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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 780/

Carte-de-visite album.

Photographers: H. Hering, London, and others unknown.
Contents: 51 prints 28x18mm to 85x51mm Albumen prints
Provenance: Purchased, 1986.
Subjects: clergy
Description: Green full-leather album, 155x123mm, fastened with brass clasps and containing carte-de-visite portraits inserted into window mounts. The names of sitters are pencilled below each print. The original owner of the album is unknown but several of the individuals pictured in the album have connections with Lucknow, both in military and civilian fields.

Album contents:-
Photo 780/(1) [Portrait] Sir Henry Lawrence. 
Photo 780/(2) [Portrait] Sir James Outram. 
Photo 780/(3) [Portrait] Sir Charles Wingfield. 
Photo 780/(4) [Portrait] Sir George Yule. 
Photo 780/(5) [Portrait] Genl S. Abbott. 
Photo 780/(6) [Portrait] Col D.C. Vanrennen. 
Photo 780/(7) [Portrait] Mrs Vanrennen. 
Photo 780/(8) [Portrait] Genl Hennessy. 
Photo 780/(9) [Portrait] Genl Gray. 
Photo 780/(10) [Portrait] Dr Douglas. 
Photo 780/(11) [Portrait] Dr Collison. 
Photo 780/(12) [Portrait] Capt Nash. 
Photo 780/(13) [Portrait] Genl Nash. 
Photo 780/(14) [Portrait] Major Tweedie. 
Photo 780/(15) Major Tweedie & his elephant. 
Photo 780/(16) [Portrait] Genl Colin Troup. 
Photo 780/(17) [Portrait] Mrs Troup. 
Photo 780/(18) [Portrait] Dr Clarke. 
Photo 780/(19) [Portrait] Mrs Clarke. 
Photo 780/(20) [Portrait] Revd Mr D'Aguilar. 
Photo 780/(21) [Portrait] Mrs D'Aguilar. 
Photo 780/(22) [Portrait] Genl Beatson. 
Photo 780/(23) [Portrait] The Misses Beatson. 
Photo 780/(24) [Portrait] Revd Mr Woodside. 
Photo 780/(25) [Portrait] Mrs Woodside. 
Photo 780/(26) [Portrait] Col Adrian Vanrennen. 
Photo 780/(27) [Group portrait] Oude Commission. 
Photo 780/(28) [Portrait] Revd Dr Lewin. 
Photo 780/(29) [Portrait] Mrs Lewin. 
Photo 780/(30) [Portrait] Dr Hutchinson. 
Photo 780/(31) [Portrait] Mrs Hutchinson. 
Photo 780/(32) [Group portrait] Col & Mrs Wheeler & her brother. 
Photo 780/(33) [Group portrait] Messrs Jeffrey, Bruin & Hepsley. Friends. 
Photo 780/(34) [Portrait] Dr Jerdon. 
Photo 780/(35) [Portrait] Mr Schilling. 
Photo 780/(36) [Portrait] Major Alexander. 
Photo 780/(37) [Group portrait] Officers in the Trigonometrical Survey, Mussoorie. 
Photo 780/(38) [Portrait] Revd Mr Nicolson. 
Photo 780/(39) [Portrait] Mrs Nicolson. 
Photo 780/(40) [Portrait] Dr Orton. 
Photo 780/(41) [Portrait] Dr Sparrow. 
Photo 780/(42) [Portrait] Revd Mr Shaw. 
Photo 780/(43) [Portrait] Mrs Shaw. 
Photo 780/(44) [Portrait] Rajah of Kapurtallah. 
Photo 780/(45) [Portrait of the Ranee of Kapurthala.] 
Photo 780/(46) [Portrait] Miss Campbell. 
Photo 780/(47) [Group portrait] Revds Mr White, Mr Sharkey, Dr Lewin, Dr Smith, Mr Cowley, Mr Toussaint. 
Photo 780/(48) [Portrait] Col Barlow. 
Photo 780/(49) [Portrait] Mr Kavanagh, VC. 
Photo 780/(50) [Portrait] Col Brooke Boyd. 
Photo 780/(51) [Portrait] Miss Danvers. 

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