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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 392/31

Stein Collection: Albums A.51-53. Waziristan tour, 1927.

Photographers: Sir Mark Aurel Stein
Contents: 234 prints 97x71mm
Provenance: Presented by the Royal Geographical Society.
Description: Three albums of photographs containing in toto 234 prints, covering Stein's January-April 1927 tour of Waziristan and Northern Baluchistan, mainly centred on the investigation of archaeological sites in the areas around Fort Sandeman (Zhob), Loralai and Pishin/Quetta. The tour is described in detail in Stein's An Archaeological Tour in Waziristan and Northern Baluchistan (Memoirs of the Archaeological Survey of India No. 37, Calcutta, 1929), which account contains a good map of the journey, with archaeological sites marked. Where prints from the albums have been reproduced in the published account, this is noted in the catalogue.

A.51 Prints 1-96 Green cloth covered album measuring 160x240mm, containing 96 prints in window mounts measuring 97x71mm. With typescript labels beneath each print supplying date and location of photograph. Photographs taken between 12 January and 20 February 1927, at Surkh-dherai, Chaudwan, Zarkani, Daud Khel, Kot-kat, Bain, Khajuri, Ark-ghundai, Dre-dherai, Spinwam, Datta Khel, Arkhanna Gorge, Ghasiara-narai, Chunai-warsak, Razmak, Kital-khel, Mahsud, Kotkai-kala, Warocha Defile, Khore, Spin Valley, Spalipan, Kanserwarai Pass, Khatekhar Gulmai, Gul-kach, Mir Ali Khel, Brunj, Sherak Kila, Torghar, Moghul-ghundai, Kaudani, Periano-ghundai, Zhob (Fort Sandeman), Musakhwal, Tor-sharghalai, Tor-kulla, Sang.

A.52 Prints 97-192 Blue cloth covered album measuring 160x240mm, containing 96 prints in window mounts measuring 97x71mm. With typescript labels beneath each print supplying date and location of photograph. Photographs taken between 20 February and 25 March 1927, at Bala Spina, Chaperkai Hill, Dabar-kot, Duki, Harian Haidarzai, Hindubagh. Kabulzai, Kabulzai-ghundai, Kila Saifulla, Kishlai-wahar, Lakarai-kila, Loralai, Manzai, Moghul-kala, Moghuli-khankai, Murgha Fakirzai, Murgha Kibzai, Nimkai, Rana-ghundai, Sanjawi, Sawal, Sawal-kala, Spina-ghundai, Sultanzai, Sur-jangal, Tor-dherai, Zara-stirghe Gorge, Zarozai Defile, Zhob (Fort Sandeman).

A.53 Prints 193-234 Brown cloth covered album measuring 160x242mm, containing 101 prints in window mounts measuring 97x71mm. With typescript labels beneath each print supplying date and location of photograph. Photographs taken between 25 March and the conclusion of the tour on 10 Apr 1927, at Andarbes, Gurzinder-obo, Karezgai, Kazha-viala, Khushdil Khan, Khwaja Amran Peak, Kozh-kats, Kranai Hill, Kuchnai-ghundai, Majo, Murgha Fakirzai, Murgha Mehtarzai, Pir Alizai-ghundai, Pishin, Riasa-ghundai, Spina-ghundai (Bori), Spina-ghundai (Habibzai), Spina-ghundai (Manakzai), Spin-tizha, Sra-kala, Sultanzai-kandao, Tor-shah. This album also contains material from other parts of the collection: in addition to prints 193-234 of 392/31, there are also prints 385-419 from 392/30, and 22 prints from 392/32.

Album contents:-
Photo 392/31(1) Dherai of Kot Lalu [Surkh-dherai Mound, near Draband]. 
Photo 392/31(2) Dherai of Kot Lalu, man at foot [Surkh-dherai Mound, near Draband]. 
Photo 392/31(3) Dherai of Chaudwan, seen from north-west. 
Photo 392/31(4) Zarkani Post, with Hodder's car. 
Photo 392/31(5) Powinda camp, Daud Khel. 
Photo 392/31(6) Group of Daud Khel. 
Photo 392/31(7) Kot-kat Dherai (Sowars on top) from south. 
Photo 392/31(8) Bain Post (Constabulary). 
Photo 392/31(9) Gorge in Bain-dara. 
Photo 392/31(10) Tochi Valley and post above Saidgi. 
Photo 392/31(11) Dressed wall from south-west, side of Ark-ghundai, Idak. 
Photo 392/31(12) View from top of Ark-ghundai towards Idak fort. 
Photo 392/31(13) Inscribed stone at Dre Ghundai [Dre-dherai], Sheratala. 
Photo 392/31(14) Inscribed stone at Dre Ghundai [Dre-dherai] with diary below, Sheratala. 
Photo 392/31(15) Mound at Spinwam from north-west. 
Photo 392/31(16) Gorge of Bobar beyond Datta Khel. 
Photo 392/31(17) Arkhanna Gorge, looking towards Kaitu River and Bobar. 
Photo 392/31(18) View down Ghasiara-narai towards Bannu (vertical). 
Photo 392/31(19) Chunai-warsak, view to left bank of Kurram River. 
Photo 392/31(20) View towards Razeni from Razmak Narai (Spinghar). 
Photo 392/31(21) Kital-khel Mahsud. 
Photo 392/31(22) Kotkai-kala from from north. 
Photo 392/31(23) Warocha Tangai with South Waziristan Scouts escort. 
Photo 392/31(24) Wazir Maliks at Khore, Spin. 
Photo 392/31(25) Spin Valley from Sherkanai Kandao. 
Photo 392/31(26) Wazir Maliks at Spalipan. 
Photo 392/31(27) Khatekhar-Gulmai from Kanserwarai Narai. 
Photo 392/31(28) Mesas of Khatekhar-Gulmai (3 Wazirs [in foreground]), towards east. 
Photo 392/31(29) Political Tahsildar Khan Sahib Muhammad Nawaz Khan. 
Photo 392/31(30) Muhammad Nawaz Khan at Khatekhar-Gulmai. 
Photo 392/31(31) Descent among eroded clay terraces (Khan Sahib and escort in fore). [?Khatekhar Gulmai]. 
Photo 392/31(32) Group of Zalil Khel at Gulkach. 
Photo 392/31(33) Group of Toji Khel Wazirs (with man at back on wall). [?Gul-kach.] 
Photo 392/31(34) Fort Mir Ali Khel from road. 
Photo 392/31(35) Tangai above Khuni-brunj, eight miles, from south. 
Photo 392/31(36) Uruske-jara, Sherak Kila from south-east (ponies and men [in foreground]). 
Photo 392/31(37) Torghar seen from between Sherak-kila and Tor-khulla. 
Photo 392/31(38) Moghul-ghundai near Tor-khulla and Chingai spring. 
Photo 392/31(39) Kaudanna [Kaudani] Mound from south-east (men on top). 
Photo 392/31(40) Trench with old wall on south side of Periano-ghundai. 
Photo 392/31(41) Periano-ghundai from south-west. 
Photo 392/31(42) Periano-ghundai further off, with Muroha, from west. 
Photo 392/31(43) Two cinerary pots from Periano-Ghundai, with diary. 
Photo 392/31(44) Graves near Periano-ghandai, first examined from west. 
Photo 392/31(45) Wall above excavated area west of Periano-Ghandai (two men standing [in foreground]). 
Photo 392/31(46) Small cups and saucers from Periano-ghundai. 5 (12 together). 
Photo 392/31(47) Slope below south-east top of mound (one man [in foreground], vertical). [Periano-Ghundai.] 
Photo 392/31(48) Slope below south-east top of mound seen from south-west (Abdul Ghafur on excavation spot). [Periano-ghundai.] 
Photo 392/31(49) Snow-covered hills south-east of Fort Sandeman [Zhob] from Periano. 
Photo 392/31(50) Top of Periano mound with digging [in progress] at south-east and north-east trenches. 
Photo 392/31(51) Panorama from Periano-ghundai [1]. Looking north-west across Zhob Valley. 
Photo 392/31(52) Panorama from Periano-ghundai continued [2]. Looking north, picket in fore. 
Photo 392/31(53) Panorama from Periano-ghundai continued [3]. Looking north-east. Trench [to] north-east at work [ie being excavated]. 
Photo 392/31(54) Burial pot No. 3 with side broken in P. SW. 9 [Periano-ghundai]. 
Photo 392/31(55) Burial pot No. 3, with book [Periano-ghundai]. 
Photo 392/31(56) North-east trench, with diggers [Periano-ghundai]. 
Photo 392/31(57) View from Windsor Castle slope towards Major Denny's house and Club [Fort Sandeman, Zhob]. 
Photo 392/31(58) Windsor Castle, Fort Sandeman [Zhob], seen from near Club. 
Photo 392/31(59) Windsor Castle seen from pergola to north-east [Fort Sandeman, Zhob.] 
Photo 392/31(60) View north from Windsor Castle [Fort Sandeman, Zhob] towards Artillery lines and Sanghe range. 
Photo 392/31(61) View from Windsor Castle [Fort Sandeman, Zhob] to west towards Periano-ghundai, Gurkha bungalows, Harmony Row. 
Photo 392/31(62) Hills south of Fort Sandeman [Zhob] seen from Windsor Castle. 
Photo 392/31(63) Kaudanai Mound [near Zhob]. 
Photo 392/31(64) Excavated area at Periano[-ghundai] (central). 
Photo 392/31(65) Rooms b, a, c, Periano[-ghundai], south-west, with measure. 
Photo 392/31(66) Rooms b, a, c, Periano[-ghundai], south-west, with measure. 
Photo 392/31(67) [Panoramic view of] Excavated slopes of Periano[-ghundai]. (1) Areas west towards C. (looking north-north-east). 
Photo 392/31(68) [Panoramic view of] Excavated slopes of Periano[-ghundai]. (2) Continued to south-west diggings looking west-north-west. 
Photo 392/31(69) Apozai village on mound [Kaudani]. 
Photo 392/31(70) Kaudanai-ghundai from south-east, with cuttings of 7.2.27. 
Photo 392/31(71) Mughal-ghundai grave i, looking north-east. 
Photo 392/31(72) Graves to south with spring and tree (Jamadar Gul Muhammad in fore) [Moghul-ghundai]. 
Photo 392/31(73) Pot with handle (one broken off) in grave M.xi. [Moghul-ghundai.] 
Photo 392/31(74) Undisturbed grave mounds west of M.x, xi (two men in grave) [Moghul-ghundai]. 
Photo 392/31(75) Graves M.xlvii-1, from east (Havildar on right) [Moghul-ghundai]. 
Photo 392/31(76) Musakhwal rocky peak from north-east. 
Photo 392/31(77) Pots from M. graves (double row) [Moghul-ghundai]. 
Photo 392/31(78) Pots from M. graves (single top row) [Moghul-ghundai]. 
Photo 392/31(79) Tor Sherghalai Mound, Sindyar, from south (men on top). 
Photo 392/31(80) Group of Sowars on Tor-Sherghalai Mound, Sindyar. 
Photo 392/31(81) Mughal-ghundai from south-west (men at foot and on top). 
Photo 392/31(82) Painted large pot found 3' in north trench below Sangar line [Moghul-ghundai]. 
Photo 392/31(83) Cemetery hill with crest (north-west), highest cone above it [Moghul-ghundai].. 
Photo 392/31(84) Moghul-ghundai camp seen from MM. mound to south. 
Photo 392/31(85) View of Moghul-ghundai (excavated) looking east from cemetery spur. 
Photo 392/31(86) View of Moghul-ghundai (excavated), enlarged. 
Photo 392/31(87) Skull in MM, e room, Moghul-ghundai. 
Photo 392/31(88) Room MM, e, with wall, Moghul-ghundai. 
Photo 392/31(89) East trench, Moghul-ghundai, from distance, Sherak Khan, Jalal Khan [standing beside trench]. 
Photo 392/31(90) East trench, Moghul-ghundai, near [view] with staff [ie measuring pole] on wall, Sherak Khan [standing at right]. 
Photo 392/31(91) [Room] MM. e, from north-east, with Hamza, etc. [Moghul-ghundai]. 
Photo 392/31(92) House at Tor-khulla, Sowar on right, Hassan (in Poshtin). 
Photo 392/31(93) Sang Hill from Akhtar Khan's cultivation. 
Photo 392/31(94) Zhob River looking north-east from Sang. 
Photo 392/31(95) Windsor Castle [Fort Sandeman, Zhob] from road to Artillery lines. 
Photo 392/31(96) Group of Hazara labourers at Windsor Castle [Fort Sandeman, Zhob]. 
Photo 392/31(97) Windsor Castle from Major Dennys' house [Fort Sandeman, Zhob]. 
Photo 392/31(98) Sanzar-nika Ziarat, Kot Kabalzai (Shadi Khan). 
Photo 392/31(99) Kabalzai-ghundai, within walls (men seated|). 
Photo 392/31(100) Zarozai Defile looking south-east. 
Photo 392/31(101) Tahsildar Ghazi Khan at Murgha Kibzai. 
Photo 392/31(102) Gorge with twisted strata (Abdul Ghafur). 
Photo 392/31(103) Rana-ghundai from south. Two men. 
Photo 392/31(104) Excavated base, Rana-ghundai, with matrices of poles. 
Photo 392/31(105) Rana-ghundai, Dirgi Kudezai, from south (two men, top and middle). 
Photo 392/31(106) Looking down west from top of Rana-ghundai (groups below). 
Photo 392/31(107) Rana-ghundai, full height, from east-south-east (two men [standing near summit of mound]). 
Photo 392/31(108) Moghul-kala Fort, Loralai, on mound, from south-east. 
Photo 392/31(109) Spin[a]-ghundai from north-west (men on top). 
Photo 392/31(110) Lakarai-kila, on Kasa spur looking south-west. 
Photo 392/31(111) Horses descending from Lakarai-kila. 
Photo 392/31(112) Houses and tower at Kishlai-wahar, Constabulary in fore. 
Photo 392/31(113) Grave at Moghul-Chaperkai. 
Photo 392/31(114) Eroded gorge on way to Sanjawi (Abdul Ghafur [standing in foreground]). 
Photo 392/31(115) Zare-stirghe Gorge above Duki. 
Photo 392/31(116) Duki village, with wall and pond. 
Photo 392/31(117) Tor-dherai hillock (man on top) from south. 
Photo 392/31(118) Dabarkot Mound from north (man of top). 
Photo 392/31(119) South-east nullah, Dabarkot (old man below erosion). 
Photo 392/31(120) Slope of Dabarkot Mound with shaded nullahs. 
Photo 392/31(121) Pot excavated at Dabarkot E.i. (with 3' stick). 
Photo 392/31(122) Same pot, E.i., with measure horizontal. 
Photo 392/31(123) Three pots in D.N.b in shade (measure long) [Dabar-kot]. 
Photo 392/31(124) Three pots in D.N.b with measure short (in sun) [Dabar-kot]. 
Photo 392/31(125) Pot 5, D.N.b., in shade with measure vertical [Dabar-kot]. 
Photo 392/31(126) Hearth and pot at east end of D.E.i., (measure bent) [Dabar-kot]. 
Photo 392/31(127) End of drain from west (Ram Chand [standing in foreground] vertical) [Dabar-kot]. 
Photo 392/31(128) Eroded cliffs of Dabarkot Mound, to south-east (E.i. below). 
Photo 392/31(129) Large erosion nullah of Dabarkot, seen from east (two ponies [in middleground]). 
Photo 392/31(130) Large clay dish excavated E.ii. (stick 3') [Dabar-kot]. 
Photo 392/31(131) North base of Dabarkot Mound, with line of excavated sections c-d. 
Photo 392/31(132) Drain N.d., with measure with man on left near, from east. 
Photo 392/31(133) Drain N.d., with man further back. 
Photo 392/31(134) Two large pots from E.ii. [Dabar-kot]. 
Photo 392/31(135) Eight melting pots and small square saucers from D.N.e., and patera (measure bent) [Dabar-kot]. 
Photo 392/31(136) Eight melting pots and small square saucers from D.N.e., and patera (measure bent) [Dabar-kot]. 
Photo 392/31(137) Eight melting pots and small square saucers from D.N.e., and patera (measure horizontal) [Dabar-kot]. 
Photo 392/31(138) Men working at Dabarkot e. and dd. (taken east). 
Photo 392/31(139) Men above brick platform dd. from west [Dabar-kot]. 
Photo 392/31(140) Work parties of E.i. and S.i. from north-west [Dabar-kot]. 
Photo 392/31(141) Stratified debris wall in east nullah (measure described[?]) [Dabar-kot]. 
Photo 392/31(142) Small mound to south-east of Tor-dherai. (two men). 
Photo 392/31(143) Tor-dherai seen from south-east on top of small mound (camel and pony [in foreground]). 
Photo 392/31(144) Ground to east of Tor-dherai; stupa work started. 
Photo 392/31(145) East base of Stupa T.D. from south (man at stairs [on right]). 
Photo 392/31(146) East base and south-east corner of stupa base (measure vert. at last but one pilaster). 
Photo 392/31(147) East base of stupa (men at south-east corner) [Tor-dherai]. 
Photo 392/31(148) North side of stupa base from east (measure horizonatal) [Tor-dherai]. 
Photo 392/31(149) Burial ground, W.iii, with Brendish at work [Dabar-kot]. 
Photo 392/31(150) Dabarkot from south. 
Photo 392/31(151) Manzai fort-village from south-east (donkey in fore). 
Photo 392/31(152) Kirri of Sher Muhammad, Kharoti, at Manzai. 
Photo 392/31(153) Nimkai Mound seen from south-west (two men [on mound]). 
Photo 392/31(154) Stamped clay wall on south foot of Nimkai mound (one man [standing in foreground]). 
Photo 392/31(155) Capital from T.D. [Tor-dherai] with measure bent. 
Photo 392/31(156) Red-painted capital, T.D. [Tor-dherai], with measure horizontal. 
Photo 392/31(157) Red-painted capital, T.D. [Tor-dherai], measure straight. 
Photo 392/31(158) Top of mound T.D.ii, (one man, measure) [Tor-dherai]. 
Photo 392/31(159) Tor-dherai hill from north-west. 
Photo 392/31(160) Four carved panels [from Tor-dherai]. 
Photo 392/31(161) Four more panels, square (including chequer, in three rows) [Tor-dherai]. 
Photo 392/31(162) Four more panels, square (including chequer, in three rows) [Tor-dherai]. 
Photo 392/31(163) Stupa deposit's receptacle, stones and pot impression [Tor-dherai]. 
Photo 392/31(164) Two lotuses and four miscellaneous panels [Tor-dherai]. 
Photo 392/31(165) Three acanthus panels and three small floral [Tor-dherai]. 
Photo 392/31(166) Two chequer, three diamond and one Swastika [stone panels, Tor-dherai]. 
Photo 392/31(167) T.D. [Tor-dherai], stairs leading to circular base, from south-east. 
Photo 392/31(168) T.D. [Tor-dherai], south face of circular base (measures 32"), two Powindas. 
Photo 392/31(169) Stupa T.D. [Tor-dherai], with both stairs from south. 
Photo 392/31(170) General view of Tor-dherai from south (cliffs in fore). 
Photo 392/31(171) North base of T.D. [Tor-dherai], seen from north-west end. 
Photo 392/31(172) T.D. [Tor-dherai], north face of square base. 
Photo 392/31(173) Ram Chand on Mahari [camel]. [?Sawal.] 
Photo 392/31(174) Mr Brendish on camel [?Sawal]. 
Photo 392/31(175) Sawal village and fort from south-west. 
Photo 392/31(176) Sawal fort walls facing south from top [Sawal-kala]. 
Photo 392/31(177) Sawal village from top of fort, Dukai mound in distance. 
Photo 392/31(178) Sur-jangal in course of excavation. 
Photo 392/31(179) Sur-jangal hillock seen from road south-east. 
Photo 392/31(180) Burial cairns of Sur-jangal seen from north-west. 
Photo 392/31(181) Hillside above spring, Harian Haidarzai. 
Photo 392/31(182) Bala Spina (Monastery Hill) from south-west. 
Photo 392/31(183) Wall of upper fort, Bala Spina (Muhammad Sidiq), from south-west. 
Photo 392/31(184) Garden of Colonel C. Daukes [Loralai]. 
Photo 392/31(185) Below pass towards Kila Saifullah (lorry in fore). 
Photo 392/31(186) Moghuli-khankai mound from south-east (Maliks in fore). 
Photo 392/31(187) Malik Abdul Wahab, Begazai, in middle; Malik Haji Khan on left; Mullah Mehtar Aliaz, right (Allinazai) [?Moghuli-khankai]. 
Photo 392/31(188) Hindubagh with Zhob Levy Jamadar. 
Photo 392/31(189) Gorge on route to Murgha Fakirzai (camels and Levy Sowars). 
Photo 392/31(190) Sultanzai village with snow on crest, below pass to Fakirzai. 
Photo 392/31(191) Gorge below Sultanzai with snow streaks from zigzag. 
Photo 392/31(192) Sultanzai village with woman in fore. 
Photo 392/31(193) View from Sultanzai-kandao to south-south-west across village basin. 
Photo 392/31(194) View from Sultanzai-kandao towards Kanjogi snows. 
Photo 392/31(195) Murgha Fakirzai houses from distance and range. 
Photo 392/31(196) Last houses of Murgha Fakirzai (Muhammad Hassan and one Military Sepoy [in foreground]). 
Photo 392/31(197) Fort Murgha Fakirzai and tents. 
Photo 392/31(198) Anderbes valley with snow at [in] distance (Militia in fore). 
Photo 392/31(199) Upper end of Kozh-kats village (vertical). 
Photo 392/31(200) Kozh-kats hamlet with Brendish. 
Photo 392/31(201) Tangai on way to Ander Bes (vertical). 
Photo 392/31(202) Khazana-dabar with horses (vertical). 
Photo 392/31(203) Inscription (sgraffito) vertical, measure on right [Khazana-dabar, below Andarbes]. 
Photo 392/31(204) Inscription (sgraffito) vert., Khazana-dabar, below Anderbes. 
Photo 392/31(205) Inscription (horizontal) whitened [Khazana-dabar, below Andarbes]. 
Photo 392/31(206) Khazana-dabar seen from south (measure, small, horizontal). 
Photo 392/31(207) Khazana-dabar with horses (vertical) [below Andarbes]. 
Photo 392/31(208) Abandoned village and orchard, Karezgai (shaken?). 
Photo 392/31(209) Abandoned village and orchard, Karezgai, with man before wall. 
Photo 392/31(210) Murgha Mehtarzai village from east spur, Moghul Kale. 
Photo 392/31(211) Group of Murgha Mehtarzai Maliks. 
Photo 392/31(212) Khushdil Khan Band with Irrigation Bungalow (S. Nur Ahmad in fore). 
Photo 392/31(213) Riasa-ghundai from south (one man on top). 
Photo 392/31(214) Kuchnai-ghundai of Manzakai witness of exploited mound. 
Photo 392/31(215) Spina-ghundai from south (one man on top, ponies and camel). 
Photo 392/31(216) South-east outlier of Spina-ghundai seen from top; Manzakai at back. 
Photo 392/31(217) North-west end of upper portion of Spina-ghundai (boy below wall). 
Photo 392/31(218) Group of Skrines and Col. Goschen. 
Photo 392/31(219) Mrs Skrine and Col. Goschen by Skrine [blurred]. 
Photo 392/31(220) Mrs Skrine and Colonel Goschen. 
Photo 392/31(221) Top of Sara-kala, south face seen from south-west angle. 
Photo 392/31(222) Sara Kala from south (boy on top). 
Photo 392/31(223) Sara Kala from north. Sowar on top. 
Photo 392/31(224) Sara Kala from south-west. 
Photo 392/31(225) Kazha Viala seen from pass beyond Nilwarai. 
Photo 392/31(226) Kala [fort] of Kazha Viala from west (camel [in foreground]). 
Photo 392/31(227) Powinda camp on way to Tor Shah. 
Photo 392/31(228) View to Takatu from above Majo site. 
Photo 392/31(229) Kranai site hill seen from east (camel rider [on slope]). 
Photo 392/31(230) Ghundai near Pir Alizai Thana from north-west. 
Photo 392/31(231) Spina-ghundai near Habibzai from south-west (man on top). 
Photo 392/31(232) Gorge of Gurzinder-obo with picket on hill. 
Photo 392/31(233) Khwaja Amran Peak and Ziarat from Top-durra. 
Photo 392/31(234) Ghundai above Zranki spring, Spina-tizha. 

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