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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 752/4

Macnabb Collection (Col James Henry Erskine Reid): Album of Indian views.

Photographers: Zangaki, Felice Beato, Albert Thomas Watson Penn, Johannes & Co., and others unknown (Madras views probably by Nicholas & Co.)
Contents: 67 prints 147x208mm to 205x1465mm Albumen prints, platinum prints and silver printing out papers
Provenance: Purchased 1985.
Description: Half-leather album with green cloth sides, measuring 380x270mm, in poor condition, with boards detached from album block and leaves loose. Some prints, particularly the early pages of the album, have been affected by damp. The album contains the following material:

Prints 1-3 Views of Egypt.
Prints 4-7 Miscellaneous views of Bombay, Kanpur and Agra.
Prints 8-15 Duplicates of Indian Mutiny photographs and drawings in Photo 254/1.
Prints 16-27 Views at Naini Tal.
Prints 28-65 Views of Madras and the Nilgiris (Udagamandalam area).
Print 67 Missing.
Print 68 Portrait group, Burma.

Album contents:-
Photo 752/4(1) Arab Sheikh. 
Photo 752/4(2) Crocodiles on the Nile. 
Photo 752/4(3) Egyptian travelling carriage. 
Photo 752/4(4) Afghan Memorial, Colaba Church, Bombay. 
Photo 752/4(5) Malabar Hill, Bombay. 
Photo 752/4(6) Suttee Chowra Ghaut, Cawnpore, 1898-99. The place where the garrison was massacred, while getting into the boats. 
Photo 752/4(7) Tomb inside the Taj, Agra. 
Photo 752/4(8) Lucknow during Mutiny. 
Photo 752/4(9) Cawnpore, during Mutiny. 
Photo 752/4(10) Old view of the well at Cawnpore during Mutiny. 
Photo 752/4(11) Grave yard, Cawnpore, during Mutiny. 
Photo 752/4(12) The Chamber of Horrors, Cawnpore. 
Photo 752/4(13) Suttee Chowra Ghat, Cawnpore. 
Photo 752/4(14) John Nicholson. 
Photo 752/4(15) Writing in Sir H. Wheeler's Rm., Cawnpore. 
Photo 752/4(16) L.G.'s [Lieutenant-Governor's] Boathouse grounds, Naini Tal, 1899. 
Photo 752/4(17) Tennis Tournament, Naini Tal, 1899. 
Photo 752/4(18) Boathouses, Naini Tal, 1899. 
Photo 752/4(19) Start for Yacht Race, 1899. Naini Tal. 
Photo 752/4(20) Waverley Hotel, Naini Tal, 1900. 
Photo 752/4(21) N. Tal v. Ranikhet [cricket teams], 1900. 
Photo 752/4(22) N. Tal v. Ranikhet [cricket and polo teams], 1900. 
Photo 752/4(23) N. Tal v. Ranikhet [cricket and polo teams], 1900. 
Photo 752/4(24) Naini Tal, Brewery. 
Photo 752/4(25) Group, N. Tal, 1900. 
Photo 752/4(26) Naini Tal Flats, flooded by bursting of Endcliffe Drain, 1898. 
Photo 752/4(27) Yacht Race, N. Tal, 1899. 
Photo 752/4(28) Masulah Boat, Madras, 1900-01. 
Photo 752/4(29) High Court, Madras, 1900-01. 
Photo 752/4(30) Fort St George, Madras, 1900-01. 
Photo 752/4(31) Panorama, Madras Harbour, 1900-01. 
Photo 752/4(32) St Thomas Mount, Madras, 1900-01. 
Photo 752/4(33) St Thomas Mount, Madras, 1900-01. 
Photo 752/4(34) Railway to Coonor & Ooty, 1900-01-02. 
Photo 752/4(35) [Kullar Bridge on the] Railway to Coonoor & Ooty, 1900-01-02. 
Photo 752/4(36) Panorama "Ooty" showing lake on Race Course, 1900-01-02. 
Photo 752/4(37) Panorama "Ooty" showing Race Course, 1900-01-02. 
Photo 752/4(38) The Downs, "Ooty", 1900-01-02. 
Photo 752/4(39) The Kennels, "Ooty", 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(40) Toda man & wife, Ooty, 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(41) Toda Mund (or village), Ooty, 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(42) Govt. Gardens, "Ooty", 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(43) Pykara River & Downs, "Ooty", 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(44) Upper Falls, Pykara River, Ooty, 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(45) Lower Falls, Pykara River, Ooty, 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(46) Polo ground (inside Race Course), Ooty, 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(47) Grand Stand, "Ooty", 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(48) The Downs, showing golf links, "Ooty", 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(49) The Downs, "Ooty", 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(50) Drinking water reservoir, Ooty, 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(51) Continuation of above [ie Water reservoir], "Ooty", 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(52) "Ooty", 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(53) Wellington Race Course [Udagamandalam], 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(54) Polo Tournament, Ooty, 1901. 
Photo 752/4(55) Polo Tournament, Ooty, 1901. 
Photo 752/4(56) Polo Tournament, Ooty, 1901. 
Photo 752/4(57) Finish of polo pony race, Ooty, 1901. 
Photo 752/4(58) Family group, Ooty, 1901. 
Photo 752/4(59) Native festival, Conjeeveram, S. India. 
Photo 752/4(60) Madras Club, 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(61) Madras Club, 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(62) Catamaran, Madras, 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(63) Adyar Club, Madras, 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(64) Toddy gatherer, Madras, 1901-02. 
Photo 752/4(65) [Dead tiger, (?)Madras.] 
Photo 752/4(66) 10th Gurkhas. The officers. [PRINT MISSING.] 
Photo 752/4(67) 10th Gurkhas [Football Team, Mandalay]. 

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