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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 920/3

Skrine Collection: Photographs 1920s-40s.

Photographers: Sir Clarmont Skrine and others
Contents: 120 prints Gelatin silver prints
Provenance: Purchased from J.W. Stewart of Perthshire October 1994.
Notes: Collection comprises Photo 920/1-5. See also Mss Eur F154
Description: Collection of loose prints, the majority captioned on the reverse. Subjects include: Loharu, Punjab (1927), Kalat (1932), Panjghur (1932), Khalifat (c. 1930s), Quetta (1934), Las Bela, Simla (1939), Kapurthala (1939, 1940-41), Mandi City (c. 1940), Kashmir (1947), Lahore.

Album contents:-
Photo 920/3(1) [Group taken after the Durbar of Presentation of the Kharita of Recognition of the Nawab of Loharu, 11 January 1927.] 
Photo 920/3(2) Gogai shoot, 25/9/29. Taken by Col. James. 
Photo 920/3(3) [House at (?)Sibi,] 1930. 
Photo 920/3(4) [Picnic group, (?)Baluchistan.] 
Photo 920/3(5) At Sonmiani near Karachi, Christmas shoot, ?1933. 
Photo 920/3(6) At Sonmiani near Karachi, Christmas shoot, ?1933. 
Photo 920/3(7) [Group posed in front of a gorge after a bird shoot, Baluchistan.] 
Photo 920/3(11) Installation of the Khan of Kalat by Lord Willingdon, April 1932. 
Photo 920/3(12) Khan's Installation Durbar 26/4/32. The Khan's procession passing between the two guards of honour on its way to the Durbar enclosure. 
Photo 920/3(13) [Durbar at the Installation of the Khan of Kalat, 1932.] 
Photo 920/3(14) [Durbar at the Installation of the Khan of Kalat, 1932.] 
Photo 920/3(15) [Durbar at the Installation of the Khan of Kalat, 1932.] 
Photo 920/3(16) [Portrait of Mir Muhammad Azam Jan, Khan of Kalat.] 
Photo 920/3(17) The Sardars' Garden Party at the Residency, 26.4.32 [to celebrate the installation of the Khan of Kalat]. 
Photo 920/3(18) [Group portrait of Viceroy and officials attending the Installation Ceremony of the Khan of Kalat, 1932.] 
Photo 920/3(19) Arrival of HH the Khan of Kalat, accompanied by me [C.P. Skrine], to call on the Viceroy...May 1932 [?Quetta]. 
Photo 920/3(20) [Group portrait.] The man on left of C.P.S. is A.P.A. [Assistant Political Agent] Mekran so this is presumably 1934 or 35 in Kalat State. 
Photo 920/3(21) The Mastung Lunch, 27.4.32 [group portrait with the Khan of Kalat and the Viceroy Lord Willingdon]. 
Photo 920/3(22) [Aerial photograph of Kalat before the earthquake, 31 May 1933.] 
Photo 920/3(23) [Aerial photograph of Kalat before the earthquake, 31 May 1933.] 
Photo 920/3(24) [Aerial photograph of Kalat before the earthquake, 31 May 1933.] 
Photo 920/3(25) [View of an unidentified town, probably in Baluchistan.] 
Photo 920/3(26) [The Miri or citadel at Kalat.] 
Photo 920/3(27) Sir Torquhil and Lady Matheson on the roof of the Miri at Kalat (during Viceroy's visit to Kalat). 
Photo 920/3(28) Ahmed Yar Khan of Kalat and General Sir Torquhil Matheson at the entrance to the Miri [at Kalat]. 
Photo 920/3(29) Ahmed Yar Khan of Kalat and General Sir Torquhil Matheson at the entrance to the Miri [at Kalat]. 
Photo 920/3(30) The Miri at Kalat before the earthquake (1934). 
Photo 920/3(32) The Kalat State Artillery at Surab. They fired a salute for me - to film in slow motion! Gen. Sir Torquhil Matheson is being shown the guns by Ahmad Yar Khan. 
Photo 920/3(33) R.A.F. plane at Surab, Kalat State, 1932. 
Photo 920/3(34) Marri prisoners in jail. 
Photo 920/3(35) The Bugti Jirga, 1930. The Khans of Kalat claimed suzerainty over the Marri and Bugti (Baluch) tribes, but they were looked after by the P.A. [Political Agent], Sibi. 
Photo 920/3(31) Kalat Miri [Citadel]. 
Photo 920/3(36) The Bugti Nawab. 
Photo 920/3(37) The Bugti Nawab. 
Photo 920/3(38) RAF Wapiti from Quetta at Panjgur, for exercise with the Mekran Levies, 1932. 
Photo 920/3(39) Panjgur(?). 
Photo 920/3(40) Abb's camp, Khalifat. 
Photo 920/3(41) Abb's camp, Khalifat. 
Photo 920/3(42) Louise Marguerite Bridge, Chappar Rift. 
Photo 920/3(43) The Chappar Rift, Sind-Pishin Railway, Baluchistan. 
Photo 920/3(44) Khalifat. 
Photo 920/3(45) [Mountain scenery, Balochistan.] Zarghun shikari (on right). 
Photo 920/3(46) Miss Humphrey, Mrs Humphrey and D. [Doris Skrine] at Zezri, Khalifat in background (June '30). 
Photo 920/3(47) Sir Norman Cater [and others, probably on Khalifat, Brahui Range, Baluchistan]. 
Photo 920/3(48) In the [?]Loe Nala of Khalifat. 
Photo 920/3(49) The Bugti Nawab at Sangsila, Bugti Country (natural archway in rock behind). 
Photo 920/3(50) [Unidentified Baluchi group.] 
Photo 920/3(51) [Laden camels on the road, Baluchistan.] 
Photo 920/3(52) Field of 'Yellow Pokers' (Erimurus) on Chantair road (May). 
Photo 920/3(53) [Baluchis at prayer in the court of a mosque.] 
Photo 920/3(54) Kalag. The Ras Koh Mountains. The date palm grove and little wheat fields. 
Photo 920/3(55) Kalag. Ras Koh. 
Photo 920/3(56) [Unidentified river scene and village, probably in Baluchistan.] 
Photo 920/3(57) [Motor cars and carriage entering a gorge, Baluchistan.] 
Photo 920/3(58) [Motor cars on a road in Baluchistan.] 1932. 
Photo 920/3(59) [Car being pushed up the bank of a river, Baluchistan.] 
Photo 920/3(60) Azim and the Austin on the road between Torkhan and Loralai. 
Photo 920/3(62) Wild apricot blossom, Hanna Valley, near Quetta. 
Photo 920/3(63) Guy and Melita Dennys, and D. [Doris Skrine], picnicking in Hanna Valley. 
Photo 920/3(64) Apricot blossom in Baluchistan [Hanna Valley near Quetta]. 
Photo 920/3(65) The Hanna Valley and Murdar in the time of [apricot] blossom. 
Photo 920/3(66) The Hanna Valley and Murdar in the time of [apricot] blossom. 
Photo 920/3(67) Quetta. 
Photo 920/3(68) Quetta. 
Photo 920/3(69) Quetta and Murdar from W. dome of Town Hall. 
Photo 920/3(70) [?Tomb of Sir Robert Sandeman, Las Bela.] 
Photo 920/3(71) Abb's visit to Las Bela. The Jam of Las Bela. 
Photo 920/3(72) Kemali ('Col. Barker'), self [C.P. Skrine], Mrs St Nihal Singh and D. [Doris Skrine] at Mashobra House, Aug. 1939 (taken by Mr St Nihal Singh the writer and publicist). 
Photo 920/3(73) Simla Dog Show. Mrs Bartram with her pack of dachshunds. 
Photo 920/3(74) Mashobra. 
Photo 920/3(79) The late Maharaja of Kapurthala speaking at his Birthday Banquet, Kapurthala, 1939. 
Photo 920/3(80) Mandi, Punjab States, c. 1940. 
Photo 920/3(81) Mandi Tour. 
Photo 920/3(82) [C.P. Skrine at] Sonamarg (Glacier Valley), Kashmir, May 1947. 
Photo 920/3(83) Kashmir? Magin Bagh. 
Photo 920/3(84) Lisa Bartram at Vishansar Lake and [word illegible]. 12,200 ft. Excellent fishing - brown trout, 22.7.42. [Trek from Sonamarg to Gandarbal]. 
Photo 920/3(85) A friendly hill family we met on our way to Krishensar, 12,000 ft. 25.7.42. [Trek from Sonamarg to Gandarbal]. 
Photo 920/3(86) Vishansar Lake, 12,200 ft. Wendy and I with our brown trout (all caught with silver doctor and peacock lure), 22.7.42. [Trek from Sonamarg to Gandarbal]. 
Photo 920/3(87) Glacier Valley, Sonamarg [Trek from Sonamarg to Gandarbal]. 
Photo 920/3(88) [Sonamarg] Glacier Valley. My pony man, me [Lisa Bartram] and Gaffara Chafri, 19 Jul 1942. [Trek from Sonamarg to Gandarbal]. 
Photo 920/3(89) Over Krishansar Pass to Gadsar. [Trek from Sonamarg to Gandarbal]. 
Photo 920/3(90) Some of our dak ponies, on top of Krishensar Pass, 13,749 ft, on our way to Gadsar, 25.7.42. [Trek from Sonamarg to Gandarbal]. 
Photo 920/3(91) Gadsar Lake, 13,200 ft. Ice on this lake the whole year, 25.7.42. [Trek from Sonamarg to Gandarbal]. 
Photo 920/3(92) Gangabal [Gandarbal] Lake (sunset). Our camp 13,500 ft. at foot of Haramuk Mountain. [Trek from Sonamarg to Gandarbal]. 
Photo 920/3(93) End of our lovely trek, [from Sonamarg to] Gandarbal. Wendy and I, all our camp kit, tents and servants return from Ganderbal to Nagim Bagh by Dunga boat...31.7.42. 
Photo 920/3(94) [Houseboat 'H.B. Plume', probably at Srinagar.] 
Photo 920/3(95) Altit Fort, Hunza Valley, Northern Kashmir. 
Photo 920/3(96) Castle of the Mirs of Hunza, Baltit, N. Kashmir, reputed 600 years old. 
Photo 920/3(98) The Residency, Lahore. 
Photo 920/3(97) [Servants at] No. Bahawalpur Road, Lahore. 
Photo 920/3(99) On the Sukkur Barrage: technical points being explained to me by high Irrigation Dept. officials (K.B. Izaz Ali, Minister of Khairpur State, on left), 1940. 
Photo 920/3(100) Floods on Nuski-Duzdep railway. 
Photo 920/3(101) Kamali ('Colonel Barker') and D. [Doris Skrine] at P.A.'s bungalow, Ziarat, '29. 
Photo 920/3(102) Lal Khan, Dumar shikari; self [C.P. Skrine]; Zarghun, Serengzai shikari; near Mazara Shoe at the foot of the 5000 ft western cliffs of Khalifat, Jan 1933. (Taken with my camera by Keith Battye at his chikor-shoot). 
Photo 920/3(103) [Dance or procession in progress in the courtyard of an unidentified palace, (?)Kashmir.] 
Photo 920/3(104) [Pet antelope on a chain.] 
Photo 920/3(105) 'Mrs Pussy' (Nushki). 
Photo 920/3(106) [Group, probably at Gulmarg.] 
Photo 920/3(107) [Two European women in local dress, (?)Turkestan.] 
Photo 920/3(108) [Unidentified house with mountains beyond, (?)Baluchistan.] 
Photo 920/3(109) [Unidentified couple in front of a tent, probably in Kashmir.] 
Photo 920/3(110) [European woman on horseback.] 
Photo 920/3(111) C.P.S. [C.P. Skrine] at Tongue [Scotland] (print from neg. of colour transparency taken by L.), 1931. 
Photo 920/3(112) [Signed portrait of Lady Doreen Linlithgow.] 
Photo 920/3(113) [Portrait of C.P. Skrine] 1941. 
Photo 920/3(114) [Portrait of C.P. Skrine.] 
Photo 920/3(115) [Portrait of Clarmont and Doris Skrine.] 
Photo 920/3(116) [View of wooded hills at an unidentified location, possibly Gulmarg.] 
Photo 920/3(117) Trying a new Tootie: Ahmed Bakhsh preparing to mount. 
Photo 920/3(118) [Unidentified European group in a garden.] 
Photo 920/3(119) [Signed portrait of Sir Bhawani Singh, Maharaja of Jhalawar.] 
Photo 920/3(120) Kowas village and Wam Kotal [?Baluchistan]. 
Photo 920/3(61) 'Peach Blossom'. Portrait of Betty Chubb, niece of Sir Norman Cater, later Lady Wood, Quetta, (?)1934. 
Photo 920/3(8) [Baluchi group with unidentified European.] 
Photo 920/3(9) [Fort and buildings at an unidentified location, (?)Baluchistan.] 
Photo 920/3(10) [Group on road in front of gateway, probably in Baluchistan, possibly in the Bugti Country.] 
Photo 920/3(75) Kapurthala 1940 or '41. Viceroy's visit. 
Photo 920/3(76) [Kapurthala 1940 or '41. (?)Viceroy's visit.] 
Photo 920/3(77) Viceroy's visit to Kapurthala (?). (Awaiting his arrival). 
Photo 920/3(78) [Official party leaving the Palace. (?)Viceroy's visit to Kapurthala.] 

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