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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 335/2

Spalding Collection: Album of views of South India and Burma.

Photographers: Nicholas & Co, W.W. Hooper, A.T.W. Penn and others unknown.
Contents: 85 prints 108x172mm to 188x450mm Albumen prints
Provenance: Presented by Mr T.R. Smith, April 1973.
Notes: Total collection comprises Photo 335/1-17
Subjects: Indian architecture - Hindu - temples - occupations - river scenes
Description: Black half-leather album, 380x312mm, containing mounted prints with handwritten captions. The binding is in poor condition with a broken spine and evidence of water damage. The majority of photographs are topographical and architectural views in South Indian with some additional Burmese views.

Album contents:-
Photo 335/2(1) Trichinopoly Rock [from the tank]. 
Photo 335/2(2) Trichinopoly Rock. 
Photo 335/2(3) Cauvery Bridge, Trichinopoly. 
Photo 335/2(4) St John's Church, Trichinopoly. 
Photo 335/2(5) West gate of Fort Trichinopoly. 
Photo 335/2(6) Steringum [Srirangam] Pagodas. 
Photo 335/2(7) Steringum [Srirangam] Pagodas, holy of holies. 
Photo 335/2(8) [View of an incomplete gopura? Ranganatha temple, Srirangam.] 
Photo 335/2(9) Gopuram, Steringum [Srirangam] Pagodas. 
Photo 335/2(10) [View of a gopura, Ranganatha temple, Srirangam.] 
Photo 335/2(11) Sacred Horse Temple, Steringum [Srirangam] Pagodas. 
Photo 335/2(12) [General view of the great tower], Tanjore Pagodas. 
Photo 335/2(13) [The Subramanya shrine], Tanjore Pagodas. 
Photo 335/2(14) [Banyan tree at Melur?] 
Photo 335/2(15) Banian tree, Mailore [Melur?] Traveller's bungalow compound. 
Photo 335/2(16) [General view of Minakshi Sundareshvara temple], Madura Pagodas. 
Photo 335/2(17) Gopuram, Madura Pagodas. 
Photo 335/2(18) Dindigul Rock and Fort. 
Photo 335/2(19) [View of the pillared courtyard], Madura Palace. 
Photo 335/2(20) [Interior of the arcade], Madura Palace. 
Photo 335/2(21) [General view of gopuras], Madura temple. 
Photo 335/2(22) [Kalugumalai] rock cut Temple, Tinnevelly District. 
Photo 335/2(23) [View of a gopura at an unidentified temple.] 
Photo 335/2(24) [Distant view of] Palamcottah Bridge. 
Photo 335/2(25) Palamcottah Gopuram. 
Photo 335/2(26) Our Bungalow, Pundaracolum. 
Photo 335/2(27) Courtallum [Kuttalam] Group, 1874. 
Photo 335/2(28) Courtallum [Kuttalam] Falls. 
Photo 335/2(29) [General view at] Courtallum [Kuttalam]. 
Photo 335/2(30) Tippoo Sahib's Tombs, Vellore. 
Photo 335/2(31) [Road] Scene, Tambereherry Ghaut. 
Photo 335/2(32) Sacred Horses Temple, Conjeveram. 
Photo 335/2(33) Courtallum Group, 1874. 
Photo 335/2(34) Cheyaur Bridge Accident, 1870. 
Photo 335/2(35) [Cheyyar Bridge accident, 1870.] 
Photo 335/2(36) [Cheyyar Bridge accident, 1870.] 
Photo 335/2(37) Scene at Gibralter. 
Photo 335/2(38) Tree Ferns, Conoor. 
Photo 335/2(39) Forest Scene, Conoor Ghaut. 
Photo 335/2(40) Gersapa Falls, 829ft high. 
Photo 335/2(41) Sacred Falls, Triputti. 
Photo 335/2(42) Base of Shoay Dagon Pagoda, Rangoon. 
Photo 335/2(43) Base of Prome Pagoda. 
Photo 335/2(44) Base of Prome Pagoda. 
Photo 335/2(45) Powgsy Rhown, near Moulmein. 
Photo 335/2(46) Calastry [Sri Kalahasti] Pagoda, North Arcot. 
Photo 335/2(47) [View of the artificial lake, Kodaikanal.] 
Photo 335/2(48) [Distant view of a house, Kodaikanal.] 
Photo 335/2(49) [Distant view of a church, Kodaikanal.] 
Photo 335/2(50) [Distant view of the American Mission Church, Kodaikanal.] 
Photo 335/2(51) [Distant view of a lakeside cottage, Kodaikanal.] 
Photo 335/2(52) [The American Mission Church, Kodaikanal.] 
Photo 335/2(53) [View of a house at Kodaikanal.] 
Photo 335/2(54) [Distant view of a bungalow, Kodaikanal.] 
Photo 335/2(55) Palar River, Railway Bridge in construction. 
Photo 335/2(56) Engineer's Bungalow near Chingleput. 
Photo 335/2(57) Jugglers growing Mango Tree. 
Photo 335/2(58) Indian Kitchen, [South India]. 
Photo 335/2(59) Bakers. 
Photo 335/2(60) Chucklers [Shoemakers]. 
Photo 335/2(61) Wood Sellers. 
Photo 335/2(62) Blacksmiths, [South India]. 
Photo 335/2(63) Carpenters. 
Photo 335/2(64) Dyers. 
Photo 335/2(65) Tailors. 
Photo 335/2(66) Barber. 
Photo 335/2(67) Servants, boy and maity. 
Photo 335/2(68) Gardeners. 
Photo 335/2(69) Twin Falls, Conoor Ghaut. 
Photo 335/2(70) Conoor Church. 
Photo 335/2(71) Rocky glen in the Wellington Ravine, [Coonoor]. 
Photo 335/2(72) Views at Conoor. 
Photo 335/2(73) Views at Conoor. 
Photo 335/2(74) Kullar, foot of Conoor Ghaut. 
Photo 335/2(75) Conoor Ravine, First Fall. 
Photo 335/2(76) Law's Falls, Conoor Ghaut. 
Photo 335/2(77) Snake Fall, Conoor. 
Photo 335/2(78) Kulbutty River, Conoor. 
Photo 335/2(79) Kullar River, foot of Conoor Ghaut. 
Photo 335/2(80) Scene in Conoor Ghaut. 
Photo 335/2(81) Falls of Darkness, Conoor Ghaut. 
Photo 335/2(82) A bit of Conoor Ghaut near Burlian. 
Photo 335/2(83) Rungasawmy's Peak, Kotagherry, Neilgherries. 
Photo 335/2(84) A bend in Conoor Ghaut. 
Photo 335/2(85) Bude [?] Canal & Harbour. 

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