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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 1083/76

Bailey Collection: Photographs July 1924-April 1926.

Photographers: Frederick Marshman Bailey and one print by M. Sain
Contents: 302 prints 33x39mm to 259x189mm Gelatin silver prints
Provenance: Collection originally placed on permanent loan by Mrs Irma Bailey, wife of Lieutenant-Colonel F.M. Bailey, and bequeathed to India Office Library and Records on her death in 1988.
Notes: Transferred from OIOC European Manuscripts, Mss Eur F157/837.
Description: Green half-leather bound album measuring 305x250mm, similar in style with Mss Eur F157/819 and also in good condition. The albums contains views of Tibet, Sikkim, Bhutan and a few of India (Darjiling and Calcutta) and can be broadly broken down into the following categories:

Prints 1-67 Views of Lhasa, including a good portrait of the Dalai Lama (print 62), 1924.
Prints 68-104 Journey through Tibet to Sikkim, 1924.
Prints 105-149 Miscellaneous views: Sikkim, hunting expedition in Assam, visit of Tsarong Shapé to H.M.S. Chatham at Calcutta, portrait of Sir Harry Lauder at Barrackpore, 1924-25.
Prints 150-188 Views in Tibet, May-July 1925. Pictures of birds' nests, Tibetan shooting competition at Gyantse, dancing at Gyantse.
Prints 189-209 Views of Bhutan (Dukye, Ha, Paro, etc.), September 1925.
Prints 210-223 Visit of the King and Queen of the Belgians to Darjiling, September 1925.
Prints 224-245 Views of Bhutan and Darjiling, September-October 1925.
Prints 246-269 Hunting trip to Sikkim with the Viceroy Lord Lytton, October-November 1925.
Prints 270-278 Miscellaneous views of Gangtok, Calcutta and Chandannagar, January 1926.
Prints 279-286 Tiger hunting in Nepal, February 1926.
Prints 287-301 Miscellaneous views of Sikkim, April 1926.

Album contents:-
Photo 1083/76(1) Leaving Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/76(2) Pete Dzong (Kennedy). 
Photo 1083/76(3) Yamdrok Tso from near Nyapso La. 
Photo 1083/76(4) Yamdrok Tso from near Nyapso La. 
Photo 1083/76(5) Kyi Chu Valley looking towards Lhasa. 
Photo 1083/76(6) Harvesters in Tsangpo Valley. 
Photo 1083/76(7) Boats at [?]Singnia Kangchung. 
Photo 1083/76(8) Mik and Potala [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(9) Potala [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(10) Prisoner at Lhasa. 
Photo 1083/76(11) Potala [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(12) Potala [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(13) Polo at Lhasa. 
Photo 1083/76(14) Roofs of Potala [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(15) Roof of Tsuklakang [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(16) Lhasa from roof of Tsuklakang. 
Photo 1083/76(17) Polo [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(18) Potala [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(19) Door in Potala [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(20) Potala [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(21) Potala [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(22) Potala from Lukang [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(23) Potala [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(24) Street in Lhasa. 
Photo 1083/76(25) Potala [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(26) Yamen Arsenal [Lhasa]. Making rifles. 
Photo 1083/76(27) Cooking pots, Drepung. 
Photo 1083/76(28) Elephants at Lukang [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(29) View from Potala [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(30) In Drepung. 
Photo 1083/76(31) In Lukang. 
Photo 1083/76(32) Potala from Lukang [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(33) Archery at Tsarongs [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(34) Monks at Drepung. 
Photo 1083/76(35) Our house, Dikiling [Deykyilingka, Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(36) In Drepung. 
Photo 1083/76(37) Service in Norbu Linga [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(38) Lunch to Shapés [?Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(39) Polo [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(40) Dronger Chembo on bridge to Lhundru Gawa Tse [Norbu Lingka, Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(41) Lhundru Gawa Tse [Norbu Lingka, Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(42) Lhundru Gawa Tse [Norbu Lingka, Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(43) Cloisonné lion [at entrance to Lhundru Gawa Tse, Norbu Lingka, Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(44) Bear from [?]Kongtse, Nurbu Lingka [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(45) Dalai Lama's summer house, Lhundru Gawa Tse [Norbu Lingka, Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(46) Stag in Nurbu Lingka [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(47) Entrance to Nurbu Lingka [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(48) Stag in Nurbu Lingka [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(49) Dalai Lama's stables, Nurbu Lingka [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(50) Dalai Lama's camels at Nurbu Lingka [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(51) Black-necked cranes and lam[m]ergeier at Nurbu Lingka. 
Photo 1083/76(52) Dalai Lama's mastiff and kennel [?Norbu Lingka, Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(53) Dalai Lama's audience rooms at [?]Magar [?Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(54) Summer house at Chenseling [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(55) Ragasha. 
Photo 1083/76(56) Dalai Lama's private house at Chenseling [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(57) Tsarong Shapé at Dote. 
Photo 1083/76(58) Polo [Do-te]. 
Photo 1083/76(59) Hydro-electric site, Dote. 
Photo 1083/76(60) H.-E. site [Hydro-electric site, Dote]. 
Photo 1083/76(61) H.-E. site [Hydro-electric site, Dote]. 
Photo 1083/76(62) Dalai Lama [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(63) Lhasa. 
Photo 1083/76(64) Chenseling [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(65) Leaving Lhasa. 
Photo 1083/76(66) Street outside Tsuklakang [Lhasa]. 
Photo 1083/76(67) Street in Lhasa. 
Photo 1083/76(68) 'Greyleg' swimming Kyi Chu. 
Photo 1083/76(69) Larkspurs north of Gokar La. 
Photo 1083/76(70) Primulas north of Gokar La. 
Photo 1083/76(71) Larkspur in snow on Gokar La, 17,000 feet. 
Photo 1083/76(72) Primulas south of Gokar La. 
Photo 1083/76(73) Primulas south of Gokar La. 
Photo 1083/76(74) Ferry boats at crossing of Kyi Chu. 
Photo 1083/76(75) Top of Gokar La. 
Photo 1083/76(76) Valley near Gokar La. 
Photo 1083/76(77) View towards Samye down valley leading from Gokar La. 
Photo 1083/76(78) Chorten at Samye. 
Photo 1083/76(79) Temple at Samye. 
Photo 1083/76(80) [Chorten at] Samye. 
Photo 1083/76(81) Chief temple at Samye. 
Photo 1083/76(82) Samye. 
Photo 1083/76(83) Samye. 
Photo 1083/76(84) Sand overhanging Tsangpo. 
Photo 1083/76(85) Sand dunes on bank of Tsangpo. 
Photo 1083/76(86) View of Tsetang across Tsangpo. 
Photo 1083/76(87) Camp opposite Tsetang. 
Photo 1083/76(88) Road disappears in river. 
Photo 1083/76(89) Road in river below Guru Rimboche's chortens. 
Photo 1083/76(90) Tsangpo near Samye. 
Photo 1083/76(91) Road in river near Samye. 
Photo 1083/76(92) Rock above Dorji Tra in Tsangpo. 
Photo 1083/76(93) Crossing Tsangpo at Dorji Tra. 
Photo 1083/76(94) Rock near Dorji Tra. 
Photo 1083/76(95) Camp at To. 
Photo 1083/76(96) Dorji Tra. 
Photo 1083/76(97) Tsangpo Valley. 
Photo 1083/76(98) View down Tsangpo from Nong La. 
Photo 1083/76(99) View up Tsangpo from Nong La. 
Photo 1083/76(100) Wild geese near Nangartse. 
Photo 1083/76(100a) Pedicularis near Nangartse. 
Photo 1083/76(101) Larkofun near Pete. 
Photo 1083/76(102) Wild geese near Nangartse. 
Photo 1083/76(103) Nangartse Dzong and herd of gazelle. 
Photo 1083/76(104) Glacier on Karo La. 
Photo 1083/76(105) New Delhi. 
Photo 1083/76(106) Tsarong Shapé leaving [Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/76(107) Feeding bharal [?Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/76(108) Depon Rai Bahadur. 
Photo 1083/76(109) Maharaja's small palace, Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/76(110) Camp at Darranga. 
Photo 1083/76(111) Camp, Bhutan frontier. 
Photo 1083/76(112) Camp, Bhutan frontier. 
Photo 1083/76(113) Wild elephants [Assam]. 
Photo 1083/76(114) The elephant saves the line. 
Photo 1083/76(115) Feeding tame fish, Dhansiri River. 
Photo 1083/76(116) Tangla railway station. 
Photo 1083/76(117) Kerkeria. 
Photo 1083/76(118) Tobgye fishing, Dhansiri [River]. 
Photo 1083/76(119) Bhutanese dancers at Kaurang camp. 
Photo 1083/76(120) Ogilvy, Nevill, self, Alexander, Kerkeria. 
Photo 1083/76(121) Tsarong visiting H.M.S. Chatham [Calcutta]. 
Photo 1083/76(122) Visit to H.M.S. Chatham [Calcutta]. 
Photo 1083/76(123) [Visit of Tsarong Shapé to H.M.S. Chatham, Calcutta]. 
Photo 1083/76(124) [Residency] Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/76(125) Sir Harry Lauder and Lady Lauder, Barrackpore. 
Photo 1083/76(126) Blood pheasant, Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/76(127) [Group at Gangtok.] 
Photo 1083/76(128) Feeding pheasants [Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/76(129) Mary's leopard, Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/76(130) Pheasants [Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/76(131) Tibetan actors at Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/76(132) Gangtok garden. 
Photo 1083/76(133) [Group at Residency] Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/76(134) Kazis [Khasis] at Palace [Gangtok], Tibetan new year. 
Photo 1083/76(135) O'Connor [and] Weatherall [Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/76(136) [Group at] Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/76(137) [Picnic group, Gangtok.] 
Photo 1083/76(138) Tsarong Shapé [Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/76(139) Darjeeling. 
Photo 1083/76(140) Darjeeling. 
Photo 1083/76(141) [Picnic at] Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/76(142) Celogyne crustata, Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/76(143) Col. O'Connor [and Irma Bailey, Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/76(144) Lord Cawdor's serow, Peshoke. 
Photo 1083/76(145) [Group in Residency garden,] Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/76(146) [Group at] Darjeeling. 
Photo 1083/76(147) [Picnic at] Peshoke. 
Photo 1083/76(148) Shoot with Pages, Nathu La Road. 
Photo 1083/76(149) [?View from Residency garden, Gangtok.] 
Photo 1083/76(150) Camp at Lhegu below Chumolhari. 
Photo 1083/76(151) Harry Lauder at Rham. 
Photo 1083/76(152) Tang La. 
Photo 1083/76(153) Below Chumolhari. 
Photo 1083/76(154) Irma. 
Photo 1083/76(155) Otocorys elwesi on nest, Rham. 
Photo 1083/76(156) Elwes horned lark (otocorys elwesi) approaching nest [Rham]. 
Photo 1083/76(157) Nest of Otocorys elwesi [Rham]. 
Photo 1083/76(158) Otocorys elwesi on nest, Rham. 
Photo 1083/76(159) Collecting goose eggs, Rham Tso. 
Photo 1083/76(160) Nest of bar headed goose, eggs partly covered by bird [Rham]. 
Photo 1083/76(161) Nest of bar headed goose, eggs partly exposed [Rham]. 
Photo 1083/76(162) [Unidentified bird's nest, Rham.] 
Photo 1083/76(163) Nest of redshank, Rham Tso. 
Photo 1083/76(164) Nest of tern [Rham]. 
Photo 1083/76(165) [Unidentified bird's nest, Rham.] 
Photo 1083/76(166) Lark's nest (Melanocorypha maxima), Rham. 
Photo 1083/76(167) Nest of Mongolian plover (Aegealitis mongola). 
Photo 1083/76(168) Nest of Tibetan partridge (Perdix hodgsoniae), Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/76(169) Nest of skylark (Alauda inopinata), Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/76(170) One chick and one egg in nest of Mongolian plover, Tuna. 
Photo 1083/76(171) Nest of Chinese meadow bunting (Emberiza [?]...godewski), Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/76(172) Nest of short-toed lark (Calandrella tibetana), Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/76(173) Picture at Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/76(174) Gun and arrow shooting at Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/76(175) Spectators at gun and arrow shooting at Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/76(176) Shooting from horseback, Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/76(177) Picnic near Nyangto Kyibu hermitage. 
Photo 1083/76(178) [Group at] Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/76(179) Hermit's gloved hand taking offering. He has been shut up 25 years [?Gyantse]. 
Photo 1083/76(180) Hermit's cell door and window [?Gyantse]. 
Photo 1083/76(181) Writing on hillside at Nyangto Kyibu. 
Photo 1083/76(182) Dance at Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/76(183) Dance at Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/76(184) Dance at Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/76(185) Dance at Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/76(186) Dance at Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/76(187) Dance at Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/76(188) Bridge [?near Dukye]. 
Photo 1083/76(189) Jongpen of Drugye [Dukye] with daughter and son-in-law. 
Photo 1083/76(190) Drugye Dzong [Dukye]. 
Photo 1083/76(191) Drugye Dzong [Dukye]. 
Photo 1083/76(192) View from Drugye Dzong [Dukye]. 
Photo 1083/76(193) Escort at Paro. 
Photo 1083/76(194) Drugye Dzong [Dukye]. 
Photo 1083/76(195) Drugye Dzong [Dukye]. 
Photo 1083/76(196) Camp at Drugye [Dukye]. 
Photo 1083/76(197) In Paro Dzong. 
Photo 1083/76(198) View up valley from Paro Dzong. 
Photo 1083/76(199) Paro. 
Photo 1083/76(200) Paro. 
Photo 1083/76(201) [Irma Bailey on horseback, (?)Paro.] 
Photo 1083/76(202) Paro Penlop. 
Photo 1083/76(203) Farewells above Paro. 
Photo 1083/76(204) View down the valley from Drugye [Dukye]. 
Photo 1083/76(205) Dancers at Paro. 
Photo 1083/76(206) Ha. 
Photo 1083/76(207) Darjeeling. 
Photo 1083/76(208) Ha. 
Photo 1083/76(209) Paro. 
Photo 1083/76(210) Types at Darjeeling. 
Photo 1083/76(211) Shopping at Government House, Darjeeling. 
Photo 1083/76(212) Picnic at power house [?Darjiling]. 
Photo 1083/76(213) H.M. King of the Belgians [Darjiling]. 
Photo 1083/76(214) H.M. Queen of the Belgians [Darjiling]. 
Photo 1083/76(215) [Group with Queen of the Belgians examing merchandise laid out in the grounds of Government House, Darjiling.] 
Photo 1083/76(216) Shopping at Govt. House, Darjeeling. 
Photo 1083/76(217) King and Her Ex. [King of the Belgians with Lady Pamela Lytton, in front of Government House, Darjiling]. 
Photo 1083/76(218) [Irma Bailey greeting Professor Nolf, Government House, Darjiling.] 
Photo 1083/76(219) King and Queen [of the Belgians at Government House, Darjiling]. 
Photo 1083/76(220) [Unidentified woman standing among flowers on a hillside.] 
Photo 1083/76(221) Hut above Yatung. 
Photo 1083/76(222) Haystack above Yatung. 
Photo 1083/76(223) [Group with King and Queen of the Belgians, Government House,] Darjeeling. 
Photo 1083/76(224) Drugye Dzong [Dukye], Bhutan. 
Photo 1083/76(225) Paro Dzong. 
Photo 1083/76(226) Paro Dzong, Bhutan. 
Photo 1083/76(227) Soldiers at Paro. 
Photo 1083/76(228) Soldiers at Paro. 
Photo 1083/76(229) Breakfast at Damtang. 
Photo 1083/76(230) Yatung. 
Photo 1083/76(231) Archers at Ha. 
Photo 1083/76(232) Dance at Paro. 
Photo 1083/76(233) Archery at Ha, Bhutan. 
Photo 1083/76(234) Nest of Calandrella dukhunensis, Phari. 
Photo 1083/76(235) House at Ha, Bhutan. 
Photo 1083/76(236) Snows from Tiger Hill [Darjiling]. 
Photo 1083/76(237) Snows from Tiger Hill [Darjiling]. 
Photo 1083/76(238) Coelogyne praecox [?Darjiling]. 
Photo 1083/76(239) [Group at] Darjiling. 
Photo 1083/76(240) Tiger Hill [Darjiling]. 
Photo 1083/76(241) Road near Lachen. 
Photo 1083/76(242) Lunch at Sopchu. 
Photo 1083/76(243) Lachen. 
Photo 1083/76(244) Dorji Phagma (by Martin). 
Photo 1083/76(245) Shetland ponies at Lhasa. 
Photo 1083/76(246) Davina on bridge near Chungtong [Tsunthang, Sikkim]. 
Photo 1083/76(247) Lachen. 
Photo 1083/76(248) Anthony on bridge near Chungtong [Tsunthang, Sikkim]. 
Photo 1083/76(249) Between Lachen and Thangu. 
Photo 1083/76(250) Lunch between Thangu and Gyagong. 
Photo 1083/76(251) Wall at Gyagong. 
Photo 1083/76(252) H.E. photographing snows [near Giagong]. 
Photo 1083/76(253) Looking for O. Ammon [near Giagong]. 
Photo 1083/76(254) [View looking towards mountains from near Giagong.] 
Photo 1083/76(255) View towards Tibet fromtop of Donkye La. 
Photo 1083/76(256) Camp at Tso Lhamo. 
Photo 1083/76(257) Top of Donkya La, 18,131 [feet]. 
Photo 1083/76(258) Anthony on top of Donkya La. 
Photo 1083/76(259) Crossing Teesta, about 17,000 [feet]. 
Photo 1083/76(260) Camp at Tso Lhamo. 
Photo 1083/76(261) [Unidentified figure seated on small pony.] 
Photo 1083/76(262) Nest of grebe at Kala, Pedicipes crustatus. 
Photo 1083/76(263) Camp at Momay [?Momaz] Samdong. 
Photo 1083/76(264) H.E. [Lord Lytton] ski [?]jöring at Momay [?Momaz] Samdong. 
Photo 1083/76(265) [Tethered wild dog at Gyamtso Na.] 
Photo 1083/76(266) Wild dog at Gyamtso Na. 
Photo 1083/76(267) Nests of grebe at Kala. 
Photo 1083/76(268) View down valley towards Yumtang. 
Photo 1083/76(269) [Departure of Lord Lytton from] Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/76(270) [Unidentified interior,] Calcutta. 
Photo 1083/76(271) [Triumphal arch on the banks of the Hugli,] Chandernagore. 
Photo 1083/76(272) [Road beside the Hugli,] Chandernagore. 
Photo 1083/76(273) Gangtok [Residency]. 
Photo 1083/76(274) On the Hooghly. 
Photo 1083/76(275) Viceroy and Governor at Review at Calcutta. 
Photo 1083/76(276) Review at Calcutta. 
Photo 1083/76(277) On the Hooghly. 
Photo 1083/76(278) On the Hooghly. 
Photo 1083/76(279) [Tiger hunting scene,] Nepal. 
Photo 1083/76(280) Gangtok [Residency]. 
Photo 1083/76(281) Irma's tiger, 10 feet 3 inch [Nepal]. 
Photo 1083/76(282) Gangtok [Residency]. 
Photo 1083/76(283) Irma's tiger [Nepal]. 
Photo 1083/76(284) Lunch, Nepal. 
Photo 1083/76(285) Curing skins, Nepal camp. 
Photo 1083/76(286) Part of [word illegible], Nepal. 
Photo 1083/76(287) Teesta Valley [Sikkim]. 
Photo 1083/76(288) [Unidentified Bhutanese woman and children.] 
Photo 1083/76(289) Difficulties on the way from Nepal. 
Photo 1083/76(290) Difficulties on the way from Nepal. 
Photo 1083/76(291) Trout stream near Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/76(292) Road below Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/76(293) Road below Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/76(294) Lindenbergia grandiflora, 7000 feet [Sikkim]. 
Photo 1083/76(295) [Portrait of two European men in a garden, (?)Gangtok Residency.] 
Photo 1083/76(296) Magnolia flower [Sikkim]. 
Photo 1083/76(297) Road in bamboos, 7th mile Nathu La road. 
Photo 1083/76(298) Bauhinia in flower near Dubdi. 
Photo 1083/76(299) [Line of caterpillars on the march, Sikkim.] 
Photo 1083/76(300) Government House, Darjeeling. 
Photo 1083/76(301) Pemionche Monastery. 

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