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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 1106/3

Douglas Collection: Miscellaneous portraits and views.

Photographers: L.K. Mitchell, Bourne & Shepherd, Antoin Sevruguin and others unknown
Contents: 18 prints 98x90mm to 211x354mm Albumen prints, gelatin silver prints, platinum print
Provenance: Collection presented by Colonel John Sholto Douglas. Transferred from OIOC European Manuscripts (Mss Eur D995/6).
Description: Miscellaneous collection of 18 loose prints, the majority uncaptioned: individual portraits and portrait groups, topographical and architectural views. From the collection of Colonel Walter Binny Douglas (1868-1939), Indian Army 1892-1921.

Album contents:-
Photo 1106/3(1) Group portrait of Staff of Army Head Quarters, India. 
Photo 1106/3(2) Group officers of Gardner's Horse, 2nd Bengal Lancers. 
Photo 1106/3(3) Group of military officers with James Archibald Douglas. 
Photo 1106/3(4) Graham-Lawrence Wedding group with officers of the Royal Irish Regiment, Jubbulpore, 28 March 1896. 
Photo 1106/3(5) Unidentified group, probably in Central India. 
Photo 1106/3(6) 7th Indian Division Hunt, Attock. 
Photo 1106/3(7) Last day [of Hunt] at Hatti - January 1942. Self on Flame. 
Photo 1106/3(8) Kennedy House, Simla. 
Photo 1106/3(9) Bengal Infantry Band, Nowgong. 
Photo 1106/3(10) Military parade [?Nowgong]. 
Photo 1106/3(11) Group of refugees taken near the Legation stables [Teheran]. (This isn't all of them). 
Photo 1106/3(12) The midday meal being laid out [Teheran]. Each dish is 4 men's allowance (Persian bread and vegetables, etc). 
Photo 1106/3(13) Indian soldier with camel. 
Photo 1106/3(14) Iron Pillar and Qutb Minar, Delhi. 
Photo 1106/3(15) Dancers and musicians performing in the hall of an unidentified Indian palace, Jabalpur. 
Photo 1106/3(16) Interior of a European house, possibly in Simla. 
Photo 1106/3(17) Portrait of Hamid Ali Khan. 
Photo 1106/3(18) Portrait of Sir Jagajit Singh, Maharaja of Kapurthala. 

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