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Photographs Album details for shelfmark MSS Eur E278/86

Sir Robert Niel Reid Collection: Personal photograph album 1933-41.

Contents: 488 prints 52x54mm to 294x207mm Gelatin silver prints
Provenance: Deposited on permanent loan by Lady Reid and Mr E.D. Reid; subsequently presented by Brigadier D.W. Reid.
Description: Black cloth post-bound album measuring 375x270mm, in generally sound condition, containing prints mounted several to the page, captioned and dated in white ink. The collection records the personal and professional activities of Sir Robert Niel Reid during his time as Chief Secretary to the Government of Bengal 1932-34, Member of the Executive Council, Bengal 1934-37 and Governor of Assam 1937-42. The album contains a particularly valuable collection of portraits of ethnic groups at various gatherings in Assam and the subject matter can be broken down into the following subject areas:

Oct-Nov 1933. Visit to Jerusalem, including views of Government House and group including ; Amman, Baalbek, Acre; Nairn Transport coach in the desert; Damascus; Maude Bridge, Baghdad; Ctesiphon.
Dec 1933. Jaipur; Deoli Detention Camp.
Jun 1934. Groups at Darjiling.
1934 England (Thorpeness).
Mar 1935. Unveiling of (?)Glisson Memorial, Comilla.
1935. Family snapshots at The Glen, Darjiling and at Senchal.
Oct 1935. Trekking scenes, Sikkim.
Jan 1936. Wedding of Olga and Ronnie McInnes.
1935-36. Aerial views of Calcutta (Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Racecourse.
Nov 1936. Police group at Sarda.
Dec 1936. Family and social snapshots at 16 Belvedere Road, Calcutta.
Oct 1936. Scenes at Tonglu and Batasi.
Jul 1937. Angamis at Government House, Shillong.
1937. Armistice Day group, Shillong.
Nov 1937. River steamers on the Surma River at Sunamganj (S.L. 'Kotwal' and S.L. Lindsay').
Dec 1937. Views of Government House, Shillong; Christmas camp at Jamduar; elephant kheddah at Jalpaiguri
Jan 1938. River steamer 'Sonamukhi' at Gauhati; Ethnic groups parading and performing tribal dances at Imphal: Aos, Semas, Angamis, Konyaks, Nagas, Manipuri polo and wrestling; the Residency, Imphal; bird shoot at Logtak.
Feb 1938. Surma Valley Light Horse Camp, Silchar; views and group at Naibawi; visit to Aijal, Lushai Hills, with parade of the 1st Assam Rifles; garden party for Lushai chiefs at Superintendent's house, Aijal, including group of 'Miss Hughes and her Lushai choir'; views on the Dhaleswari River at Sairang.
Mar 1938. Tiger hunting on elephant at Kaziranga; group of Mikir girls.
1938. Scenes in Gilgit; Cherrapunji Circuit House.
Jul 1938. Government House, Dacca; views on board the river steamer 'Mary Anderson'; Dacca Races.
Sep-Oct 1938. Government House, Darjiling; groups at Senchal; view of Calcutta race course.
Dec 1938. Dening outpost; Abors at Pasighat; groups at Baiek.
Jan 1939. Visit to Naga Hills: Kangan outpost, Borjau, Wakching (Konyak girls dancing); Kongnyu camp, bungalow and bridge; Merankong; Dikhu camp and suspension bridge; Dikhu river at Yangmungmukh; gathering of Ao tribespeople at Mokochung and spring festival dance; Ao houses at Ungma.
Feb 1939. Visit to Charduah, groups of Aka chiefs and Sherchopka dancers.
May 1939. Gangtok: views of Residency, European group and groups including Abbots of Gangtok and Pamionchi, Maharaja of Sikkim, Rani Chuni, Rai Bahadur Norbhu Dhondup, etc.
Nov 1939. Jowai Bazaar, views and groups.
Dec 1939. Travelling by elephant at Runikhata, Aie Valley, Bhutan.
Jan 1940. Garo Hills: Garo dancers and drummers at Tuva; groups at Bagmara; Sal Forest near Rongrenaggiri
Mar 1940. Family snapshots at Shillong.
May 1940. Angamis, Konyaks and Sangtams at Kohima.
Aug 1940. Boat races at Ajmiriganj, Sylhet; tomb of George Inglis at Chhatak.
Oct 1940. Views in the Shillong district.
Mar 1941. Opening of the Government House Nursery School, Shillong.

Album contents:-
Mss Eur E278/86() Photograph album of Sir Robert Niel Reid 1933-41 

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