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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 752/5

Macnabb Collection (Col James Henry Erskine Reid): Album of Indian views.

Photographers: Wiele & Klein, F.B. Stewart, Lawrie & Co and others unknown.
Contents: 68 prints 147x101mm to 204x574mm Albumen prints, platinum prints and silver printing out papers
Provenance: Purchased 1985.
Subjects: hill stations - sports - clubs & societies - military personnel
Description: Maroon half-leather album, 380x280mm, containing mounted prints with handwritten captions. A small label pasted on the front cover reads: 'J.H.E. Reid. Book 5. 1902-1904'. Photographs include views at Bangalore, Ootacamund, Madras, Secunderabad, Golconda, Hyderabad, Mahabaleshwar, Wai, Bhim Tal and Naini Tal and portraits of J.H.E. Reid with military district staff at Bangalore, polo players at Delhi and yachtsmen at Naini Tal.

Album contents:-
Photo 752/5(1) Maharajah of Mysore's Palace at Bangalore, 1902. 
Photo 752/5(2) Bamboo clump, Bangalore, 1902. 
Photo 752/5(3) Ooty Race Course, 1902. 
Photo 752/5(4) A.A.G.'s Qrs, Fort St George, Madras, 1902. 
Photo 752/5(5) Gymkhana, Bangalore, 1902. 
Photo 752/5(6) U.S. Club, Bangalore, 1902. 
Photo 752/5(7) Ulsoor Tank, Bangalore, 1902. 
Photo 752/5(8) Ulsoor Tank, Bangalore, 1902. 
Photo 752/5(9) Gardens, Bangalore, 1902. 
Photo 752/5(10) Gardens, Bangalore, 1902. 
Photo 752/5(11) Moosi River (in flood), Secunderabad, 1902-03. 
Photo 752/5(12) Husain Sagar Tank, Secunderabad, 1902-03. 
Photo 752/5(13) The Club, Secunderabad, 1902-03. 
Photo 752/5(14) The Club, Secunderabad, 1902-03. 
Photo 752/5(15) Golconda Fort, 1902-03. 
Photo 752/5(16) Golconda Fort, 1902-03. 
Photo 752/5(17) Golconda Fort, 1902-03. 
Photo 752/5(18) Golconda Fort, 1902-03. 
Photo 752/5(19) Golconda Tombs, 1902-03. 
Photo 752/5(20) Golconda Tombs, 1902-03. 
Photo 752/5(21) Golconda Tombs from Fort, 1902-03. 
Photo 752/5(22) Trimulgherry Entrenchment, 1902-03. 
Photo 752/5(23) Mir Alum Tank, 1902-03. 
Photo 752/5(24) Bund, Miralum Tank, 1902-03. 
Photo 752/5(25) Moul Ali, 1902-03. 
Photo 752/5(26) Moul Ali, 1902-03. 
Photo 752/5(27) Mowbray Road, Adyar, Madras, 1902. 
Photo 752/5(28) Adyar Club, Madras, 1902. 
Photo 752/5(29) Adyar River, Madras, 1902. 
Photo 752/5(30) Marina Beach, Madras, 1902. 
Photo 752/5(31) Madras Harbour, 1902. 
Photo 752/5(32) Madras Harbour Buildings, 1902. 
Photo 752/5(33) Mr Robins, E. Yorks & B.W.M. [and] Sylvia (polo pony). 
Photo 752/5(34) Br Genl McCall, CB, & staff, Bangalore, 1902. 
Photo 752/5(35) [The Imperial Cadet Corps at the Delhi Durbar.] 
Photo 752/5(36) The Open Polo Tournament, Delhi, 1903. 
Photo 752/5(37) View at Elphinstone Pt., [Mahabaleshwar]. 
Photo 752/5(38) The Krishna Valley fr[om] Kate's Point, [Mahabaleshwar]. 
Photo 752/5(39) (500ft) Falls of the Yenna River at Lingmala, [Mahabaleshwar]. 
Photo 752/5(40) View on road to Lodwick Point, [Mahabaleshwar]. 
Photo 752/5(41) Ravine Mahabaleshwar. 
Photo 752/5(42) The Krishna Valley, from Kate's Point, [Mahabaleshwar]. 
Photo 752/5(43) On bridle path to Dhobi's waterfall, [Mahabaleshwar]. 
Photo 752/5(44) View from Chinemen's garden Ravine, [Mahabaleshwar]. 
Photo 752/5(45) Clouds from Bombay Pt., [Mahabaleshwar]. 
Photo 752/5(46) Saddle Back from Bombay Pt., [Mahabaleshwar]. 
Photo 752/5(47) View from Babington Pt., [Mahabaleshwar]. 
Photo 752/5(48) Race Course from Mt Unique, [Mahabaleshwar]. 
Photo 752/5(49) Saddle Back Hill from Mahableshwar. 
Photo 752/5(50) Kate's Pt., [Mahabaleshwar]. 
Photo 752/5(51) The lake looking towards Mt Unique, [Mahabaleshwar]. 
Photo 752/5(52) Wai temples. 
Photo 752/5(53) Golf Links & Race View Hotel, [Mahabaleshwar]. 
Photo 752/5(54) No 5 (Chinamen's [?]) hole & Lake, [Mahabaleshwar]. 
Photo 752/5(55) The start for a Naini Tal Regatta, 1899. 
Photo 752/5(56) Naini Tal Boat Club House, 1899. 
Photo 752/5(57) Bhimtal. 
Photo 752/5(58) The Boer prisoners Camp, Bhimtal. 
Photo 752/5(59) Naini Tal, Yachtsmen, 1903. 
Photo 752/5(60) N. Tal Yacht Club Lunch, 1903. 
Photo 752/5(61) [View of yachts on the lake, Naini Tal.] 
Photo 752/5(62) [View of yachts on the lake, Naini Tal.] 
Photo 752/5(63) [View of yachts on the lake, Naini Tal.] 
Photo 752/5(64) [View of a lakeside dwelling, probably in Naini Tal.] 
Photo 752/5(65) [Brigadier-General H.B. McCall and staff, Bangalore.] 
Photo 752/5(66) 1st charger, Lochaber. Height 16'2". 
Photo 752/5(67) Innisfallen, brown Australian gelding by Postmaster (son of Panic) from Laura. Height 15'2". 2nd charger in Ryder's garden. 
Photo 752/5(68) Trout. 

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