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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 992/1

Bourne & Shepherd, 'Royal photographic album of scenes and personages connected with the progress of HRH the Prince of Wales through Bengal, the North West Provinces, the Punjab and Nepal' (Calcutta, 1876).

Photographers: Bourne & Shepherd, Samuel Bourne
Contents: 141 prints Albumen prints and carbon prints
Provenance: Transferred from European Printed Books Collection, pressmark X.152.
Notes: Second copy at Photo 992/2
Description: Red full-leather bound volume measuring 285x375mm, with title and decorations in gilt on front cover. The titlepage is inscribed 'D. Mackinlay Esqre with K. Murray's kind regards. 29th June 1877.' The donor was presumably Kenneth Murray (1831-1901), employee and later managing partner of Bourne & Shepherd. The volume contains 141 prints, the majority in albumen but including a few carbon prints, recording events and personalities connected with the Indian tour of Edward Prince of Wales in 1875-76, wth accompanying letterpress descriptions. While many of the photographs document events during the tour a number of the topographical and architectural views were taken in the mid-1860s by Samuel Bourne and were merely drawn from stock for inclusion in this commemorative volume.

Album contents:-
Photo 992/1(1a) Portrait of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. 
Photo 992/1(1) H.M.S. 'Serapis'. 
Photo 992/1(2) Saloon, H.M.S. 'Serapis'. 
Photo 992/1(3) Dining Room, 'Serapis'. 
Photo 992/1(4) H.R.H.'s Boudoir, 'Serapis'. 
Photo 992/1(5) The Prince's Bedroom [H.M.S. 'Serapis']. 
Photo 992/1(6) H.R.H.'s Yacht 'Osborne'. 
Photo 992/1(7) Group: H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, the Viceroy, Hon. Miss Baring and others [at Government House, Calcutta]. 
Photo 992/1(8) Government House, Calcutta. 
Photo 992/1(9) St Paul's Cathedral [Calcutta]. 
Photo 992/1(10) Old Court House Street [Calcutta]. 
Photo 992/1(11) The Maharaja of Benares. 
Photo 992/1(12) The Maharaja of Vizianagram. 
Photo 992/1(13) The Ganges and Bridge of Boats [Benares]. 
Photo 992/1(14) Mosque of Aurangzeb, Benares. 
Photo 992/1(15) The Burning Ghat [Benares]. 
Photo 992/1(16) Vishnu Pud and other temples, Benares. 
Photo 992/1(17) The Memorial Well, Cawnpore. 
Photo 992/1(18) The Chattar Manzil, Lucknow. 
Photo 992/1(19) The Martinière [Lucknow]. 
Photo 992/1(20) General view of Lucknow. 
Photo 992/1(21) Ruins of the Residency and Bailey Guard [Lucknow]. 
Photo 992/1(22) The Husseinabad Imambara [Lucknow]. 
Photo 992/1(23) View from the terrace of the Imambara [Lucknow]. 
Photo 992/1(24) The Prince of Wales and Staff, Camp of Exercise, Delhi. 
Photo 992/1(25) View of the Camp, Delhi. 
Photo 992/1(26) Interior of Durbar Tent [Delhi]. 
Photo 992/1(27) Prince's elephant in state trappings [Delhi]. 
Photo 992/1(28) H.R.H.'s camel orderlies [Delhi]. 
Photo 992/1(29) Moti Masjid, Delhi. 
Photo 992/1(30) Interior of the Dewan-i-Khas [Delhi]. 
Photo 992/1(31) Lahore Gate of the Palace, Delhi. 
Photo 992/1(32) Jamma Masjid, Delhi. 
Photo 992/1(33) Group: H.R.H. and Officers 10th Hussars [Delhi]. 
Photo 992/1(34) 10th Royal Hussars on parade [Delhi]. 
Photo 992/1(35) Group: 11th Bengal Lancers [Delhi]. 
Photo 992/1(36) Group: 11th Bengal Lancers [Delhi]. 
Photo 992/1(37) Group: 11th Bengal Lancers [Delhi]. 
Photo 992/1(38) Delhi ekka. 
Photo 992/1(39) Government House, Lahore. 
Photo 992/1(40) Camel carriage [in front of Government House, Lahore.] 
Photo 992/1(41) Triumphal Arch at the Railway Station, Lahore. 
Photo 992/1(42) The Montgomery Hall, Lahore. 
Photo 992/1(43) The Golden Temple, Amritsar. 
Photo 992/1(44) Mausoleum of Ranjit Singh [Lahore]. 
Photo 992/1(45) Yarkandis with hunting hawks [Lahore]. 
Photo 992/1(46) Beluchis [at Lahore]. 
Photo 992/1(47) Beluchi Chiefs [at Lahore]. 
Photo 992/1(48) Gadis, natives of Chamba [?at Lahore]. 
Photo 992/1(49) Dancing Gadis [?at Lahore]. 
Photo 992/1(50) Pathan Chiefs and attendants [at Lahore]. 
Photo 992/1(51) Dogras in campaigning costume [Kashmir]. 
Photo 992/1(52) Women of Cashmere. 
Photo 992/1(53) The Maharaja of Kashmir. 
Photo 992/1(54) H.R.H.'s Tent, Agra. 
Photo 992/1(55) Gateway of the Taj. 
Photo 992/1(56) The Taj from the River. 
Photo 992/1(57) The Taj. 
Photo 992/1(59) Akbar's Palace [Fort, Agra]. 
Photo 992/1(58) The Ammar Singh Gate of the Fort, Agra. 
Photo 992/1(60) Tomb of Itmad-ud-Daulah [Agra]. 
Photo 992/1(61) The Moti Masjid [Agra]. 
Photo 992/1(62) Interior of the Moti Masjid [Agra]. 
Photo 992/1(63) The Tomb of Akbar, Sikandra. 
Photo 992/1(64) Akbar's Mausoleum, Sikandra. 
Photo 992/1(65) General view of Fatehpur Sikri. 
Photo 992/1(66) Great Gate, Fatehpur Sikri. 
Photo 992/1(67) Tomb of Sheikh Selim Chisti [Fatehpur Sikri]. 
Photo 992/1(68) Marble screens in Tomb of Sheikh Salim Chisti [Fatehpur Sikri]. 
Photo 992/1(69) H.R.H.'s charger 'Coomassie'. 
Photo 992/1(70) H.R.H.'s Yarkund shooting pony. 
Photo 992/1(71) H.H. the Maharaja of Oorcha on horseback [at Agra]. 
Photo 992/1(72) H.H. the Maharaja of Oorcha on state elephant [at Agra]. 
Photo 992/1(73) The Maharaja of Alwar [at Agra]. 
Photo 992/1(74) Camel guns of H.H. the Maharaja of Alwar [at Agra]. 
Photo 992/1(75) Camel Artillery of H.H. the Maharaja of Alwar [at Agra]. 
Photo 992/1(76) State Carriage of H.H. the Maharaja of Alwar [at Agra]. 
Photo 992/1(77) Elephants and attendants of the Maharao of Alwar [at Agra]. 
Photo 992/1(78) A warrior of Oorcha [at Agra]. 
Photo 992/1(79) State palki of the Maharaja of Alwar [at Agra]. 
Photo 992/1(80) Men of Bikanir [at Agra]. 
Photo 992/1(81) Group of Thakurs, Bikanir [at Agra]. 
Photo 992/1(82) The Maharaja of Gwalior. 
Photo 992/1(83) General view of Gwalior. 
Photo 992/1(84) Principal entrance of the Fort, Gwalior. 
Photo 992/1(85) General view of Bhurtpore. 
Photo 992/1(86) Maharaja Ram Singh, of Jaipur. 
Photo 992/1(87) The Prince's First Tiger, Jaipur. 
Photo 992/1(88) The Pavilion occupied by H.R.H. the Prince of Wales at the Residency, Jaipur. 
Photo 992/1(89) Hall of Audience, Jaipur. 
Photo 992/1(90) The Hathi Nishan of Flag Elephant of Jaipur. 
Photo 992/1(91) Group of Jaipur Sirdars. 
Photo 992/1(92) View of Naini Tal. 
Photo 992/1(93) Second view of Naini Tal. 
Photo 992/1(94) Third view of Naini Tal. 
Photo 992/1(95) Maharaja Sir Jung Bahadur [of Nepal]. 
Photo 992/1(96) Scene in camp, Terai. 
Photo 992/1(97) Scene in camp, Terai. 
Photo 992/1(98) Scene in Camp, Terai: arrival at Nanak Matta. 
Photo 992/1(99) Scenes on the march, Terai. 
Photo 992/1(100) Native officers and men of the 3rd Goorkhas. 
Photo 992/1(101) Group of Thibetans. 
Photo 992/1(102) Group of Beschirs, with presents. 
Photo 992/1(103) Thibetan mendicants. 
Photo 992/1(104) Group: His Royal Highness with Sir H. Ramsay and party. 
Photo 992/1(105) Royal party leaving camp on elephants. 
Photo 992/1(106) Mr Bartlett and dead tigers. 
Photo 992/1(107) Hunting cheetah. 
Photo 992/1(108) Jung Pershad [Maharaja Sir Jang Bahadur's largest fighting elephant]. 
Photo 992/1(109) Jung Pershad [Maharaja Sir Jang Bahadur's largest fighting elephant]. 
Photo 992/1(110) View up the Sardah. 
Photo 992/1(111) Captured elephant and his warders. 
Photo 992/1(112) Ladies of Sir Jung Bahadur's household [Nepal]. 
Photo 992/1(113) The first day's bag in Nepal. 
Photo 992/1(114) Women of Tibet. 
Photo 992/1(115) Nepalese soldiers on outpost duty. 
Photo 992/1(116) Nepalese soldiers. 
Photo 992/1(117) Nepalese hunters. 
Photo 992/1(118) Group of Nepalese: fishermen, etc. 
Photo 992/1(119) Jung Bahadur's fakir. 
Photo 992/1(120) Nepalese coolies. 
Photo 992/1(121) The home of the fakir. 
Photo 992/1(122) Group: H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, the Maharaja Sir Jung Bahadur, and suites. 
Photo 992/1(123) Indian staff attached to H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. 
Photo 992/1(124) H.R.H. The Prince of Wales and elephant. 
Photo 992/1(125) Lord Alfred Paget and elephant. 
Photo 992/1(126) Lord Carington and elephant. 
Photo 992/1(127) Dr Russell and elephant. 
Photo 992/1(128) Captain Fitz-George and elephant. 
Photo 992/1(129) Lord Suffield and elephant. 
Photo 992/1(130) Lord Charles Beresford and elephant. 
Photo 992/1(131) Major-General Sir D. Probyn and elephant. 
Photo 992/1(132) Sir Salar Jung. 
Photo 992/1(133) The Maharaja of Udaipur. 
Photo 992/1(134) The Begum of Bhopal. 
Photo 992/1(135) Maharaja of Jodhpur. 
Photo 992/1(136) The Maharaja of Rewah. 
Photo 992/1(137) The Maharaja of Patiala. 
Photo 992/1(138) The Maharaja of Indore. 
Photo 992/1(139) The Guicowar [Gaekwar of Baroda]. 
Photo 992/1(140) The Prince of Wales and suite in helmets. 

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