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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 1053/

India Office Records: IOR/L/P&S/7/232 (1500): Report of a Tour to Bujnurd, the Gurgan Valley, Astrabad, Shahrud, Sabzawar and Nishapur...November and December 1908, by Major P.M. Sykes.

Photographers: John Williams Watson
Contents: 15 prints 165x110mm Gelatin Silver prints
Provenance: India Office Records Collection
Notes: See also Photo 851/1-5
Description: Fifteen prints pasted into a printed report by (Sir) Percy Molesworth Sykes, describing a tour along the northern border province of Iran (Persia) in 1908. In the introduction to the report, Sykes notes that 'the party included Captain Watson, who, in addition to his other duties, collected specimens of the various animals, birds and plants: he also took a large number of photographs, some of which accompany this report.' This was John Williams Watson (b. 1874), I.M.S. 1898-1929, who was at this time civil surgeon at the consulate at Turbat-i-Haidari, 75 miles S.S.W. of Meshed.

For other photographs by Watson, see his collection at Photo 851/1-5. Photo 851/3 contains a number of additional photographs taken during this tour but not used in the report.

Album contents:-
Photo 1053/(1) Washing turquoises at Madan. 
Photo 1053/(2) The Tomb of the Late Ilkhani of Bujnurd. 
Photo 1053/(3) Kurds in the Samalgan Valley. 
Photo 1053/(4) The Dahana Gurgan looking east. 
Photo 1053/(5) [Group in front of tent, with] Muhammad Geldi Khan Goklan in centre. Russian Armenian to his left. 
Photo 1053/(6) Gan Yokmaz Turkoman ploughing [near Gonbad-e Kavus]. 
Photo 1053/(7) The Gunbad-i-Kabus from the south-west [Gonbad-e Kavus]. 
Photo 1053/(8) A village in the Astrabad District [Gorgan District]. 
Photo 1053/(9) The Kala Maran from the Katul Plain. 
Photo 1053/(10) Astrabad - Inside the city [Gorgan]. 
Photo 1053/(11) The Kuzluk Pass looking north. 
Photo 1053/(12) The summit of the Kuzluk Pass looking south to the Shah Kuh. 
Photo 1053/(13) Bostam - The Shaking Minaret. 
Photo 1053/(14) Shrine of Muhamead [sic] Mahruk. Tomb of Omar Khayyam showing in left wing [at Nishapur or Neyshabur]. 
Photo 1053/(15) Kadamagh from the east. 

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