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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 835/

Murray Collection: Agra Album. Views and portraits, mainly in and around Agra.

Photographers: John Murray, Samuel Bourne, Clarence Comyn Taylor, Oscar Mallitte and others unknown.
Contents: 424 prints 21x16mm to 260x348mm Albumen prints
Provenance: Purchased, 1990.
Notes: Murray Collection also includes Photos 35, 52 and 101.
Subjects: Indian architecture - Islamic - photographers - social life
Description: Maroon half-leather album, 380x305mm, containing mounted prints with captions handwritten in pencil. The album has been rebound (1995) with pages interleaved with silversafe paper; the original title, 'Photographs', has been pasted on the front cover. The album appears to have been compiled by Dr John Murray, Civil Surgeon at Agra and accomplished photographer, and includes topographical views in Agra, Allahabad, Almora, Amber, Brindaban, Calcutta, Delhi, Dig, Fatehpur Sikri, Gobardhan, Gwalior, Jaipur, Lahore, Landour, Muttra, Niani Tal and Sikandra, but more importantly a substantial collection of portraits of citizens and visitors to Agra, including civil servants, military personnel, their wives and children.

Album contents:-
Photo 835/(1) At Nynee Tal. 
Photo 835/(2) Nynee Tal. 
Photo 835/(3) Gateway. Fort Agra. 
Photo 835/(4) Motee Musjid. Fort Agra. 
Photo 835/(5) Turret, Summun Boorj. Fort Agra. 
Photo 835/(6) Motee Musjid. Fort Agra. 
Photo 835/(7) Old Palace Gateway. Fort Agra. 
Photo 835/(8) Motee Musjid. Fort Agra. 
Photo 835/(9) Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(10) Taj, Agra. 
Photo 835/(11) Gateway to Taj, Agra. 
Photo 835/(12) Taj, Agra. 
Photo 835/(13) Taj, Agra. 
Photo 835/(14) Taj, Agra. 
Photo 835/(15) Taj, Agra. 
Photo 835/(16) Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(17) Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(18) Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(19) Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(20) Suttee monument, [Mathura]. 
Photo 835/(21) Bis Nath temple, [Mathura]. 
Photo 835/(22) [General view of ghats, Mathura.] 
Photo 835/(23) [General view of ghats, Mathura.] 
Photo 835/(24) [General view of ghats, Mathura.] 
Photo 835/(25) [General view of ghats, Mathura.] 
Photo 835/(26) Allahabad. 
Photo 835/(27) Pagoda in gardens, Calcutta. 
Photo 835/(28) [Interior of an unidentified building.] 
Photo 835/(29) Agra Fort. 
Photo 835/(30) Akbar's Tomb, Secundra. 
Photo 835/(31) Akbar's Tomb, Secundra. 
Photo 835/(32) Rajah's Palace, Goverdhun. 
Photo 835/(33) Tank, Goverdhun. 
Photo 835/(34) [Portrait of the Murray family sitting on a wall overlooking a tank at Gobardhan.] 
Photo 835/(35) [View of the ghats] Goverdhun. 
Photo 835/(36) [View of the ghats] Goverdhun. 
Photo 835/(37) [View of a chhatri] Goverdhun. 
Photo 835/(38) Punka Palms, near Taj. 
Photo 835/(39) Banyan Tree, Goverdhun. 
Photo 835/(40) Sooruj Mull's Chutree, Goverdhun. 
Photo 835/(41) Sooruj Mull's Chutree, Goverdhun. 
Photo 835/(42) [General view of the Kusum Sarovar tank] Goverdhun. 
Photo 835/(43) Sooraj Mull's Tank, Goverdhun. 
Photo 835/(44) [View looking over the Kusum Sarovar tank towards Murray and his daughters(?) at the water's edge] Goverdhun. 
Photo 835/(45) [Study of ferns, Darjiling.] 
Photo 835/(46) Bindrabun. 
Photo 835/(47) Seyt's Temple at Bindrabun. 
Photo 835/(48) [View of a chhatri on the banks of the Jumna, Vrindavan.] 
Photo 835/(49) Brindrabun. 
Photo 835/(50) Ancient temple at Bindrabun. 
Photo 835/(51) [Unidentified temple] At Gwalior. 
Photo 835/(52) Dhul Canal, Cashmere, S. Bourne. 
Photo 835/(53) Gateway. Futtehpore Sikree. 
Photo 835/(54) Paunch Mahal. Futtehpore Sikree. 
Photo 835/(55) Beer Bhul's Palace. Futtehpore Sikree. 
Photo 835/(56) Hindoo Temple. Futtehpore Sikree. 
Photo 835/(57) Street. Futtehpore Sikree. 
Photo 835/(58) Gateway. Futtehpore Sikree. 
Photo 835/(59) Distant view of snowy summit. S of Shigri Glacier. 
Photo 835/(60) Tomb of Sheik Selim Kistee. Futtupore Seekree. 
Photo 835/(61) Part of the Quadrangle. Futtupore Seekree. 
Photo 835/(62) Queen's palace. Futtupore Seekree. 
Photo 835/(63) Miriam Begum Palace. Futtupore Seekree. 
Photo 835/(64) Paunch Mahal & tank. Futtupore Seekree. 
Photo 835/(65) Dak Bungalow. Futtupore Seekree. 
Photo 835/(66) [Group portrait]. Genl Wheeler &c. 
Photo 835/(67) [Unidentified building, Amber.] 
Photo 835/(68) [Unidentified building, Amber.] 
Photo 835/(69) [Unidentified building, Amber.] 
Photo 835/(70) [Lake below the Raj Mahal, Amber.] 
Photo 835/(71) [View of the lake below the Raj Mahal, Amber, with Murray sitting on a rock at the water's edge.] 
Photo 835/(72) [Unidentified building, Amber.] 
Photo 835/(73) [Unidentified temple, probably at or near Galta.] 
Photo 835/(74) [Distant view of the Raj Mahal, Amber.] 
Photo 835/(75) [View of a tank, Amber?] 
Photo 835/(76) [Road scene, near Amber.] 
Photo 835/(77) [Lake below the Raj Mahal, Amber.] 
Photo 835/(78) [Unidentified mosque, Jaipur district?] 
Photo 835/(79) Gateway. Secundra. 
Photo 835/(80) [View of Murray and another unidentified European man sitting under a tree, the gateway to Akbar's tomb in the distance]. Secundra. 
Photo 835/(81) Akbar's Tomb. Secundra. 
Photo 835/(82) Akbar's Tomb. Secundra. 
Photo 835/(83) Screen. Secundra. 
Photo 835/(84) Part of Akbar's Tomb. Secundra. 
Photo 835/(85) Akbar's Tomb. Secundra. 
Photo 835/(86) Gateway. Secundra. 
Photo 835/(87) Gateway. Secundra. 
Photo 835/(88) Akbar's Tombstone. Secundra. 
Photo 835/(89) Stone Horse. Secundra. 
Photo 835/(90) Part of Tomb. Secundra. 
Photo 835/(91) Jumma Musjid, Agra. 
Photo 835/(92) Street in city, Agra. 
Photo 835/(93) Tomb at Agra. 
Photo 835/(94) The Jumna, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(95) Gateway to Itma ood Dowlah's Tomb, Agra. 
Photo 835/(96) Itma ood Dowlah's Tomb, Agra. 
Photo 835/(97) Govt House, Agra. 
Photo 835/(98) Dr Murray's house, Agra. 
Photo 835/(99) Jumma Musjid, Agra. 
Photo 835/(100) Street, Agra. 
Photo 835/(101) Banks of the Jumna, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(102) Mr Muir's small house at Agra. 
Photo 835/(103) [Unidentified building], Delhi. 
Photo 835/(104) Ditch, SE of palace. Delhi. 
Photo 835/(105) [Unidentified building], Delhi. 
Photo 835/(106) Gate, Selim Ghur. Delhi. 
Photo 835/(107) [View in the Red Fort], Delhi. 
Photo 835/(108) [View in the Red Fort], Delhi. 
Photo 835/(109) Kootub. Delhi. 
Photo 835/(110) [The Jami Masjid], Delhi. 
Photo 835/(111) Lahore Gate, Palace. Delhi. 
Photo 835/(112) Summun Bourj, Palace. Delhi. 
Photo 835/(113) Banian Tree. Delhi. 
Photo 835/(114) Tomb. Delhi. 
Photo 835/(115) [Street scene in Delhi, a mosque on the right.] 
Photo 835/(116) Koodshea Mosque. Delhi. 
Photo 835/(117) [Ruined building], Delhi. 
Photo 835/(118) Mosque, Old Fort. Delhi. 
Photo 835/(119) Ruins near Kootub. Delhi. 
Photo 835/(120) Bathing Ghat. Delhi. 
Photo 835/(121) Soane Bridge. 
Photo 835/(122) [Begum Nur-un-nisa's tomb]. At Allahabad. 
Photo 835/(123) [Unidentified mosque?]. At Aligurh. 
Photo 835/(124) [View of an unidentified tomb?]. Allahabad. 
Photo 835/(125) [View of two unidentified tombs?]. Allahabad. 
Photo 835/(126) Delhi near Kootub. 
Photo 835/(127) Delhi near Kootub. 
Photo 835/(128) Lady Canning's garden, Allahabad. 
Photo 835/(129) Lady Canning's house, Allahabad. 
Photo 835/(130) Mr Muir's bungalow, Allahabad, 1862. 
Photo 835/(131) Govt House, Calcutta. 
Photo 835/(132) [Tombs], Gwalior. 
Photo 835/(133) [Local boats on the banks of the Hugli], Calcutta. 
Photo 835/(134) Botanical gardens, [Calcutta]. 
Photo 835/(135) [Shipping], Calcutta. 
Photo 835/(136) Bishop's College, [Calcutta]. 
Photo 835/(137) [Suraj Bhavan]. Deeg. 
Photo 835/(138) [Gopal Bhavan]. Deeg. 
Photo 835/(139) [Swing in the garden of the Gopal Bhavan]. Deeg. 
Photo 835/(140) [Unidentified mosque or tomb]. Delhi. 
Photo 835/(141) [View of the tomb of Shah Begam]. At Allahabad. 
Photo 835/(142) [The tomb of Bibi Tambolan]. At Allahabad. 
Photo 835/(143) Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(144) Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(145) Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(146) Side building at the Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(147) Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(148) Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(149) Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(150) Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(151) Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(152) Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(153) Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(154) Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(155) Near the Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(156) Near the Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(157) Old palace ruins, Fort, Agra. 
Photo 835/(158) Delhi Gateway to Fort, Agra. 
Photo 835/(159) Arsenal in Fort, Agra. 
Photo 835/(160) In the Fort, Old Palace, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(161) Marble Palace, Fort, Agra. 
Photo 835/(162) Inside Gate in Fort, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(163) River face of the Fort, Agra. 
Photo 835/(164) [Buland Darwaza]. Futtehpore Sikree. 
Photo 835/(165) [Buland Darwaza]. Futtehpore Sikree. 
Photo 835/(166) Marble Palace, Fort, Agra. 
Photo 835/(167) Palace in the Fort, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(168) Allahabad. 
Photo 835/(169) Old Pillar, Allahabad. 
Photo 835/(170) [Delhi Gate], Agra Fort. 
Photo 835/(171) [Akbari Mahal?], Fort, Agra. 
Photo 835/(172) [General view of the interior], Fort, Agra. 
Photo 835/(173) Fort, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(174) Mosque, City, Agra. 
Photo 835/(175) Fort, Agra. 
Photo 835/(176) Muttra, mosque. 
Photo 835/(177) Muttra. Bhurtpore Rajah Palace. 
Photo 835/(178) Bees Nath Temple at Muttra. 
Photo 835/(179) Seyth's Temple, Muttra. 
Photo 835/(180) Ghaut, Muttra. 
Photo 835/(181) Seyt's House, Muttra. 
Photo 835/(182) [The Jami Masjid], Lahore. 
Photo 835/(183) Old mosque, Muttra. 
Photo 835/(184) [Street scene], Muttra. 
Photo 835/(185) [View at the ghats, with Murray standing under a tree with a group of Indians], Muttra. 
Photo 835/(186) Bees Nath Temple, Muttra. 
Photo 835/(187) [View of the ghats, with the Murray family in a boat in the foreground], Muttra. 
Photo 835/(188) [View of the ghats, with the Murray family in a boat in the foreground], Muttra. 
Photo 835/(189) [Fort], Lahore. 
Photo 835/(190) [Street scene], Muttra. 
Photo 835/(191) [Street scene], Muttra. 
Photo 835/(192) [Ghat scene], Muttra. 
Photo 835/(193) [Ghat scene], Muttra. 
Photo 835/(219) [Tombs], Gwalior. 
Photo 835/(220) [Unidentified tomb], Delhi. 
Photo 835/(221) [Tomb of Muhammad Ghaus], Gwalior. 
Photo 835/(222) [View of a temple hall], Bindraban. 
Photo 835/(223) [Street scene], Muttra. 
Photo 835/(224) [Street scene], Agra. 
Photo 835/(225) Itma ood Dowlah's Tomb, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(226) Ram Bagh, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(227) Jumma Musjid, Agra. 
Photo 835/(228) Genl Adam's Column, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(229) [View of Murray's campsite, under a tree by a road.] 
Photo 835/(230) Road to Futtepore Seekree. 
Photo 835/(231) River Jumna. 
Photo 835/(232) River Jumna. 
Photo 835/(233) Street, Agra. 
Photo 835/(234) Street, Agra. 
Photo 835/(235) Road to Futtepore Seekree. 
Photo 835/(236) Dr Murray's House, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(237) Jugglers. 
Photo 835/(238) Mr Edward's house, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(239) Dr Lacy's archery ground, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(240) Dr Lacy's house, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(241) Dr Lacy's house, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(242) Street, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(243) Road to Futtepore Seekree. 
Photo 835/(244) Fort, Agra. Delhi Gate. 
Photo 835/(245) Fort, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(246) Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(247) Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(248) [Porch of the Govindadeva Temple], Bindrabund. 
Photo 835/(249) [Govindadeva Temple], Bindrabund. 
Photo 835/(250) [Distant view of the Buland Darwaza], Futtehpore Sikree. 
Photo 835/(251) Street, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(252) Screen near Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(253) Near the Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(254) [Humayun's tomb], Delhi. 
Photo 835/(255) [Tombs], Gwalior. 
Photo 835/(256) [Alai Darwaza], Delhi. 
Photo 835/(257) [Ghats], Muttra. 
Photo 835/(258) [River scene], Muttra. 
Photo 835/(259) [Ghats], Muttra. 
Photo 835/(260) [Portrait of an unidentified European woman.] 
Photo 835/(261) [Portrait of Marianne Murray.] 
Photo 835/(262) [Portrait of an unidentified elderly European woman.] 
Photo 835/(263) [Portrait of an unidentified European woman.] 
Photo 835/(264) Kate Gibbon & her baby, 1867. 
Photo 835/(265) [Portrait of the Murray children, Carrie and Jack, in a pony trap, attended by syces.] 
Photo 835/(266) Carrie. 
Photo 835/(267) [Portrait of the Murray children, Carrie and Jack, sitting on ponies, attended by syces.] 
Photo 835/(268) [Portrait of John Murray sitting in his carriage.] 
Photo 835/(269) [Portrait of the Murray children, Carrie and Jack, in a bullock-drawn carriage.] 
Photo 835/(270) [Portrait of Murray's children, Marian, Carrie and Jack.] 
Photo 835/(271) Jack. 
Photo 835/(272) [Portrait of Murray's children, Marian, Carrie and Jack.] 
Photo 835/(273) Landour. 
Photo 835/(274) Landour. 
Photo 835/(275) Landour. 
Photo 835/(276) Landour church. 
Photo 835/(277) [Village scene], Calcutta. 
Photo 835/(278) [Bungalow], Allahabad. 
Photo 835/(279) [Grave of] Freddie Drummond. 
Photo 835/(280) Tomb to men of 3rd Battn Rifle Brigade. 
Photo 835/(281) Our house, Landour. 
Photo 835/(282) Landour. 
Photo 835/(283) [View in Agra cemetery.] 
Photo 835/(284) [Cemetery], Agra. 
Photo 835/(285) Mr Phillipps' house, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(286) Windows in St Paul's, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(287) [Marianne Murray], Mrs Gubbins & little Mary Phillipps. 
Photo 835/(288) Archery, 1859. 
Photo 835/(289) Mr Dashwood's house, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(290) Marian on Dandy. 
Photo 835/(291) [Portrait of Marian Murray on a pony, her father standing beside her.] 
Photo 835/(292) Bridesmaids, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(293) [Wedding group, Agra.] 
Photo 835/(294) [Portrait of an unidentified European woman on a pony, with syces in attendance.] 
Photo 835/(295) Carrie on Judy. 
Photo 835/(296) [Detail of an unidentified European officer, cropped from a larger group portrait.] 
Photo 835/(297) Picnic at Ram Bagh, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(298) [Picnic at Rambagh, Agra..] 
Photo 835/(299) Mrs Ross. 
Photo 835/(300) Miss Dumergue [on horseback]. 
Photo 835/(301) Picnic at Akbar's Tomb, [Sikandra]. 
Photo 835/(302) Picnic at Secundra. 
Photo 835/(303) Drs, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(304) [Mr Jonochie? Agra.] 
Photo 835/(305) Arthur Boulderson, CS. 
Photo 835/(306) [Arthur Boulderson, standing beside his carriage.] 
Photo 835/(307) [Group portrait at Agra.] 
Photo 835/(308) [Portrait of John Murray and] Hookah. 
Photo 835/(309) [Portrait of John Murray.] 
Photo 835/(310) [Portrait of John Murray], Dy Inspt Genl of Hospitals. 
Photo 835/(311) [Portrait of Marianne Murray.] 
Photo 835/(312) Marian. 
Photo 835/(313) Dr Murray. 
Photo 835/(314) Jessie. 
Photo 835/(315) Marian & Jessie. 
Photo 835/(316) [John and Marianne Murray with] Carrie & Jack. 
Photo 835/(317) Jessie. 
Photo 835/(318) Marian. 
Photo 835/(319) W. Muir, CS. 
Photo 835/(320) The Pipers of the 42nd Highlanders. 
Photo 835/(321) Rajpootana Agency. 
Photo 835/(322) Capt Walter, Pol. Agent, Bhurtpore. 
Photo 835/(323) Dr Lacy [and] Mrs Machell. 
Photo 835/(324) Major & Mrs Warde. 
Photo 835/(325) Agra Group. 
Photo 835/(326) Mrs F. Lushington. 
Photo 835/(327) [Portrait of Mrs F. Lushington and child, Agra.] 
Photo 835/(328) [Portrait of a group and carriage, Agra.] 
Photo 835/(329) The Suddur, Agra. 
Photo 835/(330) Mrs Gubbins [and] Miss Gubbins. 
Photo 835/(331) M.R. Gubbins, CS. 
Photo 835/(332) Mr, Mrs & Miss Gubbins. 
Photo 835/(333) Mrs Gubbins. 
Photo 835/(334) Mrs Best. 
Photo 835/(335) Mrs Machell. 
Photo 835/(336) Miss Gubbins. 
Photo 835/(337) Miss Showers [and] Miss G. Showers. 
Photo 835/(338) Miss Murray. 
Photo 835/(339) Mr & Mrs Ross. 
Photo 835/(340) Mrs T. Chamberlain. 
Photo 835/(341) Mr & Mrs Ross [and] the Misses Sievwright. 
Photo 835/(342) [Group portrait with Mrs Ross, Miss Frances Sievwright, William Alexander and Captain Charles Mercer.] 
Photo 835/(343) [Copy of a painting of an 'oriental' woman.] 
Photo 835/(344) [Copy of a drawing of an unidentified European woman.] 
Photo 835/(345) Major Alexander, RB [and] W. Alexander, CS. 
Photo 835/(346) Col Patton, Brigade Major. 
Photo 835/(347) Mr Sherer, CS [and] Dr Tressider. 
Photo 835/(348) The Agra Staff under Brigadier Showers. 
Photo 835/(349) Dr Playfair. 
Photo 835/(350) Dr Tressider. 
Photo 835/(351) The Doctors at Agra, 1861. 
Photo 835/(352) Wigram Money, Esqu, CS. 
Photo 835/(353) The Doctors at Agra, 1861. 
Photo 835/(354) Mr & Mrs Prichard. 
Photo 835/(355) Elliott, W.E. Money, CS, [and] Wigram. 
Photo 835/(356) Colonel Turnbull. 
Photo 835/(357) G.F. Harvey, CS. 
Photo 835/(358) Mr & Mrs Rowland Money, Colonel E. Money & W. Money. 
Photo 835/(359) Dr & Mrs Moline. 
Photo 835/(360) Mrs Paton. 
Photo 835/(361) Mrs Rowland Money. 
Photo 835/(362) Mrs Clay. 
Photo 835/(363) Mrs Hamilton. 
Photo 835/(364) Mrs Pasley. 
Photo 835/(365) Mrs Glyn & Ada. 
Photo 835/(366) Mrs Tressider. 
Photo 835/(367) Captain Chalmers. 
Photo 835/(368) [Portrait of an unidentified European man.] 
Photo 835/(369) Dr Lacy. 
Photo 835/(370) Colonel Patton. 
Photo 835/(371) Mr & Mrs Harris. 
Photo 835/(372) Revd W. Simpson. 
Photo 835/(373) J.M. with Carrie & his hookah. 
Photo 835/(374) Marian & "the infants". 
Photo 835/(375) Mrs Pearson. 
Photo 835/(376) Mrs Longden & her children. 
Photo 835/(377) Mrs Warde. 
Photo 835/(378) Julia & Georgie Showers. 
Photo 835/(379) Mrs & Miss Anson. 
Photo 835/(380) Genl Showers. 
Photo 835/(381) Colonel & Mrs Barr & George. 
Photo 835/(382) H.B. Harington, Member of Council. 
Photo 835/(383) Colonel & Mrs Barr & George. 
Photo 835/(384) Col Todd, Scepanzki [and] Mrs Todd. 
Photo 835/(385) C.C. Taylor. 
Photo 835/(386) William Thomason. 
Photo 835/(387) Dr Murray [and] Dr Cullen. 
Photo 835/(388) [View of an Agra house.] 
Photo 835/(389) Dr Murray. 
Photo 835/(390) Marian. 
Photo 835/(391) [Portrait of John Murray smoking a hookah, with two servants, Munnoo and Gholaub, in attendance.] 
Photo 835/(392) [Equestrian portrait of Marian Murray on 'Dandy', with two servants, a syce and Soojut Khan, in attendance.] 
Photo 835/(393) [Portrait of John Murray.] 
Photo 835/(394) [Group with John Murray, riders and servants.] 
Photo 835/(395) [Portrait of John Murray, writing at a table.] 
Photo 835/(396) The Lt Governor & his staff. 
Photo 835/(397) Mrs Edmonstone's tombstone. 
Photo 835/(398) John Russell Colvin Esqu, Lt Gov, NWP. 
Photo 835/(399) Dr Lacy's house. 
Photo 835/(400) [Croquet party with the Viceroy, Sir John Lawrence.] 
Photo 835/(401) [View of a house with archery set up in the garden in the foreground.] 
Photo 835/(402) St Paul's, Civil Lines, Agra. 
Photo 835/(403) A Thibet goat. Carrie's. 
Photo 835/(404) [Group of European men, women and children, including John Murray, Sir William Muir and Dr Thomas Farquhar.] 
Photo 835/(405) A dandy. 
Photo 835/(406) [Portrait of an unidentified European man resting under a tree.] 
Photo 835/(407) Nynee Tal. 
Photo 835/(408) A Tazzia. 
Photo 835/(409) Almorah. 
Photo 835/(410) Fort, Agra. 
Photo 835/(411) Fort, Agra. 
Photo 835/(412) [Fort entrance], Bhurtpore 
Photo 835/(413) Motee Musjid, Agra. 
Photo 835/(414) [View of the Ganesh Pol in Raj Mahal, Amber.] 
Photo 835/(415) Gateway to the Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(416) Taj, [Agra]. 
Photo 835/(417) Deeg. 
Photo 835/(418) Deeg. 
Photo 835/(419) [View from the palace at Amber], Jeypore. 
Photo 835/(420) [View from the palace at Amber], Jeypore. 
Photo 835/(421) [British country house.] 
Photo 835/(422) [British landscape with castle.] 
Photo 835/(423) [View of a ruined castle, Scotland?] 
Photo 835/(424) [View of Peterhead, Scotland, John Murray's birthplace.] 

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