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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 222/

Strachey Collection of Indian Views

Photographers: Shepherd & Robertson, Samuel Bourne, a few unknown.
Contents: 127 prints Albumen prints
Provenance: Deposited on permanent loan by James Strachey, November 1964
Notes: Collection deposited along with Mss Eur F 127
Description: Collection of loose prints on original card mounts, with contemporary pencilled captions, from the collection of Sir Richard Strachey. Fuller captions from the Bourne & Shepherd catalogue have been added in square brackets where these supply fuller or precise information. The original collection apparently comprised a total of 130 prints, but three appear to have been mislaid. Three additional prints found with collection have been returned to Photo 45, from where they originally came. This collection appears to have been re-arranged and re-numbered at least twice in the past. Since almost all the prints (with the exception of 8 photographs) are numbered views from the Bourne & Shepherd catalogue, this order has been adopted for the catalogue and for future reference.

This collection forms an important and extensive set of views of northern India and Pakistan by Shepherd & Robertson (c.1862) and Samuel Bourne (1863-c.66), and includes topographical and architectural studies from Agra, Delhi, Lucknow, Simla, Srinagar (and Kashmir generally), Naini Tal and Lahore. There are also many views recording Bourne's photographic expeditions in the Himalayas in 1864 and 1866.

Album contents:-
Photo 222/(1) Simla. 
Photo 222/(2) Peterhoff - Simla. 
Photo 222/(3) The Mall, Simla - Oaks. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: The Mall, near Raby Lodge.] 
Photo 222/(4) Hill coolies [Bourne & Sherpherd catalogue title: Hill coolies with khiltas and dandy.] 
Photo 222/(5) Waterfall near Simla. 
Photo 222/(6) Temple near waterfall, Simla. 
Photo 222/(7) View on the Sutlej [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: The Sutlej, above Barung.] 
Photo 222/(8) View on the Sutlej. 
Photo 222/(9) View on the Sutlej. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: The Sutlej near Barung.] 
Photo 222/(10) Nogree Bridge and bungalow. 
Photo 222/(11) Temple at Chergaon, Himalaya. 
Photo 222/(12) Camp of officers 23rd Pioneers near Teranda, Himalaya. 
Photo 222/(13) Waterfall near Serahan - Himalaya. 
Photo 222/(14) View from new road near Rogi. 
Photo 222/(15) Deodars, near Simla. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Deodars, 35 feet and 37 feet in circumference]. 
Photo 222/(16) On the road to Narkunda - Himalaya, 9,000 ft. Abies Smithiana. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: View in Narkunda Forest.] 
Photo 222/(17) Snowy heights from Wanga Valley, Himalaya. 
Photo 222/(18) View in Wanga Valley. 
Photo 222/(19) Deodar - 42 feet in circumference, near Simla. 
Photo 222/(20) View near Teranda - Himalaya. 
Photo 222/(21) View from Taree Pass [Spiti Range]. 
Photo 222/(22) Sir Hugh Rose's Bungalow, Maharao. Near Simla, Oaks [View of The Retreat, Mashobra]. 
Photo 222/(23) View in Wanga Valley. 
Photo 222/(24) Kaiser Passund Palace from S. West, Lucknow. 
Photo 222/(25) Chutter Munzil from the south, Lucknow. 
Photo 222/(26) Chutter Munzil from the Goomtee, Lucknow. 
Photo 222/(27) Ruins of Residency and Banqueting Hall, Lucknow. 
Photo 222/(28) Bayley [Baillie] Guard Gate, Lucknow 
Photo 222/(29) Royal Tombs, Lucknow. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue caption: Tomb of Zenab Aliya, (Mahomed Ali Shah's wife,) built on the model of the Taj at Agra.] 
Photo 222/(30) Lahore Gate of Delhi Palace [ie Red Fort]. 
Photo 222/(31) Jamma Musjid - Delhi. 
Photo 222/(32) Interior of Jumma Musjid, Delhi. 
Photo 222/(33) The Kala Musjid near Delhi. 
Photo 222/(34) The Cashmere Gate - City of Delhi. 
Photo 222/(35) Tomb of Humaioon [Humayun's Tomb, Delhi]. 
Photo 222/(36) The Great Arch & Iron Column near the Kootub Minar [Delhi]. 
Photo 222/(37) Corridor formed of ancient Boodhistic columns, Kootub Minar [Remains of Hindu architecture near the Kutub, - colonnade of the Temple of Bhoot-khana of Pirthwi Raja]. 
Photo 222/(38) Madrissa of Imam Zamin, Kootub Minar. [Alai Darwaza]. 
Photo 222/(39) The Taj from the Garden [Agra]. 
Photo 222/(40) The Taj from the River, Agra. 
Photo 222/(41) General view of the Taj Mahal from the bank of the River Jumna, Agra. 
Photo 222/(42) The Taj from the lower Terrace [Agra]. 
Photo 222/(43) Exterior of gate of Taj, Agra. 
Photo 222/(44) Tomb of Etmad-al-Dowlah [Itimad-ud-daulah], Agra. 
Photo 222/(45) Interior of Akbar's Palace, Agra Fort. 
Photo 222/(46) Jehangiri Mahal, Fort of Agra. 
Photo 222/(47) The Golden Temple, Umritsar. 
Photo 222/(48) Babalut Temple [Baba Atal Tower], Umritsar. Flying foxes in the tree. 
Photo 222/(49) Interior of Great Musjid, Lahore Citadel. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Gate of Mosque from Minaret.] 
Photo 222/(50) Date trees - near Lahore. 
Photo 222/(51) Citadel of Lahore from the Hazooree Bagh. 
Photo 222/(52) Golden domed temple, Kangra. 
Photo 222/(53) Temple of Byjnath, Kangra Valley. 
Photo 222/(54) Temple at Byjnath, Kangra Valley. 
Photo 222/(55) Dharmsala, from the Barracks. 
Photo 222/(56) Kholee River at Rhotee. 
Photo 222/(57) Balain Pass between Dhurmsala & the Ravee River. 
Photo 222/(58) Near Balain Pass. 
Photo 222/(59) View on the road to Kashmir [near Budrawar]. 
Photo 222/(60) Budrawar - Kashmir. 
Photo 222/(61) Below the Meribul Pass - into Cashmere. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: View below the Meribul Pass, Singpore.] 
Photo 222/(62) Large chunar at Achabul - Kashmir, 5000 ft. 
Photo 222/(63) Ruins of Martund from N.E. 
Photo 222/(64) View on the Jhelum - Serinuggur - Capital of Cashmere. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Down the River, from the third Bridge.] 
Photo 222/(65) View on the Dhul Canal - Kashmir [Srinagar]. 
Photo 222/(66) View on the Jhelum - Tukht-i-Suliman in the distance - [Srinagar,] Cashmere - Planes & poplars. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: On the Dhul Canal, with Tukt-i-Soliman.] 
Photo 222/(67) Avenue of vines & poplars - Srinuggur - Cashmere. 
Photo 222/(68) Shalimar Gardens, Kashmir. 
Photo 222/(69) Cascades on Scinde River. 
Photo 222/(70) Manus Bul from hill above encamping ground. 
Photo 222/(71) Near Zoji-la Pass, Western Himalayas, border of Tibet. 
Photo 222/(72) Watercourse from the Zojji-la Pass, Scinde Valley. 
Photo 222/(73) Sunset on Manus Bul, Lake of Cashmere. 
Photo 222/(74) Baramula from above the bridge: Jhelum River. 
Photo 222/(75) Murree. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Murree, glimpse through the forest.] 
Photo 222/(76) Murree - Himalaya. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Murree. Ashleigh, view from tank.] 
Photo 222/(77) Glen near Kt [Kulu Valley]. 
Photo 222/(78) The Kulu Valley below Rusala. 
Photo 222/(79) Small waterfall above Prini, Kulu. 
Photo 222/(80) Himalaya, near Tibet. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Valley and snowy peaks seen from the Hamta Pass, Spiti side.] 
Photo 222/(81) The Hamta Pass between Kulu and Spiti. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: View from the Hamta Pass, taken at sunrise, cloudless morning.] 
Photo 222/(82) View of the great Shigri Glacier. 
Photo 222/(83) Upper Sutlej Valley, Spiti - borders of Tibet. Alluvial deposits cut through by river [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Curious formations on the Spiti River at Kioto, Spiti]. 
Photo 222/(84) Alluvial beds near Spiti - results of aerial degradation, Upper Sutlej, 10,000ft. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: View of curious gravel formations on the Lagudarsi Stream at Kioto, Spiti.] 
Photo 222/(85) Dunkar Fort, Upper Sutlej, near Tibetan border. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Distant view of Dunkar and the Spiti Valley.] 
Photo 222/(86) Near Manirung Pass, Tibet. [Bourne and Shepherd catalogue title: Evening on the mountains, - view from below the Manirung Pass.] 
Photo 222/(87) Snowy pass into Kashmir [the Manirang Pass]. 
Photo 222/(88) Glacier below the Manirung Pass, 18,600 ft. 
Photo 222/(89) Snowy peak and glacier near the Manirung Pass. 
Photo 222/(90) The village of Lipi [Spiti Valley]. 
Photo 222/(91) The Buspa Valley from Sungla. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Buspa Valley from Sungla. This view gives the best idea of this beautiful valley.] 
Photo 222/(92) The Buspa Valley at Sancha. 
Photo 222/(93) Rocky channel of the Ganges at Bhairam Ghati. 
Photo 222/(94) Mount Moira & other snows from the Gangotri Glacier. 
Photo 222/(95) Range of snowy peaks above the Gangootri Glacier. 
Photo 222/(96) Snowy peaks of Jumnotri, near source of Jumna. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Bunderpooch (the Jumnootrie Peak), a peep from the heights above Agora.] 
Photo 222/(97) Small lake in mountains, 11-12,000 ft. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: View of 'Dodee Tal' a beautiful lake east of Jumnootri, and 12 miles north of the village of Agora, situated near the foot of the Jumnootri Peaks...] 
Photo 222/(98) The Batta Waterfall below Mussoorie. 
Photo 222/(99) Hardwar from opposite bank of the Ganges. 
Photo 222/(100) Ficus Indica, Banyan (Hardwar). 
Photo 222/(101) Naini Tal from the South-East. 
Photo 222/(102) Naini Tal [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Nynee Tal, from the Nawab of Rampore's House]. 
Photo 222/(103) Naini Tal. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Nynee Tal, A peep from near the Lieut.-Governor's.] 
Photo 222/(104) Naini Tal [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Nynee Tal, A peep of the lake, showing the Assembly Rooms and Hotel]. 
Photo 222/(105) Quereus floribunda, Rhodedendron arboreum - Nynee Tal (the hill on the opposite side is where the slip was). [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Nynee Tal, a peep from western side, oaks in foreground.] 
Photo 222/(106) Naini Tal - Himalaya. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Nynee Tal, a peep at the south end of the lake.] 
Photo 222/(107) Naini Tal - Himalaya [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Nynee Tal, Artist's 'bit' (trees overhanging the lake at the south end)]. 
Photo 222/(108) Precipices near Nynee Tal, outer range of Himalaya overlooking plain. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Nynee Tal: the Landslip.] 
Photo 222/(109) Naini Tal. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Nynee Tal, Artist's 'bit' (trees overhanging lake at the South End).] 
Photo 222/(110) Naini Tal. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Nynee Tal, view looking towards the south end of Lake showing Welham House.] 
Photo 222/(111) Marble rocks on the Nerbudda. 
Photo 222/(112) The Mall in winter. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Simla in Winter. View on the Mall near Barnes' Court.] 
Photo 222/(113) Simla - Oaks. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Simla in Winter. On the Mall, north of Jakko.] 
Photo 222/(114) View on the Mall near Glenarm, Simla. [Simla in Winter series.] 
Photo 222/(115) Simla - deodars [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Simla in Winter: A view on the Mall below 'Woodville']. 
Photo 222/(116) Deodar, Simla, 7000 ft. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Simla in Winter. 'Prospect Hill', a peep from near the Club.] 
Photo 222/(117) Deodars - Simla. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Pic-nic amongst the trees at Annandale.] 
Photo 222/(118) Simla. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: The Mall, from the Bowlee near 'Glenarm'.] 
Photo 222/(119) Simla. [Bourne & Shepherd catalogue title: Simla. Sylvan scene north of Jakko.] 
Photo 222/(120) Sir Hugh Rose's bungalow, Mahasu. Pine tree and vine. 
Photo 222/(121) View on the Sutlej. 
Photo 222/(122) View on the Sutlej. 
Photo 222/(123) General view of Wanga Valley. 
Photo 222/(124) Roorkee - View on Plains - Sissoo & Sirrus. 
Photo 222/(125) View on the Jhelum [Takht-i-Sulaiman, from the river at Pandretton.] 
Photo 222/(126) Ficus religiosa, peepul [tree]. 
Photo 222/(127) [Unidentified cantonment, (?)possibly Roorkee.] 
Photo 222/(128) Prince of Wales' tent, Delhi. 

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