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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 970/

James Burgess, 'Photographs of Architecture and Scenery in Gujarat and Rajputana. Photographed by Bourne & Shepherd' (Bourne and Shepherd, Calcutta, Bombay and Simla, 1874).

Photographers: Colin Murray for Bourne & Shepherd
Contents: 30 prints Albumen prints
Provenance: Transferred from European Printed Books Collection 1996.
Description: Quarter-bound volume (India Office Library binding, 1964), measuring 350 x 434 mm.

In his introduction Burgess gives a brief account of the background and history of the volume:

'Since the Daniells first published their large volumes of views of Architecture, &c. in India, about the commencement of the century, a growing taste has been slowly spreading among Europeans for works illustrative of the Architecture, Scenery, Races, Costumes, &c., of the great Eastern dependency of our Empire. This has been partially met and fostered by such publications as Grindlay's 'Views,' &c., 'The Indian Portfolio, Fergusson's 'Rock-Cut Temples,' and 'Picturesque Illustrations of Indian Architecture,' and, more recently, by numerous works illustrated by photography.
The belief that a selection of views from Gujarat and Rajputana would meet with public support, and help to spread a knowledge of the beauties of Indian Architecture and Scenery, has led the publishers to put forth the present volume of photographs, selected from a larger series taken by Mr C. Murray, partner of the firm, during a tour in these provinces in the months of December 1872, January, February, and March 1873. I accompanied him, for the benefit of my health, through Ahmedabad, Pahlanpur, and the miserable remains of Chandravati, to Mount Abu, and thence through Sirohi to Sadri, by the Desuri Pass across the Aravali Hills, to Komalmer, Kailwa, Rajnagar, Nathdwara, Dilwada, and Eklinga to Udaypur, and then to Chittur, where, leaving Mr Murray to go by Bhainsrorgadh, Baroli, Kota, Bundi, Deoli, Rajmahal and Bisalpur to Ajmer, I went direct to Ajmer and Puskar en route for Jaypur and Agra. Instead of drawing entirely on my own notes for the materials of the letterpress, which would thereby have been more antiquarian in character, I have designedly drawn largely on the masterly criticisms of Mr J. Fergusson in his 'Picturesque Illustrations of Ancient Architecture in Hindostan', and 'History of Architecture', - works of the highest interest to every student of the History of Oriental Architecture...'

Album contents:-
Photo 970/(1) Ahmedabad - Rani Sipri's Mosk and Tomb. 
Photo 970/(2) Ahmedabad - Window and base of minaret in Rani Spiri's [sic] Mosk. 
Photo 970/(3) Adalaj - The public well or wav. 
Photo 970/(4) Siddhpur - Ruins of the Rudra Mala. 
Photo 970/(5) Mount Abu, the Nakhi Talao, &c., from the west. 
Photo 970/(6) Mount Abu, the Station, from the Residency. 
Photo 970/(7) Mount Abu, the Jain Temples at Delwada. 
Photo 970/(8) Mount Abu, Jain Temple, interior. 
Photo 970/(9) Ceiling of Jain Temple [Abu]. 
Photo 970/(10) Jain Temple at Ranpur. 
Photo 970/(11) Jain Temple at Ranpur - interior. 
Photo 970/(12) The Fortress of Komalmer. 
Photo 970/(13) Marble ghat at Rajnagar. 
Photo 970/(14) The Great Temple of Eklingaji. 
Photo 970/(15) The Bagela Lake at Eklinga. 
Photo 970/(16) Old Vaishnava Temples at Eklinga [Nagda]. 
Photo 970/(17) Udaypur - The Water Palace. 
Photo 970/(18) Udaipur - Cenotaph of Sangram Singh. 
Photo 970/(19) Chittur - The Jain Tower. 
Photo 970/(20) Chittur - Palace of Bhim and Padmani. 
Photo 970/(21) Chittur - Komal's Kirti-Sthamba. 
Photo 970/(22) Temples and columns at Baroli. 
Photo 970/(23) Cenotaph of Umed Singh at Kota. 
Photo 970/(24) Street view and Palace at Bundi. 
Photo 970/(25) Ajmer, from above the 'Daulat Bagh'. 
Photo 970/(26) Ajmer, the Arhai-din-ka Jhopra. 
Photo 970/(27) Jaypur, from the Sanganer Gate. 
Photo 970/(28) Jaypur, the Indur Mehal [Chandra Mahal]. 
Photo 970/(29) The Galta, near Jaypur. 
Photo 970/(30) Amber - the Kanch Mehal [Ganesh Pol]. 

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