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Photographs Album details for shelfmark MSS Eur F157/324

Bailey Collection: G.A. Nevill, 'Report on the Aka Promenade, 1913-14.'

Photographers: Robert Siggins Kennedy
Contents: 34 prints 135x85mm Printing-out paper
Description: Printed report measuring 210x335mm containing 34 original prints tipped-in, with brief letterpress captions beneath. The photographs accompany the report by G.A. Nevill, Political Officer, Western Section, North-East Frontier, on his visit to the Aka Hills, the purpose of which is outlined at the start of the report: 'On the 17th November I was informed by telegraph that my proposals to visit the Aka Hills had been approved by the Government of India and that two lakhs had been allotted to cover the expenditure of the expedition. The objects of the expedition were to visit the Aka country and to establish friendly relations with the inhabitants; if time allowed, to visit the Mijis and the people living north of the Akas and to survey as much country as possible...' British officers who served on the expedition were: Captain G.A. Nevill, Political Officer, Captain A.L.M. Molesworth, Gurkha Rifles, Assistant Political Officer, Captain A.M. Graham, Naga Hills Military Police, commanding escort, Captain G.D. Mathew, Naga Hills Military Police, Captain W.B. Dunlop, Supply and Transport Corps, in charge of supplies, Captain R.S. Kennedy, I.M.S., in medical charge, and Lieutenant P.G. Huddleston, R.E., Survey.

The photographer is not credited in the body of the report, but a number of prints are duplicated elsewhere in the Bailey Collection (see Photo 1083/37 prints 33-34, 36) and are there credited to Kennedy.

Album contents:-
Mss Eur F157/324(1) Tagi Raja. 
Mss Eur F157/324(2) Group of Royalties. 
Mss Eur F157/324(3) Group of Royalties. 
Mss Eur F157/324(4) Tagi Raja [at Jamiri]. 
Mss Eur F157/324(5) Tagi Raja [at Jamiri]. 
Mss Eur F157/324(6) An Aka girl [Gohaintan]. 
Mss Eur F157/324(7) Kavatsun Aka of rank [at Jamiri]. 
Mss Eur F157/324(8) Miji Headman [Duppen area]. 
Mss Eur F157/324(9) Miji woman [Duppen area]. 
Mss Eur F157/324(10) Group of Mijis [Duppen area]. 
Mss Eur F157/324(11) Tenga River. 
Mss Eur F157/324(12) Miri Aka country. 
Mss Eur F157/324(13) Bichom Bridge. 
Mss Eur F157/324(14) Group of Daflas [at Riang]. 
Mss Eur F157/324(15) In Riang village. 
Mss Eur F157/324(16) Punishment [burning grain stores at Yefan]. 
Mss Eur F157/324(17) Camp at Jamiri. 
Mss Eur F157/324(18) Tenga Valley. 
Mss Eur F157/324(19) In camp [Jamiri]. 
Mss Eur F157/324(20) Tawang Monastery. 
Mss Eur F157/324(21) The Sela. 
Mss Eur F157/324(22) Trade route north of Sela. 
Mss Eur F157/324(23) Guru Rimpoche [at Hlau]. 
Mss Eur F157/324(24) Tsona Jongpens. 
Mss Eur F157/324(25) Tsona Tibetans. 
Mss Eur F157/324(26) Cultivation near Dirang Dzong. 
Mss Eur F157/324(27) Spruce trees on the Mandala. 
Mss Eur F157/324(28) On the trade route near Kalaktang. 
Mss Eur F157/324(29) Paper-making near Tawang. 
Mss Eur F157/324(30) A group of Monbas. 
Mss Eur F157/324(31) Tawang Monbas. 
Mss Eur F157/324(32) A But villager. 
Mss Eur F157/324(33) Headman of Rupa. 
Mss Eur F157/324(34) Village of But. 

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