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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 147/1

Bayley Collection: Album of miscellaneous Indian views

Photographers: Samuel Bourne, Felice Beato, Oscar Mallitte, Saché, Josiah Rowe, Chota Meer, Dannenberg, Eugene Impey and others unknown
Contents: 113 prints 57x72mm to Albumen and salted paper prints
Provenance: Presented by Miss Félicité Hardcastle, 24 April 1962.
Notes: See also Mss Eur D.661 (Canning Memorial Album), also presented by Miss Hardcastle. Details of donation in file IOR/L/R/10/76.
Subjects: Indian architecture - Islamic - British colonial architecture
Description: Green post-bound album (modern rebinding) measuring 393x375mm, containing mounted prints with handwritten captions, belonging to Sir Edward Clive Bayley. The photographs are mostly topographical and architectural views in northern India, particularly at Simla and Lucknow. The Lucknow views are from the immediate post-Mutiny period and the individual photographers' names have been written beneath each print. There are two large group portraits at the beginning of the album, one of the Government of India with the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII). The album alcontains a lithograph of Henry Havelock.

Album contents:-
Photo 147/1(1) [Large European group at] Simla. 
Photo 147/1(2) Group at Government House, Calcutta, during visit of HRH [the Prince of Wales], 1876. 
Photo 147/1(3) Jakkho Hill, Simla. Part of the road round 'Jakkho' ...with Elysium Hill on the right 
Photo 147/1(4) View of Simla from a Hill called 'Prospect Point'. 
Photo 147/1(5) [General view of Simla.] 
Photo 147/1(6) The Viceroy's Camp, Delhi, January 1877, for the Proclamation of the Queen as Empress of India. 
Photo 147/1(7) The Buddhist temple, Markunda [Narkanda], nr Simla, 1877. 
Photo 147/1(8) Hindoo temple near the Kootub Pillar, [Delhi]. 
Photo 147/1(9) Arcade of Hindoo Pillars, erected near the Kootub Pillar, [Delhi]. 
Photo 147/1(10) Kootub Pillar. 14 miles from Dehlie. 262 feet high. 
Photo 147/1(11) Mahommedan Tomb near the Kootub Pillar, [Delhi]. 
Photo 147/1(12) Another view of same building [Alai Darwaza] with portion of the Kootub, [Delhi]. 
Photo 147/1(13) Ruins of Sir Hugh Wheeler's entrenchment at Cawnpore. 
Photo 147/1(14) Metcalfe House, Delhie. South West view. 
Photo 147/1(15) Stables at Metcalfe House where a picket was stationed during Siege of 1857. 
Photo 147/1(16) Mahommedan Arches, near the Kootub Pillar, [Delhi]. 
Photo 147/1(17) Ruins of Metcalfe House, Delhie. West view. 
Photo 147/1(18) Maharaja Hindoo Rao's House on the Ridge overlooking the city of Dehlie, where a picket of the Rifles was stationed during the Siege of Dehlie, 1857. 
Photo 147/1(19) Position of the Crow's Nest Battery during the siege of Dehlie, 1857. 
Photo 147/1(20) Iron Pillar near the Kootub, [Delhi]. 
Photo 147/1(21) Banyan Tree on the Canal at Dehlie. 
Photo 147/1(22) Ludlow Castle, Delhie, formerly Sir Theo's Metcalfe's Office. 
Photo 147/1(23) Ruins of the Bank House at Dehlie, the property of Mr Dyce Sombre's Family. 
Photo 147/1(24) 'Kunkerwalla Kotee' in the 'Huzurut Gunge' at Lucknow. 
Photo 147/1(25) View of the 'Place' at Lucknow, with the Kaiser Bagh in the rear. + [marks] the gateway beneath which General Neil (1st ME) was killed, Sept 1857. 
Photo 147/1(26) Monument raised on the 'Place' at Lucknow to the memory of Sir M. Jackson, Capt Orr & Lt Burnes who were murdered near this spot by the Sepoys, Nov 1857. 
Photo 147/1(27) Principal entrance into the Kaiser Bagh or King's Palace, Lucknow. 
Photo 147/1(28) Marble Bridge and Pavilions in the Inner Square of the Kaiser Bagh, [Lucknow]. 
Photo 147/1(29) The 'Kaiser Pussund' or King's private residence in the Kaiser Bagh, [Lucknow], built by Wajid Alee Shah (last King of Oude) in 1848. 
Photo 147/1(30) View of the 'Chutter Munzil' (one of the Kings Palaces) on the banks of the Goomtee, as it appeared after the final capture of Lucknow in March 1858. 
Photo 147/1(31) View of the 'Chutter Munzil' Palace, [Lucknow], after it had been repaired & beautified by HM Govt in 1858. 
Photo 147/1(32) View of the Dil-aram ke Kotee, on the Goomtee opposite the Chutter Munzil, Lucknow. 
Photo 147/1(33) The 'Martinière' College, built and endowed by General Martine at Lucknow. 
Photo 147/1(34) [The gateway of the Jami Masjid, Lucknow.] 
Photo 147/1(35) Ruins of the Residency showing the room where Sir H. Lawrence was killed, July 1857. 
Photo 147/1(36) [Aurangzeb's Mosque, Machhi Bhavan, Lucknow.] 
Photo 147/1(37) Ruins of the Residency, Lucknow. 
Photo 147/1(38) Church in the Cantonment, Lucknow, designed by Major Crommelin, BE, consecrated, November 1860. 
Photo 147/1(39) West view of the Martinière College, Lucknow. 
Photo 147/1(40) Back front of the Chutter Munzil, Lucknow. 
Photo 147/1(41) The Dilkoosha House, Lucknow. 
Photo 147/1(42) The Broken Bridge, Lucknow. 
Photo 147/1(43) Centre Street of the Governor General's Camp. 
Photo 147/1(44) Eddie & Charlie in their Shigram, 1860. 
Photo 147/1(45) [Copy of a sketch of] Candaharee Bagh, Agra. 
Photo 147/1(46) Shalimar Gardens, Lahore. 
Photo 147/1(47) Col Abbott's House, Lucknow. 
Photo 147/1(48) [View looking over the Maidan to Chowringhee Road, from the top of the Ochterlony Monument, Calcutta.] 
Photo 147/1(49) [Panorama of Calcutta in eight parts.] 
Photo 147/1(50) Annandale, Simla. 
Photo 147/1(51) Tomb [of Iltutmish] near the Kootub, Dehlie. 
Photo 147/1(52) Fort of Rajgarh, Ulwar, Rajpootana. 
Photo 147/1(53) [View of temples and tank at Alwar.] 
Photo 147/1(54) [View of a pool by a temple], Alwar. 
Photo 147/1(55) Nagree Bungalow on Tunla & Thibet Road. 
Photo 147/1(56) Rajahs Palace, Serahun, Bissalur[?]. 
Photo 147/1(57) [Mountain scenery in Wanga Valley.] 
Photo 147/1(58) [View in Wanga Valley.] 
Photo 147/1(59) [The Balayn Pass into Ravi Valley.] 
Photo 147/1(60) View of Dharmsala in East Kangra Valley. 
Photo 147/1(61) [Distant view of] Dharmsala Church, 'St John's in the Wilderness'. 
Photo 147/1(62) Stone colonnade at Allahabad. Designed by E.C. Bayley, 1860, for the accomodation of natives attending suits in the law courts. 
Photo 147/1(63) Tablet is inserted within end of the building commemorating that the building was designed by Edward Clive Bayley, ...Magistrate of Allahabad, 1860. 
Photo 147/1(64) [Purdah carriage drawn by bullocks.] 
Photo 147/1(65) [View of a well with a device for drawing water.] 
Photo 147/1(66) [Purdah carriage passing a lake in a rural setting.] 
Photo 147/1(67) [Group of women spinning.] 
Photo 147/1(68) [View of a temple entrance.] 
Photo 147/1(69) [View of a gateway in Alwar.] 
Photo 147/1(70) [Study of a camel.] 
Photo 147/1(71) [View of a triple-arched gateway overgrown with vegetatation.] 
Photo 147/1(72) [Colossal Jina idol at Parasnagar, Alwar.] 
Photo 147/1(73) [Washermen and women at work.] 
Photo 147/1(74) [Cheetahs and their keepers.] 
Photo 147/1(75) [Street scene in Bundi looking towards the palace.] 
Photo 147/1(76) [Part of the palace and citadel, Amber.] 
Photo 147/1(77) [General view of Amber.] 
Photo 147/1(78) [View of a Hindu temple in a jungle setting.] 
Photo 147/1(79) The 'Taj' at Agra with Cypress avenue. 
Photo 147/1(80) [Near view of a Hindu temple.] 
Photo 147/1(81) Chuttree at Rajgarh. 
Photo 147/1(82) [State elephant, Rajasthan.] 
Photo 147/1(83) [A tiger at night.] 
Photo 147/1(84) 2 cheetahs belonging to Maharajah of Jeypore, with their keepers. 
Photo 147/1(85) [Purdah carriage drawn by bullocks.] 
Photo 147/1(86) The iron pillar and Mohammedan Arch and Jain pillars at the Kutb, Delhi, 1874. 
Photo 147/1(87) [Entrance to Jaipur.] 
Photo 147/1(88) [Entrance to Jaipur.] 
Photo 147/1(89) [General view on the Mall], Simla, winter of 1867-68. 
Photo 147/1(90) The Mall at Simla [under snow], winter of 1867-68. 
Photo 147/1(91) Simla buried in snow, 1868. 
Photo 147/1(92) View of Simla church & bazaar looking down from south west side of Jacko. 
Photo 147/1(93) View of the Church & Bazaar at Simla. Taken from 'The Mall' below, 1877. 
Photo 147/1(94) [General view of hillsides at Simla.] 
Photo 147/1(95) [Road scene in] Simla, 1877. 
Photo 147/1(96) The Church, Simla, where my brother was married, 1851 & my children Theresa & Katie were [chr]istened, 1866, 1867. 
Photo 147/1(97) Part of our garden at 'The Park', Simla, 1873. 
Photo 147/1(98) The Race Course at Annandale, Simla, 1877. 
Photo 147/1(99) 'Peterhoff'. The Viceroy's residence, Simla, 1877. 
Photo 147/1(100) The Lake. Nainee Thal, 1876. 
Photo 147/1(101) [View of a European woman being carried in a type of palanquin.] 
Photo 147/1(102) View of the Valley of the Waterfalls below Simla - taken from the Magistrates Office, 1877. 
Photo 147/1(103) The Emperor Humayons Tomb, 3 miles from Dehlie. Red sandstone & white marble. We spent Xmas Day, 1871, on the terrace. 
Photo 147/1(104) The Golden Temple at Umritsur, Punjab, where the Sikhs worship. 
Photo 147/1(105) In the groves round Alipore nr Calcutta. 
Photo 147/1(106) Alipore nr Calcutta. 
Photo 147/1(107) [General view of] Simla, 1888. 
Photo 147/1(108) Simla in 1888. 
Photo 147/1(109) [General view in Simla.] 
Photo 147/1(110) [Portrait of an unidentified Indian man.] 
Photo 147/1(111) [Burmese pagoda in Eden Gardens, Calcutta.] 
Photo 147/1(112) [Hardinge's statue, Calcutta.] 
Photo 147/1(113) [Portrait of] Ameer Ali. 

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