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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 218/

Album of Indian views.

Photographers: Nicholas & Co., Hooper & Western, F. Molteno, B. Sorabjee and others unknown
Contents: 147 prints 51x85mm to 236x285mm Albumen prints
Provenance: Presented by Folkestone Public Libraries, Museum and Art Gallery, date unrecorded.
Description: Album (rebound in modern red buckram post-binding) measuring 281x410mm, with print pasted down onto page. Prints 138-47 are loosely inserted at end of album. The majority are lightly captioned in pencil in a contemporary hand. Although unsigned many of the views and cartes de visite sized prints are probably the work of the Madras photographer Nicholas & Co (print 35, is duplicated at Photo 394 (78) and there stamped 'Nicholas Bros.'). The majority of views appear to date from the 1870s, although the Hooper & Western prints (65-6) may have been made in the late 1860s.

The album can be broken down into the following subjects:
Prints 1-14 Egypt, Suez Canal, Aden.
Print 15-67 Madras, Guindy and surrounding areas: topographical views, ethnographical studies, etc.
Prints 68-76 Egypt, mainly Alexandria.
Prints 77-84 Gwalior and unidentified Indian views.
Prints 85-137 Views in France and Scotland: not individually listed.
Print 138-46 Loose prints, mainly duplicates of material in album.
[Unnumbered] Three small pencil sketches of little merit of Madras scenes.

Album contents:-
Photo 218/(1) Gibraltar. 
Photo 218/(2) Cairo from the Citadel. 
Photo 218/(3) Street in Cairo. 
Photo 218/(4) Mosque of Amer, old Cairo. 
Photo 218/(5) Great Pyramid & Sphinx [Gizeh]. 
Photo 218/(6) Pyramids [Gizeh]. 
Photo 218/(7) Cairo. 
Photo 218/(8) [The Pyramids at Gizeh]. 
Photo 218/(9) [The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx at Gizeh.] 
Photo 218/(10) [The Sphinx at Gizeh.] 
Photo 218/(11) [The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx at Gizeh.] 
Photo 218/(12) Suez Canal. 
Photo 218/(13) Tanks at Aden. 
Photo 218/(14) Aden. 
Photo 218/(15) Bamboos & palmyra palm tree, Madras. 
Photo 218/(16) The Pier, Madras. 
Photo 218/(17) The beach, P. & O. Office, etc., Madras. 
Photo 218/(18) The beach, Fort St George, Lighthouse, etc., Madras. 
Photo 218/(19) On the Mount Road, Madras, neem or peepul tree. 
Photo 218/(20) On the Mount Road, Madras, Bamboo Bazaar. 
Photo 218/(21) Street in Triplicane, Madras. 
Photo 218/(22) Fort St George, Madras. 
Photo 218/(23) Breakfast sellers, Madras. 
Photo 218/(24) Marine Villa, Madras. 
Photo 218/(25) Government House, Madras. 
Photo 218/(26) Commissariat bullocks [Madras]. 
Photo 218/(27) Tomb of Fuzeebub Oonissa Begum, favorite daughter of Prince Azim Jah Bahadur, Sydapiet, Madras. 
Photo 218/(28) Triplicane Mosque, Madras. 
Photo 218/(29) Wudders [Woddas], Madras. 
Photo 218/(30) Wuddras [Woddas], Madras. 
Photo 218/(31) Hindoo temple at Triplicane [Madras], dedicated to Vishnu, as Parthasarathi. 
Photo 218/(32) Brahmins. Vaishnavas of the Vadakalay sect [Madras]. 
Photo 218/(33) P. Appasawmy Pillay's Tank at Washerman's Pettah [Madras]. 
Photo 218/(34) Wayside shrine, Poonamallee Road [Madras]. 
Photo 218/(35) Pottery horses in front of a temple in Black Town [Madras]. Annamalli Civil. 
Photo 218/(36) St Thomas' Mount, Mess House of Royal Artillery, church on the hill. Flight of steps built by Peter Uscan the Armenian circ. 1750. 
Photo 218/(37) Wudders [Madras]. 
Photo 218/(38) Bullock trainer [Madras]. 
Photo 218/(39) Grass-cutter and child [Madras]. 
Photo 218/(40) Old Artillery bullocks [Madras]. 
Photo 218/(41) Jewellers at work [Madras]. 
Photo 218/(42) Saiva Brahman reading a Cadjan [Madras]. 
Photo 218/(43) Hindoo caste ladies [Madras]. 
Photo 218/(44) Marmalong Bridge, built by Peter Uscan. The Adyar [River]. Dhobies at work. Bridge at Sydapet. 
Photo 218/(45) Guindy Park [near Madras]. 
Photo 218/(46) Government House, Guindy [near Madras]. 
Photo 218/(47) [Government House] Guindy [near Madras]. 
Photo 218/(48) Pekottah for raising water [Madras]. 
Photo 218/(49) Box-wallah [Madras]. 
Photo 218/(50) Brahman Vaishnava Vadahalay [Madras]. 
Photo 218/(51) [Group at] Guindy [near Madras]. 
Photo 218/(52) [Government House,] Guindy, north side of house. 
Photo 218/(53) Madras Hunt, 1874. Side door of Guindy. 
Photo 218/(54) Ahmed [a pony]. 
Photo 218/(55) [Group at Government House,] Ootacamund, 1872. 
Photo 218/(56) Delhi Gate [sic], Coutub Minar [Delhi]. 
Photo 218/(57) Bodyguard 'Taboot' at the Mohurrum, 1873. 
Photo 218/(58) Wadders [Woddas]. 
Photo 218/(59) Wadders [Woddas]. 
Photo 218/(60) Wadders [Woddas]. 
Photo 218/(61) Pyal School [?Madras]. Children pulling each other's ears, as a punishment. 
Photo 218/(62) Pyal School [?Madras]. 
Photo 218/(63) Lady Napier's School for Caste Girls [?Madras]. Mrs and Miss Satthianahdan. Native schoolmaster and servants. 
Photo 218/(64) [Bust of an unidentified Indian.] 
Photo 218/(65) [Pottery seller's shop, Madras district.] 
Photo 218/(66) [Domestic scene with woman grinding (?)corn, Madras area.] 
Photo 218/(67) [Unidentified European building, (?)Madras.] 
Photo 218/(68) [Arab group, Egypt.] 
Photo 218/(69) [Arab woman, Egypt.] 
Photo 218/(70) [Arab group, Egypt.] 
Photo 218/(71) [Group of Indian sculpture fragments.] 
Photo 218/(72) [Main Square, Alexandria.] 
Photo 218/(73) [Temples at Philae, Egypt.] 
Photo 218/(74) [Temple at Philae, Egypt.] 
Photo 218/(75) [Pompey's Pillar, Alexandria.] 
Photo 218/(76) [Cleopatra's Needle, Alexandria.] 
Photo 218/(77) [Distant view of Gwalior Fort.] 
Photo 218/(78) [View from Gwalior Fort over surrounding country.] 
Photo 218/(79) Gwalior 
Photo 218/(80) Gwalior [portion of caption illegible]. 
Photo 218/(81) [Large Sasbahu Temple,] Gwalior. 
Photo 218/(82) [Unidentified scene, possibly bungalows in a cantonment, India.] 
Photo 218/(83) [Unidentified garden, India.] 
Photo 218/(84) [Unidentified ghat, India.] 
Photo 218/(85) European scene. 
Photo 218/(138) [Qutb Minar, Delhi.] 
Photo 218/(139) [Marine Villa, Madras.] 
Photo 218/(140) [Pyal School, Madras.] 
Photo 218/(141) [European group and carriages outside Government House, Guindy.] 
Photo 218/(142) Parthasawrathees [Parthasarathi] Temple, Triplicane [Madras]. 
Photo 218/(143) [Military barracks] Plymouth. 
Photo 218/(144) [Presentation clock, Regimental Rifle Match, 1875.] 
Photo 218/(145) [The Sphinx at Gizeh.] 
Photo 218/(146) Chillon. 
Photo 218/(147) [Unidentified stained glass window.] 

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