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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 354/

Villiers-Stuart Collection: Views of Indian gardens.

Photographers: Archaeological Survey of India, Bourne & Shepherd, Henry Cousens, C.M. Villiers-Stuart, Susan Jellieve, Director Public Information and others unknown.
Contents: 143 prints 89x59mm to 250x354mm Albumen, collodio-chloride and silver-gelatine prints
Provenance: Presented by Mrs P. Nemon-Stuart, 1973.
Subjects: gardens - Indian architecture - Islamic - Rajput
Description: Collection of loose prints mainly depicting views of gardens in India with some additional architectural material. Locations include Agra, Sikandra, Ahmadabad, Amritsar, Aurangabad, Delhi, Dig, Islamabad, Jaipur, Srinagar, Lahore and Udaipur. There are also photographs of Indian miniature paintings featuring gardens, some postcards and magazine cuttings relating to the subject. The collection was amassed by Constance Mary Villiers-Stuart, author of 'Gardens of the Great Mughals' (London 1913).

Album contents:-
Photo 354/(1) Palace gardens Jeypore, from the Palace. 
Photo 354/(2) Window in mosque of Sidi Sayyid, [Ahmadabad], (Marriage of the fruit trees). 
Photo 354/(3) The Nishat Bagh, [Srinagar], looking down. 
Photo 354/(4) Water throne, Shalimar Bagh, Kashmir. Garden of the Diwan-i-Khas. 
Photo 354/(5) Shalimar Bagh, Kashmir. (Black marble water pavilion in zenana gardens). 
Photo 354/(6) The zenana terrace, Nishat Bagh. 
Photo 354/(7) Lower Pavilion, Nishat Bagh. Cedar wood roof. Buff sand stone. Pink in places. 
Photo 354/(8) Bharatpur Palace Gardens, Bharatpur State. 
Photo 354/(9) Suraj Bhawan, Deeg. 
Photo 354/(10) Garden palace of Deeg, water front. 
Photo 354/(11) Deeg. The great bathing tank. 
Photo 354/(12) Deeg. Corner of the rose parterre. 
Photo 354/(13) The marble swing (Garden-Palace of Deeg). 
Photo 354/(14) Deeg. Suraj Bhawan (showing ornamental niches for lights). 
Photo 354/(15) Illustration of Palace at Deeg. 
Photo 354/(16) Sikandra. Akbar's tomb with garden. 
Photo 354/(17) Taj from across the river, Agra. 
Photo 354/(18) [Taj Mahal, Agra, from the west.] 
Photo 354/(19) Khas Mahal & Anguri Baj, Agra Fort. 
Photo 354/(20) Humayan's Tomb, Delhi, with garden. 
Photo 354/(21) Main canal in terrace, Nishat Bagh, Kashmir. 
Photo 354/(22) Waterfall, Nishat Bagh, Kashmir. 
Photo 354/(23) Nishat Bagh, Kashmir. 
Photo 354/(24) Srinagar [from a boat on the river]. 
Photo 354/(25) [View on a Dal Lake, with a boatman in the foreground.] 
Photo 354/(26) Kashmir, Lake Dal, Takht-i-Sulaiman. 
Photo 354/(27) [Portrait of a European woman standing in] Anguri Bagh, Agra Fort. 
Photo 354/(28) Fountains of the Diwan-i-Khas, Agra. 
Photo 354/(29) Above Pailgam, Lidar Valley. 
Photo 354/(30) Nishat Bagh, Srinagar. 
Photo 354/(31) Nishat Bagh, Srinagar. 
Photo 354/(32) [Unidentified Islamic tomb.] 
Photo 354/(33) Shalimar Bagh, Lahore. 
Photo 354/(34) Ram Bagh, Amritsar (fountains & cypress). 
Photo 354/(35) Island Garden, Udaipur. 
Photo 354/(36) Slave Garden, Udaipur. Typical Rajput gateway with elephant paintings. 
Photo 354/(37) Slave Garden, Udaipur. 
Photo 354/(38) [Gateway painted with elephants and figures, Udaipur.] 
Photo 354/(39) Itmad-ud-Daulah Bagh, Agra. 
Photo 354/(40) Itmad-ud-Daulah Bagh, Agra. 
Photo 354/(41) Great tank, Lahore, Shalimar. 
Photo 354/(42) Great tank, Shalimar Bagh, Lahore. 
Photo 354/(43) Plan of Shalimar, Lahore. 
Photo 354/(44) Interior Lower Pavilion, Nishat Bagh, Kashmir. 
Photo 354/(45) Nishat Bagh pavilion, Srinagar, prior to walling up. 
Photo 354/(46) [Gopal Bhavan, Dig.] 
Photo 354/(47) Palace Garden, Deeg. 
Photo 354/(48) The Garden Palace of Deeg. 
Photo 354/(49) [View of a palace building, probably at Dig.] 
Photo 354/(50) Plan of Deeg Palace. 
Photo 354/(51) [Interior of a palace, possibly at Dig.] 
Photo 354/(52) [Suraj Bhavan, Dig.] 
Photo 354/(53) The Taj, [Agra]. Central tank and waterways. 
Photo 354/(54) [View of the screen around the cenotaph, Taj Mahal, Agra.] 
Photo 354/(55) Floral details from the Taj, [Agra]. (Flower bed design). 
Photo 354/(56) Flora dado (Taj), [Agra]. 
Photo 354/(57) [Carved] Flower vases. Inner hall of Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 354/(58) Taj Mahal, [Agra]. 
Photo 354/(59) Garden & Tomb of Maqbara Rabia Daurani at Aurangabad. 
Photo 354/(60) Fish tank & ruins of old garden house, Islamabad, Kashmir. 
Photo 354/(61) Agra Fort. The Grape Garden. 
Photo 354/(62) [View of the Samman Burj, Agra, with the Diwan-i-Khas on the right.] 
Photo 354/(63) Agra Fort. Sultana's Bath. 
Photo 354/(64) Agra Fort. Sultana's Bath. 
Photo 354/(65) Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daula, Agra. 
Photo 354/(66) [Samman Burj and Diwan-i-Khas, Agra.] 
Photo 354/(67) Fountain Tank, Nawashahr. 
Photo 354/(68) The Baradari, S Side, Nawashahr. 
Photo 354/(69) The North Canal, Nawashahr. (Cypress left, but water course filled in). 
Photo 354/(70) The Old Fort, Delhi. 
Photo 354/(71) Plan of Delhi Fort before 1857. 
Photo 354/(72) Delhi. The Fort. Hayat Baksh Garden. General view from central tank showing Sawan pavilion in the centre. South. 
Photo 354/(73) Delhi. Humayun's tomb. General view, seen through the arch at west entrance gate. West. 
Photo 354/(74) Delhi. The Fort. Hayat Baksh Garden. General view from north-east corner of central tank, showing east causeway. NW. 
Photo 354/(75) Delhi. The Fort. Hayat Buksh Garden. General view from Bhadon Pavilion. South. 
Photo 354/(76) Delhi. The Fort. Hayat Baksh Garden. General view from central tank, looking towards east. West. 
Photo 354/(77) [The Taj Mahal , Agra, from the river.] 
Photo 354/(78) [The Taj Mahal , Agra, looking through the main gateway.] 
Photo 354/(79) [The Taj Mahal , Agra, reflected in a tank.] 
Photo 354/(80) [Detail of the floral carving on the dado, Taj Mahal , Agra.] 
Photo 354/(81) Agra Fort. Sultana's Bath. 
Photo 354/(82) Moghul Gardens, Viceroy's House, New Delhi. 
Photo 354/(83) Moghul Gardens, Viceroy's House, New Delhi. 
Photo 354/(84) [Unidentified garden, possibly at Srinagar.] 
Photo 354/(85) [View of the Captain's Quarters at an unidentified cantonment.] 
Photo 354/(86) Moghul Gardens, Viceroy's House, New Delhi. 
Photo 354/(87) [View of a fountain], Moghul Gardens, Viceroy's House, New Delhi. 
Photo 354/(88) Moghul Gardens, Viceroy's House, New Delhi. 
Photo 354/(89) Moghul Gardens, Viceroy's House, New Delhi. 
Photo 354/(90) [General view of the], Moghul Gardens, Viceroy's House, New Delhi. 
Photo 354/(91) [Panoramic view of the], Moghul Gardens, Viceroy's House, New Delhi. 
Photo 354/(92) [Panoramic view of the], Moghul Gardens, Viceroy's House, New Delhi. 
Photo 354/(93) The Sultana's Bath (Jasmine Tower), Agra. 
Photo 354/(94) [Interior of the Moti Masjid, Agra, showing cusped arches.] 
Photo 354/(95) Agra, Saman Burj, Fort. 
Photo 354/(96) [Unidentified palace pavilion.] 
Photo 354/(97) [View of Cairo.] 
Photo 354/(98) [View of an unidentified Indian fort.] 
Photo 354/(99) Aurangabad. Tomb of Rabi a Darauni. 
Photo 354/(100) [View of a dance performed at Angkor Wat (?), Cambodia.] 
Photo 354/(101) [Sigiriya painting?]. 'Carrying flat baskets of flowers'. 
Photo 354/(102) [Sigiriya painting?]. 'Lotus & champaka flowers'. 
Photo 354/(103) [Sigiriya painting?]. 'Polonnaruva' [?]. 
Photo 354/(104) [Sigiriya painting?]. 'The same red lotus drops from graceful fingers on the Rock of Sigiriya'. 
Photo 354/(105) Garden of Fadai Khan, [Pinjore]. 
Photo 354/(106) [Painting of the garden at Shahdara, Lahore.] 
Photo 354/(107) Nishat Bagh, Kashmir, before the road cut off the bottom terrace. 
Photo 354/(108) [Painting of Shalimar Bagh, Lahore.] 
Photo 354/(109) [Painting of the Diwan-i-Am, Shalimar Bagh, Srinagar.] 
Photo 354/(110) [Prints 110-143 are copies of Indian and Persian miniatures depicting garden scenes.] 

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