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Photographs Album details for shelfmark MSS Eur F197/655

Younghusband Collection: Photographs of mountain scenery and mountaineering in the Himalayas and Karakorams.

Photographers: Various, including A.M. Heron, Harold Somervell, Major Mason, Bentley Beetham, Vittorio Sella, Eric Shipton
Contents: 162 prints 80x52mm to 292x212mm Various: printing-out paper, gelatin silver prints
Provenance: Part bequeathed by Dame Eileen Younghusband, part deposited by her executors
Description: Collection of 155 loose prints, divided into the following categories:

Prints 1-15 Commercial views of mountain scenery, including the Sind Valley, Liddar Valley, Baltoro Glacier, K2. The majority of these appear to date from the 1890s-1900s. Several are stamped on the reverse, 'From A.M. Heath & Co., Ltd., 7 Golden House, Great Pulteney Street, London', and a number have page numbers referring to a so-far unidentified publication or other reference. Some of these views are by Vittorio Sella, taken during the Duke of Abruzzi's 1909 expedition to the Himalayas and Karakoram mountains.

Prints 16-17 Two views of mountain scenery, one a panorama, c. 1920s, the other a view down the Shaksgam River 'Taken by Major Mason 1926'.

Prints 18-19 Two postcard views of Mount Everest, credited to Dr A.M. Heron and Dr Howard Somervell.

Prints 20-155 Snapshot views, some or all relating to the 1924 Everest Expedition. Probably photographed by Bentley Beetham.

Prints 156-159 Four large rolled prints, in poor condition, of mountain scenery, 1909-37. Stored separately as Mss Eur F197/655(b).

Prints 160-162 Additional snapshots from 1924 Everest Expedition.

Album contents:-
Mss Eur F197/655(1) Sind Valley. 
Mss Eur F197/655(2) Coolies crossing avalanche below Sonamarg. 
Mss Eur F197/655(3) Above Pailgam (Liddar Valley). 
Mss Eur F197/655(4) K2 from Baltoro Glacier. 
Mss Eur F197/655(5) Baltoro Glacier and the range of Masherbrum Mountains. 
Mss Eur F197/655(6) Biafo Glacier and Valley above Askoley [?Askol]. 
Mss Eur F197/655(7) Sonamarg. 
Mss Eur F197/655(8) Nanga Parbat, from the [?]Gullies, near Murree. 
Mss Eur F197/655(9) Broad P. from Godwin Austen gl. below the Windy Gap. 
Mss Eur F197/655(10) Gusherbrum from Baltoro. 
Mss Eur F197/655(11) Mustagh P. and K2, Baltoro gl. on sunset from the glacier [word undeciphered] below [?]Chogolisa-lattel. 
Mss Eur F197/655(12) Mitre Peak - Muztagh Tower from the upper Baltoro gl. 
Mss Eur F197/655(13) Payu mountains and Baltoro from above Rdokass. 
Mss Eur F197/655(14) S. side of K2 at sunrise. 
Mss Eur F197/655(15) Minapin Glacier from bridge station between Minapin and Pisan. 
Mss Eur F197/655(16) Snows with cloud [?Himalayas from Darjiling]. 
Mss Eur F197/655(17) View down Shaksgam River from 36 40', L77 12', taken by Major Mason 1926. 
Mss Eur F197/655(18) Mount Everest from the Rongbuk Glacier [postcard]. 
Mss Eur F197/655(19) The first climbing party at 27,000 feet [on Mount Everest]. 
Mss Eur F197/655(20) Prints 20-155 and 160-62: Snapshots of the 1924 Everest Expedition. 
Mss Eur F197/655(156) Torre Mustagh dal Camo XI ai piedi del Golden Throne (telefotografia). Luglio 1909. 
Mss Eur F197/655(157) K2. 
Mss Eur F197/655(158) [Mount Everest from Base Camp.] 
Mss Eur F197/655(159) North face of K2. 

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