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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 10/29

Reading Collection: 'Views of Mysore'.

Photographers: Unknown
Contents: 30 prints 135x200mm to 170x215mm Gelatine prints.
Provenance: The Reading Collection was deposited on loan by Stella, Dowager, Marchioness of Reading between 1958-75. This album presented 27 August 1958. See also Mss Eur E 238.
Subjects: British colonial architecture - Indian architecture
Description: Ornate album with carved sandalwood measuring 313x410mm, prints mounted one to a page with letterpress captions and loose tissue interleaving. The album covers are made from finely carved sandalwood, with a scene in relief surrounded by a decorative floral border. The front cover shows the main facade of the Amba Vilas Palace, Mysore, the back cover shows a view looking towards the temple on Chamundi Hill. There are also a number of silver plaques fixed to the covers showing scenes and images of Hindu deities.With silver hinges and clasp. The album is stored in a modern specially-constructed padded box.
The photographs consist of topographical and architectural views in Bangalore, Mysore and surrounding areas.

Album contents:-
Photo 10/29(1) Bangalore: His Highness the Maharajah's Palace. 
Photo 10/29(2) Bangalore: the Public Offices. 
Photo 10/29(3) Bangalore: the Victoria Hospital. 
Photo 10/29(4) Bangalore: the Minto Opthalmic Hospital. 
Photo 10/29(5) Bangalore: Government Botanical Gardens. 
Photo 10/29(6) Bangalore: Government Botanical Gardens. 
Photo 10/29(7) Mysore: His Highness the Maharaja's Palace. 
Photo 10/29(8) Mysore: the Public Offices. 
Photo 10/29(9) Mysore: the Summer Palace front view from gates. 
Photo 10/29(10) Mysore: view of the Summer Palace from the Zoo Garden. 
Photo 10/29(11) Mysore: rear view of the Summer Palace from the Stable. 
Photo 10/29(12) Mysore: the Palace view from the Summer Palace. 
Photo 10/29(13) Mysore: Government House. 
Photo 10/29(14) Mysore: view of the Palace from the Government House. 
Photo 10/29(15) Mysore: The Dodkere Tank and the Chamundi Hill at a distance. 
Photo 10/29(16) Mysore: the temple on Chamundi Hill. 
Photo 10/29(17) Mysore: during night with the Palace illuminated. 
Photo 10/29(18) Seringapatam: the mausoleum over Tippoo Sultan's tomb. 
Photo 10/29(19) Seringapatam: interior of the Deriah-Dawlat Bagh. 
Photo 10/29(20) Seringapatam: interior of the mausoleum showing the tombs of Tippoo Sultan, Hyder Ali and his wife. 
Photo 10/29(21) The Cauvery Falls: west branch of the Ganganchukki [Gagana Chukki], view from Peer [Pir Wali] Sahib's tomb. 
Photo 10/29(22) The Cauvery Falls: the Sivasamudram Bridge from the Mysore side of the [Cauvery] river. 
Photo 10/29(23) Sivasamudram: generating station, Cauvery Power Works. 
Photo 10/29(24) Halebede: south-east entrance to the [Hoysalesvara] temple. 
Photo 10/29(25) A bastion at the [Hoysalesvara] Temple. 
Photo 10/29(26) Somanathpore [Somnathpur]: detailed view of carving on the west side [of the Kesava Temple]. 
Photo 10/29(27) Kolar Gold Fields: a general view of the mines. 
Photo 10/29(28) Kannambady: Krishnaraja Sagara Works. 
Photo 10/29(29) Marikanave: Vani Vilas Sagar [Vanivilasa Sagara]. 
Photo 10/29(30) Gairsoppa Falls; The Rajah, The Roarer, The Rocket and La Dame Blanche. 

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