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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 31/1

Album of portraits of Indian Army officers and Indian views.

Photographers: Some prints by Charles Arthur Madan Warde and Albert Henry Bamfield
Contents: 146 prints 60x48mm to 255x358mm Albumen prints with a few salt prints
Provenance: Presented by Miss E.C. Stubbs, May 1912 (Library date 14 Jun 1932); formerly in possession of her father Major-General Francis William Stubbs BA.
Subjects: Army - Indian Army - portraits
Description: Red half-leather post bound album (modern binding, 1966) measuring 405x358mm, containing prints pasted down onto the page with handwritten caption in ink. The album contains portraits of military colleagues of the compiler (Francis William Stubbs, Bengal Artillery) and a number of small-format architectural and topographical views, including a five part panorama of Calcutta from the Ochterlony Monument. Prints 133-144 show scenes of military training, possibly at Shoeburyness.

While most of the prints are albumen prints, several of the portraits appear to have been taken on paper negatives and prints 25, 52 and 54 (and possibly others) are salt prints.

Album contents:-
Photo 31/1(1) Capt. G. Carleton R.A. 
Photo 31/1(2) Ferozepore Artillery 1856 
Photo 31/1(3) Lieut. C.A.M. Warde. 
Photo 31/1(4) Capt. and Mrs Woodcock. 
Photo 31/1(5) No. 19 Light Field Battery [Ferozepore Artillery]. 
Photo 31/1(6) Capt & Mrs H.R. [sic for A.] Brownlow. 
Photo 31/1(7) Major A. Bunny RHA. 
Photo 31/1(8) Capt C. McW. Mercer RHA. 
Photo 31/1(9) Lieut G.G. Gordon R.A. 
Photo 31/1(10) Lieut Raynsford. 
Photo 31/1(11) Lieut Douie. 
Photo 31/1(12) Lieut Girardot. 
Photo 31/1(13) Lieut Warde. 
Photo 31/1(14) The Goojur. 
Photo 31/1(15) A. Douie [and] E.C.W. Raynsford. 
Photo 31/1(16) 4th Troop 2nd Brigade Horse Artillery. 
Photo 31/1(17) Sergeants E Battery E Brigade RHA. 
Photo 31/1(18) Col J. Brind CB. 
Photo 31/1(19) Lieut Wake. 
Photo 31/1(20) Lieut G.B. Traill. 
Photo 31/1(21) Lieut E.T. Hume. 
Photo 31/1(22) Salaam! Major-General E.F. Day. 
Photo 31/1(23) Capt. G.A. Renny V.C. 
Photo 31/1(24) Lieut Col C.H. Blunt CB. 
Photo 31/1(25) Lieut C.S. Thomason. 
Photo 31/1(26) Capt. F. De Vie Carey. 
Photo 31/1(27) Capt. Woodcock, E-F R.H.A. 
Photo 31/1(28) [Portrait group of the Bengal Artillery officers.] 
Photo 31/1(29) Lieut Col. G. Bourchier CB R.H.A. Georgie and the Bruiser. 
Photo 31/1(30) [Group of] 7th Royal Fusiliers, Peshawur 1860. 
Photo 31/1(31) Lieut H.S. Hutchinson R.A. 
Photo 31/1(32) Surgn. C.B. [sic for R.] Francis R.A. 
Photo 31/1(33) Lieut W.S. Mackenzie Sutherland Highlanders. 
Photo 31/1(34) Our coffee shop at Rawulpindee No. 2. 
Photo 31/1(35) Our coffee shop at Rawulpindee No. 1. 
Photo 31/1(36) Meean Meer [Lahore] Artillery Division. 
Photo 31/1(37) Sreenuggur in Cashmere. 
Photo 31/1(38) Head of game shot by C.V. Cox in & near Cashmere. 
Photo 31/1(39) Bridge in Sreenuggur Cashmere. 
Photo 31/1(40) Simla Church. 
Photo 31/1(41) New Road, Simla. 
Photo 31/1(42) Temple near the Waterfall, Simla. 
Photo 31/1(43) Capt J.H. Jenkins. 
Photo 31/1(44) Mrs J.H. Jenkins. 
Photo 31/1(45) Capt. W.W. Boddam. 
Photo 31/1(46) Mrs W.W. Boddam. 
Photo 31/1(47) Col. C. Reid C.B. Sirmoor Rifles. 
Photo 31/1(48) Capt F.N.[sic for W.] Boileau. 
Photo 31/1(49) Capt. P.S. Lumsden. 
Photo 31/1(50) Lieut Col. Sam Browne, CB & VC. 
Photo 31/1(51) Dr Scriven. 
Photo 31/1(52) Record Office of the Ganges Canal at Roorkee. 
Photo 31/1(53) Group of Sikhs. 
Photo 31/1(54) Thomason College at Roorkee. 
Photo 31/1(55) Lieut B.V. Arbuckle RA. 
Photo 31/1(56) Capt A. Bunny RHA. 
Photo 31/1(57) Lieut A.H. Murray RHA. 
Photo 31/1(58) Lieut H.L. Jones RHA. 
Photo 31/1(59) Lieut H.S. Hutchinson RA. 
Photo 31/1(60) Major H.P. Bishop RHA. 
Photo 31/1(61) Capt W.B. Cumberland RA. 
Photo 31/1(62) Lieut C.W. Maynard BHA. 
Photo 31/1(63) Capt E. Simeon RA. 
Photo 31/1(64) Sir Robert Montgomery KCB. 
Photo 31/1(65) Capt A. Heyland ADC. 
Photo 31/1(66) Capt Forbes & Mrs Forbes. 
Photo 31/1(67) Lahore Exhibition 1864. 
Photo 31/1(68) Major H.R. James CB, Commissioner Peshawur. 
Photo 31/1(69) Capt J.R. Sladen RHA. 
Photo 31/1(70) Major F.N. Edmonstone. 
Photo 31/1(71) Col. R.Y. Shipley 7th Fusrs. 
Photo 31/1(72) Capt. Dick Cunninghame 93rd Highrs. 
Photo 31/1(73) Capt. J.B. Lind. 
Photo 31/1(74) Capt Sparkes 7th Fus[iliers]. 
Photo 31/1(75) Lieut. Gosling [?Gostling] Cureton's Horse killed in action [word illegible: ?Nagura]. 
Photo 31/1(76) Capt. H. Salt RA. 
Photo 31/1(77) Capt H.L. Millett. 
Photo 31/1(78) [Group portrait of army officers.] 
Photo 31/1(79) Lt Col. Sam Davies. 
Photo 31/1(80) Lieut Col John Bean. 
Photo 31/1(81) Sydney Bell 81st Regt. 
Photo 31/1(82) Lieut Col. Walker R.E. Supt. Great Trigonometrical Survey. 
Photo 31/1(83) [Group at] Anarkullee 1861. 
Photo 31/1(84) Mrs Batten. 
Photo 31/1(85) J.H. Batten Esq CS. 
Photo 31/1(86) Colonel G.C. Smyth's [wife and] children. 
Photo 31/1(87) Lt. Col. D.C. Shute. 
Photo 31/1(88) Lt C.S.S. Taylor. 
Photo 31/1(89) [The Taj Mahal, Agra.] 
Photo 31/1(90) Nynee Tal. 
Photo 31/1(91) View in the Salt Range. 
Photo 31/1(92) Memorial Well, Cawnpore. 
Photo 31/1(93) D/E RHA - Lahore 1863. 
Photo 31/1(94) Buddhist remains found in digging the foundations of the new jail at Muttra. 
Photo 31/1(95) Dr Bateson D/F RHA. 
Photo 31/1(96) Hindu temples at Bindraband near Muttra. 
Photo 31/1(97) Lieut E.J. De Lautour. 
Photo 31/1(98) Attock Church. 
Photo 31/1(99) Capt P.C. Anderson RA. 
Photo 31/1(100) Summer garden house & pillar built by Dara Sheko eldest son of Shah Jahan at Shekopura. 
Photo 31/1(101) Gate of Rhotas fort built by Sher Shah [?Shekhupura]. 
Photo 31/1(102) Ruins of temple at Bhaganwala. 
Photo 31/1(103) Ruins of a double temple at Amb. 
Photo 31/1(104) Another temple at Amb. 
Photo 31/1(105) Hindu temple at Katas, Salt Range. 
Photo 31/1(106) Temple at Malot [near Katas, Salt Range]. 
Photo 31/1(107) The same, side view [of temple at Malot]. 
Photo 31/1(108) Temple at Katwai [or Kotera, Salt Range]. 
Photo 31/1(109) North steps of the [Buddhist] Tope at Manikiala near Rawal Pindi. 
Photo 31/1(110) [Buddhist] Tope at Manikiala. 
Photo 31/1(111) Ridge of rocks at Rawat near Rawal Pindi. 
Photo 31/1(112) Major General Sir George Pollock G.C.B. Bengal Artillery from a picture in the India House by Francis Grant Esq. R.A. 
Photo 31/1(113) General Sir George Pollock, Royal Artillery G.C.B.; G.C.S.I. 
Photo 31/1(114) Head of Gairloch [Scotland]. 
Photo 31/1(115) Oban, Argyllshire. 
Photo 31/1(116) [Unidentified tomb, (?)near Lahore.] 
Photo 31/1(117) [Unidentified tomb, (?)near Lahore.] 
Photo 31/1(118) [Unidentified tomb, (?)near Lahore.] 
Photo 31/1(119) Tomb of the Emperor ahangir at Shadera near Lahore. 
Photo 31/1(120) Gateway of Jahangir's tomb [Shahdara, Lahore]. 
Photo 31/1(121) Wazir Khan's Mosque, Lahore. 
Photo 31/1(122) Wazir Khan's Mosque, Lahore. 
Photo 31/1(123) Gateway of the Palace leading into the Hazuri Bagh, Lahore. 
Photo 31/1(124) Tomb [of Mir Mannu] near Railway Station, Lahore 
Photo 31/1(125) Shalimar Gardens, Lahore. 
Photo 31/1(126) Panorama of Calcutta taken from the top of the Ochterlony Monument. 
Photo 31/1(127) Water Gate, Fort William [Calcutta]. 
Photo 31/1(128) Adjutant General's Office [Calcutta]. 
Photo 31/1(129) Town Hall [Calcutta]. 
Photo 31/1(130) Upper Orphan School, Kidderpore [Calcutta]. 
Photo 31/1(131) [Group of] Sir Edward Huthwaite [and others]. 
Photo 31/1(132) [Views on the Suez Canal.] 
Photo 31/1(133) [Views on the Suez Canal.] 
Photo 31/1(134) [Royal Artillery training, probably at Shoeburyness, Essex, England.] 
Photo 31/1(135) [Royal Artillery training, probably at Shoeburyness, Essex, England.] 
Photo 31/1(136) [Royal Artillery training, probably at Shoeburyness, Essex, England.] 
Photo 31/1(137) [Royal Artillery training, probably at Shoeburyness, Essex, England.] 
Photo 31/1(138) [Royal Artillery training, probably at Shoeburyness, Essex, England.] 
Photo 31/1(139) [Royal Artillery training, probably at Shoeburyness, Essex, England.] 
Photo 31/1(140) [Royal Artillery training, probably at Shoeburyness, Essex, England.] 
Photo 31/1(141) [Royal Artillery training, probably at Shoeburyness, Essex, England.] 
Photo 31/1(142) [Royal Artillery training, probably at Shoeburyness, Essex, England.] 
Photo 31/1(143) [Royal Artillery training, probably at Shoeburyness, Essex, England.] 
Photo 31/1(144) [Royal Artillery training, probably at Shoeburyness, Essex, England.] 
Photo 31/1(145) Head Quarters at Al Kashih in Upper Egypt. Commanding Lieut Colonel E.S. Wynne. 
Photo 31/1(146) Camel Battery at Al Kashih commanded by Major Hunter RA. 

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