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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 262/1

Sheffield Collection: Stereoscopic glass negatives of Indian scenes.

Photographers: Joseph Robert Sheffield
Contents: 387 negatives 215x82mm Stereoscopic glass negatives
Provenance: Presented by P.I. Lake (Consular Department, FCO), son-in-law of William R. Sheffield (son of Joseph Robert Sheffield), 21 November 1967.
Notes: Collection comprises Photo 262/1-3.
Description: Collection of original glass stereoscopic negatives of Indian scenes (numbers 374-387 are single image negatives). The collection is the work of Joseph Robert Sheffield (1860-1909), an engineer on the Rajputana Malwa Railway, and includes landscapes, architectural studies and a series of famine photographs. The majority of the images are captioned in the negative as well as having handwritten titles on the original newspaper used as wrappers (now removed for conservation reasons). Some negatives (mainly the famine series) also have letterpress captions pasted onto the glass. Only a few of the negatives are dated (1903 and 1905, with one negative dated 1909) and most of the photographs were probably taken during the first decade of the twentieth century.

Album contents:-
Photo 262/1(1) Famine, India. Waiting for admission. 
Photo 262/1(2) Famine, India. Disposal of the dead, 'the whole country side is strewn with skulls.' 
Photo 262/1(3) Famine, India. Famine victims. 
Photo 262/1(4) Famine, India. A typical group. 
Photo 262/1(5) Famine, India. A typical group. 
Photo 262/1(6) Famine, India. A typical group. 
Photo 262/1(7) Famine, India. An Appeal. 
Photo 262/1(8) Famine, India. 'Oliver Twist gets more'. 
Photo 262/1(9) Famine, India. The widow and the fatherless. 
Photo 262/1(10) Famine, India. A typical group. 
Photo 262/1(11) Famine, India. Disposal of the dead, under hedges. 
Photo 262/1(12) Famine, India. Group of 150. 
Photo 262/1(13) Famine, India. A group of children. 
Photo 262/1(14) Famine, India. Disposal of the dead, 'The day after death.' 
Photo 262/1(15) Famine, India. Disposal of the dead, 'the nullahs are full of bones and skulls.' 
Photo 262/1(16) Famine, India. America sent maize, too late for granny is dying. 
Photo 262/1(17) Famine, India. A group after breakfast. 
Photo 262/1(18) Famine, India. Famine relief work, 'the Bunniah.' 
Photo 262/1(19) Famine, India. Famine relief work, carrying earth. 
Photo 262/1(20) Famine relief work. Men hauling road roller. 
Photo 262/1(21) Famine, India. Famine relief work, cleaning a well. 
Photo 262/1(22) Famine, India. Famine relief work, cleaning a well. 
Photo 262/1(23) Mehsana Station, R.-M. Ry. [Rajputana-Malwa Railway]. 
Photo 262/1(24) Post Ofice, Mehsana. 
Photo 262/1(25) Mehsana-Patan 'Wash-away,' 1900. 
Photo 262/1(26) Pumps at Ghuggar River, Sirsa. 
Photo 262/1(27) A railway bungalow, Fatehgarh. 
Photo 262/1(28) A railway bungalow, Fatehgarh. 
Photo 262/1(29) The General's House, Mhow, India. 
Photo 262/1(30) R.M. [Rajputana-Malwa] Railway Co-operative store, engine shed and tank house, Mhow. 
Photo 262/1(31) Mahomedan Mosque in Bazar, Mhow. 
Photo 262/1(32) Christ Church, Mhow, India. 
Photo 262/1(33) Market in city, Mhow, India. 
Photo 262/1(34) Fountain in Cutchery garden, Mhow, India. 
Photo 262/1(35) Catholic Church, Mhow. 
Photo 262/1(36) Chhota Kirtram [Kirthi Stambh], Chitorgarh, Jain Tower of Fame, built A.D. 986. 
Photo 262/1(37) Kheerut-Khumb [sic, for Jaya Stambh], Chitorgarh, Tower of Fame [sic, for Tower of Victory], built A.D. 1418. 
Photo 262/1(38) Base of Kheerut-Khumb [sic, for Jaya Stambh], Chitorgarh. 
Photo 262/1(39) Meera Bae Temple [Kumbha Shyama and Mira Bhai Temples], Chitorgarh. 
Photo 262/1(40) Ruins of Kumar Palace, Chitorgarh. scene of 'Johur' - immolation of women A.D. 1303. 
Photo 262/1(41) Chathree of Jeimul, Chitorgarh. 
Photo 262/1(42) Chathree of Putta, Chitorgarh. 
Photo 262/1(43) Nathdwara from Ram Mohalla Hill. 
Photo 262/1(44) Nathdwara, with shrine and palace. 
Photo 262/1(45) Palace Gate, Nathdwara. 
Photo 262/1(46) Police Station, Nathdwara. 
Photo 262/1(47) Jeypore's Temple to Mahadeo, Eklinga, Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(48) Rana's Palace [City Palace], Sujjalnawas, from Eklingarh Hill, Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(49) Jag Nawas [Lake Palace Hotel], Island Palace, Pichola Lake, Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(50) Dhotamahal, Jag Nawas, Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(51) Garden in Jag Nawas, Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(52) Jag Mandir, Island Palace, Pichola Lake, Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(53) Rana's Palace, Oodepore, from Pichola Lake. 
Photo 262/1(54) Oodepore from Pichola Lake. 
Photo 262/1(55) Chand Pol Bridge, Pichola Lake, Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(56) Mohan Mandir, Pichola Lake, Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(57) Oode Sahm Chat, Pichola Lake, Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(58) Beem Permesa Ghat, Pichola Lake, Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(59) Hanuman Ghat, Pichola Lake, Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(60) Rahtorji Temple, Oodepore, Pichola Lake. 
Photo 262/1(61) Perabthi Bilas, Pichola Lake, Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(62) Gungoor Ghat, Pichola Lake, Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(63) Mahasati. Royal Cenotaphs, Oodepore [Ahar], Sagram Singh's Chathree. 
Photo 262/1(64) Mahasati, Royal Cenotaphs, Oodepore [Ahar], Amar Singh's Chatree. 
Photo 262/1(65) Mahasati, Royal Cenotaphs, Oodepore [Ahar], Jaggat Singh's Sati of 20 Queens. 
Photo 262/1(66) Mahasati, Royal Cenotaphs, Oodepore [Ahar]. 
Photo 262/1(67) Jain Temples at Ahr [Ahar], Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(68) Jain carvings at Ahr [Ahar], Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(69) Victoria Hall, Museum, Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(70) Victoria Regia, Oodepore, giant American lotus. 
Photo 262/1(71) City Clock Tower, Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(72) Mission Church, Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(73) Suraj Pol, Sun Gate, Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(74) Mahadeo Temple [Mahavira Temples?], near Suraj Pol, Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(75) Sahelia Bari [Saheliyon-ki-Bari or Ladies' Garden], Oodepore. 
Photo 262/1(76) Mayo College, Ajmere. 
Photo 262/1(77) The General Hospital, Ajmere. 
Photo 262/1(78) Tower on City Wall, Ajmere. 
Photo 262/1(79) 'Dhai Din Ka Jophra' [Arhai-din-ka-Jhonpra Mosque], Ajmere. 
Photo 262/1(80) 'Dhai Din Ka Jophra' [Arhai-din-ka-Jhonpra Mosque], Ajmere. Interior showing columns. 
Photo 262/1(81) Ana Sauger Lake view from temples, Ajmere. 
Photo 262/1(82) Clock Tower, Ajmere. 
Photo 262/1(83) Temples and Ghats, Pushkar Lake. 
Photo 262/1(84) Santoji Rao Temple, Pushkar. 
Photo 262/1(85) Brahmaji Temple, Pushkar. 
Photo 262/1(86) Musooda Temple, Pushkar. 
Photo 262/1(87) Ganeshji Temple, Pushkar. 
Photo 262/1(88) Ram Luchmanji Temple, Pushkar. 
Photo 262/1(89) The Foresters, Sirsa. 
Photo 262/1(90) Young Anglo-India, 1905. 
Photo 262/1(91) The little gardeners. 
Photo 262/1(92) Lt.-Governor visits Indraput, Delhi, 1905. 
Photo 262/1(93) The Palm Queen. 
Photo 262/1(94) A street which is straight, Hansi. 
Photo 262/1(95) Gate of Old Fort, Hansi. 
Photo 262/1(96) Old Mosque in Fort, Hansi. 
Photo 262/1(97) 'Skinner's' Graveyard, Hansi. 
Photo 262/1(98) Watchmen at the gate, Fazilka. 
Photo 262/1(99) Wool Market, Fazilka. 
Photo 262/1(100) Mosque near Station, Sirsa. 
Photo 262/1(101) City Mosque and Well, Sirsa. 
Photo 262/1(102) City Residences, Sirsa. 
Photo 262/1(103) Main Bazaar, Sirsa. 
Photo 262/1(104) R.M. [Rajputana-Malwa] Railway Institute, Sirsa. 
Photo 262/1(105) St John's in the Wilderness, Sirsa. 
Photo 262/1(106) A jungle city, Bhatinda. 
Photo 262/1(107) The Station was chaotic, Bhatinda. 
Photo 262/1(108) Royal Palaces, Bhopal, Shokat Mahal. 
Photo 262/1(109) Royal Palaces, Bhopal, Moti Mahal. 
Photo 262/1(110) Royal Palaces, Bhopal, Taj Mahal. 
Photo 262/1(111) Tajan Mesajahan Mosque [Taj-ul Masjid], Bhopal, interior. 
Photo 262/1(112) Jama Musjid, Bhopal. 
Photo 262/1(113) The Chowk, Bhopal. 
Photo 262/1(114) New Palace, Ulwar. 
Photo 262/1(115) Rajha's Ry. Station, Ulwar. 
Photo 262/1(116) Tomb near Station, Ulwar (Fateh Jung?) 
Photo 262/1(117) Albert Hall, Museum, Jeypore. 
Photo 262/1(118) Palace of Winds, Jeypore. 
Photo 262/1(119) Tripoliya Gate and Esa Lat, Jeypore. 
Photo 262/1(120) New Reception Hall, Jeypore. 
Photo 262/1(121) Jey Singh's Observatory [Jantar Mantar], Jeypore. 
Photo 262/1(122) Jey Singh's Obervatory [Jantar Mantar], Jeypore. 
Photo 262/1(123) Jey Singh's Observatory [Jantar Mantar], Jeypore. 
Photo 262/1(124) Chand Pol Gate, Ambeer, Jeypore. 
Photo 262/1(125) Gateway [Ganesh Pol] in Ambeer Palace, Jeypore. 
Photo 262/1(126) Diwan-i-Am, Ambeer, Jeypore. 
Photo 262/1(127) Diwan-i-Khas, Ambeer, Jeypore, is elaborately ornamented. 
Photo 262/1(128) Sohag Munday, Ambeer, Jeypore. Pavilion in Palace Zenana. 
Photo 262/1(129) Baradari in old Zenana, Ambeer, Jeypore. 
Photo 262/1(130) Shalimar Garden, Lahore. 
Photo 262/1(131) Shalimar Garden, Lahore. 
Photo 262/1(132) Mosque of Wazeer Khan, Lahore. 
Photo 262/1(133) Mosque of Wazeer Khan, Lahore. 
Photo 262/1(134) Tomb of Runjeet Singh, Lahore. 
Photo 262/1(135) Badshahi Mosque, Lahore. 
Photo 262/1(136) Tomb of Runjeet Singh, Lahore. 
Photo 262/1(137) Jehangir's Tomb, Shadhera. 
Photo 262/1(138) Jehangir's Tomb, Shadhera. 
Photo 262/1(139) Jehangir's Tomb, Shadhera. 
Photo 262/1(140) Jehangir's Tomb, Shahdera. 
Photo 262/1(141) Runjeet Singh's Tomb, interior, Lahore. 
Photo 262/1(142) Harzooria Gate of Fort, Lahore. 
Photo 262/1(143) Shish Mahal, Fort, Lahore, from the Armoury. 
Photo 262/1(144) Shish Mahal, interior, Fort, Lahore. Doorway to private apartments. 
Photo 262/1(145) Shish Mahal, Fort, Lahore. Decorated wall in Zenana. 
Photo 262/1(146) The Museum, Lahore. 
Photo 262/1(147) Bronze Gun [Ranjit Singh's Cannon], The Mall, Lahore. 
Photo 262/1(148) The Mall, Lahore. 
Photo 262/1(149) Palace in Fort, Lahore. 
Photo 262/1(150) Golden Temple, Amritsa. 
Photo 262/1(151) Golden Temple, Amritsar. 
Photo 262/1(152) Golden Temple, Amritsar. 
Photo 262/1(153) Golden Temple, Amritsar. 
Photo 262/1(154) Memorial to 36th Sikhs, Amritsar, who died defending Saragharu Fort. 
Photo 262/1(155) All Souls Memorial Church, Fatehgarh. 
Photo 262/1(156) 1857 Memorial on well, Fatehgarh. 
Photo 262/1(157) Naugauma, near Fort, Fatehgarh. Result of a family quarrel. 
Photo 262/1(158) Naugauma, near Fort, Fatehgarh. 
Photo 262/1(159) Bisram Ghat, Fort, Fatehgarh. 
Photo 262/1(160) Bisram Ghat, Fort, Fatehgarh. 
Photo 262/1(161) Ganges ferry-boat, Fort, Fatehgarh. 
Photo 262/1(162) Pannu Lall's Dispensary and Old Church, Fatehgarh. 
Photo 262/1(163) The Suddar Bazaar, Fatehgarh. 
Photo 262/1(164) Boat-Bridge, Ghatia Ghat, Farukhabad. 
Photo 262/1(165) Opium Storehouse near Amethi, Farukhabad. 
Photo 262/1(166) 'High Noon', Ghatia Ghat, Farukhabad. 
Photo 262/1(167) Tombs of Mahomed and Kiam. Farukhabad. 
Photo 262/1(168) Tomb of Bibi Sahiba, Farukhabad. 
Photo 262/1(169) Tomb of Nawab Ahmed, Farukhabad. 
Photo 262/1(170) Town Hall, on site of Fort, Farukhabad. 
Photo 262/1(171) Kotwal, Police Station, Farukhabad. 
Photo 262/1(172) Ala Bux Musjid, Farukhabad. 
Photo 262/1(173) Behari Lall's Ghat, Farukhabad. 
Photo 262/1(174) Group of scholars, Farukhabad [Staff of American Presbyterian Mission School]. 
Photo 262/1(175) [Staff of] American Presbyterian School, Fatehgarh. 
Photo 262/1(176) Victoria Memorial Statue, Fatehgarh. 
Photo 262/1(177) Khampo-Camp-Bazar, Fatehgarh. 
Photo 262/1(178) The Lychgate, Fatehgarh. 
Photo 262/1(179) 'God's Acre,' Fatehgarh. 
Photo 262/1(180) 'Chattre' of Tulsi Ram, Hathras. 
Photo 262/1(181) A guarded portal, Hathras. 
Photo 262/1(182) Bakri Eed [Bakr-Id Festival, (?)Hyderabad], 1905, vehicles of sorts. 
Photo 262/1(183) Bakri Eed [Bakr-Id, (?)Hyderabad], 1905, sweets in plenty. 
Photo 262/1(184) Ramlilla, 'Arrival of the Gods'. 
Photo 262/1(185) Ramlilla, Rama, Luchman and Sita. 
Photo 262/1(186) Ramlilla, 'Hanuman's Monkey Army'. 
Photo 262/1(187) Ramlilla, gigantic figures of Ravan, his brother Kumbha-Karn and son Indrajit. 
Photo 262/1(188) Kanauj. From Ajipal's Temple, the ancient capital of Northen India. 
Photo 262/1(189) King Ajipal's Temple, Kanauj. 
Photo 262/1(190) Sita Ka Rasol, Sita's Kitchen, Kanauj, now the Jama Musjid. 
Photo 262/1(191) Tombs of Bala Pir and Shaikh Mahdi [Mehndi], Kanauj. 
Photo 262/1(192) Shrine of Makdum Jahaniya, Kanauj, founded about 1476. 
Photo 262/1(193) Shrine of Makdum Jahaniya, Kanauj, family tombs and entrance. 
Photo 262/1(194) Shrine of Makdum Jahaniya, Kanauj, exterior from highway. 
Photo 262/1(195) Muttra from the Jumna. 
Photo 262/1(196) Muttra City, from the Bridge Toll-House. 
Photo 262/1(197) Jama Musjid, Muttra. 
Photo 262/1(198) Bisranth Ghat [Bisraut Ghat], Muttra. 
Photo 262/1(199) Sati Ke Boorgh [Sati Burj], Muttra, of Kanch Ka Rani. 
Photo 262/1(200) Hardinge Gate, 1870, Muttra. 
Photo 262/1(201) Jumna Bagh House, Muttra. 
Photo 262/1(202) Jumna Bagh, Muttra. Kiosque and Fernery. 
Photo 262/1(203) Jumna Bagh, Muttra. Canal with bridges. 
Photo 262/1(204) Jumna Bagh, Muttra. Gokeleswar Mahadeb Temple. 
Photo 262/1(205) Church of England [Christ Church], Muttra. 
Photo 262/1(206) Catholic Chapel, Muttra. 
Photo 262/1(207) Jeypore Temple [Jagat Kishor Temple], Brindaban, the South Gate. 
Photo 262/1(208) Jeypore Temple [Jagat Kishor Temple], Brindaban, interior. 
Photo 262/1(209) Gobindjee's Temple, Brindaban, from the highway. 
Photo 262/1(210) Gobindjee's Temple, Brindaban. 
Photo 262/1(211) Temples of Lachman Dass, Brindaban. 
Photo 262/1(212) [?]Temples of Lachman Dass, Brindaban, the Eastern Gate. 
Photo 262/1(213) [?]Temples of Lachman Dass, Brindaban, Baradari and Temple. 
Photo 262/1(214) Jaganath's Car, Brindaban. 
Photo 262/1(215) Temple of Saha Behari Lall, Brindaban. 
Photo 262/1(216) Temple of Saha Behari Lall, Brindaban, a portion of the terrace. 
Photo 262/1(217) Mudan Mohan [Madana Mohana Temple], Brindaban, from the Jumna. 
Photo 262/1(218) Mudan Mohan [Madana Mohana Temple], Brindaban. 
Photo 262/1(219) Crawford Market, Bombay. 
Photo 262/1(220) Bori Bunder, Victoria terminus, Bombay. 
Photo 262/1(221) Municipal Hall, Bombay. 
Photo 262/1(222) Apollo Bunder, Bombay. 
Photo 262/1(223) Yacht Club, Bombay. 
Photo 262/1(224) Taj Mahal Hotel, Bombay. 
Photo 262/1(225) Rajbai Tower, Bombay. 
Photo 262/1(226) B.B. & C.I. Ry. [Bombay Baroda and Central India Railway] Offices, Bombay. 
Photo 262/1(227) Victoria Statue, Bombay. 
Photo 262/1(228) Chowpati Beach, Bombay. 
Photo 262/1(229) Babulnath Temple, Malabar Hill, Bombay. 
Photo 262/1(230) Charni Road, Bombay, Railway Hotel. 
Photo 262/1(231) Shah Alam's Tomb, Ahmedabad. 
Photo 262/1(232) Shah Alam's Tomb, Ahmedabad, main entrance. 
Photo 262/1(233) Shah Alam's Tomb, Ahmedabad, a minar of Mosque. 
Photo 262/1(234) Shah Alam's Tomb, Ahmedabad, the Courtyard. 
Photo 262/1(235) The Shah Najaf Tomb, the Gateway, Lucknow. 
Photo 262/1(236) Sikander Bagh, interior, Lucknow, 1903. 
Photo 262/1(237) Hodson's Tomb, Lucknow. 
Photo 262/1(238) Lall Baradari, Lucknow, Throne Room, now Museum. 
Photo 262/1(239) Tarawali Kothi, now Bank of Bengal, Lucknow. 
Photo 262/1(240) Chutter Munzil, Lucknow, United Services Club. 
Photo 262/1(241) Darshanbilas, Lucknow, 'Pleasing to the Sight.' 
Photo 262/1(242) Chhota Chuttar Munzil, Lucknow, from the Gulistan-i-Eram. 
Photo 262/1(243) Begam Kothi, Post Office, Lucknow. 
Photo 262/1(244) Hazrat Gunj, Lucknow. 
Photo 262/1(245) Wingfield Park Baridari, Lucknow. 
Photo 262/1(246) The Palace, Badshah Bagh, Lucknow. 
Photo 262/1(247) The Great Hall, Badshah Bagh, Lucknow. 
Photo 262/1(248) The Garden House, Badshah Bagh, Lucknow. 
Photo 262/1(249) The tanks, Badshah Bagh, Lucknow. 
Photo 262/1(250) Mosque of Aurangzib, Benaras. 
Photo 262/1(251) Scindia's Ghat, Benaras. 
Photo 262/1(252) Sitla Ghat, Benaras. 
Photo 262/1(253) Jetinda Mohan Temple, Benaras. 
Photo 262/1(254) Gyan Bapi Temple, Benaras. 
Photo 262/1(255) Man Mander, Benaras, Jey Singh's Observatory. 
Photo 262/1(256) Durga Temple, Benaras, the Monkey Temple. 
Photo 262/1(257) Durga Temple, Benaras, entrance to the Monkey Temple. 
Photo 262/1(258) The Residency, Lucknow. 
Photo 262/1(259) Begam's Tomb [Bahu Begum's Tomb], Fyzabad. 
Photo 262/1(260) Mosque and Clock Tower, Fyzabad. 
Photo 262/1(261) Maharaja's Palace, Ajodhya. 
Photo 262/1(262) Dharshan Singh's Temple, Ajodhya. 
Photo 262/1(263) Janma Bhumi [Rama Janam Bhumi], Ajodhya, Ram Chander's birthplace. 
Photo 262/1(264) Soonder Bawani, Ajodhya, with monkeys of the Ramkote. 
Photo 262/1(265) The Taj Mahal, Agra. 
Photo 262/1(266) Gateway from inside Taj, Agra. 
Photo 262/1(267) Screen enclosing Tomb, side view, Taj [Mahal, Agra]. 
Photo 262/1(268) Akbar's Tomb, Sikandra, main building. 
Photo 262/1(269) Akbar's Tomb, Sikandra, nr. Agra. The Gateway. 
Photo 262/1(270) Akbar's Tomb, Sikandra, nr. Agra. Kisoques and cupolas of red sandstone. 
Photo 262/1(271) Akbar's Tomb, Sikandra. Painted domes and delicate marble work. 
Photo 262/1(272) Akbar's Tomb, Sikandra, near Agra, top storey. 
Photo 262/1(273) Delhi Gate, Agra Fort. 
Photo 262/1(274) Moti - Pearl - Musjid, from gate, Agra Fort. 
Photo 262/1(275) Moti Musjid, interior, Agra Fort. 
Photo 262/1(276) Diwan-i-Am, Agra Fort. 
Photo 262/1(277) Colvin's Tomb, Agra Fort. 
Photo 262/1(278) Diwan-i-Khas, Agra Fort. 
Photo 262/1(279) Saman Burj, Jesamin Tower, outside, Agra Fort. 
Photo 262/1(280) Saman Burj, Jessamin Tower, Agra Fort. Interior with marble screen. 
Photo 262/1(281) Black Marble Throne, Agra Fort. 
Photo 262/1(282) Khas Mahal, Agra Fort. 
Photo 262/1(283) Shish Mahal, Agra Fort. 
Photo 262/1(284) Court of Jehangir's Palace, Agra Fort. 
Photo 262/1(285) Jehangiri Mahal [interior], Agra Fort. 
Photo 262/1(286) Salim Chishtie's Tomb, whole building, Fatehpur Sikri. 
Photo 262/1(287) The Great Mosque, Fatehpur-Sikri, interior. 
Photo 262/1(288) The Great Mosque, Fatehpur-Sikri. 
Photo 262/1(289) Birbal's House, Fatehpur-Sikri. 
Photo 262/1(290) Jodh Bai Mahal, Fatehpur-Sikri. 
Photo 262/1(291) Jehangiri Mahal [?Jodh Bai's Palace], Fatehpur-Sikri. 
Photo 262/1(292) Panch Mahal, Fatehpur-Sikri. 
Photo 262/1(293) Diwan-i-Khas, exterior, Fatehpur-Sikri. 
Photo 262/1(294) Diwan-i-Khas, interior, Fatehpur-Sikri. 
Photo 262/1(295) Khas Mahal [sic, for Anup Talao and Panch Mahal], exterior, Fatehpur-Sikri. 
Photo 262/1(296) Hathi Pol, Fatehpur-Sikri. 
Photo 262/1(297) Hiran Minar, Fatehpur-Sikri. 
Photo 262/1(298) The Taj Mahal, Agra. 
Photo 262/1(299) Sati Choura Ghat, Cawnpore. Temple on top. 
Photo 262/1(300) Old Toll House, Khudhagunj, where 'Bobs' [Roberts of Kandahar] earned his V.C. 
Photo 262/1(301) Part of old Fort, Khudagunj, with Mosque. 
Photo 262/1(302) Hindoo Temple, Khudhagunj. 
Photo 262/1(303) 'Kali Nadi' Bridge, Khudhagunu, one pier is yet standing bravely. 
Photo 262/1(304) 'Kali Nadi' Bridge, Khudhagunj, other piers are in the river. 
Photo 262/1(305) R.-M. Ry. [Rajputana-Malwa Railway] Bridge, Khudhagunj, track and highway over Kali Nadi. 
Photo 262/1(306) Junter Munter, Delhi, Jey Singh's Observatory. 
Photo 262/1(307) Junter Munter, Delhi, Semrat Yunter - Prince of Dials. 
Photo 262/1(308) Sufter Jung's Tomb, Delhi. 
Photo 262/1(309) The Kootub Minar, Delhi. 
Photo 262/1(310) Base of Kootub, Delhi. 
Photo 262/1(311) Unfinished Minar, Kootub, Delhi. 
Photo 262/1(312) Top of Kootub [Minar], Delhi. 
Photo 262/1(313) The Iron Pillar, Kootub, Delhi. 
Photo 262/1(314) The Grand Arch, Kootub, Delhi. 
Photo 262/1(315) Bhoot Khana, Kootub, Delhi. Idol temple. 
Photo 262/1(316) Ala-ud-Din Gateway [Alai Darwaza], Kootub, Delhi. 
Photo 262/1(317) Altumsh's Tomb, Kootub, Delhi. 
Photo 262/1(318) Adam Khan's Tomb, Kootub, Delhi, from diving well. 
Photo 262/1(319) Tomb of Sekunder Lodi [sic, for Bara Gumbad], Delhi. 
Photo 262/1(320) Tomb of Belowl Lodi [Bahlol Lodi], Delhi. 
Photo 262/1(321) Nizam-oo-Deen's Tomb, Delhi. 
Photo 262/1(322) Emperor Humayun's Tomb, Delhi. 
Photo 262/1(323) Indraput or Purana Keela, Delhi. 
Photo 262/1(324) Three little Maids [famine victims]. 
Photo 262/1(325) [Distribution of food to famine victims.] 
Photo 262/1(326) [Scene in a famine relief camp.] 
Photo 262/1(327) [Young famine victim.] 
Photo 262/1(328) Old Plague Camp [?Bombay]. 
Photo 262/1(329) Dharamsala, Lucknow. 
Photo 262/1(330) Dharamsala, Lucknow. 
Photo 262/1(331) Old Mosque, Residency, Lucknow. 
Photo 262/1(332) Forrester Villa compound, Lucknow. 
Photo 262/1(333) Collett's pigs. 
Photo 262/1(334) Forrester Villa [Lucknow]. 
Photo 262/1(335) Dharamsala [Lucknow]. 
Photo 262/1(336) [Portrait of an unidentified European woman.] 
Photo 262/1(337) Joe Willy and Queen with bike at Sirsa. 
Photo 262/1(338) [Fašade of Buddhist Chaitya Hall, Cave X (Viskakarma), Ellora.] 
Photo 262/1(339) [Southern monolithic column and Ramayana frieze, Rock-cut temple XVI (Kailasanatha), Ellora.] 
Photo 262/1(340) [Exterior of Buddhist rock-cut temples VIII-IX, Ellora.] 
Photo 262/1(341) [Shrine with Ramayana frieze on south fašade, Rock-cut temple XVI (Kailasanatha), Ellora.] 
Photo 262/1(342) [Monolithic elephant with Shrine to River Goddesses in background, rock-cut temple XVI (Kailasanatha), Ellora.] 
Photo 262/1(343) [Interior of Buddhist Chaitya Hall, Cave X (Viskakarma), Ellora.] 
Photo 262/1(344) [?]Jumna Masjid, Secunderabad. 
Photo 262/1(345) Chadra Ghat Musjid, Hda. [?Hyderabad]. 
Photo 262/1(346) Afzul Gung [Afzal Ganj] Mosque, Hyderabad. 
Photo 262/1(347) Saint Joseph's Cathedral, Hyderabad. 
Photo 262/1(348) Char Minar, Hyderabad. 
Photo 262/1(349) Panch Mahal, Hyderabad. 
Photo 262/1(350) A. Abib & Co., Hyderabad. 
Photo 262/1(351) [Tomb of Rabi'a Daurani (Bibi-ka-Maqbara), Aurangabad.] 
Photo 262/1(352) [Gateway of the (?)Bibi-ka-Maqbara, Aurangabad.] 
Photo 262/1(353) Clock Tower, Aurangabad. 
Photo 262/1(354) Daulatabad Fort with lat [Chand Minar]. 
Photo 262/1(355) Daulatabad Fort. 
Photo 262/1(356) Aurangzeb's Tomb [Khuldabad]. 
Photo 262/1(357) [Entrance to Hindu rock-cut temple XIV (Ravana ka khai), Ellora.] 
Photo 262/1(358) Behari Lall's Ghat, Farruckhabad. 
Photo 262/1(359) Abu, F.O.'s [?Forestry Officer] bungalow. 
Photo 262/1(360) Abu Station. 
Photo 262/1(361) Abu Station. 
Photo 262/1(362) Siliserh Lake, Ulwar. 
Photo 262/1(363) Ulwar city gate. 
Photo 262/1(364) [Unidentified village or camp.] 
Photo 262/1(365) [Unidentified village or camp.] 
Photo 262/1(366) [?]Mosque in Sudder. 
Photo 262/1(367) North-Western Railway engine. 
Photo 262/1(368) North-Western Railway engine. 
Photo 262/1(369) North-Western Railway engine. 
Photo 262/1(370) North-Western Railway engine. 
Photo 262/1(371) [Unidentified gateway.] 
Photo 262/1(372) Ironmonger's shop [?Farruckhabad]. 
Photo 262/1(373) [Group of staff of the American Presbyterian Mission School, Farrukhabad.] 
Photo 262/1(374) Famine. Destitute. 
Photo 262/1(375) Famine. Woman and dying child. 
Photo 262/1(376) Famine. Disposal of the dead in the 'Khari' nullahs. 
Photo 262/1(377) Famine. Three little maids. 
Photo 262/1(378) [Portraits of famine victims.] 
Photo 262/1(379) Sister and brother. [Portraits of famine victims.] 
Photo 262/1(380) [Four portraits of Indian types.] 
Photo 262/1(381) [Full-length standing portrait of an unidentified Indian woman.] 
Photo 262/1(382) [Full-length standing portrait of an unidentified Indian woman.] 
Photo 262/1(383) [Full-length seated portrait of an unidentified Indian woman.] 
Photo 262/1(384) [Street scene in an unidentified town.] 
Photo 262/1(385) [Sawyers at work with a two-man saw.] 
Photo 262/1(386) [Gateway of the Husainabad, Lucknow.] 
Photo 262/1(387) [Visit of a British official.] 

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