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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 392/29

Stein Collection: Third Expedition, 1913-16. (Second series, large prints).

Photographers: Sir Mark Aurel Stein
Contents: 501 prints 160x115mm
Provenance: Presented by the Royal Geographical Society.
Description: Loose prints. Lacking prints 275-277, 279-280, 282-285, 287, 289, 337-371, 416, 422-424, 462-487.

Album contents:-
Photo 392/29(1) View up Nyachut from debouchure of Ishkobar Valley. 
Photo 392/29(2) Panorama from above Dalgin (12,500') (Section III). View towards Barai and Babusar Passes. 
Photo 392/29(3) Panorama from Sheobat Pass (Section II). View to south. Range beyond Indus, head of Gayalgah. 
Photo 392/29(4) Panorama from Sheobat Pass (Section I). To south-west, Sabil, 
Photo 392/29(5) View from Dalgin Marg towards Nanga Parbat. 
Photo 392/29(6) Nanga Parbat seen from above Dalgin (12,500'), across Khanbari and Hodur. 
Photo 392/29(7) Nanga Parbat from Dalgin Camp. 
Photo 392/29(8) Raja Shah Alim and Nizerat Khan, at Jaglot. 
Photo 392/29(9) View from Dalgin towards Shkobar Pass. 
Photo 392/29(10) Shah Alim and Nizerat Khan, Jaglot. 
Photo 392/29(11) Panorama from above Dalgin (12,500') (Section II). Nanga Parbat seen from above Dalgin, across Khanbari Valley and Datsoi, Pakora. 
Photo 392/29(12) Panorama from above Dalgin (12,500') (Section I). View towards upper Khanbari. 
Photo 392/29(13) Ziarat of Shah Khel Baba, Phoguch. 
Photo 392/29(14) Shardai Pass panorama (Section III). Jaglot and continuation of Tangir (heavy forest). 
Photo 392/29(15) Shardai Pass panorama (Section II). Jaglot and continuation of Tangir (heavy forest). 
Photo 392/29(16) Sazin, Indus Valley and peaks above Indus bend, seen from spur (south) below Shardai Pass. 
Photo 392/29(17) Lohilo-kot with Phoguch below, seen from Shah Khel Ziarat. 
Photo 392/29(18) Darel Valley seen from below Shardai Pass. 
Photo 392/29(19) Ziarat at Dodo-kot (Shahid). 
Photo 392/29(20) View down Darel Valley and across Indus from Lohilo-kot. 
Photo 392/29(21) Shardai Pass, seen from south with upper Gayala-gah in background. 
Photo 392/29(22) Shardai Pass panorama (Section I). Indus bend, peaks, Swat Range. 
Photo 392/29(23) Interior of Lohilo-kot above Phoguch, seen from south-west corner. 
Photo 392/29(24) Gate of Dodo-kot, Samagial. 
Photo 392/29(25) View up Yasin from Chumar khan; Dasht-i-taus in foreground. 
Photo 392/29(26) Pakhtun Wali's castle, Jaglot, from across river. 
Photo 392/29(27) Raja of Hondur, Khushwakhs, with relatives and cultivators, Hondur, Yasin. 
Photo 392/29(28) View down Yasin Valley from Chumarkhan. 
Photo 392/29(29) Baipash of Jan Muhammad, Aksakal of Darkot. 
Photo 392/29(30) View down Yasin Valley from Chumarkhan (underexposed). 
Photo 392/29(31) Darkot Pass from below Darband. 
Photo 392/29(32) Pakhtun Wali's Castle, Jaglot, from river bank. 
Photo 392/29(33) Khuz Glacier from north-west. [Chapursan Valley.] 
Photo 392/29(34) End of (?) Khuz Glacier seen from above, south bank near Yarz-yarz. 
Photo 392/29(35) Mountains east of Boihill lake bed, below Gul-khwaja, from south-west. 
Photo 392/29(36) Men of Ashkuman, with Kurban Khan (Mehtarjao) and Havildar Kabul Beg at Biattur [Buattar]. 
Photo 392/29(37) Ashkuman carriers, at Biattur [Buattur]. 
Photo 392/29(38) Derdi Gorge from west, below Kermin Pass. 
Photo 392/29(39) Khuz Glacier above tunnel. 
Photo 392/29(40) View from (?)Boihill towards Murkushi. 
Photo 392/29(41) View across upper Mintaka Glacier (not entered in diary against [symbol] 7.9.13). 
Photo 392/29(42) Shigar-Ishkuk Glacier, Chaparsun, snout and streambed seen from south. 
Photo 392/29(43) View from Chillinji Pass, 17,000', across Chillinji Glacier. 
Photo 392/29(44) Group of Wakhis in Reshit, Chaparsun. 
Photo 392/29(45) T.K. ruins (Afrazgul), Tughlan-shahr. T.K. IV from west (double exposure). 
Photo 392/29(46) Tombs of Ihsans, Tughlan-shahr. 
Photo 392/29(47) Tashkurghan, T.K. I, II, seen from north-west (canal in fore). Stupa and small stupa base. 
Photo 392/29(48) Muztagh-ata from Jurgal Gumbaz. 
Photo 392/29(49) Muztagh-ata from Jurgal Gumbaz. 
Photo 392/29(50) Muztagh-ata from Jurgal Gumbaz. 
Photo 392/29(51) View across Sarikol from Taghash. 
Photo 392/29(52) Tash-kurghan ruins, T.K. III, from south-east [near Jangal-gumbaz]. 
Photo 392/29(53) Afrazgul, Muhammad Yakub and Shams Din at ? 
Photo 392/29(54) Lal-tagh ruins panorama (Section II). 
Photo 392/29(55) Ruins of Lal-tagh, seen from south-west. 
Photo 392/29(56) Ruin N. XLII from north [Niya site]. 
Photo 392/29(57) N.XLII from tamarisk-cone to south-west [Niya site]. 
Photo 392/29(58) N. III, ya-men and rooms to south-west, from north [Niya site]. 
Photo 392/29(59) Vineyard of N. XLIV (Afrazgul and Kharat) [Niya site]. 
Photo 392/29(60) N. XLIV panorama (Section I). edge of depression. [Niya site.] 
Photo 392/29(61) Main ruins of Lal-tagh from south-west (Barat and Tokhta). 
Photo 392/29(61a) Main ruins of Lal-tagh from south-west (Barat and Tokhta). 
Photo 392/29(62) Ruin N. XLIII from south-west [Niya site]. 
Photo 392/29(63) N. XLIV panorama (Section II). Continued to north-east. 
Photo 392/29(64) Lal-tagh panorama (Section I). From north-east (tower and mouth of recess). 
Photo 392/29(65) M. V. iv (mora player) [fresco at Miran]. 
Photo 392/29(66) M. V, [fresco of] girl and left putto [Miran]. 
Photo 392/29(67) M. V, iii, [fresco of] girl and left putto [Miran]. 
Photo 392/29(68) M. V, iii, [fresco of figures and garland]. 
Photo 392/29(69) M. V, iii, [fresco of figures and garland]. 
Photo 392/29(70) M. V, i, [fresco of] of girl with putti. 
Photo 392/29(71) M. V, i, [fresco of] of girl with putti. 
Photo 392/29(72) M. V, ii [fresco of bearded man]. 
Photo 392/29(73) M. V, ii [fresco of] bearded man. 
Photo 392/29(74) M. V, i [fresco]. 
Photo 392/29(75) M. V, iii, [fresco of] girl with left putto [Miran]. 
Photo 392/29(76) Group at Miran. 
Photo 392/29(77) M. V, iv, [fresco, Miran]. 
Photo 392/29(78) M. V, i, [fresco, Miran]. 
Photo 392/29(79) M. V, ii, [fresco, Miran]. 
Photo 392/29(80) M. V, iii [fresco, Miran]. 
Photo 392/29(81) M. V, iv, [fresco, Miran]. 
Photo 392/29(81a) M. V, iv, [fresco, Miran]. 
Photo 392/29(82) Miran, M. VII - M. IV. 
Photo 392/29(83) Miran, M. III - M. VI. 
Photo 392/29(84) South wall of K.K. [Khara-khoto] from east. 
Photo 392/29(85) Gumbaz [K.K. VI] at south-east corner, K.K. [Khara-khoro], from east. 
Photo 392/29(86) Northernmost stupa group below north-west corner, K.K. [Khara-khoto], from south-west. 
Photo 392/29(87) Large stupa at north-west corner, K.K. [Khara-khoto], from south-west. 
Photo 392/29(88) West front of K.K. [Khara-khoto], panorama (Section II). 
Photo 392/29(89) West front of K.K. [Khara-khoto], panorama (Section I). 
Photo 392/29(90) West front of K.K. [Khara-khoto], panorama (Section I). 
Photo 392/29(91) Interior of K.K. [Khara-khoto] Gumbaz [K.K. VI], south-east corner. 
Photo 392/29(92) View across interior of K.K. [Khara-khoto] towards north-west corner, from east gate. 
Photo 392/29(93) South-west corner of K.K. [Khara-khoto] with temples, etc., seen from north-east. 
Photo 392/29(94) East gate of K.K. [Khara-khoto] seen from south-east. 
Photo 392/29(95) Stupas of north-west, K.K. [Khara-khoto], seen from inside corner. 
Photo 392/29(96) Stupa four miles north-west of L.A. from south-east (Abdur Rahman on top). [North-west of Lou-lan site]. 
Photo 392/29(97) Altmish-bulak panorama (Section II). 
Photo 392/29(97a) Altmish-bulak panorama (Section II). 
Photo 392/29(98) Shor [salt efflorescence] channel 11˝ miles from camp CVII. [Lop Desert, north-west of Kum-kuduk.] 
Photo 392/29(99) Altmish-bulak panorama (Section I). 
Photo 392/29(100) Camels having first drink at Kum-kuduk (Abdur Rahim at back). 
Photo 392/29(101) Cliffs of ancient lake shore above camp CVI, looking north-west. [Lop Desert, north-west of Kum-kuduk.] 
Photo 392/29(102) Camels having first drink at Kum-kuduk. 
Photo 392/29(102a) Camels having first drink at Kum-kuduk. 
Photo 392/29(103) Cliffs and range behind camp CVII looking north-west. [Lop Desert, north-west of Kum-kuduk.] 
Photo 392/29(104) Chien-fo-tung, shrines to north-east of stairs. 
Photo 392/29(105) Caves at Ch. [Chien-fo-tung], to north of newly-opened one. 
Photo 392/29(106) Caves opposite Hoshang's quarters [Ch'ien-fo-tung]. 
Photo 392/29(107) Ch. [Ch'ien-fo-tung] Caves to north of newly opened one (nearer, with Dvarapala in centre). 
Photo 392/29(108) Richtofen Range from Ch'iu-ch'uan, Su-chou, with east gate of city. 
Photo 392/29(109) Richtofen Range from near Ch'iu-ch'uan, Su-chou. 
Photo 392/29(110) Panorama of K.K. [Khara-khoto] from north-west corner (Section II). 
Photo 392/29(111) K.K., ii, a shrine, platform from north [Khara-khoto]. 
Photo 392/29(112) Stupa group at north-west corner, K.K. [Khara-khoto], from west. 
Photo 392/29(113) K.K. [Khara-khoto], north-west corner stupa, temple ii on right, temple iii in centre (Kabil). 
Photo 392/29(114) Gumbaz [K.K. VI] with tent, seen from north [Khara-khoto]. 
Photo 392/29(115) North-west corner of K.K. [Khara-khoto], with stupas and breach from north-east. 
Photo 392/29(116) [Stupa] Mound of K.K. II as found, from north-west [Khara-khoto]. 
Photo 392/29(117) North-west corner of K.K. [Khara-khoto] with stupas, from north (double exposure). 
Photo 392/29(118) North-west corner of K.K. [Khara-khoto], with stupas and breach, from south-east. 
Photo 392/29(119) K.K.ii, from east (Kabil). [Khara-khoto]. 
Photo 392/29(120) L.A. II panorama (Section II). Court to L.A. XII. 
Photo 392/29(121) L.A. IV, v, refuse and L.A. IV timber. [Lou-lan site.] 
Photo 392/29(121a) L.A. IV, v, refuse and L.A. IV timber. [Lou-lan site.] 
Photo 392/29(122) L.A. Yamen from south [Lou-lan site]. 
Photo 392/29(123) L.A. II panorama (Section I). L.A. and stupa. [Lou-lan site.] 
Photo 392/29(124) L.K. fort from south-west: yardangs in fore. 
Photo 392/29(125) L.A. XII [corrected to] XI mound from south [Lop Desert]. 
Photo 392/29(126) West wall of L.K. with fascine layers from south wall (Tokhta Akhun on floor level of i). [Lop Desert.] 
Photo 392/29(127) Panorama of interior of Fort L.K. (Section II). 
Photo 392/29(128) L.A. XII [corrected to] XI mound from south-east. [Lou-lan site.] 
Photo 392/29(129) L.K. interior panorama (Section I). Rooms adjoining east wall. [Lop Desert.] 
Photo 392/29(130) L.A. Yamen from south-east [Lou-lan site]. 
Photo 392/29(131) L.K. interior panorama (Section III). North-west portion with breached wall. 
Photo 392/29(132) Spoilt [subject] uncertain. 
Photo 392/29(133) Ch. II. a, north fresco (to north-west corner). [Ch'ien-fo-tung.] 
Photo 392/29(134) Unifinished fresco in upper temple portico [Ch'ien-fo-tung]. 
Photo 392/29(135) Ch. II. a, north-east corner fresco [Ch'ien-fo-tung]. 
Photo 392/29(136) Unfinished fresco in upper temple portico [Ch'ien-fo-tung]. 
Photo 392/29(137) Fresco north of entrance to Ch. VII. [Ch'ien-fo-tung]. 
Photo 392/29(138) Fresco north of entrance to Ch. VII (with P.'s [Pelliot's?] cutting). [Ch'ien-fo-tung.] 
Photo 392/29(139) Fresco north of entrance to Ch. VII [Ch'ien-fo-tung]. 
Photo 392/29(140) Fresco frieze on south wall of Ch. XIII [Ch'ien-fo-tung]. 
Photo 392/29(141) Fresco, south-west corner, Ch. II. a. [Ch'ien-fo-tung.] 
Photo 392/29(142) Fresco, south-east corner, Ch. II. a. [Ch'ien-fo-tung.] 
Photo 392/29(143) Fresco on south wall of entrance, Ch. VII (overexposed). [Ch'ien-fo-tung.] 
Photo 392/29(144) Ma-ti-ssu temples. 
Photo 392/29(145) South aisle of Lung-chiao-ssu temple, Nan-k'ou-ch'eng, with bronze Bodhisattvas and Buddha in clay. 
Photo 392/29(146) Bronze Bodhisattvas and fresco in south porch of Lung-chiao-ssu, Nan-k'ou-ch'eng. 
Photo 392/29(147) East gate of Nan-k'ou-ch'eng seen from camp. 
Photo 392/29(148) Buddha in niche and assisting Bodhisattva in shrine b, second floor, Ma-ti-ssu. 
Photo 392/29(149) View from foot of caves on roof of main temple and forest to south of Ma-ti-ssu. 
Photo 392/29(150) Court of 'my' temple, Kan-chou. 
Photo 392/29(151) West wall of K.K. [Khara-khoto] with stupas, from near west gate. 
Photo 392/29(152) West wall of K.K. [Khara-khoto] with Gumbaz from near west gate. 
Photo 392/29(153) Yung-wang-miao theatres, Kan-chou. 
Photo 392/29(154) Main temple front, Lung-chiao-miao, with court from west [Nan-kou-ch'eng]. 
Photo 392/29(155) Stupa and temple at back of Ta-fu-ssu, Kan-chou. 
Photo 392/29(156) Khitai Madrassa and Chintaksa seen from south-west corner of Kao town wall [Khara-khoja]. 
Photo 392/29(157) East face of wall with Grünw's [Professor A. Grünwedel's] shrine, Turfan. 
Photo 392/29(158) Large tombs in south-west corner of south group of Kosh-gumbaz, seen from south-east. [Kara-khoja.] 
Photo 392/29(159) Domed tomb III, northern group, Kosh-gumbaz, seen from south-west? Double exposure. [Kara-khoja.] 
Photo 392/29(160) Southern (smaller) group of tombs, Kosh-gumbaz, seen from south-east (double exposure). [Kara-khoja.] 
Photo 392/29(161) View up Panopa Valley from near Lo-t'o-p'u-tzu. 
Photo 392/29(161a) View up Panopa Valley from near Lo-t'o-p'u-tzu. 
Photo 392/29(162) Ta-ling-k'ou panorama (Section II). View south towards Pa-no-pa Pass (Latif [in foreground]). 
Photo 392/29(163) View down valley towards Hsi-yo-tzu, two miles below pass: PRINT MISSING. 
Photo 392/29(164) Pandocho Valley looking south from route to Panopa. 
Photo 392/29(165) View down valley from three miles above Panopa pass. 
Photo 392/29(166) Ta-ling-k'ou panorama (Section I). Towards Panopa. View to south-east. 
Photo 392/29(167) Matissu caves in centre, from stupa. 
Photo 392/29(168) Matissu caves: spoilt. 
Photo 392/29(169) Matissu rock temples towards north end, seen from south-east. 
Photo 392/29(170) Toyuk panorama at Yetti-kalandar (Section I). Entrance to gorge. 
Photo 392/29(171) View of west group of caves seen from foot of east group (large ruin to right) [Toyuk]. 
Photo 392/29(172) Toyuk eastern caves panorama (Section II). From western slope (Rekeb). 
Photo 392/29(173) Eastern group of Toyuk caves with buried southern chambers, seen from south. 
Photo 392/29(174) Toyuk VI, dome: PRINT MISSING. 
Photo 392/29(175) Panorama of eastern group of Toyuk caves from point further north (Section II). Towards northern caves. 
Photo 392/29(176) Panorama of eastern group of Toyuk caves from point further north (Section I). Main shrine and caves to south. 
Photo 392/29(177) Panorama of eastern group of Toyuk caves from western slope and south end. Section I). 
Photo 392/29(178) Yetti-kalandar panorama (Section II). Mazar. [Toyuk.] 
Photo 392/29(179) Kao. I. ii. and ruins north of it from Kao. I. i. [Kara-khoja.] 
Photo 392/29(180) Slope of Toyuk I (eastern caves). 
Photo 392/29(181) Sirkip Stupa, east face. 
Photo 392/29(182) East group of Toyuk caves from western slope (A. gul [Afrazgul]). 
Photo 392/29(183) Panorama (Section II). Toyuk western main group (Toy. IV), small caves and shrines above mill. 
Photo 392/29(184) Toyuk western main group (Toy. IV) panorama (Section I), seen from Toyuk VI. 
Photo 392/29(185) Sirkip Stupa, east and south faces seen from south-east corner. 
Photo 392/29(186) Sirkip Stupa, south face seen from garden. 
Photo 392/29(187) Sirkip Stupa, north face. 
Photo 392/29(188) Bez. iv., north wall, Buddha diaper? [Bezeklik.] 
Photo 392/29(189) Bez. [Bezeklik], north passage with vault? 
Photo 392/29(190) Bez. vi [Bezeklik]. Bodhisattva near halo of coloured figures. 
Photo 392/29(191) Bez. iv. [Bezeklik], north wall, Buddha diaper. 
Photo 392/29(192) Murtuk yars and range north from near Murtuk Khojam. 
Photo 392/29(193) Bez. v. [Bezeklik]. [Frescoes on] East wall. 
Photo 392/29(194) Bez. v. [Bezeklik]. [Frescoes on] South wall B-E. 
Photo 392/29(195) Bez. v. [Bezeklik]. [Frescoes on] South wall. 
Photo 392/29(196) Bez. vi. [Bezeklik]. [Fresco on] North wall with coloured figure and ?worshippers. 
Photo 392/29(197) Bez. iii. [Bezeklik]. West wall V. Fresco. 
Photo 392/29(198) Bez. iii. [Bezeklik]. West wall V. Fresco. 
Photo 392/29(199) Bez. iii. [Bezeklik]. [Frescoes on] south wall w.x? 
Photo 392/29(200) Bez. [Bezeklik] panorama (Section I). Southern end of caves. 
Photo 392/29(201) Bez. i. [Bezeklik frescoes.] 
Photo 392/29(202) [Frescoes on] South wall of antechapel, Bez. i [Bezeklik]. 
Photo 392/29(203) Bez. x., from entrance [Bezeklik]. 
Photo 392/29(204) Bez. x., from entrance [Bezeklik]. 
Photo 392/29(205) Wall at back of bez. ix (Kharoshthi inscription?) [Bezeklik]. 
Photo 392/29(206) Bez. vi, second and third figures on south wall [Bezeklik]. 
Photo 392/29(207) Bez. ?x. [Bezeklik.] 
Photo 392/29(208) Bez. ?x. [Bezeklik.] 
Photo 392/29(209) Bez. x. [Fresco of] Small heads of demons [Bezeklik]. 
Photo 392/29(210) Bez. [Bezeklik.] North wing seen from Bez. x. 
Photo 392/29(211) Bez. vi. [Fresco on] North wall, central figure with worshippers [Bezeklik]. 
Photo 392/29(212) Bez. vi. [Fresco on] North wall, central figure with worshippers [Bezeklik]. 
Photo 392/29(213) Taizong, Astana, from east. 
Photo 392/29(214) Kara-khoja, general view towards east. 
Photo 392/29(215) Chintaksa, Kao. [Kara-khoja], from south-west with east wall at back. 
Photo 392/29(216) Yar-khoto. Vihara I from south-east. 
Photo 392/29(217) Yar-khoto, Hundred Stupas, seen from south-east. 
Photo 392/29(218) Panoram from Zindan, Yar-khoto (Section II). View to south. 
Photo 392/29(219) Panorama from Zindan, Yar-khoto (Section I). View south-east. 
Photo 392/29(220) Site of Hundred Stupas, Yar-khoto, from south-west. 
Photo 392/29(221) Yarkhoto, Vihara II from south-east, panorama (Section I). North-west portion. 
Photo 392/29(222) Zindan, Yarkhoto, panorama (Section II). View to north. 
Photo 392/29(223) Yarkhoto, Vihara II, panorama from south-east (Section I). North-east portion. 
Photo 392/29(224) Zindan, Yarkhoto, panorama (Section I). View to north-west. 
Photo 392/29(225) Bez. xii. [Bezeklik]. [Fresco of] Pranidhi Buddha. 
Photo 392/29(226) Bez. xii [Bezeklik]. [Fresco of] Lamenting demons to left of Nirvana. 
Photo 392/29(227) Bez. xii. [Bezeklik]. [Fresco of] Pranidhi Buddha (coloured) to left. 
Photo 392/29(228) Bez. [Bezeklik] panorama (Section II). Towards south end. 
Photo 392/29(229) Bez. x. [Bezeklik]. [Fresco detail of] Small heads of demons. 
Photo 392/29(230) Bez. [Bezeklik] panorama (Section I). North end. 
Photo 392/29(231) Southern portion of bez. [Bezeklik] caves with view of valley towards Eriksu. 
Photo 392/29(232) Bez. xii [xiii?]. [Bezeklik]. [Fresco of] Lamenting Brahmans at head of Nirvana. 
Photo 392/29(233) Bez. iv. [Bezeklik]. Double exposure. 
Photo 392/29(234) Bez. xiii. [Bezeklik] from entrance. 
Photo 392/29(235) Bez. [Bezeklik]. Interior of cave next but one north of xiii. 
Photo 392/29(236) Unidentified [Ruins at Kara-khoja?]. 
Photo 392/29(237) Astana, funeral brick inscriptions. 
Photo 392/29(238) Khantura, Kao. [Kara-khoja] from north-west. 
Photo 392/29(239) Kao [Kara-khoja]. Funeral brick inscriptions [from Astana Cemetery]. 
Photo 392/29(240) Kao. [Kara-Khoja] Khantura towers from south-east. 
Photo 392/29(241) Kao. [Kara-khoja]. Interior wall, towards north-west corner, seen from east. 
Photo 392/29(242) Kao. [Kara-khoja]. Group at Khitai Madrasa. 
Photo 392/29(243) Group at Khitai Madrasa [Kara-khoja]. 
Photo 392/29(244) Kao. [Kara-khoja]. Funeral brick inscriptions [from Astana Cemetery]. 
Photo 392/29(245) Kao. [Kara-khoja] Ruins to north-west of large battered complex I, near centre of area. 
Photo 392/29(246) Ast. [Astana]. Funeral brick inscription. 
Photo 392/29(247) Ast. [Astana] Two funeral brick inscriptions. 
Photo 392/29(248) Kurghan above Ying-pen from north-east (not in diary). 
Photo 392/29(249) Circumvallation of Ying-p'an. 
Photo 392/29(250) Stupa west of Ying-pen fort seen from south-west (Hassan [standing on structure]). 
Photo 392/29(251) Yarkhoto. Group of excavated houses east of main road. 
Photo 392/29(252) Kurghan above Ying-pen from south-west (not in diary). 
Photo 392/29(253) Ying-pen main stupa from south (Kabil [in foreground]) 
Photo 392/29(254) Afrazgul's beyond Astin-bulak, L.R. iii. [Lop Desert]. 
Photo 392/29(255) Afrazgul's beyond Astin-bulak. [Lop Desert.] 
Photo 392/29(256) Afrazgul's beyond Astin-bulak, L.R. [Lop Desert.] 
Photo 392/29(257) Afrazgul's Lop Desert. 
Photo 392/29(258) Ying-pen stupas seen from south-east. 
Photo 392/29(259) Yarkhoto. Houses in centre of Yarkhoto east of road. 
Photo 392/29(260) Yarkhoto. Close group of excavated houses east of main road. 
Photo 392/29(261) Yarkhoto. Cella of Vihara II with rooms dug [ie excavated], from gate south. 
Photo 392/29(262) Yarkhoto. Main road towards central shrines. 
Photo 392/29(263) Yarkhoto. Large mansion and open space to west of main road, seen from east. 
Photo 392/29(264) Kizil. Ceiling of west wall of last cave to west (Buddha's youth scenes?). 
Photo 392/29(265) Kizil. Fresco of Buddha panels with attendants holding haloes. 
Photo 392/29(266) Kizil. North-east caves group, seen from south-west. 
Photo 392/29(267) Jigdalik. Caves to east of spring and stream (seen from Jigdalik II). 
Photo 392/29(268) Jigdalik. Caves on west side of valley. 
Photo 392/29(269) Kizil. Main caves seen from north-east on ridge towards upper group. 
Photo 392/29(270) North Tumshuk ruins panorama (Section II). To south-east, end of Tumshuk ridge. 
Photo 392/29(271) Aksu Yangi-shahr. Pavilion in Wang's garden, with Muhammad Amin (Marghilan, Aksakal) and Shah Muhammad, Afghan Aksakal. 
Photo 392/29(272) North Tumshuk panorama (Section I). View towards south Tumshuk. 
Photo 392/29(273) Kizil. Fresco remains of east wall of cave at left extreme south of upper series. 
Photo 392/29(274) Old town at east foot of North Tumshuk spur looking south-west of rampart. 
Photo 392/29(275)  
Photo 392/29(276)  
Photo 392/29(277)  
Photo 392/29(278) Ulugh-art? Middle course and lower glacier looking towards Sarat? 
Photo 392/29(279)  
Photo 392/29(280)  
Photo 392/29(281) Darkot panorama from moraine, 13,500', north of pass (Section I). Upper Darkot Glacier. 
Photo 392/29(282) Enlarged view of Darkot-Koyozum group from C. Murgach: PRINT MISSING. 
Photo 392/29(283) Panorama of head of Chillinji Glacier (Section II): PRINT MISSING. 
Photo 392/29(284) Panorama of head of Chillinji Glacier (Section I): PRINT MISSING. 
Photo 392/29(285) Darkot on left, Koyozum Peak: PRINT MISSING. 
Photo 392/29(286) Darkot panorama from moraine 13,500', north of pass (Section II). Across glacier to west. 
Photo 392/29(287) Karambar Glacier from Murgach Camp, 13,600': PRINT MISSING. 
Photo 392/29(288) Darkot Glacier panorama from circ. 14,000' north of pass (Section II). Middle. 
Photo 392/29(290) Panorama from Chini-bagh, Kashgar (Section II). Kurghan-tim. 
Photo 392/29(291) Consulate, Chini-bagh from Kone-gul-bagh [Kashgar]. 
Photo 392/29(292) Bostan-arche. View to west branch of valley. 
Photo 392/29(293) Hale Beg and Yetmish Beg, Bostan-arche camp. 
Photo 392/29(294) Kirghiz women and Begs at Chong-tash, Bostan-arche. 
Photo 392/29(295) Panorama [from] Chini-bagh, Kashgar (Section III). View to north-west. 
Photo 392/29(296) Chini-bagh, Kashghar panorama (Section I). View to south-west. 
Photo 392/29(297) View up Bostan-arche Valley towards Chakraghil portion of meridional range. Afraz-gul Khan in foreground. 
Photo 392/29(298) Snowy range above Bostan-arche camp. 
Photo 392/29(299) Kongur-debe Range from Kizil River, Kashgar. 
Photo 392/29(300) View above Bostan-arche to south-east. 
Photo 392/29(301) View to east above Bostan-arche. 
Photo 392/29(302) Glacier north-west of Ulugh-art seen from Pass (?). 
Photo 392/29(303) Camels with Lal Singh in centre, Yolchi-moinak. 
Photo 392/29(304) Camels with self at Yolchi-moinak. 
Photo 392/29(305) Bostan-arche Valley from Toghrasu. 
Photo 392/29(306) Ulugh-art panorama (Section I). South-west. High peaks above glacier in mist. 
Photo 392/29(307) Ulughart panorama (Section II). Upper middle reach of glacier. 
Photo 392/29(308) Bostan-arche Valley from Toghrasu (plate reversed?). 
Photo 392/29(309) Ulughart panorama (Section III). Lower portion of glacier, west. 
Photo 392/29(310) Ulugh-art panorama (Section IV). Towards north-west above Sarat Valley. 
Photo 392/29(311) Camels with Afrazgul, Lal Singh, self and Jasvant Singh at Yolchi-moinak. 
Photo 392/29(312) Glacier with spout, north of Ulugh-art Glacier. 
Photo 392/29(313) Ulugh-art Pass seen from Dawan-taghe, circ. 13,000 ft. 
Photo 392/29(314) Pordobe panorama (Section II). View to south-west (Mt Kaufmann?). 
Photo 392/29(315) Pordobe panorama (Section I). Looking up valley to south. 
Photo 392/29(316) Panorama from Kara-su above Janaidur Sai, Alai (Section I). High snowy peaks, south, probably including Mt Kaufmann(?). 
Photo 392/29(317) (?)Kizil-art Valley looking north-west from Kum-bel. 
Photo 392/29(318) Kizil-kol [lake], head of Kizil-art, seen from north-west (Hussain Beg [on horse in foreground]). 
Photo 392/29(319) Glaciers to north-west of Kizil-art Pass (c.14,000'). 
Photo 392/29(320) Kanish-kalan snowy range seen from Kosh-bel Pass (south-south-east), Korumde plain in fore. 
Photo 392/29(321) Snowy peaks above Kok-jilga, seen from above Kosh-bel, 12,600'. 
Photo 392/29(322) Panorama from Karasu above Janaidar Sai, Alai (Section II). South-south-east towards Kizil-art Valley. 
Photo 392/29(323) Trans-Alai Range panorama from Bolke (Section I). Mt Kaufmann to south. 
Photo 392/29(324) Panorama of Trans-Alai Range from Bolke (Section II). View to south-south-east (Tilek Bai [standing in foreground]). 
Photo 392/29(325) Kara-su panorama above Janaidar Sai, Alai (Section III). South-east. High conical peak above Pordobe. 
Photo 392/29(326) Alai Kirghiz at Kara-chim. 
Photo 392/29(327) Kirghiz measured at Kara-chim, Nos. 14-23. 
Photo 392/29(328) Seldarra Range glaciers seen from Boz-tikte (9,800'). 
Photo 392/29(329) Seldarra Range panorama (Section III). South-south-west. Highest ridge of Mazar-tagh (Fedchenko Pk?). 
Photo 392/29(330) Seldarra Range panorama (Section I). Snowy peaks between Kayindi and Seldarra, south-east. 
Photo 392/29(331) Kayindi Pass panorama (Section II). View east-south-east (Bai Nazar in fore). 
Photo 392/29(332) Seldarra Range panorama (Section IV). South-west. Ridge over Muksu River. 
Photo 392/29(333) Seldarra Range panorama (Section II). South. Seldarra and main ice range. 
Photo 392/29(334) Panorama from Kayindi Pass (Section II). View south-south-east. High peak above Sel-darra; in fore Kumush-jilga. 
Photo 392/29(335) Seldarra Range (Fedchenko Pk) from Tars-agar Pass (11,500'). 
Photo 392/29(336) View up Kayindi Valley from near Soguk-mazar (Bai Nazar [in foreground]). 
Photo 392/29(337)  
Photo 392/29(338)  
Photo 392/29(339)  
Photo 392/29(340)  
Photo 392/29(341)  
Photo 392/29(342)  
Photo 392/29(343)  
Photo 392/29(344)  
Photo 392/29(345)  
Photo 392/29(346)  
Photo 392/29(347)  
Photo 392/29(348)  
Photo 392/29(349)  
Photo 392/29(350)  
Photo 392/29(351)  
Photo 392/29(352)  
Photo 392/29(353)  
Photo 392/29(354)  
Photo 392/29(355)  
Photo 392/29(356)  
Photo 392/29(357)  
Photo 392/29(358)  
Photo 392/29(359)  
Photo 392/29(360)  
Photo 392/29(361)  
Photo 392/29(362)  
Photo 392/29(363)  
Photo 392/29(364)  
Photo 392/29(365)  
Photo 392/29(366)  
Photo 392/29(367)  
Photo 392/29(368)  
Photo 392/29(369)  
Photo 392/29(370)  
Photo 392/29(371)  
Photo 392/29(372) Glacier peaks south of Kawuk-jilga (Yoldash in fore). 
Photo 392/29(373) Trans-Alai panorama from Yaman-karchin (Section I). Mt Kaufmann and high range to south-east. 
Photo 392/29(374) Daraut-kurghan from east. 
Photo 392/29(375) M. and Mad. Zampoin with Jigits and Goow. [at Daraut-kurghan]. 
Photo 392/29(376) M. and Mad[ame] Zampoin [at Daraut-kurghan]. 
Photo 392/29(377) Trans-Alai panorama from Yaman-karchin (Section II). View to south. 
Photo 392/29(378) Trans-Alai panorama from Yaman-karchin (Section III). View to south-south-west, Khitai-sal Peak.. 
Photo 392/29(379) Muztagh above Muksu, seen from Tars-Agar Pass camp, 11,500'. 
Photo 392/29(380) Kut-mazar and snowy peaks towards Tars-agar Pass, from north. 
Photo 392/29(381) West end of Sarez Lake and barrage raised by earthquake (clouds of falling stones). 
Photo 392/29(382) View towards Lab-Nazir peak through gorge below Barchi-diw [Barchidev]. (Reversed?) 
Photo 392/29(383) Roshanis from Tash-kurghan and Oroshoi. Nos. 25-33, 40. [At Saunab.] 
Photo 392/29(384) Saunab (Tash-kurghan) panorama (Section I). View east-south-east, village Gazi and Oroshoi Aksakal in fore. 
Photo 392/29(385) View towards Murghab [Bartang]-Tanimaz junction up from Chat Darband, Tash-kurghan. 
Photo 392/29(386) View down to Nusur from Darwazge, Saunab. 
Photo 392/29(386a) View down to Nusur from Darwazge, Saunab. 
Photo 392/29(387) Saunab (Tash-kurghan) panorama (Section II). View to south towards Nussur Gorge. 
Photo 392/29(388) Group of Aksakals [headmen], camp Saunab, Tash-kurghan. 
Photo 392/29(389) Saunab (Tashkurghan) panorama (Section III). View south-west (Dastur camping ground). 
Photo 392/29(390) View from Archa-bulang down towards Kudarra River. 
Photo 392/29(391) Gorge of Raut with newly formed lakelet seven miles above Barchadiw [Barchidev]. 
Photo 392/29(392) Shedau Lake from north corner (men in fore). 
Photo 392/29(393) End of Yerkh Fiord, seen from north before precipices. 
Photo 392/29(394) View north-east over Sarez Lake from slope above west bank of Yerkh Fiord. 
Photo 392/29(394a) View north-east over Sarez Lake from slope above west bank of Yerkh Fiord. 
Photo 392/29(395) Yeshil-kol from Buruman (Section II). View south-east to discharge of lake. 
Photo 392/29(396) Glaciers to west of Ushinch, head of Yerkh Valley. 
Photo 392/29(397) Langar Dawan panorama (14,900') (Section I). View to south (Kul Muhammad Aksakal in fore). 
Photo 392/29(398) Buruman, Yeshil-kol panorama. Panorama from southern slope (Section I). View to south towards spur from which barrier slid. 
Photo 392/29(399) Debouchure of Kichik-Marjanai on Yeshil-kol from west. 
Photo 392/29(400) Yeshil-kol looking west towards Buruman from Kichik-Marjanai debouchure (Ata Muhammad in fore). 
Photo 392/29(401) Buruman (Yeshil-kol) panorama from south slope (Section II). View south-east, flat shore of lake mouth. 
Photo 392/29(402) Langar Dawan panorama (Section II). View south-east, valley towards Langar. 
Photo 392/29(403) Yeshil-kol panorama (Section II). Looking north-east towards debouchure of Kichik-Marjanai Valley. 
Photo 392/29(404) River front of Kala-i-kaka [Qala-i-qa'qa] seen from east [Namadgut]. 
Photo 392/29(405) East wall and north end of Citadel, Zamr-i-atish-parast, from north raveline tower [Yamchin]. 
Photo 392/29(406) ?Zangibar panorama (Section I). Zang village and debouchure of Pamir River. 
Photo 392/29(407) Zamr-i-Atishparast. Eastern end of second and third walled lines, seen from south-east corner tower of first line [Yamchin]. 
Photo 392/29(408) Kala-i-kaka [Qala-i-qa'qa], north-west front seen from north-east [Namadgut]. 
Photo 392/29(408a) Kala-i-kaka [Qala-i-qa'qa], north-west front seen from north-east [Namadgut]. 
Photo 392/29(409) Wakhis of Warang. Nos. 101 (110?) 
Photo 392/29(410) Ishkashim people at Nud [Nut]. 157-168. 
Photo 392/29(411) Decorated south wall of Citadel, Kala-i-kaka [Qala-i-qa'qa] from south [Namadgut]. 
Photo 392/29(412) General view of Kala-i-kaka [Qala-i-qa'qa] taken from top of ridge, east end [Namadgut]. 
Photo 392/29(413) Wakhis of Namadgut (114-156). Double exposure. 
Photo 392/29(414) Zulkhomar ruin of sister's tower, Yamchin, from south. 
Photo 392/29(415) West walls of Kala-i-kaka [Qala-i-qa'qa] across probable gate position, with towers on citadel ridge [Namadgut]. 
Photo 392/29(416) PRINT MISSING. 
Photo 392/29(417) Khush-bulak Pass panorama (Section IV). East-north-east. Muksu Valley and Seldarra Range. 
Photo 392/29(418) Khush-bulak Pass panorama (Section III). North-north-east up Sukhab Valley, Trans-Alai Range. 
Photo 392/29(419) PRINT MISSING. 
Photo 392/29(420) Khush-bulak panorama (Section II). North-north-west. Down Surkhab Valley, Zerafshan Range. 
Photo 392/29(421) Khush-bulak panorama, Kara-tegin (Section I). West-north-west. Peter the Great Range. 
Photo 392/29(422) Front (to west) of Madrasa-i-Zargaran, Bokhara: PRINT MISSING. 
Photo 392/29(423) East side with porch of quadrangle of Madrasa-i-Zargaran, Bokhara: PRINT MISSING. 
Photo 392/29(424) North side with entrance to quadrangle of Madrasa-i-Zargaran, Bokhara: PRINT MISSING. 
Photo 392/29(425) Khush-bulak Pass panorama (Section V). East-south-east. Low ridge above Tupchak and Kara-shura. 
Photo 392/29(426) Khush-bulak Pass panorama (Section VI). South-south-east. Little Tupchak in fore and Zer-i-zemin peaks behind. 
Photo 392/29(427) Khush-bulak Pass panorama (Section VII). West-south-west. Gardan-i-kaftar and low ridge to west (last section [of panorama] omitted: without peaks). 
Photo 392/29(429) Hindukush peaks above Kala Panja: PRINT MISSING. 
Photo 392/29(439) Glacier below Shitam Pass, from south, seen at Tarai (14,500'). 
Photo 392/29(440) Glacier south of Shitam Pass, looking south of Tarai. 
Photo 392/29(441) Men and boys from Raumed and Baghu [Paghu]. 
Photo 392/29(442) Kirghiz camp and glacier at head of Bash-gumbaz Valley, seen from south. 
Photo 392/29(443) Kala Wamar and Oxus valleys looking north-west from Bomj Hill. 
Photo 392/29(444) Bartang River gorge from Paghu looking down towards Yemch [Yemts]. 
Photo 392/29(445) Shitam Pass panorama (Section II). Glaciers to west (underexposed). 
Photo 392/29(446) Shitam Pass panorama (Section III). View north-west towards isolated peak and Roshan range. 
Photo 392/29(447) Shughnanis and Roshanis at Ishtam [Shitam]. 
Photo 392/29(448) Probably confluence of Oxus and Ab-i-panja rivers. 
Photo 392/29(449) Shitam Pass panorama (Section I). Looking south-west over névé beds and distant Badakh-shan ranges. 
Photo 392/29(450) Shitam Pass panorama (Section II). Looking towards western glaciers. 
Photo 392/29(451) Hindukush range above Langar-kisht, seen from three miles south of Mats debouchure. 
Photo 392/29(452) Victoria Lake, west end panorama (Section III). View south-west, small lakes and high snowy peaks. 
Photo 392/29(453) Pamir River junction, Langar-kisht, with Hindu-kush, from above Rattim. 
Photo 392/29(454) Kirghiz, [Nos.] 77-86, measured at Bash-gumbaz. 
Photo 392/29(455) Kirghiz ([Nos.] 67-76) measured at Bash-gumbaz. 
Photo 392/29(456) Victoria Lake panorama from above west end (Section I). View east. 
Photo 392/29(457) Roshanis (Nos. 231-241) at Kala-Wamar. 
Photo 392/29(458) East end of Victoria Lake from camp. 
Photo 392/29(459) Hindukush Peaks above Kala Panja seen 1˝ miles beyond Zergemin Gorge. 
Photo 392/29(460) Victoria Lake panorama from west end (Section II). View towards south-east, Afghan-Russian boundary. 
Photo 392/29(461) Victoria Lake panorama (Section II). View to south-east. 
Photo 392/29(462) Victoria Lake panorama (Section I). Nicholas Range to south. 
Photo 392/29(487) Glacier peak to south of Sitargh Glacier, from c.13,000'. 
Photo 392/29(488) Glacier peaks east of Gardan-i-kaftar Pass (12,300'). 
Photo 392/29(489) Panorama below Sitargh Pass (Section IV). Looking south-west. 
Photo 392/29(490) ?View of Yazghulam Range from Sitargh Pass (south). Doubtful. 
Photo 392/29(491) Gardan-i-kaftar Pass panorama (Section II). View south-west down Khingab Valley and towards Tai-darra. 
Photo 392/29(492) Darwazis of Vanj Valley, Nos. 287-296. [At Rokhar.] 
Photo 392/29(493) Roshanis at Kala-Wamar, Nos. 242-257. 
Photo 392/29(494) Panorama below Sitargh Pass (Section I). Looking west. 
Photo 392/29(495) Gardan-i-kaftar Pass panorama (12,300') (Section I). View south with near glacier and range beyond Khingab. 
Photo 392/29(496) Panorama below Sitargh Pass (Section III). Glacier peaks to west, looking south. 
Photo 392/29(497) Panorama below Sitargh Pass (Section II). Looking south-west across glacier. 
Photo 392/29(498) Group of Yazghulam men, Nos. 267-276 
Photo 392/29(499) Group of men from Run, Ishkashim (taken at Nut), Nos. 169-179. 
Photo 392/29(500) Ver village, Ghund and snowy peaks (Bistakh) to south-west, seen from north-east. 
Photo 392/29(501) Junction of Bartang and Ab-i-panja, looking south from Bomj Hill. 

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