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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 303/1

Allardyce Collection: Album of views and portraits in Berar and Hyderabad.

Photographers: Robert Gill, James Mulheran, J. Johnston and others unknown.
Contents: 213 prints 35x25mm to 22x283mm Albumen prints
Provenance: Presented by Brigadier J.G.B. Allardyce, June 1946.
Subjects: Indian architecture - Hindu - Islamic - Buddhist - hunting groups
Description: Black and green half-leather album, 300x250mm, containing mounted prints with handwritten captions, from the collection of Lieutenant-Colonel James Allardyce. The album is in need of rebinding and several pages and some prints are loose. The initials 'JA' are stamped in gold on the front cover and inside is the following note: 'Album of photographs:- Hyderabad Assigned Districts and Berar. Collected by Colonel James Allardyce (1854-1877). Presented to the India Office Library by his son, Brigadier J.G.B. Allardyce, June, 1946'. The photographs depict architectural views, hunting groups and portraits of Europeans in India, many by Robert Gill. Between Prints 4-5 is an engraving of the Residency at Hyderabad. There are some general views in the Alps and in Scotland at the end of the album.

Album contents:-
Photo 303/1(1) Lake of Lonar, Booldanah Dist., Berar. 
Photo 303/1(2) [View of a thatched bungalow], Booldanah. 
Photo 303/1(3) [Temple] At Saorgaum, Booldanah Dt. 
Photo 303/1(4) [Temple] At Sendoorjunna, Booldana Dt. 
Photo 303/1(5) Musjid at Adjunta. 
Photo 303/1(6) [Two European hunters with a dead tiger.] 
Photo 303/1(7) [An elephant with Indian handlers and a European man.] 
Photo 303/1(8) [European hunter and shikari with a dead leopard.] 
Photo 303/1(9) [Study of a dead leopard.] 
Photo 303/1(10) [Study of a dead leopard.] 
Photo 303/1(11) [Study of a dead bear.] 
Photo 303/1(12) [Two European hunters with dead bears.] 
Photo 303/1(13) [Study of a dead tiger.] 
Photo 303/1(14) [View of a ruined temple] near Lonar. 
Photo 303/1(15) [Banu Begum's mausoleum] near Aurungabad. 
Photo 303/1(16) Well at Lonar. 
Photo 303/1(17) Aurungzebe's Palace, Boorhanpoor. 
Photo 303/1(18) Musjid at [Burhanpur]. 
Photo 303/1(19) Tomb at [Burhanpur]. 
Photo 303/1(20) [Great] Temple at Lonar, [from the north-west]. 
Photo 303/1(21) Temple near Lake, at Lonar. 
Photo 303/1(22) [Great Temple] at Lonar. 
Photo 303/1(23) [Temple] near Lonar Lake. 
Photo 303/1(24) [Great temple at] Lonar. 
Photo 303/1(25) [Temple at] Oomree. 
Photo 303/1(26) Alms House, Lonar. 
Photo 303/1(27) Akola Fort. 
Photo 303/1(28) [Distant view of a bungalow.] 
Photo 303/1(29) Ootra, on the Pain Gunga. 
Photo 303/1(30) [Temple] At Sakagaom. 
Photo 303/1(31) Kylas near Ellora. 
Photo 303/1(32) [Ruined temples] Nr Sendoorjuna. 
Photo 303/1(33) [Distant view of a bungalow, seen through jungle scenery.] 
Photo 303/1(34) [View of a small waterfall.] 
Photo 303/1(35) [Distant view of a bungalow, Chikalda.] 
Photo 303/1(36) [A bungalow at Chikalda, with a European couple outside.] 
Photo 303/1(37) [Figures standing on a river in a wooded gorge, Chikalda.] 
Photo 303/1(38) [River scene, Chikalda.] 
Photo 303/1(39) Temple at Maiker. 
Photo 303/1(40) [Mosque] Nr Ahmednugger. 
Photo 303/1(41) [Ruined mosque] At [Sendurjana], Booldanah Dt. 
Photo 303/1(42) Gond Rajah's Tombs, Chandah. 
Photo 303/1(43) [View of part of a temple at] Aonda. 
Photo 303/1(44) [Relief sculpture representing Krishna.] 
Photo 303/1(45) [Part of the base of a temple tower], Aonda. 
Photo 303/1(46) [River scene with city walls] At Hingolee. 
Photo 303/1(47) [Portrait of a hunter and a dead tiger.] 
Photo 303/1(48) [Study of dead game birds.] 
Photo 303/1(49) [Study of dead game birds.] 
Photo 303/1(50) Florikin. [Study of dead game birds.] 
Photo 303/1(51) [Study of a dead hare and game birds.] 
Photo 303/1(52) Alms Houses, Lonar. 
Photo 303/1(53) Temple at Maiker. 
Photo 303/1(54) [Prints 54-69 are portraits of unidentified European men, women and children; probably the family and friends of James Allardyce.] 
Photo 303/1(70) [Prints 70-80 are group portraits of unidentified Europeans including tea parties and croquet players; probably the family and friends of James Allardyce.] 
Photo 303/1(81) [Prints 81-88 are portraits of unidentified European men; probably friends and colleagues of James Allardyce.] 
Photo 303/1(89) [Detail of carvings on a temple wall], Lonar. 
Photo 303/1(90) Well at Ellora. 
Photo 303/1(91) [View of the Great Temple] At Lonar. 
Photo 303/1(92) [Ahulyabai temple] At Ellora. 
Photo 303/1(93) Lonar Temple. 
Photo 303/1(94) [Indra Sabha] Rock Cut Temple, Ellora. 
Photo 303/1(95) Entrance [to Visvakarma], Ellora. 
Photo 303/1(96) Interior [of Ajanta Cave XXVI]. 
Photo 303/1(97) Mucktagiri Waterfall. 
Photo 303/1(98) Jain Temples, Mucktagiri. 
Photo 303/1(99) [Study of two dead bears.] 
Photo 303/1(100) [Prints 100-111 are portraits of unidentified European men.] 
Photo 303/1(112) [Malik Ambar's tomb] Nr. Rozah, Aurangabad. 
Photo 303/1(113) Saorgaom Temple. 
Photo 303/1(114) [Tomb of Banu Begum], Nr. Aurangabad. 
Photo 303/1(115) [General view of] Daulatabad. 
Photo 303/1(116) [Facade of Ramesvara temple showing the figure of Nandi] At Ellora. 
Photo 303/1(117) [View in the Kailasanatha temple] At Ellora. 
Photo 303/1(118) [View of the well] At Ellora. 
Photo 303/1(119) [View looking towards Banu Begum's tomb], Nr. Aurangabad. 
Photo 303/1(120) [Temple at] Saorgaon. 
Photo 303/1(121) [Facade of Ravana ka khai], Ellora. 
Photo 303/1(122) [View of the entrance to Kailasanatha], Ellora. 
Photo 303/1(123) [European group with a dead bear.] 
Photo 303/1(124) [Falls at] Sasserkoond. 
Photo 303/1(125) [Distant view of a bungalow], Gawilgurh. 
Photo 303/1(126) [View of the mosque in the fort at], Gawilgurh. 
Photo 303/1(127) [View of the Waghora in the ravine at] Adjunta. 
Photo 303/1(128) [Kham River scene in] Aurungabad City. 
Photo 303/1(129) Mukbara, Aurungabad. 
Photo 303/1(130) [View of the Chand Minar], Dowlutabad. 
Photo 303/1(131) Kylas, Ellora. 
Photo 303/1(132) Das Avatar, Ellora. 
Photo 303/1(133) [Unidentified bungalow.] 
Photo 303/1(134) [Waterfall] At Adjunta Fort. 
Photo 303/1(135) Aurungabad City Gate [with an unidentified mosque on the left]. 
Photo 303/1(136) Major Gill's house, Adjunta. 
Photo 303/1(137) Cave Temples, Adjunta. 
Photo 303/1(138) [Sir Richard Temple standing in a garden, his back to camera]. 
Photo 303/1(139) [Portrait of Sir Richard Temple, standing in a conservatory.] 
Photo 303/1(140) [Portrait of] Sir J. Outram. 
Photo 303/1(141) [Portrait of] L'd Elgin. 
Photo 303/1(142) [Portrait of] Sir J. Inglis. 
Photo 303/1(143) [Portrait of] L'd Canning. 
Photo 303/1(144) [Portrait of] L'd Lawrence. 
Photo 303/1(145) [Portrait of] Sir C. Trevelyan. 
Photo 303/1(146) [Portrait of] L'd Clyde. 
Photo 303/1(147) Mucktagiri Waterfall & Jain Temples. 
Photo 303/1(148) [View of the bridge leading to Asaf Jah's fort, Ajanta.] 
Photo 303/1(149) [View of the falls near the bridge leading to Asaf Jah's fort, Ajanta]. 
Photo 303/1(150) Bridge at Adjunta [leading to Asaf Jah's fort]. 
Photo 303/1(151) [Portrait of an unidentified European man.] 
Photo 303/1(152) [Portrait of an unidentified European man.] 
Photo 303/1(153) [Portrait of an unidentified European man.] 
Photo 303/1(154) [European group.] 
Photo 303/1(155) Fall and Ravine, Adjunta, [with fort in the distance]. 
Photo 303/1(156) [European group sitting by a well.] 
Photo 303/1(157) [Group with the British Resident in Hyderabad, Charles B. Saunders.] 
Photo 303/1(158) Mukbara, Aurungabad. 
Photo 303/1(159) Marble Screen inside Mukbara, [Aurangabad]. 
Photo 303/1(160) [European group.] 
Photo 303/1(161) [Study of a dead tiger.] 
Photo 303/1(162) Jain Temples, Mucktagiri. 
Photo 303/1(163) [European group.] 
Photo 303/1(164) [Study of a dead tiger.] 
Photo 303/1(165) [Study of a dead antelope.] 
Photo 303/1(166) [Falls] At Chiculdah. 
Photo 303/1(167) [General view of] Dowlutabad. 
Photo 303/1(168) [Malik Ambar's tomb, Rauza.] 
Photo 303/1(169) [Study of dead] Sand Grouse. 
Photo 303/1(170) [Study of dead] Florikin. 
Photo 303/1(171) [Study of a dead] Four horned deer. 
Photo 303/1(172) [Study of a dead] leopard. 
Photo 303/1(173) Native carts bringing cotton, [Amravati?]. 
Photo 303/1(174) Cotton market, Oomraotee. 
Photo 303/1(175) [Portrait of] C.T. Lane, [Inspector-General of Police, Hyderebad Assigned Districts]. 
Photo 303/1(176) [Group with C.T. Lane, Inspector-General of Police, Hyderebad Assigned Districts]. 
Photo 303/1(177) Our bungalow. 
Photo 303/1(178) [View of the Qutb Minar, Delhi.] 
Photo 303/1(179) [View of the falls and temples at] Mucktagiri. 
Photo 303/1(180) Grand Square, Alexandria. 
Photo 303/1(181) [View of the harbour], Alexandria. 
Photo 303/1(182) [Prints 182-203 are topographical views of resorts in Europe including Switzerland and France.] 
Photo 303/1(204) [Prints 204-213 are architectural and topographical views in Scotland.] 

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