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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 232/

Views of Holkar's Dominions.

Photographers: Ramchandrarao & Prataprao of Indore
Contents: 96 prints 64x102mm to 222x292mm Gelatine silver prints
Provenance: Transferred from India Office Library (Printed Book Collection), formerly W.1957.
Description: Half-leather red photograph album (modern India Office Library rebinding) measuring 317x430mm, prints laid down on page with neat hand-written captions beneath. Inscription pasted into inside front cover reads: 'The Right Honourable Mr & Mrs Montagu. With all good wishes for a Happy New Year. Tukoji Rao Holkar. 1919' . The album consists mainly of topographical and architectural views in Indore, Barwah, Maheshwar, Bhanpura and Dhamnar.

Album contents:-
Photo 232/(1) The Old Palace, Indore. 
Photo 232/(2) The New Palace, Indore. 
Photo 232/(3) View from the Krishnapura Bridge, Indore. 
Photo 232/(4) Bosanquet Market, Indore. 
Photo 232/(5) Bosanquet Market [Indore]. 
Photo 232/(6) Krishnapura Bridge [Indore]. 
Photo 232/(7) High Court, Indore. 
Photo 232/(8) Maharaja Tukojirao Hospital, Indore. 
Photo 232/(9) The Secretariat, Indore. 
Photo 232/(10) King Edward Hall, Indore. 
Photo 232/(11) Five blind beggars [Indore]. 
Photo 232/(12) Maharani Waranasibai Sarai, Indore. 
Photo 232/(13) [Street traders, Indore.] 
Photo 232/(14) Yeshwant Niwas Palace, Indore. 
Photo 232/(15) Chhatribagh, Indore. 
Photo 232/(16) The Chhatri of H.H. Maharani Ahilya Bai Holkar, at Indore. 
Photo 232/(17) Elephant bathing in river, Indore. 
Photo 232/(18) Sardar Chimajeerao Bolia Saheb's Chhatri at Indore. 
Photo 232/(19) [Children on swings, Indore.] 
Photo 232/(20) [Group of children beside a model train, Indore.] 
Photo 232/(21) The Chhatri of H.H. the late Maharaja Malharrao Holkar, at Indore. 
Photo 232/(22) Lalbagh Palace, Indore. 
Photo 232/(23) Lalbagh [Palace] garden [Indore]. 
Photo 232/(24) Durbar Hall, Lalbagh Palace [Indore]. 
Photo 232/(25) Side view [of Durbar Hall, Lalbagh Palace, Indore.] 
Photo 232/(26) The Manik Bagh Palace, Indore. 
Photo 232/(27) Manikbagh Palace (back view) [Indore]. 
Photo 232/(28) A street scene (Bhanpura). 
Photo 232/(29) [Farmer ploughing with a bullock team, Indore district.] 
Photo 232/(30) [Opium cultivation, Indore.] 
Photo 232/(31) Manik Bag [Palace] Annexe [Indore]. 
Photo 232/(32) Lalbagh Bridge, Indore. 
Photo 232/(33) [Corn merchants, Indore.] 
Photo 232/(34) [Horse being washed in a river, Indore.] 
Photo 232/(35) [Bullock and drummer, Indore.] 
Photo 232/(36) The Chandravati Mahila Vidyalaya, Indore. 
Photo 232/(37) The Ahilyashram, Indore. 
Photo 232/(38) The Holkar College, Indore. 
Photo 232/(39) The Ralamandal Hill, Indore. 
Photo 232/(40) Sukhniwas Palace, Indore. 
Photo 232/(41) The Central India Medical School, Indore. 
Photo 232/(42) The Residency, Indore. 
Photo 232/(43) Wellesley Bridge, Indore. 
Photo 232/(44) The Residency Gardens, Indore. 
Photo 232/(45) The Residency Gardens [Indore]. 
Photo 232/(46) Residency [Indore,] River Khan. 
Photo 232/(47) Reflections. [View on the River Khan, Indore.] 
Photo 232/(48) Another view of the Residency River [River Khan, Indore]. 
Photo 232/(49) Residency, river view [Indore]. 
Photo 232/(50) River view from over the Wellesley Bridge [Indore]. 
Photo 232/(51) Bathing Ghat, Residency River, Indore. 
Photo 232/(52) Another view of the Residency River [Indore]. 
Photo 232/(53) Reflection. [Bridge (?)near the Residency, Indore.] 
Photo 232/(54) Indore Church. 
Photo 232/(55) The Daly College, Indore. 
Photo 232/(56) [River scene, Indore] 
Photo 232/(57) Patalpani Waterfall [?Near Indore]. 
Photo 232/(58) The marble statue of Sir R.N.C. Hamilton, Bart., K.C.B. [?at Indore]. 
Photo 232/(59) Rao Sanitarium [?at Indore]. 
Photo 232/(60) Duryao Mahal, Barwaha. 
Photo 232/(61) Duryao Mahal garden, Barwaha. 
Photo 232/(62) View of the River Choral [at Barwah]. 
Photo 232/(63) Old Palace illuminated [Indore]. 
Photo 232/(64) Lalbagh Palace illuminated [Indore]. 
Photo 232/(65) Barwaha Palace illuminated. 
Photo 232/(66) Fire-work [display, (?)Indore]. 
Photo 232/(67) The Nurbuda Bridge [Barwah]. 
Photo 232/(68) Maheshwar Ghats and the Palace on the banks of the Nubudda. 
Photo 232/(69) The Ghats at Maheshwar. 
Photo 232/(70) The Chhatri of Her Highness the Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar at Maheshwar. 
Photo 232/(71) Baneshwar Temple, Maheshwar. 
Photo 232/(72) Maheshwar Fort. 
Photo 232/(73) [Fisherman casting his net, probably on the Narbada at Maheshwar.] 
Photo 232/(74) The architectural work on the arch of the Maheshwar ghat. 
Photo 232/(75) [Potter at work, Maheshwar.] 
Photo 232/(76) Maheshwar. 
Photo 232/(77) [The Narbada at Maheshwar.] 
Photo 232/(78) Maheshwar. 
Photo 232/(79) Mandaleshwar Palace. 
Photo 232/(80) Sunset. 
Photo 232/(81) The Chhatri of H.H. the late Maharaja Yeshwantrao Holkar at Bhanpura. 
Photo 232/(82) Bhanpura Fort. 
Photo 232/(83) A view at Bhanpura. 
Photo 232/(84) Another view of the river at Bhanpura. 
Photo 232/(85) At the well [Bhanpura]. 
Photo 232/(86) Kohla Tank, Bhanpura. 
Photo 232/(87) Another view [of Kohla Tank, Bhanpura]. 
Photo 232/(88) Kohla Tank, Bhanpura. 
Photo 232/(89) A pretty view of the Takhaji Valley (Bhanpura). 
Photo 232/(90) View of the Chambal River near Rampura. 
Photo 232/(91) Dhamnar Caves, near Chandwasa. 
Photo 232/(92) One of the caves [Dhamnar]. 
Photo 232/(93) [Rock] Cut temple (Dhamnar Caves). 
Photo 232/(94) Bheem-Bazar (Dhamnar Caves). 
Photo 232/(95) Leopard tree in the Residency garden, Indore. 
Photo 232/(96) Branching palm [Indore]. 

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