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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 269/1

The 'Lucknow Album, Vol I'.

Photographers: Ahmad Ali Khan.
Contents: 149 prints 95x73mm to 170x232mm Salted paper prints
Provenance: Presented by Mrs A. Lingfield (W.H. Russell's daughter?), August 1922.
Notes: Copy neg of titlepage at B.26274.
Subjects: Indian office holders - army - Indian Army - British Army
Description: Black full-leather album, 294x236mm, containing gilt-edged mounted prints with handwritten captions. The spine of the album has red leather panels inscribed, 'Lucknow Album, Vol 1'. This album was formerly owned by The Times war correspondent, William H. Russell, who was presented with it (and Vol 2) by Captain Trevor Wheler. Wheler's bookplate appears on the frontispiece below the inscription: 'HeadQuarters Camp Dilkoosha Lucknow March 15th 1858. Presented to me by Trevor Wheler [signed] W.H. Russell'. The album was compiled before the Seige of Lucknow (May 1857) and features the work of the local photographer, Ahmad Ali Khan, who apparantly took portraits free of charge and thus built up a considerable record of the people, Indian and European, who either lived in or passed through Lucknow in 1856 and early 1857. As well as portraits there are also several topographical views of Lucknow, as it was before the Indian Mutiny, views of Delhi and one each of Landour and Srinagar, the latter attributed to 'Capt Glynn'. Many of the prints are annotated, presumably by Wheler and Russell, providing names of sitters and often their fate in the Seige. Because the photographs have faded considerably, a facsimile album was made in 1975. This facsimile is used for general reference, allowing the original to remain undisturbed.

Album contents:-
Photo 269/1(1) Roomi Darwazah near Imambara, Lucknow. 
Photo 269/1(2) Sareenuggur, Cashmere. Bridge over the Jhelum. 
Photo 269/1(3) Delhi Palace, [showing dwellings outside the walls of the Red Fort]. 
Photo 269/1(4) Delhi Palace. Grand Entrance. 
Photo 269/1(5) Jumma Masjid, Delhi. 
Photo 269/1(6) Hummains [correctly Safdar Jang's] Tomb, Delhi. The King of Delhi was with his 3 sons taken here by Capt Hodson 1st Bengal Fusiliers. The 3 sons were shot by that officer about a mile from this place. 
Photo 269/1(7) [Muhammad Shah's tomb, Delhi.] 
Photo 269/1(8) [Sonehri] Mosque, Delhi. 
Photo 269/1(9) Old Ruins of Kootub Minar, Delhi. 
Photo 269/1(10) Delhi. Black [Kalan] Mosque. 
Photo 269/1(11) The Hindon Bridge 7 miles southward of Delhi where Sir Archdale Wilson first encountered the Rebels immediately after the outbreak[?] at Meerut - [signed] TW [Trevor Wheler]. 
Photo 269/1(12) House at Lahore Gate, Delhi. Quarters of Picquet, 1st Bengal Fusiliers. 
Photo 269/1(13) Archways at Kootub Minar, Delhi. 
Photo 269/1(14) Kootub Minar, Delhi. 
Photo 269/1(15) [Distant view of] Roshan dowlah's Kotee, [Lucknow], now called the King's favourite Kaiser Pasund. Tomb of Saadat Ali Khan's wife [and] Saadat Ali's Tomb. 
Photo 269/1(16) Kaisur Pussund, Lucknow. 
Photo 269/1(17) [Portrait of] Captain Mohib Ali Khan in the ex King's service, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(18) La Martiniere, Lucknow. 
Photo 269/1(19) Capt F. Hayes' House, Lucknow. 
Photo 269/1(20) Back view of Capt Hayes' House, Lucknow. 
Photo 269/1(21) Landour, Himalayas. 
Photo 269/1(22) Dil Aram House opposite Chutteah Munzil with the Badshah Bagh in the distance, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(23) View from the top of the Banqueting Hall, British residency, Balie[sic] Guard, Lucknow, showing in the distance the line of the Cawnpore Road. 
Photo 269/1(24) North East side, [Lucknow]. Kavanagh's House before the seige [and] Chutter Munzil, General Hospital in April 1858, [signed] TW [Trevor Wheler]. 
Photo 269/1(25) Hoosainabad Imambara, Lucknow. 
Photo 269/1(26) [Mosque(?) in the Husainabad Imambara enclosure, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(27) Jumma Musjid, Lucknow - unfinished. 
Photo 269/1(28) [Pavilion in the Husainabad Imambara enclosure, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(29) [Taj-replica tomb in the Husainabad Imambara enclosure, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(30) [General view of Lucknow looking towards the Residency from the roof of the Farhat Baksh palace.] 
Photo 269/1(31) View of the city of Lucknow taken from the top of the Ferad Bux and looking in a westerly direction. 
Photo 269/1(32) Lucknow. Gateway of the Hoosainabad Imambara. 
Photo 269/1(33) Cantonment graveyard, Lucknow. These tombs were destroyed by the Rebels. 
Photo 269/1(34) Cantonment graveyard, Lucknow. These tombs were destroyed by the Rebels. 
Photo 269/1(35) Motee Mahal, Lucknow. 
Photo 269/1(36) Mr Couper's House, Lucknow. 
Photo 269/1(37) Beebeepore? Lucknow. 
Photo 269/1(38) [Portrait of] Mr Linch, Mrs Baxter, Mrs Linch [and children, Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(39) [Group including Mr & Mrs Lynch and children, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(40) Dil Aram, Lucknow. 
Photo 269/1(41) [Portrait of] Miss O'Shaughnessy & sister - drs of Dr W.B. O'Shaughnessy, Telegraph, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(42) [Portrait of] Mr Garland, Extra Asst Comr & Daughter, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(43) [Portrait of Mir Abass, an Oudh courtier, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(44) [An unidentified Oudh courtier, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(45) [Group of Oudh officials with] Moonawar Dawlah, ex Minister of the ex-King King of Oudh's Father, Amjad Ally Shah, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(46) [Munawar-ud-daulah and his courtiers, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(47) [Munawar-ud-daulah and his courtiers, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(48) [Portrait of] Moonawar Dawlah & his relations at present under the protection of the British forces, this day 10th April 1858, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(49) [Portrait of Munawar-ud-daulah and four of his courtiers, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(50) [Portrait of Munawar-ud-daulah and four of his courtiers, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(51) [Portrait of] Miss Onslow, Mrs Onslow, Master Onslow, Capt Onslow [and] Master G. Onslow, [Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(52) [Unidentified European family, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(53) [Portrait of] Sehut-ood-Dowlah, Hakeem & Vakeel after annexation [and] his son, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(54) [Portrait of two Oudh courtiers] Syed Ally, Hossainabad[?] Daroga, Favorite attendant [and] Hakeem of D[?]. 
Photo 269/1(55) [Portrait of a courtier named] Maymar, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(56) [Portrait of] Aga Jahin from Constantinople and King's adc., [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(57) [Portrait of] Meer Mohamed Ubass, King's Daroga's son, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(58) [Portrait of] The frail Syed Ally's son, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(59) [Portrait of Mrs Kirk and daughter, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(60) [Portrait of] Mrs Ommanney [and a daughter of Mrs Kirk(?), Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(61) [Portrait of] Mrs Lynch and daughter, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(62) [Portrait of] Mrs Christpher and child, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(63) [Group portrait with] Miss Ommaney, Mr Ommaney killed in Residency by round shot in head, [Miss White], Mrs Ommaney, Miss Ommaney [and Mrs Kirk], [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(64) [Portrait of Mrs Kirk and her three daughters, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(65) [Portrait of Miss Ommanney, Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(66) [Portrait of Miss White and the Misses Ommanney, Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(67) [Portrait of] Miss White? [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(68) [Portrait of Mrs Ommanney, Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(69) [Portrait of] Mrs Lewin [and] Lt Lewin, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(70) [Portrait of an unidentified European couple, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(71) [Portrait of] R. McPherson [and his wife, Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(72) [Portrait of Mr Pidgeon and his wife, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(73) [Portrait of] Banda Ali Khan. The King's favorite coachman, [Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(74) [Portrait of] Lt Graham, 11th NI. Sixth[?] Horse, [Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(75) [Portrait of] Macdonald, (19th), [Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(76) [Portrait of] Capt Hasell, 48th BNI, [Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(77) [Portrait of] Lt Birch, killed nr Residency, [Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(78) [Portrait of] Lieut Green, 13th. Seige - died, [Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(79) [Portrait of] Capt Germon, 13th. Seige, [Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(80) [Portrait of] Mr Hardingham, Clerk, Seige, [Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(81) [Portrait of] Mr Sequeira, Clerk. Died of a wound, Seige, [Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(82) [Caparisoned mount and Indian trooper of the 3rd Oudh Irregular Force, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(83) 13th BNI. Pandies. 
Photo 269/1(84) [Portrait of] Capt Harding, Lt Alexander [and] Lt Graham [of the 3rd Oudh Irregular Cavalry, Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(85) [Portrait of troopers of the 3rd (?) Oudh] Irregular Cavalry, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(86) [Portrait of] Meah Sahub. Eunuch, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(87) [Portrait of] Rajee dawlah, Wajid Ally Sha's relative, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(88) [Portrait of] Jaraz ad dawlah, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(89) [Portrait of an unidentified courtier, Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(90) [Portrait of] Barbor, 20th, killed with Capt Hayes [and] Cunliffe, Art, died in Residency, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(91) [Portrait of three young men of the Lucknow Telegraph Office.] 
Photo 269/1(92) [Portrait of] Pitt, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(93) [Portrait of] Williams, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(94) [Portrait of] Capt Heathcout, HM 52nd Regt, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(95) [Portrait of] Palmer, Merchant, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(96) [Portrait of] Mahomed Akhboor, Ally Nakir's uncle, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(97) [Portrait of] Haidur Hassain Khan, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(98) [Portrait of] Meer Abass, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(99) [Portrait of] Husso Khan, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(100) [Group portrait of] Homfray - 17th, Pitt - Art, Pitt - Art, Lewis - 17th [and] Armstrong - 17th, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(101) [Portrait of] Grant - 71st [and] Wake - 6th Cav'ry, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(102) [Portrait of] Pitt (Art) [and] Armstrong - 17th, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(103) [Portrait of] Francis - 13th [and] Maclean - 71st, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(104) [Portrait of] Pitt & brother - Art, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(105) [Portrait of] Pitt - Art, [Lucknow]. Killed with Shahjehanpoor ladies. 
Photo 269/1(106) [Portrait of] Schilling, Martinière, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(107) [Portrait of] Simpson, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(108) [Portrait of] Orr, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(109) [Portrait of] Mrs Brooks, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(110) [Portrait of Mrs Murray, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(111) [Portrait of] Mrs Mitchell, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(112) [Portrait of] Mrs Marriott, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(113) [Portrait of] Sir J. Hill, 2nd Cav'ry, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(114) [Portrait of] Gray - Art, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(115) [Portrait of] Capt Boileau, 34th, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(116) [Portrait of] Dr Hutchinson, 71st, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(117) [Portrait of an unidentified courtier (?), Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(118) [Portrait of] Bailey, 17th, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(119) [Portrait of] Barlow, 54th, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(120) [Portrait of] Hewett, 17th, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(121) [Portrait of Lieut A.H. Graves of HM 52nd Foot, Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(122) [Portrait of] Mr Ereth, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(123) [Portrait of] Francis, 13th, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(124) [Portrait of] Bunbury, 34th, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(125) [Portrait of] Mr Paschud, Supt Telegraph, Lucknow. 
Photo 269/1(126) [Portrait of] Lt & Miss Willoughby, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(127) [Portrait of] Capt Anderson & Bobby, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(128) [Portrait of] Hewett, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(129) [Portrait of] Manning (52nd), [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(130) [Portrait of] Aga, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(131) [Portrait of] Hajee Sahab, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(132) [Portrait of a] Moulwee, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(133) [Portrait of an Indian man named] Haji, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(134) [Portrait of] Tabhet dawlah, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(135) [Portrait of] Abdool Barbur Khan, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(136) [Portrait of an unidentified Indian man, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(137) [Portrait of] Raja Usaf Ally Khan, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(138) [Portrait of] Kakory Maulwi, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(139) [Portrait of] Russuck oodowlah, favorite son of HM Mahomed Ali. founder of the Imambarah at Hoosainabad, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(140) [Portrait of] Poorun Darogah, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(141) [Portrait of] Hussain Jan, Kumoosud D'Owlah's son, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(142) [Portrait of] C in C & General Mozufforlik Khan of the Rebels, Lucknow. 
Photo 269/1(143) [Portrait of] Shurruf ood Dowlah, Prime Minister? [Lucknow]. 
Photo 269/1(144) [Portrait of a son of Sharif-ud-Daulah, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(145) [Portrait of a son of Sharif-ud-Daulah, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(146) [Group portrait with Munawar-ud-daula and courtiers, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(147) [Group portrait with Munawar-ud-daula and four courtiers, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(148) [Group portrait with Munawar-ud-daula and courtiers, Lucknow.] 
Photo 269/1(149) [Group portrait with Munawar-ud-daula and courtiers, Lucknow.] 

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