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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 355/1

Dunlop Smith Collection: Sir Charles Aitchison Album of Views in India and Burma

Photographers: W.G. Stretton, Robert Phillips, John Edward Saché, Samuel Bourne, Bourne & Shepherd, Edward Francis Chapman, Sir John Kirk, James Valentine (Scotland), J. Jackson and others unknown.
Contents: 236 prints 91x53mm to 127x986mm Albumen prints
Provenance: Deposited on permanent loan by Mrs N. Dunlop and Miss Janet Dunlop-Smith, 1972 and 1973. Transferred from Mss Eur F.166.
Notes: Collection comprises Photo 355/1-11. See also Mss Eur F 166.
Description: Green half-leather bound album measuring 330x500mm, with prints lightly mounted on the page, the majority captioned. The album forms part of the collection of Sir James Robert Dunlop Smith, but internal evidence indicates that it was compiled by Sir Charles Umpherson Aitchison, whose daughter Beatrice Clementina married Dunlop Smith.

The contents of the album can be broadly broken down into the following topics:
Prints 1-10 Architectural and topographical views in Calcutta, mid-1870s.
Prints 11-14 Lushai and Sikkim groups, 1870s.
Prints 16-23 Views at Simla and Murree, 1860s-70s.
Prints 24-29 Views of Indian architecture at Fatehpur Sikri, Agra and Lucknow, 1870s.
Prints 30-33 Views at Udaipur and Jaipur, including installation of Maharana of Udaipur with the Star of India, 1871.
Prints 34-49 Views in the Persian Gulf, 1870s (Bashir, Bahrein, Jask, Muscat, etc).
Prints 50-64 Miscellaneous: groups at Simla, Burmese watercolours, salt extraction at Sambhur Lake, views in Florence, 1860s-70s.
Prints 65-75 Views of the Camperdown Jute Pressing Company works at Cossipore, views on the Hugli, 1870s.
Prints 76-80 Miscellaneous views and portraits at Simla, Udaipur, Chamba, 1870s.
Prints 81-113 Mission to Yarkund, 1873.
Prints 114-34 Miscellaneous views and groups: Simla, Zanzibar, Scotland, Andaman Islands, Balochistan, 1870s.
Prints 135-40 Views and groups at Cossipore (Calcutta).
Prints 141-49 Scotland.
Prints 150-209 Views in Burma, late 1870s-80s.
Prints 210-36 Views at Simla, ethnic groups at (?)Chamba, etc.

Album contents:-
Photo 355/1(1) High Court, Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(2) The Strand, Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(3) Lall Dighi & Post Office, Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(4) Eden Gardens, Calcutta 
Photo 355/1(5) The Maidan & Government House, Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(6) United Service Club, Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(7) The Outram Statue, Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(8) The Cathedral, Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(9) The Post Office, Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(10) Lall Dighi & Post Office, Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(11) Looshais - Capt Lewin. 
Photo 355/1(12) Looshais. 
Photo 355/1(13) Raja of Sikkim & suite - Lt: Govr. of Bengal & suite [Darjeeling]. 
Photo 355/1(14) Lt: Govr. of Bengal & suite with Raja of Sikkim and followers [Darjeeling]. 
Photo 355/1(15) Lord Mayo's tomb [Ireland]. 
Photo 355/1(16) The Mall, Simla, in winter. Below Gorton Castle. 
Photo 355/1(17) Kennedy Lodge, Simla. 
Photo 355/1(18) Military Department Office, Simla. 
Photo 355/1(19) Simla from Jakko. 
Photo 355/1(20) Road round Jakko, Simla. 
Photo 355/1(21) Government House, Simla. 
Photo 355/1(22) Government House, Murree. 
Photo 355/1(23) Foreign Office, Simla, 1870. 
Photo 355/1(24) [Tomb of Shaikh Salim Chishti,] Futtehpore Seekree. 
Photo 355/1(25) [Panch Mahal,] Futtehpore Seekree. 
Photo 355/1(26) The Taj, Agra. 
Photo 355/1(27) Itmad-ud-Dowla's Tomb, Agra. 
Photo 355/1(28) The Baillie Guard, Lucknow. 
Photo 355/1(29) Hosseinabad, Lucknow. 
Photo 355/1(30) Installation of Maharana of Oodeypoor with Star of India. 
Photo 355/1(31) [Installation of Maharana of Oodeypoor with Star of India.] 
Photo 355/1(32) Entrance to Jeypor. 
Photo 355/1(33) Entrance to Jeypor. 
Photo 355/1(34) Entrance to Bushire Residency. 
Photo 355/1(35) Bushire Resident's country house. 
Photo 355/1(36) Bushire, sea-side view. 
Photo 355/1(37) Governor's House, Bushire. 
Photo 355/1(38) Bahrein. 
Photo 355/1(39) Old Portuguese Fort, Bahrein. 
Photo 355/1(40) Ruffar Fort, Bahrein. 
Photo 355/1(41) Telegraph Station, Jask. 
Photo 355/1(42) Sultan's Palace, Muscat. 
Photo 355/1(43) Muscat Consulate & Agency. 
Photo 355/1(44) Town of Muscat from inland plain. 
Photo 355/1(45) Fort Capitano, Muscat. 
Photo 355/1(46) Fort Jellalee, Muscat. 
Photo 355/1(47) Muscat Cove. 
Photo 355/1(48) Minaret in Ormuz. 
Photo 355/1(49) Bassidore Station. 
Photo 355/1(50) [Viceroy and Council, (?) Simla.] 
Photo 355/1(51) Lord Northbrook & suite with Maharaja of Puttiala - 1875. 
Photo 355/1(52) [Newspaper cutting with caricature of Sir Richard Temple.] 
Photo 355/1(53) Burra Dick or the Great Tribulation! See Vanity Fair - Jany. 1881. 
Photo 355/1(54) Chief of Western Karennee & his wife [Burma]. 
Photo 355/1(55) Red Karen, mounted [Burma]. 
Photo 355/1(56) Red Karen woman [Burma]. 
Photo 355/1(57) Bald-headed Karens [Burma]. 
Photo 355/1(58) Sambhur Lake. Extraction of salt from bed of lake. 
Photo 355/1(59) Measuring labourers' work and storing salt [Sambhar Lake]. 
Photo 355/1(60) Filling salt into bags and weighing the salt [Sambhar Lake]. 
Photo 355/1(61) A Katar or string of camels taking away the salt [Sambhar Lake]. 
Photo 355/1(62) [Courtyard of Museum in Florence, with statuary arranged in colonnade.] 
Photo 355/1(63) [View of Florence, looking across the Arno towards the Duomo.] 
Photo 355/1(64) Investiture of Maharana of Oudeypor as a G.C.S.I. 
Photo 355/1(65) Camperdown Pressing Coy. - Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(66) Camperdown Pressing Coy. - Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(67) Camperdown Pressing Coy. - Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(68) Camperdown Pressing Coy. - Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(69) Camperdown Pressing Coy. - Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(70) Camperdown Pressing Coy. - Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(71) Camperdown Pressing Coy. - Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(72) Camperdown Pressing Coy. - Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(73) The Hooghly above Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(74) The Hooghly above Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(75) [Apollo Bunder Pier, Bombay. Incorrectly captioned:] Railway jetty, Howrah, Calcutta. 
Photo 355/1(76) Interior of the Union Church, Simla. 
Photo 355/1(77) Thakoor Mawjee Bathee - Oudeypoor. 
Photo 355/1(78) [Portrait of an unidentified European woman.] 
Photo 355/1(79) Haileybury civilians at Simla in 1880. 
Photo 355/1(80) The Chumba Durbar [Installation of Sham Singh as Raja of Chamba]. 
Photo 355/1(81) Yarkund Mission, 1873 - After rain. Dhul Canal, Cashmere. 
Photo 355/1(82) Yarkund Mission, 1873 - Camp, Srinuggur. 
Photo 355/1(83) Yarkund Mission, 1873 - Camp. Tara Sing, Monshee, &c. [Srinagar]. 
Photo 355/1(84) Yarkund Mission, 1873 - View at Srinuggur. 
Photo 355/1(85) Yarkund Mission, 1873 - Camp view. 
Photo 355/1(86) Yarkund Mission, 1873. Fair ones of Ladak! 
Photo 355/1(87) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Indus Valley, Leh. 
Photo 355/1(88) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Palace & Monastery, Leh. 
Photo 355/1(89) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - View in Bazar, Leh. 
Photo 355/1(90) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - View in Bazar, Leh. 
Photo 355/1(91) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Group at Leh. 
Photo 355/1(92) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Raja of Ladak & Ranees [Leh]. 
Photo 355/1(93) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Nubra Valley from Panamik. Boodhist Chortuns in the foreground. 
Photo 355/1(94) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - The gods of the Boodhists [Panamik]. 
Photo 355/1(95) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Hot breakfast in Sasser Pass! Elevation 17,000 ft. 
Photo 355/1(96) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Kirgiz Akoe. Our smoking divan [Xaidulla]. 
Photo 355/1(97) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Group at Kurgallik. 
Photo 355/1(98) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Yoozbashees. Attendants. 
Photo 355/1(99) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Medical influence [Yarkand]. 
Photo 355/1(100) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Street hawkers, Yarkund. 
Photo 355/1(101) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - The Dastarkhwan [Kargilik]. 
Photo 355/1(102) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Artillery of the Guard [Yarkand]. 
Photo 355/1(103) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Verandah of Audience Hall [Yarkand]. 
Photo 355/1(104) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Akhoe [tent] extraordinary. 
Photo 355/1(105) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Letters & presents from the Queen of England to the Ameer of Yarkund [?Kashgar]. 
Photo 355/1(106) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Presents to the Ameer [of Kashgar]. 
Photo 355/1(107) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Oves Poli [Kashgar]. 
Photo 355/1(108) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Chinese [sic for Tungani] troops [Kashgar]. 
Photo 355/1(109) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Chinese [sic for Tungani] troops [Kashgar]. 
Photo 355/1(110) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Oves Poli [Kashgar]. 
Photo 355/1(111) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Party leaving [Kashgar] for Cabool. 
Photo 355/1(112) Yarkund Mission, 1873. - Andijani merchants [Kashgar]. 
Photo 355/1(113) [Lama Yuru, Buddhist Monastery and Chortens.] 
Photo 355/1(114) Honble Terence Bourke 1872. 
Photo 355/1(115) The pseudo Nana Sahib as apprehended - 1874. 
Photo 355/1(116) The pseudo Nana Sahib shaved & in Mahratta dress. 
Photo 355/1(117) Thugs. 
Photo 355/1(118) Thugs. 
Photo 355/1(119) Foreign Ofice, Simla, 1875. 
Photo 355/1(120) Zanzibar 1875. 
Photo 355/1(121) Clement Park, Lochee [Dundee]. 
Photo 355/1(122) Foreign Office, Simla. 
Photo 355/1(123) Sketch of the gateway at Tank [Tonk] in the Punjab. The scene of the fatal accident to Sir H.M. Durand, K.C.S.I., &c., &c. 
Photo 355/1(124) Port Blair, Andaman Islands. The scene of the assassination of the Viceroy of India. 
Photo 355/1(125) View of the jetty at Hope Town, Port Blair, the scene of the assassination of the Viceroy of India. 
Photo 355/1(126) Port Blair from Ross Island [Andaman Islands]. 
Photo 355/1(127) Port Blair from Ross Island [Andaman Islands]. 
Photo 355/1(128) Viceroy of India & Council, Simla, 1874. 
Photo 355/1(129) Secretaries to Govt. of India. Simla, 1874. 
Photo 355/1(130) Clement Park, Lochee [Dundee]. 
Photo 355/1(131) Wedding party, Simla 1875. 
Photo 355/1(132) [Major Sandeman & Belooch chiefs.] 
Photo 355/1(133) Major Sandeman & Belooch chiefs. 
Photo 355/1(134) Belooch chiefs. 
Photo 355/1(135) Pressing Mill, Cossipore [Calcutta]. 
Photo 355/1(136) Cossipore [Calcutta]. 
Photo 355/1(137) House at Cossipore [Calcutta]. 
Photo 355/1(138) House at Cossipore [Calcutta]. 
Photo 355/1(139) Group at Cossipore [Calcutta]. 
Photo 355/1(140) Group at Cossipore [Calcutta]. 
Photo 355/1(141) Cardean [Meigle, Scotland]. 
Photo 355/1(142) Cardean House, Meigle [Scotland]. 
Photo 355/1(143) Cardean House, Meigle [Scotland]. 
Photo 355/1(144) Views at Cardean [Meigle, Scotland]. 
Photo 355/1(145) Views at Cardean [Meigle, Scotland]. 
Photo 355/1(146) Views at Cardean [Meigle, Scotland]. 
Photo 355/1(147) Views at Cardean [Meigle, Scotland]. 
Photo 355/1(148) Views at Cardean [Meigle, Scotland]. 
Photo 355/1(149) Views at Cardean [Meigle, Scotland]. 
Photo 355/1(150) Chief Commissioner's House, Rangoon. 
Photo 355/1(151) New Government House, Rangoon. 
Photo 355/1(152) Chief Commissioner's House, Rangoon. 
Photo 355/1(153) Chief Commissioner's House, Rangoon. 
Photo 355/1(154) 'Irrawaddy', Chief Comr's River Steamer [Burma]. 
Photo 355/1(155) Views of the Town Church, Rangoon. 
Photo 355/1(156) Views of the Town Church, Rangoon. 
Photo 355/1(157) St John's College, Rangoon. 
Photo 355/1(158) District Courts & Public Offices, Rangoon. 
Photo 355/1(159) View of Merchant Street, Rangoon. 
Photo 355/1(160) View of Merchant Street, Rangoon. 
Photo 355/1(161) Recorder's Court, Rangoon. 
Photo 355/1(162) Pagodas at Rangoon [Shwe Dagon Pagoda]. 
Photo 355/1(163) Pagodas at Rangoon [Shwe Dagon Pagoda]. 
Photo 355/1(164) Public Gardens, Rangoon. 
Photo 355/1(165) Shwe-Dagon Pagoda, Rangoon. 
Photo 355/1(166) Royal Lakes, Rangoon. 
Photo 355/1(167) Public Gardens, Rangoon. 
Photo 355/1(168) Approach to the Great Pagoda, Rangoon. 
Photo 355/1(169) Fancy costumes, Rangoon, 1879. 
Photo 355/1(170) Rangoon groups. 
Photo 355/1(171) Rangoon groups. 
Photo 355/1(172) Pilcher's House, Thayetmyo. 
Photo 355/1(173) Prome. 
Photo 355/1(174) The Great Pagoda, Prome. 
Photo 355/1(175) Entrance to Great Pagoda, Prome. 
Photo 355/1(176) [Group of Charles Umpherston Aitchison, Chief Commissioner of Burma, with Photographic Department of St Peter's Institute, (?)Rangoon.] 
Photo 355/1(177) Bassein River with Chief Comr's steamer 'Irrawaddy'. 
Photo 355/1(178) Entrance to the Pagoda at Bassein. 
Photo 355/1(179) Entrance to the Pagoda at Bassein. 
Photo 355/1(180) Elephant Battery, Tonghoo. 
Photo 355/1(181) Elephant Battery, Tonghoo. 
Photo 355/1(182) Elephant Battery, Tonghoo. 
Photo 355/1(183) Views at Tonghoo. 
Photo 355/1(184) Views at Tonghoo. 
Photo 355/1(185) Views at Tonghoo. 
Photo 355/1(186) Ancient image of Gaudama, Zaing-ga-naing. 
Photo 355/1(187) Interior of caves at Paghat [Kawgun Cave]. 
Photo 355/1(188) Alguada Reef Lighthouse. 
Photo 355/1(189) Kyaik-than-lan or Than-lan Pagoda, Moulmein. 
Photo 355/1(190) View on the Salween. Duke of York's Nose. 
Photo 355/1(191) Group at Tharrawaddy, British Burma. 
Photo 355/1(192) Court House at Tharrawaddy. 
Photo 355/1(193) Boodhist Monastery at Rangoon. 
Photo 355/1(194) Boodhist Monastery [Burma]. 
Photo 355/1(195) [Burmese pagoda.] 
Photo 355/1(196) Pagodas and monastery [Burma]. 
Photo 355/1(197) Pagodas & monastery [Burma]. 
Photo 355/1(198) Pagodas & monastery [Burma]. 
Photo 355/1(199) Pagodas & monastery [Burma]. 
Photo 355/1(200) A Karen village [Burma]. 
Photo 355/1(201) Queen of Eastern Karennee [Burma]. 
Photo 355/1(202) A group of Shans [Burma]. 
Photo 355/1(203) A Boodhist Priest [Burma]. 
Photo 355/1(204) Burmans weaving. 
Photo 355/1(205) Burmese women selling fruit. 
Photo 355/1(206) Burmese women. 
Photo 355/1(207) Burmese men. 
Photo 355/1(208) Karen women. 
Photo 355/1(209) Burmese women. 
Photo 355/1(210) Punjab Officers [at Simla]. 1884. 
Photo 355/1(211) The Punjab Government, [Barnes Court, Simla,] 1882. 
Photo 355/1(212) [Aitchison family group, Barnes Court, Simla.] 
Photo 355/1(213) Barnes Court, Simla, 1882. 
Photo 355/1(214) [Burmese Embassy at Simla.] 
Photo 355/1(215) [Letterpress key to sitters in print 214.] 
Photo 355/1(216) [Burmese Embassy at Simla.] 
Photo 355/1(217) Dancing women of the Choraha - hills between Chamba and Pangi. 
Photo 355/1(218) Women of the Choraha. 
Photo 355/1(219) Men of Pangi Valley. 
Photo 355/1(220) Men of Chamba - Lahul. 
Photo 355/1(221) Gaddi band. 
Photo 355/1(222) Gaddis of Barinaur. 
Photo 355/1(223) Senate Hall, Lahore. 
Photo 355/1(224) Government College, Lahore. 
Photo 355/1(225) Fresco decoration in the interior of the Mosque of Wazir Khan, Lahore. 
Photo 355/1(226) Missionary Conference, Amritsar, 1883 
Photo 355/1(227) [Unidentified group, India.] 
Photo 355/1(228) [Group of Viceroy and Lady Ripon and staff, Simla.] 
Photo 355/1(229) [Barnes Court, Simla.] 
Photo 355/1(230) [Barnes Court, Simla.] 
Photo 355/1(231) [Unidentified Church, (?)India.] 
Photo 355/1(232) [Group of Sir Charles Aitchison and staff, Multan.] 
Photo 355/1(233) Group of two natives of Hunza and two from Nagyr in hostile attitude, a native of Agasin being the umpire. 
Photo 355/1(234) Group of Nagyries now at Srinagar. 
Photo 355/1(235) Group of Chitrali players who generally precede a procession of the Chief. 
Photo 355/1(236) Christ Church, Simla, in snow. 

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