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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 938/3

Edward Molyneux Collection: Album entitled 'Indian Photographs.'

Photographers: W. Baker, John Burke, Holmes, Samuel Bourne, T. Winter and others unknown
Contents: 76 prints 97x73mm to 292x234mm Albumen prints, printing-out paper
Provenance: Transferred from European Manuscripts (Mss. Eur. F. 172), August 1995.
Notes: Collection comprises Photo 938/1-6
Description: Half-leather album in Indian binding with Indian paper, measuring 362x485mm, with title 'Indian Photographs' and floral motif drawn in ink on front board. Prints 1-34 are loosely inserted in corner slits in the pages; the remaining photographs are pasted down. The majority of the prints have handwritten captions written on the album page. The album contains commercially produced views of North Indian architecture and topography dating from the 1860s-90s, mountain scenery in the Himalayas, regimental groups and a number of later snapshots of poorish quality. Locations include: Agra, Cawnpore, Lucknow, Burma, Srinagar, Sind Valley, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Sialkot.

Album contents:-
Photo 938/3(1) [Snapshot portrait of three Europeans taking tea in a garden.] 
Photo 938/3(2) Mausoleum of Prince Etmad Daulah [Itimad-ud-daulah's Tomb, Agra]. 
Photo 938/3(3) The Delhi Gate, Agra Fort. 
Photo 938/3(4) Suttee Chouree Ghat. Scene of the Massacre, Cawnpore. 
Photo 938/3(5) Dilkoosha Palace, Lucknow. 
Photo 938/3(6) Interior of Taj Mahal, Agra [sic, for Exterior of Tomb of Itimad-ud-daulah, Agra]. 
Photo 938/3(7) The Vinery, Kaisor Bagh, Lucknow. 
Photo 938/3(8) Ruins of Martund [Surya Temple]. 
Photo 938/3(9) Temple of Kishn Soraba, Gobardun [View across the Kusum Sarovar Tank towards Suraj Mal's Cenotaph, Gobardhan]. 
Photo 938/3(10) 12th B.C. Polo Team, Bengal Cavalry Tournament 1892 [probably at Sialkot]. 
Photo 938/3(11) Gateway of Hoosimabad Bazaar, Lucknow. 
Photo 938/3(12) Glaciers of the Sind Valley, Sonamerg. 
Photo 938/3(13) The Taj Mahal, Agra. 
Photo 938/3(14) Sonamerg Glaciers. 
Photo 938/3(15) Sculptured lions, Burmah. 
Photo 938/3(16) Officers 12th Bengal Cavalry, April 1892 [probably at Sialkot]. 
Photo 938/3(17) Chutter Munzil, Lucknow. 
Photo 938/3(18) Srinugger from the 6th Bridge. 
Photo 938/3(19) Burmese Pagoda [Golden Kyaung or Monastery at Mandalay]. 
Photo 938/3(20) Ruins of Wangut, Sind Valley. 
Photo 938/3(21) Hoari Haramukh Peak, Gangabal. 
Photo 938/3(22) Sind River at Gugandair, below Sonamerg. 
Photo 938/3(23) Futtehpore Sikhri [Buland Darwaza of the Jami Masjid]. 
Photo 938/3(24) Polo Team, XII Bengal Cavalry 1893 [probably at Sialkot]. 
Photo 938/3(25) Snowscape. 
Photo 938/3(26) Valley of the Lidda, Kashmir. 
Photo 938/3(27) Chenar Bagh, Srinugger. 
Photo 938/3(28) Sonamerg, Sind Valley. 
Photo 938/3(29) Camping ground, Kangan, Sind Valley. 
Photo 938/3(30) A big game bag, Kashmir. 
Photo 938/3(31) Sonamerg. 
Photo 938/3(32) Interior of Palace, Agra Fort and Taj Mahal. 
Photo 938/3(33) [Photographic copy of a painting by G. Guillaumet in the Musée du Luxembourg.] 
Photo 938/3(34) Sonamerg. 
Photo 938/3(35) On the Lidda, Pailgam. 
Photo 938/3(36) Transport Class, Rawalpindi, 1897. 
Photo 938/3(37) Pony Parade, Sialkot Tournament, 1896. 
Photo 938/3(38) 'Shamrock' at 20 [?at Sialkot]. 
Photo 938/3(39) 'Shamrock' at 20 [?at Sialkot]. 
Photo 938/3(40) On the Jhelum, Srinagar, Kashmir. 
Photo 938/3(41) Simla 1895. 
Photo 938/3(42) [Group boarding ship, with caption in Russian]. 
Photo 938/3(43) Grounds of Holly Lodge, Simla '95. 
Photo 938/3(44) The Grand Stand, Sialkot. 
Photo 938/3(45) Peshawar Church. 
Photo 938/3(46) Winning [Polo] Team, Peshawar Tournament, 1898. 
Photo 938/3(47) Race Course, Sialkot. 
Photo 938/3(48) A Cantonment road, Peshawar. 
Photo 938/3(49) [Photographic copy of a painting by Gustave Guillaumet in the Musée de Luxembourg]. 
Photo 938/3(50) [Snapshot of a group of ladies in a garden, probably in England]. 
Photo 938/3(51) [Snapshot of a lady in a garden, probably in England]. 
Photo 938/3(52) [Snapshot of a woman playing a piano in a room, probably in England.] 
Photo 938/3(53) Shingri Range and Chandra River. 
Photo 938/3(54) A Kashmir tarn [Dodi Tal, a lake east of Jumnotri]. 
Photo 938/3(55) [Study of woodland vegetation, (?)India.] 
Photo 938/3(56) [View of the Buspa Valley below Karkuti.] 
Photo 938/3(57) [Himalayan landscape.] 
Photo 938/3(58) Pailgam. 
Photo 938/3(59) Compton Winyates. 
Photo 938/3(60) Guggangair. Valley of the Sind. 
Photo 938/3(61) The road near Rogi, and Chini Mountains. 
Photo 938/3(62) A new specie of bird - horned and winged [Zulu rickshaw puller, probably in Durban]. 
Photo 938/3(63) [Portrait of a horse.] 
Photo 938/3(64) [?Peshawar Club.] 
Photo 938/3(65) [Tent-pegging, ?Peshawar.] 
Photo 938/3(66) [Transport class, Rawalpindi, 1897.] 
Photo 938/3(67) Durham Cathedral from Prebend's Bridge. 
Photo 938/3(68) [Snapshot portrait of horse and syce.] 
Photo 938/3(69) [Unidentified group on hillside.] 
Photo 938/3(70) [Snapshot of a stuffed bear in front of a doorway, England.] 
Photo 938/3(71) [Snapshot portrait of a horse.] 
Photo 938/3(72) [Snapshot portrait of a group of horses.] 
Photo 938/3(73) [?View in the Sind Valley]. 
Photo 938/3(74) [Snapshot of an unidentified English house.] 
Photo 938/3(75) Group taken during the 14th Sikhs' entertainment to officers, Coronation Day, 1902.] 
Photo 938/3(76) [Snapshot portrait of a woman and dog.] 

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