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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 799/

Album of portraits and views at Addiscombe and in India.

Photographers: Aaron Penley, Henry William John Senior and others unknown.
Contents: 104 prints 112x57mm to 21x254mm Albumen and salt prints
Provenance: Purchased, 1987
Subjects: military academies - Addiscombe Military Seminary
Description: Black cloth-bound album, 297x239mm, containing mounted prints with handwritten captions. The album is a modern rebinding with original pages interleaved with tissue. Photographs include buildings, staff and cadets at the E.I.C.'s Addiscombe Military Seminary in Croydon, probably all taken by the Professor of Drawing, Aaron Penley (see notes for Photo 42). Further photographs include views taken by Henry Senior during the 1863 Ambela Campaign and portraits of officers of the 35th (Royal Sussex) Regiment of Foot.

Album contents:-
Photo 799/(1) Addiscombe. East Front. 
Photo 799/(2) Colonel Donelly, Staff Officer [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(3) Sir Frederic Abbott, Lieut Governor [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(4) [Portrait of a group of Addiscombe cadets]. 4th Term, February to June 1858. 
Photo 799/(5) [Portrait of a group of Addiscombe cadets]. 3rd Term, February-June 1858. 
Photo 799/(6) Cadets of 2nd Class, 3rd Term July-December /57 [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(7) Philip Marindin, 4th Term [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(8) [S.S.] Jacob [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(9) H. O'Grady [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(10) W. Warren [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(11) Mrs Rose [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(12) Capt Lawder [Orderly officer, Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(13) R. Thompson [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(14) [Addiscombe] View of the Gymnasium from the other side of the road. 
Photo 799/(15) [View of trees in the grounds of Addiscombe.] 
Photo 799/(16) [Group of cadets posed under a tree in the grounds of Addiscombe.] 
Photo 799/(17) Side view of the Mansion [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(18) The clock from before the mansion [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(19) J. Morant [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(20) [Portrait of three Addiscombe cadets on the] Stile leading to the bathing place. 
Photo 799/(21) Part of the Study Court [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(22) Mother Rose's cottage [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(23) E. Hay [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(24) G. Brown [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(25) A. Broome [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(26) Cokesly [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(27) S. Becher [and] W. Forbes [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(28) C. Strahan [and] G. Strahan [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(29) [Harry L.] Mackenzie [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(30) R. Pennefather [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(31) Hebbert [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(32) C. Baldwin [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(33) B. Gowan [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(34) C. Sim [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(35) F. Singleton [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(36) Harvey "a Study man" [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(37) Dunbar Grant [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(38) Arthur Elliott [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(39) A. Rawlins & R. Taylor [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(40) G. Wymer, J. Butchart, [H.] Carter [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(41) R. Tickell [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(42) R. Pennefather [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(43) Col Rowlandson [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(44) R. Alexander [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(45) A. Helme [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(46) H. Rowcroft [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(47) Balfour [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(48) J. Morant [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(49) R. Smith [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(50) P.[sic] Singleton [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(51) 'Philip' a retriever belonging to Cumming [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(52) J. Butchart [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(53) R. Alexander [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(54) "The Study Court" [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(55) View of Addiscombe. 
Photo 799/(56) W. Collis [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(57) Serjeant Taylor [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(58) J. Callow [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(59) C. Baldwin [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(60) Side view of mansion [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(61) [Group of Addiscombe cadets]. H. Pierson's term. 4th term, Augt to Decr 1858. 
Photo 799/(62) [Group of Addiscombe cadets]. A. Elliott's term. 4th term, Feb to June 1859. 
Photo 799/(63) Front view of the mansion [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(64) Front of mansion [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(65) Sand Modelling Hall [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(66) R. Alexander [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(67) T.R. Taylor [and] E. Hay [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(68) Mansion [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(69) Lieut Smith [and] Col Donelly [with a group of Addiscombe cadets]. 
Photo 799/(70) Harvey [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(71) G. Brown [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(72) Keates [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(73) F. Singleton [Addiscombe]. 
Photo 799/(74) [Group of five staff officers at Addiscombe?] 
Photo 799/(75) Major-General Sir Frederick Abbott & Lady Abbott, last Lieut-Governor of Addiscombe (1851-1861). 
Photo 799/(76) [View of a military camp during the Ambela campaign.] 
Photo 799/(77) [Copy of a map of the North-West Frontier Province at the time of the Ambela Campaign.] 
Photo 799/(78) The Camp. 
Photo 799/(79) [View of mountains with a picquet(?) in the foreground.] 
Photo 799/(80) The Conical Hill, Lulloo. 
Photo 799/(81) The Gooroo Mountain [Ambela region]. 
Photo 799/(82) The Chumla Valley & Bonair [Buner?] Pass. 
Photo 799/(83) The Western Lookout Picket. 
Photo 799/(84) Q.Mr. McLoughlin (Played flute in band). 
Photo 799/(85) R. Troup. 
Photo 799/(86) Capt Sherlock, 3[5]th Regt. 
Photo 799/(87) Capt Lee, 35th. 
Photo 799/(88) Mr Dillon. 
Photo 799/(89) Mr Payn. 
Photo 799/(90) Mr. Crookshank, B. Staff Corps. 
Photo 799/(91) Capt Barnes. 
Photo 799/(92) Lt Col Browne. 
Photo 799/(93) Capt Trimen. 
Photo 799/(94) Capt Blyth. 
Photo 799/(95) Mr Beatson. 
Photo 799/(96) Major Ross. 
Photo 799/(97) [Unidentified European man.] 
Photo 799/(98) Mr Addison. 
Photo 799/(99) Mr Twining. 
Photo 799/(100) Dr Catton. 
Photo 799/(101) [Portrait of a man on a horse.] 
Photo 799/(102) [General view of a bungalow.] 
Photo 799/(103) [Engraving] Addiscombe Cob, October [18]43. 
Photo 799/(104) [Officers of the 76th Regiment of Foot?] 

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