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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 1083/40

Bailey Collection: Photographs of India, Tibet, Sikkim and Europe.

Photographers: Frederick Marshman Bailey
Contents: 257 prints 80x50mm to 160x105mm Gelatin silver prints
Provenance: Collection originally placed on permanent loan by Mrs Irma Bailey, wife of Lieutenant-Colonel F.M. Bailey, and bequeathed to India Office Library and Records on her death in 1988.
Notes: Transferred from OIOC European Manuscripts, Mss Eur F157/485.
Description: Black full-leather bound album with padded covers, measuring 215x250mm, in generally sound condition. Prints are mounted on page with captions in either ink or pencil. The majority are also dated. The collection can be broken down into the following groups:

Prints 1-8 Views in and around Delhi, Mar-Apr 1918.
Prints 9-23 Journey to Hunza at start of Kashgar Mission, May 1918.
Prints 24-26 Delhi snapshots, (?)1920.
Prints 27-64 Snapshots of North-West Frontier, Delhi, Sikkim, Mar-May 1920.
Prints 65-171 European views, mainly Scotland, but including marriage to Hon. Irma Cozens-Hardy, 1920.
Prints 172-257 Views of Simla, Tibet, Sikkim, 1921.

Album contents:-
Photo 1083/40(1) Wood's garden at Delhi. 
Photo 1083/40(2) Wood's garden at Delhi. 
Photo 1083/40(3) Herd of buck near Delhi. 
Photo 1083/40(4) In the Fort at Delhi. Nursing sisters from Mesop[otamia]. 
Photo 1083/40(5) In the Fort at Delhi. 
Photo 1083/40(6) Blackbuck near Delhi. 
Photo 1083/40(7) Shikari and chinkara near Delhi. 
Photo 1083/40(8) Shikari trip near Delhi. 
Photo 1083/40(9) Burzel chowki. 
Photo 1083/40(10) Ibex as he fell. 
Photo 1083/40(11) Camp at Doiram [Doian]. 
Photo 1083/40(12) Ranghat Bridge. 
Photo 1083/40(13) Agency garden at Gilgit with Col. Smith. 
Photo 1083/40(14) Agency at Gilgit. 
Photo 1083/40(15) Polo at Gilgit. 
Photo 1083/40(16) Polo at Gilgit. 
Photo 1083/40(17) Parbat suspension bridge above Bungi [Bunji]. 
Photo 1083/40(18) Breakfast at Murtezabad near Hunza. 
Photo 1083/40(19) [Group with] Mir of Naga on [?]left. 
Photo 1083/40(20) [Group with] Mir of Naga on [?]right. 
Photo 1083/40(21) Beckford's house at Gilgit. 
Photo 1083/40(22) Shabzada Abdul Rahun. 
Photo 1083/40(23) Raka Pushi [Rakipushi] from near Gulmit. 
Photo 1083/40(24) [Qutb Minar, Delhi.] 
Photo 1083/40(25) [Bailey and unidentified woman, (?)at the Qutb, Delhi.] 
Photo 1083/40(26) [Portrait of two women, (?)at the Qutb, Delhi.] 
Photo 1083/40(27) Lundi Khana in Khyber from picquet above. 
Photo 1083/40(28) Picquet in Khyber. 
Photo 1083/40(29) Snipe shoot at Ambadehr near Peshawar. 
Photo 1083/40(30) Motoring to snipe shoot, Ambadehr. 
Photo 1083/40(31) Lunch at snipe shoot [Ambadehr]. 
Photo 1083/40(32) Delhi. 
Photo 1083/40(33) Delhi Fort. 
Photo 1083/40(34) Shankat-ul-mulk and captured Turkish guns, Delhi fort. 
Photo 1083/40(35) Gate of Delhi fort and Turkish guns. 
Photo 1083/40(36) Turkish guns at Delhi fort. 
Photo 1083/40(37) Shankat-ul-mulk reading inscription Juma Masjid, Delhi. 
Photo 1083/40(38) Juma Masjid, Delhi. 
Photo 1083/40(39) Shankat in Dewan-i-Am, Delhi. 
Photo 1083/40(40) Shankat-ul-mulk, Governor of Seistan, Persia. 
Photo 1083/40(41) Juma Masjid, Delhi. 
Photo 1083/40(42) Shoot with Ley near Delhi. 
Photo 1083/40(43) Duck shoot with Ley near Delhi. 
Photo 1083/40(44) Staion, Teesta Valley Railway. 
Photo 1083/40(45) Rangpo, Sikkim. 
Photo 1083/40(46) Teesta Valley, Sikkim. 
Photo 1083/40(47) Road below Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/40(48) Residency, Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/40(49) Residency [Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/40(50) Residency, Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/40(51) Residency [garden, Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/40(52) Residency [Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/40(53) Residency garden [Gangtok.] 
Photo 1083/40(54) Residency garden, Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/40(55) Residency garden [Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/40(56) Residency garden, Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/40(57) Residency garden, Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/40(58) Residency garden, Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/40(59) Residency garden [Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/40(60) Residency garden [Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/40(61) Residency garden [Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/40(62) Residency garden [Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/40(63) Residency garden [Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/40(64) Near Ranikola Bridge, Sikkim. 
Photo 1083/40(65) Aden. 
Photo 1083/40(66) [Dhow under sail, off] Aden. 
Photo 1083/40(67) Aden. 
Photo 1083/40(68) Aden. 
Photo 1083/40(69) Suez Canal. 
Photo 1083/40(70) Suez Canal. 
Photo 1083/40(71) Suez Canal. 
Photo 1083/40(72) Suez Canal. 
Photo 1083/40(73) Old fort, Suez Canal. 
Photo 1083/40(74) Port Said. 
Photo 1083/40(75) Port Said. 
Photo 1083/40(76) On S.S. Narkunda. 
Photo 1083/40(77) On S.S. Narkunda. 
Photo 1083/40(78) Marseilles. 
Photo 1083/40(79) Prints 79-171: Snapshots of England, Scotland and Europe. 
Photo 1083/40(172) Near Bombay. 
Photo 1083/40(173) [Irma Bailey on deck off] S.S. Dongola. 
Photo 1083/40(174) Simla. 
Photo 1083/40(175) Simla. 
Photo 1083/40(176) [Hill railway car at] Barogh. 
Photo 1083/40(177) [Irma Bailey on deck of] S.S. Dongola. 
Photo 1083/40(178) Simla. 
Photo 1083/40(179) Monkeys on Jakko [Simla]. 
Photo 1083/40(180) Jakko [Simla]. 
Photo 1083/40(181) Jakko [Simla]. 
Photo 1083/40(182) Jakko [Simla]. 
Photo 1083/40(183) On road to Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/40(184) On road to Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/40(185) Gangtok, Dodo. 
Photo 1083/40(186) Harvesting in Chumbi Valley. 
Photo 1083/40(187) Lingmotang. 
Photo 1083/40(188) Lingmotang. 
Photo 1083/40(189) Above Lingmotang. 
Photo 1083/40(190) Lunch with Miru Gyalwa. 
Photo 1083/40(191) [Irma Bailey seated in front of tent,] Lingmotang. 
Photo 1083/40(192) Yatung from dak bungalow. 
Photo 1083/40(193) Chumbi Valley. 
Photo 1083/40(194) Bharal 24" [Lingmatang district]. 
Photo 1083/40(195) Bharal [Tibet]. 
Photo 1083/40(196) Kambu Hot Springs. 
Photo 1083/40(197) Tibetan camp near Kambu. 
Photo 1083/40(198) At Tibetan camp [Kambu]. 
Photo 1083/40(199) Yaks on road to Phari. 
Photo 1083/40(200) Near Phari. 
Photo 1083/40(201) Phari plain. 
Photo 1083/40(202) Yak at Phari. 
Photo 1083/40(203) Clown at Kambu. 
Photo 1083/40(204) Spotting gazelle. 
Photo 1083/40(205) Phari. 
Photo 1083/40(206) Phari from Jong. 
Photo 1083/40(207) Phari bazaar. 
Photo 1083/40(208) Making roof at Phari. 
Photo 1083/40(209) Lunch party at Phari. 
Photo 1083/40(210) Beggars, Phari. 
Photo 1083/40(211) Phari bazaar. 
Photo 1083/40(212) Lingmotang. 
Photo 1083/40(213) Lingmotang. 
Photo 1083/40(214) [European group, Tibet.] 
Photo 1083/40(215) On Tang La, 15,200 feet. 
Photo 1083/40(216) Harvesting at Saugang. 
Photo 1083/40(217) Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/40(218) Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/40(219) Gyantse Jong. 
Photo 1083/40(220) Gyantse Monastery. 
Photo 1083/40(221) In Gyantse Monastery. 
Photo 1083/40(222) Shoot at Tering. 
Photo 1083/40(223) Phala Jongpen, Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/40(224) Trering and family [?Gyantse]. 
Photo 1083/40(225) Tennis at Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/40(226) Lunch party at Gyantse. 
Photo 1083/40(227) Gyantse Post. 
Photo 1083/40(228) Wall at Chumi Shengo. Scene of fight in 1904. 
Photo 1083/40(229) At Tuna 
Photo 1083/40(230) On Nathu La. 
Photo 1083/40(231) Changu [Changu Lake, Sikkim]. 
Photo 1083/40(232) Changu. 
Photo 1083/40(233) Tea garden, Peshoke. 
Photo 1083/40(234) Shamdong bungalow. 
Photo 1083/40(235) Trig. station on Senshal. 
Photo 1083/40(236) Tennis court, Gangtok. 
Photo 1083/40(237) Bhutanese boys at Kalimpong. 
Photo 1083/40(238) Gangtok [Residency] garden. 
Photo 1083/40(239) [Group at (?)Gangtok.] 
Photo 1083/40(240) Residency [Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/40(241) Residency [Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/40(242) Residency [Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/40(243) Residency [Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/40(244) Drawing room [Residency, Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/40(245) Drawing room [Residency, Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/40(246) Bedroom [Residency, Gangtok]. 
Photo 1083/40(247) [Irma Bailey seated in tonjaun in front of the Residency, Gangtok.] 
Photo 1083/40(248) [Residency garden, Gangtok.] 
Photo 1083/40(249) [Unidentified bungalow, (?)Sikkim.] 
Photo 1083/40(250) [Group gathered round car, (?)Gangtok.] 
Photo 1083/40(251) [European group, (?)Gangtok.] 
Photo 1083/40(252) [Frederick Bailey with pet deer, Gangtok.] 
Photo 1083/40(253) [Sporting event, (?)Gangtok.] 
Photo 1083/40(254) [Irma Bailey seated in rickshaw, (?)Gangtok.] 
Photo 1083/40(255) [Unidentified building.] 
Photo 1083/40(256) [Distant view of polo game in progress at an unidentified location.] 
Photo 1083/40(257) [View of the lake and monuments in the grounds of La Martinière, Lucknow.] 

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