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Photographs Album details for shelfmark MSS Eur G91/

Bowring Collection: 'A Memoir of Service in India.'

Photographers: F.W. Baker, Baker & Burke, Samuel Bourne, Bourne & Shepherd, Hurrichund Chintamon, Henry Dixon, G. Richter, Josiah Rowe, Ferdinand Schwarzschild, Charles Shepherd, Wiele's Studio, Demay, Elliott & Fry, Aubrey Paul, Sarony.
Contents: 299 prints 58x88mm to 250x437mm Albumen prints
Provenance: Purchased 1959.
Notes: See also Mss Eur G.38/1-3 for other photographic material in the Bowring Collection
Description: Large folio volume measuring 280x440mm, half-bound in red leather with cloth sides (binding worn), containing the manuscript memoirs of the Indian career of Lewin Bentham Bowring, illustrated with original photographs, a few watercolour sketches and several hand-drawn maps. A number of original letters to Bowring have also been laid down on the pages.

Lewin Bentham Bowring was born on 15 July 1824, the third son of the distinguished diplomat and traveller Sir John Bowring (1792-1872). He was educated at Exeter, Leipzig and Haileybury (1841-43), and entered the Indian Civil Service in 1843. He served as Deputy Commissioner in the Punjab from 1849-54 and was Private Secretary to the Governor-General and Viceroy Lord Canning from 1858-62. He then held the post of Chief Commissioner of Mysore and Coorg from 1862 until his retirement in 1870. He was the author of 'A brief memoir of Sir John Bowring' (nd), 'Eastern Experiences' (1871), and 'Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan' (1893). Bowring was converted to Roman Catholicism in 1855 and in 1857 married Mary Laura Talbot, daughter of Admiral Sir John Talbot. She returned with Bowring to India and died at Bangalore in 1866. His second marriage, in 1868, was to Katharine Bellasis, daughter of the Parliamentary lawyer Edward Bellasis.

Bowring's memoir gives a full account of his professional and personal life in India as well as illustrating his scholarly interests in Indian history and languages. While there are a number of portraits of his family and friends, the majority of the photographic illustrations relate to Indian architecture, topography and ethnography. From a photographic point of view the most important material is as follows:

1. Views of landscape and architecture by Samuel Bourne. The volume contains 52 views by Samuel Bourne and Bourne & Shepherd of views in Kashmir and the Himalayas, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Amber, Ellora, Delhi and other places. Many of these are in fine condition.

2. Portraits of Calcutta notables by Josiah Rowe, c. 1862. Ten portraits by Josiah Rowe, including Lord and Lady Canning, Sir Bartle Frere, Sir Arthur Phayre, Sir William Denison, Sir William Grey. Although these portraits are unsigned, they can be attributed to Rowe with some confidence, since the portrait of Sir Bartle Frere was also used as the frontispiece to 'The Journal of the Bengal Photographic Society', vol. 1, no. 1, 1 May 1862, where Rowe is credited as the photographer. The distinctive tiled floor and plain backdrop which appears in this and the other portraits in the series, clearly suggests the work of a single photographer (as does the simple style and assured quality of the photographs). The portrait of Lord Canning (print 169) and the very fine portrait of Lady Canning painting in watercolours (print 170) do not show this floor, but can be ascribed to Rowe for other reasons. In 1862 the London photographic publisher Henry Hering issued a carte-de-visite Lady Canning under his own copyright, which, it later transpired, had been pirated from a photograph by Rowe. While there is no precise description or reproduction of the portrait, the same photograph as print 170 is reproduced in 'Bengal Past and Present' (vol. 2, 1908, p. 113), still credited to Hering (and dated c. 1855): this is presumably the source of the pencilled attribution to Hering and date of 1855 written beneath the print in the Bowring memoir. The attribution is further strengthened by the fact that Lord Canning was distressed that such an intimate and personal portrait of his wife had been published. (See 'The Journal of the Bengal Photographic Society', vol. 2, no. 4, April 1863, pp. 17-18 and vol. 2, no. 6, December 1863, pp. 69-70, letter from Hering and society's response).

3. Views of Mysore architecture by Henry Dixon, mainly about 1868. About 50 prints of landscape and temple architecture at Halebid, Sivasamudram, Belur, Sravana Belgola, Davangere, Bangalore, etc. While prints of many of these large-format views can also be found in the Archaeological Survey Collection (India Office series, Photo 1000), the prints in this volume are generally brighter, cleaner and have not been folded to fit the volume size as have the ASI prints. The photographs of copper shashanas or grants appear to date from around 1864 (one at least is specifically dated as such on the image). The architectural views date from around 1868. In December of that year Dixon wrote to the authorities at Madras informing them that 'I am at present engaged in taking a series a views of all the principal temples in Mysore' and attempting to gain their patronage for the work (Madras Proceedings, Public Department, 7-8 December 1868, no 37, IOR/P/439/7). The Madras Government declined to purchase any of the photographs, but in 1870 Bowring forwarded 356 prints by Dixon to the Foreign Department of the Government of India in response to requests for architectural photographs. The list of these corresponds closely to the photographs by Dixon in the India Office Series of Archaeological prints (Photo 1000) and a number of these are in turn duplicated in the Bowring album. (Government of India, Foreign Department Public Proceedings, 8 January 1870, IOR/P/434/22 pp. 511-512).

4. A series of ethnographical portraits of Southern Indian types (mainly from Mysore and Coorg), the Coorg photographs taken by Rev. G. Richter of the Basle Mission at Merkara (Madikeri). Many of these were also used in vol. 8 of Watson & Kay's 'The People of India' (8 vols, 1868-75).

Album contents:-
Mss Eur G91/(1) Charles Bowring jnr. 
Mss Eur G91/(7) View of Bope Bridge near Galle. 
Mss Eur G91/(15a) Anarkali's Tomb, for many years used as a church (St James'), Lahore. 
Mss Eur G91/(15b) Sir Henry Lawrence 1852. 
Mss Eur G91/(15c) Major General Sir George Macgregor K.C.B. 1877, d. 1883. 
Mss Eur G91/(16a) Bhai Ram Singh [miniature painting on ivory]. 
Mss Eur G91/(16b) Badshahi Masjid (King's Mosque), Lahore. 
Mss Eur G91/(17) Sham Singh Atareewala - killed at Sobraon, 1846 [miniature painting on ivory]. 
Mss Eur G91/(18) Hazoorie Bagh, Lahore, with Ranjeet Singh's Tomb. 
Mss Eur G91/(19) Jahangir's Tomb, Lahore [Shahdara]. 
Mss Eur G91/(24) Nawab Sadik Muhammad II [of Bahawalpur]. 
Mss Eur G91/(36) Martand Temple, Islamabad, Kashmir [Surya Temple, Martand]. 
Mss Eur G91/(37a) Varnag. 
Mss Eur G91/(37b) Achabool. 
Mss Eur G91/(38) Bangalows [sic] on the Jhilam, Srinagar. 
Mss Eur G91/(39) View on Jhilam, Srinagar. 
Mss Eur G91/(40) View on the Jhilam, Srinagar [View on the Dal Canal]. 
Mss Eur G91/(42) The poplar avenue, Srinagar. 
Mss Eur G91/(42a) Houses on canal, Srinagar. 
Mss Eur G91/(43) Takht-i-Sulaiman, Srinagar. [Shankaracharya Temple.] 
Mss Eur G91/(44) Group of Kashmiri women [Srinagar]. 
Mss Eur G91/(44a) Glaciers near Sonamurg. 
Mss Eur G91/(44b) Cascades on Sindh River. 
Mss Eur G91/(45) View in Sindh Valley. 
Mss Eur G91/(46) View below Meribul Pass, Singhpur. 
Mss Eur G91/(47) The Mall at Marree [Murree]. 
Mss Eur G91/(49) Temple at Thanesar. 
Mss Eur G91/(52) The Mall at Simla. 
Mss Eur G91/(54) Agra Fort. 
Mss Eur G91/(54a) Pearl Mosque in Agra Fort. 
Mss Eur G91/(54aa) The Taj Mahal, Agra. 
Mss Eur G91/(54b) Akbar's Tomb, Sekandra. 
Mss Eur G91/(54c) View of ruins at Fatahpur Sikri. 
Mss Eur G91/(54d) The Great Gate at Fatahpur Sikri. 
Mss Eur G91/(54e) Tomb of Shekh Salim Chisti [Fatehpur Sikri]. 
Mss Eur G91/(54f) Diwan Khas, Fatahpur Sikri. 
Mss Eur G91/(54g) Palace of Greek wife of Akbar ['Turkish Sultana's House', Fatehpur Sikri]. 
Mss Eur G91/(56a) Bharatpoor Fort. 
Mss Eur G91/(56b) Maharaja Jaswant Singh of Bharatpoor. 
Mss Eur G91/(57) Jaipur City. 
Mss Eur G91/(58) Amber Palace. 
Mss Eur G91/(59) Dhai din Ka Jhompra, Ajmer. 
Mss Eur G91/(60) Pillar of Victory, Chitoor. 
Mss Eur G91/(61) Glass apartment [Sheesh Mahal] in Amber Palace. 
Mss Eur G91/(62a) Palaces on Oodayapoor Lake. 
Mss Eur G91/(62b) [The City Palace from the Pichola Lake, Udaipur.] 
Mss Eur G91/(65) Ajanta, broken pillar in Cave 24. 
Mss Eur G91/(65a) Ajanta, figures on right of Cave 10 [sic, for Cave 9]. 
Mss Eur G91/(65b) Ajanta, front of cave 26 [sic for Cave 19]. 
Mss Eur G91/(65c) Ellora, interior of Dhoomar Lena Temple. 
Mss Eur G91/(65d) Ar-lanka Cave Temple of Kailas, Ellora. [Lankeshvara Shrine.] 
Mss Eur G91/(67) Daulatabad Fort. 
Mss Eur G91/(68) Bombay, view from Kambala Hill. 
Mss Eur G91/(96) [Cabinet portrait of Lewin Bentham Bowring.] 
Mss Eur G91/(101) [Statue of Venus, Italy.] 
Mss Eur G91/(115a) Reginald Talbot, d. 16 Jany. 1906. 
Mss Eur G91/(115b) Mary Laura Bowring, née Talbot, 1862 [probably in Calcutta]. 
Mss Eur G91/(120) Lord Canning, First Viceroy of India, 1860. 
Mss Eur G91/(135) Cawnpore, Memorial Well. 
Mss Eur G91/(135a) The Kaizar Bagh, Lucknow. 
Mss Eur G91/(135b) The Martinière, Lucknow. 
Mss Eur G91/(135c) The Sekandra Bagh, Lucknow. 
Mss Eur G91/(135d) The Baillie Guard Gate, Lucknow. 
Mss Eur G91/(137) The Residency, Lucknow. 
Mss Eur G91/(139) Raja Deonarain Singh [Ishwari Prasad Narayan Singh, Raja of Benares]. 
Mss Eur G91/(140a) Mary Lucy Bowring, 1878. 
Mss Eur G91/(140b) Mary Lucy Bowring, 1862, from a picture by Landseer, Calcutta. 
Mss Eur G91/(140c) Charles Joseph Weld, son of Henry and Mary Lucy Weld, 1897. 
Mss Eur G91/(140d) Kalab Ali Khan, Nawab of Rampoor, son of Yoosaf Ali Khan. 
Mss Eur G91/(141a) Jayaji Rao Sindhia [Maharaja of Gwalior]. 
Mss Eur G91/(141b) Maharaja Ram Singh of Jaipur. 
Mss Eur G91/(141c) Raja Dinkar Rau K.C.S.I. 
Mss Eur G91/(141d) Shivadan Singh, Maharao Raja of Alwar. 
Mss Eur G91/(142a) Bhagavant Singh, Maharaja of Dholpoor. 
Mss Eur G91/(142b) Ghaus Muhammad Khan, Nawab of Jaura. 
Mss Eur G91/(143a) Elephant with state howdah. 
Mss Eur G91/(143b) Group of elephants. 
Mss Eur G91/(143c) Hardwar. 
Mss Eur G91/(143d) View of Delhi. 
Mss Eur G91/(144) The Kashmir Gate, Delhi. 
Mss Eur G91/(145) The Kootab Minar [Delhi]. 
Mss Eur G91/(146a) Maharaja Narendra Singh of Patiala. 
Mss Eur G91/(146b) Maharaja Mahendra Singh of Patiala. 
Mss Eur G91/(147) Tomb at Karnal. 
Mss Eur G91/(148) Sir Robert Montgomery. 
Mss Eur G91/(149) Amritsar, the Golden Temple. 
Mss Eur G91/(150) [Camel carriage, ?Lahore.] 
Mss Eur G91/(151) Ameer Sher Ali Khan. 
Mss Eur G91/(152) Jamrood Fort. 
Mss Eur G91/(153) A group of Afreedees. 
Mss Eur G91/(155) Kangra Fort. 
Mss Eur G91/(156) Kangra, Golden Temple. 
Mss Eur G91/(159) Calcutta, 1860. 
Mss Eur G91/(162) Benares, Aurangzeb's Mosque, and temples. 
Mss Eur G91/(163a) Raja Maheshwar Baksh of Doomraon. 
Mss Eur G91/(163b) Maharaja Lachmesar Singh of Darbhanga. 
Mss Eur G91/(163c) Maharaja Kishor Singh of Bettia. 
Mss Eur G91/(164) Benares, Burning Ghat. 
Mss Eur G91/(165a) Jabalpoor, group of Thags. 
Mss Eur G91/(165b) Tookoji Rao Holkar, Maharaja of Indor: PRINT MISSING. 
Mss Eur G91/(165c) Shahjahan Begam Nawab of Bhopal, daughter of Sikandar. 
Mss Eur G91/(166) Jabalpoor, Marble Rocks on Nerbadda at Bhera Ghat. 
Mss Eur G91/(167) Maharaja Man Singh of Shahganj. 
Mss Eur G91/(168) [Members of the] Bengal High Court of Judicature. 
Mss Eur G91/(169) Earl Canning K.C., 15 March 1862. 
Mss Eur G91/(170) Lady Canning, 1860. 
Mss Eur G91/(172) Colonel A.P. Phayre. d. Decr. 1885 aged 73, afterwards Lt General Phayre G.C.M.G, K.C.S.I., C.B. 
Mss Eur G91/(174) Lord Canning's Staff, 1862. 
Mss Eur G91/(175) Sir Bartle Frere. 
Mss Eur G91/(175a) Mr (Sir William) Grey. 
Mss Eur G91/(175c) Statue of Lord Canning at Calcutta by Foley and Brock. 
Mss Eur G91/(176) General Sir Mark Cubbon. 
Mss Eur G91/(177) Sir William Denison. 
Mss Eur G91/(178a) The Wellesley Bridge, Seringapatam. 
Mss Eur G91/(178b) Seringapatam Fort, showing the breach made in the walls before it was stormed on 4 May 1790. 
Mss Eur G91/(179) Gateway in Seringapatam, near which Tippoo Sultan was killed. 
Mss Eur G91/(180a) Rajbinde, or noble of Raja's clan. 
Mss Eur G91/(180b) Maharaja Krishnaraj Wodiar of Mysore. 
Mss Eur G91/(180c) Rajbinde, or noble of Raja's clan. 
Mss Eur G91/(181) The Mosque attached to Haidar Ali's Tomb [Seringapatam]. 
Mss Eur G91/(182) Raja's Palace, Mysore. 
Mss Eur G91/(184a) Haidar Ali's Tomb, Seringapatam. 
Mss Eur G91/(184b) Darya Daulat Bagh, Seringapatam. 
Mss Eur G91/(185) Commissioner's Office in Bangalore Fort. 
Mss Eur G91/(186a) Captain F. Cunningham [Secretary of the Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(186b) Captain J.L. Pearse [Secretary of the Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(186c) Major R.S. Dobbs [Superintendent of the Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(187a) Major T. Clerk [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(187b) Captain A.C. Hay [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(187c) Captain J.A. Campbell [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(187d) Captain W. Campbell [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(187e) Captain J. Puckle [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(188a) Lieut. Tredway Clarke [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(188b) Lieut. F.T. Gordon-Cumming [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(188c) Lieut. R. Cole [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(188d) Mr C.B. Saunders C.B. [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(188e) Mr R. Kindersley [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(189a) Major R.H. Sankey C.B. [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(189b) Mr H. Hudson [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(189c) Mr Lewis Rice C.I.E. [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(189d) Lieut. Van Someren [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(189e) Lieut. Col. W.C. Anderson [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(189f) Dr J. Kirkpatrick [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(190a) Krishna Ayengar C.S.I. [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(190b) Aroonachellam Modeliar [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(190c) Sabanpati Modeliar [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(190d) P.N. Krishna Murti Yelandoor Jageerdar [Mysore Commission]. 
Mss Eur G91/(190e) P.N. Poornaiya, brother of Krishna Murti. 
Mss Eur G91/(190f) A young Bedar. 
Mss Eur G91/(191a) Betta Kooroobas. 
Mss Eur G91/(191b) Jenoo Kooroobas. 
Mss Eur G91/(192a) A Lambadi woman. 
Mss Eur G91/(192b) Korachar or Kormar. 
Mss Eur G91/(192c) Honoora, a famous Korchar dacoit said to have murdered Mr Horsley at Bellari. 
Mss Eur G91/(192d) Koodiyars. Toddy drawers. 
Mss Eur G91/(192e) Mochi. 
Mss Eur G91/(193a) Smarta Laukika. 
Mss Eur G91/(193b) Smarta cultivators. 
Mss Eur G91/(193c) Komati. 
Mss Eur G91/(193d) Smarta Vaidika [Brahmin]. 
Mss Eur G91/(193e) A Madhava [Brahmin]. 
Mss Eur G91/(194a) Vadagale Vaishnava Brahman [Mysore]. 
Mss Eur G91/(194b) Vaishnava trader [Mysore]. 
Mss Eur G91/(194c) Vaishnava Vairagee [Mysore]. 
Mss Eur G91/(194d) Lingayat trader [Mysore]. 
Mss Eur G91/(194e) Lingayat Jangama. 
Mss Eur G91/(195a) Vaishnava Dasara (mendicant) [Mysore]. 
Mss Eur G91/(195b) Jogi Paknadi [Mysore]. 
Mss Eur G91/(195c) Koonbi (cultivator) [Mysore]. 
Mss Eur G91/(195d) Mysore shekh (Kadir Khan) [Mysore]. 
Mss Eur G91/(195e) Musulman Patwegar (weaver) [Mysore]. 
Mss Eur G91/(197) Rock inscription at Taikal, date 1512. 
Mss Eur G91/(198) Shila shashana at Begur. 
Mss Eur G91/(199a) Gautama or Gauj Agrahar grant [copper shashana]. 
Mss Eur G91/(199b) Gautama or Gauj Agrahar grant [copper shashana]. 
Mss Eur G91/(199c) Gautama or Gauj Agrahar grant [copper shashana]. 
Mss Eur G91/(199d) Gautama or Gauj Agrahar grant [copper shashana]. 
Mss Eur G91/(199e) The Papal Nuncio with the Bishops of Southern India [at Mysore?]. 
Mss Eur G91/(200a) Mysore Clergy. 
Mss Eur G91/(200b) Consecration of Bishop Chevalier [Mysore]. 
Mss Eur G91/(200c) Bishop Chevalier [sic, for Charbonneau] postmortem [Mysore]. 
Mss Eur G91/(201) A mango tree. 
Mss Eur G91/(202a) Charles Talbot Bowring, 1866. 
Mss Eur G91/(202b) [Portrait of an unidentified youth, possibly Charles Talbot Bowring.] 
Mss Eur G91/(203) Gairsoppa Falls, showing Raja and Roarer cataracts. 
Mss Eur G91/(204) Gairsoppa Falls from below. 
Mss Eur G91/(205) Temple at Belgami in Mysore, with sasanas or carved stone grants. 
Mss Eur G91/(207) The Sringiri Swami. 
Mss Eur G91/(211) Ancient Jain temple at Halebid. 
Mss Eur G91/(211a) Ruined temple at Halebid [Kedaresvara Temple]. 
Mss Eur G91/(211b) Great Temple at Halebid, eastern view [Hoysalesvara Temple]. 
Mss Eur G91/(211c) Halebid Temple [Hoysalesvara Temple], eastern portal. 
Mss Eur G91/(211d) Halebid Temple [Hoysalesvara Temple], to the left of eastern portal. 
Mss Eur G91/(211e) Halebid Temple [Hoysalesvara Temple], south side. 
Mss Eur G91/(211f) Halebid Temple [Hoysalesvara Temple], south [sic, for east] side. 
Mss Eur G91/(211g) Halebid Temple [Hoysalesvara Temple], south entrance. 
Mss Eur G91/(211h) Halebid Temple [Hoysalesvara Temple], west side. 
Mss Eur G91/(211i) Halebid Temple [Hoysalesvara Temple], sculptures on west wall. 
Mss Eur G91/(211j) Halebid Temple [Hoysalesvara Temple], sculptures on west face. 
Mss Eur G91/(211k) Halebid Temple [Hoysalesvara Temple], general view of scrolls on face. 
Mss Eur G91/(211l) Halebid Temple [Hoysalesvara Temple], [west] portal. 
Mss Eur G91/(213) Beloor Temple [Chennakeshvara Temple]. 
Mss Eur G91/(213a) Separate temple in courtyard of Beloor Temple. 
Mss Eur G91/(213b) Goparam [sic, for vimana] of Beloor Temple [Chennakeshvara Temple]. 
Mss Eur G91/(213c) Indra Betta, Sravana Belgool. [Jain temple complex on Chandragiri Hill, Sravana Belgola.] 
Mss Eur G91/(213d) Chandra Betta, Sravana Belgool. 
Mss Eur G91/(213e) Side entrance to Beloor Temple [Chennakeshvara Temple]. 
Mss Eur G91/(215) Colossal statue of Gomateshwara, Sravana Belgool. 
Mss Eur G91/(216a) Nizam Mahboob Ali Khan of Hyderabad. 
Mss Eur G91/(216b) Nawab Sir Salar Jang G.C.S.I., Prime Minister Hyderabad. 
Mss Eur G91/(217a) The Residency [Bangalore]. 
Mss Eur G91/(217b) Commissioner's Residence, Bangalore, 1862. 
Mss Eur G91/(217c) Commissioner's Flagstaff [Bangalore]. 
Mss Eur G91/(217d) Diwan-i-am in Bangalore Palace [engraving]. 
Mss Eur G91/(217e) New wing of Commissioner's House, 1869 [Bangalore]. 
Mss Eur G91/(217f) Gateway leading to Commissioner's House [Bangalore]. 
Mss Eur G91/(218a) The Lal Bagh, Bangalore. 
Mss Eur G91/(218b) General F.P. Haines, d. 11 June 1909 aged 90. 
Mss Eur G91/(218c) Chief Commissioner's House, Bangalore 1872. 
Mss Eur G91/(219a) Tomb of Fatah Muhammad, father of Haidar Ali, at Kolar. 
Mss Eur G91/(219b) [?]Rangdham Temple at Chikka Balapoor, Kolar District. [Probably the Venkataramana Temple, Madhugiri.] 
Mss Eur G91/(219c) View at Nandidroog [watercolour]. 
Mss Eur G91/(219d) Tippoo's Drop, Nandidroog [watercolour]. 
Mss Eur G91/(220) Burial ground at Kolar. 
Mss Eur G91/(221) Bridge over the Kaveri at Sivasamudram. 
Mss Eur G91/(221a) Sivasamudram Falls [or Kaveri Falls], the Bhar Chooki. 
Mss Eur G91/(221b) Sivasamudram Falls [or Kaveri Falls], the Bhar Chooki. 
Mss Eur G91/(221c) Sivasamudram Falls [or Kaveri Falls], the Gangana Chooki. 
Mss Eur G91/(221d) Sivasamudram Falls [or Kaveri Falls], the Gangana Chooki. 
Mss Eur G91/(225b) Raja's bathing-place at Seringapatam. 
Mss Eur G91/(246b) Harihar Bridge. 
Mss Eur G91/(223) Purnia, the Dewan and Regent of Mysore [watercolour by an Indian artist]. 
Mss Eur G91/(224) Somanathpoor Temple, near Talkad. 
Mss Eur G91/(226) Bamboo jungle [Coorg or Kodagu]. 
Mss Eur G91/(227a) Group of Coorg headmen who accompanied me to Madras. 1870. 
Mss Eur G91/(227b) Merkara - Palace in distance. 
Mss Eur G91/(228) Panorama of Merkara [Madikeri]. 
Mss Eur G91/(229a) [Omkareshvara] Temple under Raja's Palace, Merkara [Madikeri]. [Engraving.] 
Mss Eur G91/(229b) Tombs of the Rajas at Merkara [Madikeri]. 
Mss Eur G91/(230a) Headmen of Coorg [Kodagu]. 
Mss Eur G91/(238) Map of Kodagu or Kurg (Coorg). 
Mss Eur G91/(240) Chamoondi Hill near Mysore 3489 feet above sea-level called after the tutelary deity of the Mysore Rajas. 
Mss Eur G91/(242) [?]Venkataramana Temple, Madagiri [Probably the Bhoganarasimhaswami Temple, Devarayadurga]. 
Mss Eur G91/(243) Nayak's Residence, Chitaldroog. 
Mss Eur G91/(244a) Temple at Devangere [Davangere]. 
Mss Eur G91/(244b) Shasanas in Davangere Temple. 
Mss Eur G91/(244c) Shasanas in Davangere Temple. 
Mss Eur G91/(245) View in Chitaldroog Fort. 
Mss Eur G91/(246a) Harihar Temple, showing the shasanas in the courtyard. 
Mss Eur G91/(247) Someshwara Temple, Magadi. 
Mss Eur G91/(248) [Memorial to Mary Laura Bowring in the Roman Catholic Cathedral, Bangalore.] 
Mss Eur G91/(250a) Richard Bellasis. 
Mss Eur G91/(250b) Serjeant [Edward] Bellasis. 
Mss Eur G91/(250c) Edward Bellasis. 
Mss Eur G91/(250d) [Composite portrait of the Bellasis family.] 
Mss Eur G91/(250e) Clara Bellasis. 
Mss Eur G91/(250f) Monica Bellasis. 
Mss Eur G91/(253a) [Interior of drawing room, probably in the Commissioner's House, Bangalore.] 
Mss Eur G91/(253b) [Interior of drawing room, probably in the Commissioner's House, Bangalore.] 
Mss Eur G91/(254a) Installation of Maharaja Chamrajendra Wodiar, Raja of Mysore, 23 Sepr. 1868. 
Mss Eur G91/(254b) Maharaja Chamrajendra Wodiar [of Mysore]. 
Mss Eur G91/(266a) Nandidroog Fort. 
Mss Eur G91/(266b) Colonel G.B. Malleson. 
Mss Eur G91/(267) Lord Mayo's Statue, Calcutta. 
Mss Eur G91/(270a) Maharaja Vijayaram Gajapatiraj of Vijayanagram. 
Mss Eur G91/(270b) A. Bellasis as Lord Fauconberg [at the Viceroy's fancy dress ball, Calcutta.] 
Mss Eur G91/(271) Edward Lewis Stanislas Bowring, 1873, aged 3 years. 
Mss Eur G91/(272a) Philip Francis Bowring, 1876, aged 5½ years. 
Mss Eur G91/(272b) John Bellasis Bowring, 1876, aged 4 years. 
Mss Eur G91/(272c) Vincent Lewin Bowring, 1878, aged 2½ years. 
Mss Eur G91/(272d) Edith Mary Bowring, 1881, aged 5½ years. 
Mss Eur G91/(272e) Francis Stephen Bowring, 1880, aged 2½ years. 
Mss Eur G91/(272f) Wilfred Joseph Bowring, 1881, aged 2½ years. 
Mss Eur G91/(272g) Ignatius William Bowring, 1883, aged two and three-quarters years. 
Mss Eur G91/(272h) Clara Mary Aloysia Bowring, 1885, aged 2 years. 
Mss Eur G91/(254c) Maharaja Chamrajendra Wodiar [of Mysore]. 
Mss Eur G91/(272i) [Marble bust of Sir Robert Montgomery.] 
Mss Eur G91/(139b) Fountain erected as a memorial of Mr D. Panioty, Asst. Private Secy. [Calcutta]. 
Mss Eur G91/(231a) Amma Kodagaroo. 
Mss Eur G91/(231b) Amma Kodagaroo. 
Mss Eur G91/(231c) Heggade and Heggaditi. 
Mss Eur G91/(231d) Aimvokkalaroo. 
Mss Eur G91/(233a) Kavatis. 
Mss Eur G91/(233b) Medas. 
Mss Eur G91/(233c) Kembatti Holayaroo. 
Mss Eur G91/(233d) Yeravas. 
Mss Eur G91/(235a) Medal given to Coorgs for loyalty in 1834, obverse. 
Mss Eur G91/(235b) Medal given to Coorgs for loyalty in 1834, reverse. 
Mss Eur G91/(235d) A Coorg warrior. 
Mss Eur G91/(235e) Coorg women. 
Mss Eur G91/(235f) A Coorg with his family. 
Mss Eur G91/(236a) Pales. 
Mss Eur G91/(236b) Badiges? 

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