with soldier [Krak des Chevaliers, kerak]. 
Photo 392/33(249) Hamah seen from house of Officier des renseignements. 
Photo 392/33(250) Hamah River from balcony of hotel. 
Photo 392/33(251) Bridge at Hamah. 
Photo 392/33(252) Persian wheel on Orontes, near village of Haissa. 
Photo 392/33(253) Lafmira village, from roof of quarters. 
Photo 392/33(254) Remains of bastion and town wall, Apamea, south-east. 
Photo 392/33(255) Citadel of Apamea [Kalat-al-Mudik], from road to south-east. 
Photo 392/33(256) Kalat-al-Mudik (Apamea), people celebrating Id. 
Photo 392/33(257) 'Theoria' with band, asembling inside gate, Kalat-al-Mudik [Id Festival]. 
Photo 392/33(258) Mosque of Athnan Pasha, Apamea, with Alawi Hills in distance. 
Photo 392/33(259) Girls swinging in front of Athnan's Pasha's Mosque, Apamea. 
Photo 392/33(260) Proscenium, Apamea, with Kalat-al-Mudik and mosque in distance. 
Photo 392/33(261) Remains of town wall, Apamea, near south-east corner (Ahmad-ibn-Mahmud standing [in middle distance]). 
Photo 392/33(262) View along colonnaded road running west from al-Kubbu gate, Apamea. 
Photo 392/33(263) Spiral-fluted columns and late Corinthian capital of Christian church, Apamea [double exposure]. 
Photo 392/33(264) North-south street, Apamea, with ruined Basilica(?) or Agora on right. 
Photo 392/33(265) Face of citadel, Kalat-al-Mudik, from town site to east. 
Photo 392/33(266) North-south street, Apamea, from north gate. 
Photo 392/33(267) North gate, Apamea, from inside. 
Photo 392/33(268) Wall and bastion to west of North Gate, Apamea. 
Photo 392/33(269) General view of Mejdeleiya, from north-east. 
Photo 392/33(270) Front of ecclesiastical buildingg, Khirbet-al-Hass (Ahmad and Mahmud [in foreground]). 
Photo 392/33(271) Corner of chapel or monastery with one column standing, Khirbet-al-Hass (Ahmad [in foreground]). 
Photo 392/33(272) Lintel of door, with cross and acanthus, Khirbet-al-Hass. 
Photo 392/33(273) Three-roomed dwelling, Khirbet-al-Hass, with centre room showing arch. Youth of Kafranbil in fore). 
Photo 392/33(274) Isolated high mansion at Khirbet-al-Hass, with one door and rich lintel. 
Photo 392/33(275) Large house near south-east end, Khirbet-al-Hass, with four columns. 
Photo 392/33(276) Arbe'a site, north-east complex of repaired dwellings and chapel. 
Photo 392/33(277) Roofed temple tomb, Serjilla, at west extremity of site. 
Photo 392/33(278) Serjilla, general view of east portion. 
Photo 392/33(279) Panorama of central structures, Serjilla; house with double arcade (section 1). 
Photo 392/33(280) Panorama of central structures, Serjilla; looking north to 'Hammam' residence. 
Photo 392/33(281) Well-preserved double-arcaded house, Serjilla, from south. 
Photo 392/33(282) Great residence (Hammam) with bath apse (Ahmad near apsidal niche) [Serjilla]. 
Photo 392/33(283) Great Residence, Serjilla, seen from further away. 
Photo 392/33(284) Large house, Serjilla, with two floors; doors flanked by niches. 
Photo 392/33(285) Bis. General view of Al-Bara site, west, from south. 
Photo 392/33(286) Basilica front, Al-Bara, from south-east. 
Photo 392/33(287) Large structures, Al-Bara, from north-west. 
Photo 392/33(288) Front of large structure, west, Bara. 
Photo 392/33(289) Chapel, Al-Bara, south-east front from near. 
Photo 392/33(290) Chapel, Al-Bara, south-east and north-west [?] sides from south. 
Photo 392/33(291) Stony waste on way to Dersanbil. 
Photo 392/33(292) Door and window of ruined house, Dalauzeh. 
Photo 392/33(293) House with three rooms, Dalauzehi, side windows and niches. 
Photo 392/33(294) Murayem village en route to Riha, from south-west. 
Photo 392/33(295) Jisar-ash-Shagur [Jisr ash Shughur] from distance. 
Photo 392/33(296) Nomad camp near Jisar-ash-Shagur. 
Photo 392/33(297) Jisar-ash-Shagur bridge and town; seen from Orontes bank. 
Photo 392/33(298) Bridge of Jisar-ash-Shagur, from west bank. 
Photo 392/33(299) Orontes Valley seen from above Chiftlik, on way to Badruhan. 
Photo 392/33(300) Eroded chalk cliffs below on way to Antioch (Roman road in fore). 
Photo 392/33(301) View down gorge towards Daphne from road. 
Photo 392/33(302) View up gorge above Daphne. 
Photo 392/33(303) Antioch Castle hill, seen from top of Hotel Daphne [Antakya]. 
Photo 392/33(304) Mount Silpius panorama from Hotel Daphne [Antakya]. (1) To east. 
Photo 392/33(305) Mount Silpius panorama from Hotel Daphne [Antakya]. (2) Continued to south-east, Seleuciaian wall. 
Photo 392/33(306) Antioch from road to Suveidiyeh: NOT PRINTED. 
Photo 392/33(307) Beit-el-Ma [the ancient Daphne] slopes from Orontes bend, on road to Suveidiyeh. 
Photo 392/33(308) Tombs near Mughayir, Seleucia. 
Photo 392/33(309) Mt Akra from Mukhtar's house, Kasubieh. 
Photo 392/33(310) Mt Akra further towards sea [from Mukhtar's house, Kasubieh]. 
Photo 392/33(311) Gorge of Kasubieh from near ancient wall and spring. 
Photo 392/33(312) Gorge of Kasubieh, above barrage. 
Photo 392/33(313) Barrage and entrance to tunnel (Garriz), Seleucia. 
Photo 392/33(314) End of Garriz cutting towards sea with house in fore (Tamasha) [Seleucia]. 
Photo 392/33(315) Aqueduct arch, with Armenian peasant, at mouth of Garriz tunnel [Seleucia]. 
Photo 392/33(316) View up Garriz tunnel to north from below open cutting [Seleucia]. 
Photo 392/33(317) View of north portion of inner harbour, Seleucia. 
Photo 392/33(318) Statue of river god (Orontes), Seleucia. 
Photo 392/33(319) Cave and tombs above harbour suburb, Seleucia. 
Photo 392/33(320) Mt Akra from way to Suveidiyeh: NOT PRINTED. 
Photo 392/33(321) Mt. Akra from Suveidiyeh. 
Photo 392/33(322) Walls of Antioch from above Hotel Daphne. 
Photo 392/33(323) Satium, Antioch, and hills in distance. 
Photo 392/33(324) Antioch panorama from rock carving above St Peter's Chapel: (1) Town with Mt. Akra in distance. 
Photo 392/33(325) Antioch panorama from rock carving above St Peter's Chapel: (2) Continued west, J. [Jebel] Musa island in fore. 
Photo 392/33(326) Antioch panorama from rock carving above St Peter's Chapel: (3) Continued north-west, snowy crest of Chukur-Kumur-tagh. 
Photo 392/33(327) Antioch panorama from rock carving above St Peter's Chapel: (4) Continued to north, Stadium and gardens below Bab Bulus. [Double exposure.] 
Photo 392/33(328) Gorge above Bab-al-Hadid, Antioch. 
Photo 392/33(329) Wall and barrage of Bab-al-Hadid, Antioch. 
Photo 392/33(330) [Wall and barrage,] Bab-al-Hadid, Antioch, from higher up. 
Photo 392/33(331) Wall above Bab-al-Hadid, Antioch, towers. 
Photo 392/33(332) Wall below Crusaders' Castle, Antioch, view towards Bab-al-Hadid. 
Photo 392/33(333) Crusaders' Castle, Antioch, north-west face with towers. 
Photo 392/33(334) Antioch town, seen from below castle. 
Photo 392/33(335) Antioch town, from near theatre. 
Photo 392/33(336) Scene at Serinka fountain, Antioch. 
Photo 392/33(337) Beilan [Belen] village, from below pass. 
Photo 392/33(338) Alexandretta [Iskenderun] with Anti-Taurus in distance. 
Photo 392/33(339) Mersina [Mersin] harbour. 
Photo 392/33(340) Cathedral, Famagusta, from south. 
Photo 392/33(341) View of Famagusta cathedral from ship: NOT PRINTED. 
Photo 392/33(342) Cathedral, Famagusta, from east. 
Photo 392/33(343) General view from Martinengo Bastion, Famagusta. 
Photo 392/33(344) Agora of Salamis, Cyprus, from south-east. 
Photo 392/33(345) Gate of St Nicholas [Church], Nikosia, Cyprus. 
Photo 392/33(346) Adalia [Antalya] harbour, with ancient wall. 
Photo 392/33(347) Adalia [Antalya] harbour, with round tower on right. 
Photo 392/33(348) Gate of Amboise, Rhodes, walls and moat. 
Photo 392/33(349) Gate of Amboise, Rhodes. 
Photo 392/33(350) Rhodes port, view along walls towards Mercato: NOT PRINTED. 
Photo 392/33(351) Rhodes from harbour. 
Photo 392/33(352) Panorama from Pnyx, Athens. (1) Acropolis with Odeon walls. 
Photo 392/33(353) Panorama from Pnyx, Athens. (2) Continued to Lycabettos. 
Photo 392/33(354) Acropolis with more of the Odeon [Athens]. 
Photo 392/33(355) Acropolis in centre [Athens]. 
Photo 392/33(356) Pnyx rostrum and rock cut for seats [Athens]. 
Photo 392/33(357) Acropolis from lower slope of Areopagos [Athens]. 
Photo 392/33(358) Panorama from top of Areopagos. (1) Acropolis, Nike Temple and Propylaeon. 
Photo 392/33(359) Panorama from top of Areopagos. (2) View towards Erechtheion. 
Photo 392/33(360) Korfu harbour and fort. 
Photo 392/33(361) Corfu fort from distance. 
Photo 392/33(362) Ragusa [Dubrovnik] from road to Ragusa Vecchia (Cavtat). 
Photo 392/33(363) Cavtat [Ragusavecchia] town and hill. 
Photo 392/33(364) Lacroma, landing place from Ragusa [Dubrovnik]. 
Photo 392/33(365) Court of Rector's Palace, Ragusa [Dubrovnik]. 
Photo 392/33(366) Cavtat and bay from cemetery hill: NOT PRINTED. 
Photo 392/33(367) Eroded rocky headland, Lacroma, with natural bridge (Hierarch and Miss Maud A. [standing at right]). 
Photo 392/33(368) Ruined palace, Perasto, from south-east. 
Photo 392/33(369) Lane in Cattaro [Kotor]. 
Photo 392/33(370) Perasto landing place. 
Photo 392/33(371) Diocletian's Tomb [Solin?]. 
Photo 392/33(372) Cathedral, Cattaro [Kotor]. 
Photo 392/33(373) Buyovich Palace (1693), Perasto, from north-west. 
Photo 392/33(374) Strand and rocks, Lapad, Gravosa [Dubrovnik]. 
Photo 392/33(375) Hierarch and Misses O. and M. [Olga and Maud Allen] starting from Ragusa [Dubrovnik]. 
Photo 392/33(376) View towards Sabiencello [Orebic], above Stano. 
Photo 392/33(377) Barren karst slope above Neum Kan. 
Photo 392/33(378) Vrcgora village and hill beyond Metkovich. 
Photo 392/33(379) Hillside beyond Turio Pass, towards Zagvozd. 
Photo 392/33(380) Basilica of Martyrs, Salona [Solin] from south-east. 
Photo 392/33(381) Bridge and later buildings in Salona [Solin]. 
Photo 392/33(382) Triangular bastions of old town wall, Salona, towards amphitheatre. 
Photo 392/33(383) Amphitheatre, Salona [Solin], from south-west. 
Photo 392/33(384) Trau [Trogir] harbour from ship. 
Photo 392/33(385) Forts and tower of Trau [Trogir] from ship. 
Photo 392/33(386) Sebenico [Sibenik] harbour, towards entrance. 
Photo 392/33(387) Sebenico [Sibenik] dome. 
Photo 392/33(388) I Tatti, view up garden [Florence]. 
Photo 392/33(389) I Tatti, view towards house [Florence]. 
Photo 392/33(390) I Tatti, view down terraces [Florence]. 
Photo 392/33(391) M. Berthelot and self on plane table, towards Palmyra. 
Photo 392/33(392) Dejeuner entre Maumbatah at Palmyre. 
Photo 392/33(393) Meharistes en marche envers Palmyre. 
Photo 392/33(394) Puits de Mrabah [?Bir al Marba'ah]. 

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