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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 1016/1

Medley Collection: Carte-de-visite album belonging to Adelaide Charlotte Medley.

Contents: 203 prints Albumen prints
Provenance: Collection donated by Lieutenant-Colonel R.J.F. Milanes, Freedom, Smuggler's Lane, Bosham, Chichester, Sussex, PO18 8QP, August 1996.
Notes: Collection comprises Photo 1016/1-3.
Description: Carte-de-visite photograph album measuring 242x302mm, bound in full calf, with tooled decoration and initials 'A.C.M.' [Adelaide Charlotte Medley] stamped in gilt on front cover. The binding is fragile, with spine partially detached. The album contains 203 carte-de-visite portraits and topographical views, inserted in oval and rectangular aperture mounts. The majority of the sitters are identified by pencilled captions on the album page or on the reverse of the print.

Adelaide Caroline Medley (b. Allahabad 1838), daughter of Colonel James Steel, Bengal Infantry, married Lieutenant-General (then Lieutenant) Julius George Medley (1829-1884) at Simla on 9 August 1858. Medley served in the Royal (Bengal) Engineers from 1847-84. The majority of the portraits in the collection are of military colleagues. For a full biographical note, see George William De Rhe-Philipe, 'A List of Inscriptions on Christian Tombs or Monuments in the Punjab, North-West Frontier Province, Kashmir and Afghanistan' (part 2, biographical notices, Lahore, 1912).

Album contents:-
Photo 1016/1(1) Princess of Wales. 
Photo 1016/1(2) Queen [Victoria] and John Brown. 
Photo 1016/1(3) Prince of Wales and family. 
Photo 1016/1(4) Princess of Wales [Princess Alexandra]. 
Photo 1016/1(5) Thomason College, Roorkee. 
Photo 1016/1(6) 8 views of Roorkee. 
Photo 1016/1(7) Simla [inscribed on reverse: 'Simla from Jakko']. 
Photo 1016/1(8) Lady Mayo to Major -. 
Photo 1016/1(9) Cawnpore Well. 
Photo 1016/1(10) Cawnpore Well. 
Photo 1016/1(11) Lansdowne Square, Brighton [Portrait of an unidentified young man]. 
Photo 1016/1(12) Travellers' Rest, Kirkstone Pass. 
Photo 1016/1(13) Col. Dyas R.E. 
Photo 1016/1(14) Col. Stotherd R.E. 
Photo 1016/1(15) Capt. W. Ross R.E. 
Photo 1016/1(16) Capt. J. Ross R.E. 
Photo 1016/1(17) Mrs H. Thuillier. 
Photo 1016/1(18) Capt. Thuillier R.E. 
Photo 1016/1(19) Capt. P. Marindin R.E. 
Photo 1016/1(20) Mrs Marindin. 
Photo 1016/1(21) Cashmere. On the Dhul Canal [Srinagar]. 
Photo 1016/1(22) Poplar avenue, Cashmere [Srinagar]. 
Photo 1016/1(23) Cashmere. View from Nautch Bungalow, Srinuggur [Shalimar Bagh]. 
Photo 1016/1(24) Cashmere. View from Meribul Pass, Kashmir. 
Photo 1016/1(25) View on the Dhul Canal, Cashmere [Srinagar]. 
Photo 1016/1(26) On the Dhul Canal, Cashmere [Srinagar]. 
Photo 1016/1(27) Cashmere [View of the Dal Canal, Srinagar]. 
Photo 1016/1(28) On the Dhul Canal, Cashmere [Srinagar]. 
Photo 1016/1(29) Major Luard R.E. 
Photo 1016/1(30) Major Skipwith R.E. 
Photo 1016/1(31) Capt. Bailey R.E. 
Photo 1016/1(32) Capt Engledue R.E. 
Photo 1016/1(33) Capt. Firebrace R.E. 
Photo 1016/1(34) Lieut. Pulford R.E. 
Photo 1016/1(35) Capt. Heaviside R.E. 
Photo 1016/1(36) Capt. 
Photo 1016/1(37) St John's College, Cambridge. 
Photo 1016/1(38) [Portrait of an unidentified sitter.] 
Photo 1016/1(39) Bowder Stone, Cumberland. 
Photo 1016/1(40) [?]Louise Brownlow. 
Photo 1016/1(41) Mrs Brownlow. 
Photo 1016/1(42) [Word illegible] Beauchamp. 
Photo 1016/1(43) Mrs Beauchamp. 
Photo 1016/1(44) Capt. and Mrs Brown. 
Photo 1016/1(46) Capt. Lillingston. 
Photo 1016/1(47) Dr Murray Thomson. 
Photo 1016/1(45) Capt. [?]Durrens. 
Photo 1016/1(48) Amphitheatre, Verona. 
Photo 1016/1(49) Rome. Castel St Angelo, looking over the Bridge of St Angelo. 
Photo 1016/1(50) Trajan's Forum and Column, Rome. 
Photo 1016/1(51) Statuary in the Vatican, Rome. 
Photo 1016/1(52) The Baptistry, Pisa. 
Photo 1016/1(53) Between Geneva and Nice. 
Photo 1016/1(54) Queenstown, Co. Cork. 
Photo 1016/1(55) [View on the Ganges Canal at Roorkee]. 
Photo 1016/1(56) Capt. Brown V.C. 

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