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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 303/2

Allardyce Collection: Album of views and portraits in Hyderabad, Golconda, Ellora, Daulatabad and Aurungabad.

Photographers: Pestonjee Dosabhoy
Contents: 30 prints 205x275mm to 213x276mm Albumen prints
Provenance: Presented by Brigadier J.G.B. Allardyce, June 1946.
Notes: File L319/46. Collection comprises Photo 303/1-2
Description: Brown half-leather album, somewhat scuffed at corners, measuring 410x522mm. Written in ink on the front fixed endpaper is the following inscription: 'Album of Photographs:- Hyderabad Assigned Districts and Berar. Collected by Colonel James Allardyce (1854-77). Presented to the India Office Library, by his son, Brigadier J.G.B. Allardyce, June 1946'. Prints are mounted one to a page with pencilled captions written near the gutter. Prints 1-13, comprising portraits of Hyderabad nobility and groups taken during the Lord Napier's visit in 1874, are mounted at the front of the volume. Prints 14-30, architectural views of Hyderabad and surounding areas, are mounted at the back of the volume.

Album contents:-
Photo 303/2(1) H.H. The Nizam [of Hyderabad]. 
Photo 303/2(2) H. Ex[cellency] Sir Salar [Jang]. 
Photo 303/2(3) Raja Chundoolal. 
Photo 303/2(4) Raja Nurinder Parsad Peshkar. 
Photo 303/2(5) [Shams-ul-Umara of Hyderabad.] 
Photo 303/2(6) H.H. Mookrumerood Dowlah. 
Photo 303/2(7) H.H[ighne]ss Basheer ood Dowlah [Sir Asman Jah of Hyderabad]. 
Photo 303/2(8) H.H. Shahab Jung. 
Photo 303/2(9) H.H. Shumsheer Jung. 
Photo 303/2(10) H.H. Mortasham ood Dowlah. 
Photo 303/2(11) H.H. Khooshed Jaha. 
Photo 303/2(12) Nizam Yar Jung. 
Photo 303/2(13) Group of Lord Napier of Magdalla [sic] in Public Garden [Hyderabad]. 
Photo 303/2(14) Elora Cave. 
Photo 303/2(15) Elora Cave. 
Photo 303/2(16) Elora Cave. 
Photo 303/2(17) Elora Cave. 
Photo 303/2(18) Elora Cave. 
Photo 303/2(19) Dowlatabad Fort. 
Photo 303/2(20) Beebi Ka Mookbura at Aurungabad. 
Photo 303/2(21) Tombs at Golconda. 
Photo 303/2(22) Golconda Fort. 
Photo 303/2(23) Reception tent for Lord Napier in Public Garden [Hyderabad]. 
Photo 303/2(24) Public Garden [Hyderabad]. 
Photo 303/2(25) H.Ex. Drawing Room [Hyderabad]. 
Photo 303/2(26) H. Ex. Newa [Naya] Makan [Hyderabad]. 
Photo 303/2(27) H. Ex. Shroonugur's Palace [Hyderabad]. 
Photo 303/2(28) H.H. Palace [?Part of Chaumahalla, Hyderabad]. 
Photo 303/2(29) H.H. Palace [Chaumahalla Palace, Hyderabad]. 
Photo 303/2(30) Residency [Hyderabad]. 

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