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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 628/2

Carleston Collection: Miscellaneous snapshot views in South India.

Photographers: Hadden Hamilton Carleston.
Contents: 230 prints 59x86mm to 150x207mm Gelatin silver prints
Provenance: Presented by Mr Hadden Hamilton Carleston OBE.
Notes: Collection comprises Photo 628/1-2. See also OIOC European Manuscripts, Mss Eur F180/49, for Carleston's memoirs of service in South India.
Description: Soft-covered album containing 174 captioned prints mounted on corner hinges, plus 55 loose, uncaptioned prints, of South Indian scenes. Locations include Madras, Malappuram, Attapady Valley (Malabar), Tellicherry, Cannanore, Cochin, Calicut, Laccadives, Ongole, Chittoor, Bangalore, Mysore, Vizagapatam, Nilgiris.
Awaiting detailed listing.

Album contents:-
Photo 628/2() Album of snapshot views of South India. 
Photo 628/2(1) Fort St. George, Madras. 
Photo 628/2(2) Corporation Offices, Madras. 
Photo 628/2(3) The Board of Revenue, Chepauk, Madras. 
Photo 628/2(4) St. George's Cathedral, Madras. 
Photo 628/2(5) H.E. the Governor's Bodyguard, Madras. 
Photo 628/2(6) The River Adyar,Madras. 
Photo 628/2(7) Hotel Spencer (Madras). 
Photo 628/2(8) Rainy Hospital Mobile Clinic visiting village near Madras. 
Photo 628/2(9) The Madras Club. 
Photo 628/2(10) Irrigation. Water lift, Madras. 
Photo 628/2(11) Sub-Collector's Bungalow, Malappuram. 
Photo 628/2(12) [Jungle scenery] Malappuram. 
Photo 628/2(13) Upper Malappuram Bazaar. 
Photo 628/2(14) Sub Collector's Court and Office. 
Photo 628/2(15) K. Vasudevan Nayar, Magisterial Clerk (Malappuram). 
Photo 628/2(16) An Inspection by boat (Malappuram). 
Photo 628/2(17) Fraser Hall [Malappuram]. 
Photo 628/2(18) Crossing river by changadam (Malappuram). 
Photo 628/2(19) Malabar Special Police [Malappuram]. 
Photo 628/2(20) Ploughing (Malappuram). 
Photo 628/2(21) Tea-shop [Malappuram district]. 
Photo 628/2(22) Harvesting paddy [Malappuram district]. 
Photo 628/2(23) Moplah woman [Malappuram district]. 
Photo 628/2(24) Bullock Cart [Malappuram district]. 
Photo 628/2(25) Muthukoya Thangal, Kazi of Malappuram. 
Photo 628/2(26) The Nercha (festival) [Malappuram district]. 
Photo 628/2(27) The Nercha (festival) [Malappuram district]. 
Photo 628/2(28) The Nercha (festival) [Malappuram district]. 
Photo 628/2(29) Chief Karnavan, Pultanveetil Mohamed Kutty [Malapurram district]. 
Photo 628/2(30) Mosque [Malappuram district]. 
Photo 628/2(31) Buffaloes [Malappuram district]. 
Photo 628/2(32) [Street scene, Malappuram district]. 
Photo 628/2(33) Coffee Estate [Malappuram district]. 
Photo 628/2(34) M.P. Gowindan Nayar, Deputy Tahsildar [Malappuram district]. 
Photo 628/2(35) [Village scene] The Attapady Valley, Malabar]. 
Photo 628/2(36) [?Irula musicians] The Attapady Valley, Malabar. 
Photo 628/2(37) [?Irula musicians and dancers] The Attapady Valley, Malabar. 
Photo 628/2(38) [?Irula musicians and dancers] The Attapady Valley, Malabar. 
Photo 628/2(39) Sub-Collector's Bungalow and view out to sea, Tellicherry (Malabar). 
Photo 628/2(40) Part of old fort [Malabar]. 
Photo 628/2(41) [Sea view] Tellicherry (Malabar). 
Photo 628/2(42) Tellicherry Club, Tellicherry (Malabar). 
Photo 628/2(43) Fort and Lighthouse, Cannanore. 
Photo 628/2(44) Hillmen, Cannanore. 
Photo 628/2(45) Pineapple cultivation, Cannanore. 
Photo 628/2(46) Forest Bungalow, Cannanore. 
Photo 628/2(47) Chinese Fishing Nets and Port Office, (British) Cochin. 
Photo 628/2(48) White Jews' Synagogue, (British) Cochin. 
Photo 628/2(49) Old (Dutch) Houses, (British) Cochin. 
Photo 628/2(50) Cochin Harbour Entrance. 
Photo 628/2(51) Cochin Harbour. 
Photo 628/2(52) The Residency (A.G.G. Madras States and Golf Course) [Cochin]. 
Photo 628/2(53) House of Harbour Engineer (R.C. Bristow) [Cochin]. 
Photo 628/2(54) Chinese Fishing Nets [Cochin]. 
Photo 628/2(55) Sailing Vessel entering harbour [Cochin]. 
Photo 628/2(56) Wallam (vessel used for loading & unloading larger ships) [Cochin]. 
Photo 628/2(57) S.S. Comoren, 1st P.&O. Liner, entering harbour [Cochin]. 
Photo 628/2(58) Emden III leaving Cochin. 
Photo 628/2(59) Dry Dock [Cochin]. 
Photo 628/2(60) Old (bucket) Dredger St. Andrew [Cochin]. 
Photo 628/2(61) House of Vasco da Gama [Cochin]. 
Photo 628/2(62) "The Lady Willingdon" (Suction Dredger). 
Photo 628/2(63) En route to Calicut. 
Photo 628/2(64) En route to Calicut. 
Photo 628/2(65) Collector's Office [Calicut]. 
Photo 628/2(66) Collector's Bungalow [Calicut]. 
Photo 628/2(67) Guruvayoor Temple (Travancore) 
Photo 628/2(68) Mosque. 
Photo 628/2(69) Nilanbur Forest. 
Photo 628/2(70) Nilanbur Forest. 
Photo 628/2(71) [Untitled]. 
Photo 628/2(72) Androth Island [Malabar]. 
Photo 628/2(73) Doctor, Schoolmaster & Island Officials [Malabar]. 
Photo 628/2(74) Kavarathi Island [Malabar]. 
Photo 628/2(75) Mosque [Malabar]. 
Photo 628/2(76) Kalpeni Island. 
Photo 628/2(77) Ruined Mosque [Kalpeni Island]. 
Photo 628/2(78) The Island Officals [Kalpeni Island]. 
Photo 628/2(79) The Juniors [Kalpeni Island]. 
Photo 628/2(80) Island of Minicoy. 
Photo 628/2(81) Main Road N. & S. [Island of Minicoy]. 
Photo 628/2(82) Amin & Gumasltan [Island of Minicoy]. 
Photo 628/2(83) Snake Boat [Island of Minicoy]. 
Photo 628/2(84) Dance [Island of Minicoy]. 
Photo 628/2(85) The Leper Settlement [Minicoy]. 
Photo 628/2(86) Wreck of the Hochst [Minicoy]. 
Photo 628/2(87) The Leper Settlement [Minicoy]. 
Photo 628/2(88) Tortoise captured in Androth Lagoon [Minicoy]. 
Photo 628/2(90) [Untitled- Ongole]. 
Photo 628/2(91) [Untitled- Ongole]. 
Photo 628/2(92) Temporary Cholera Hospital- Staff [Ongole]. 
Photo 628/2(93) Rebuilding a Village- The Foundation Stone [Ongole]. 
Photo 628/2(94) Bimlipatam, Catamaran [Ongole]. 
Photo 628/2(95) Complete [Ongole]. 
Photo 628/2(96) Banyan tree [Ongole] 
Photo 628/2(97) Sub Collector's House [Ongole]. 
Photo 628/2(98) American Baptist Mission (A.B.M.) Church [Ongole]. 
Photo 628/2(99) A.B.M. Hospital Sister & Orphan child [Ongole]. 
Photo 628/2(100) Silver Jubilee Sports 1935 (King George V) [Ongole]. 
Photo 628/2(101) A.B.M. House [Ongole]. 
Photo 628/2(102) Dhobies at work [Ongole]. 
Photo 628/2(103) Collector's Bungalow [Chittoor]. 
Photo 628/2(105) D.S.P. (Green): Judge (Newsam): D.F.O. Wilson & Mrs. Wilson [Chittoor]. 
Photo 628/2(106) Bus Station [Chittoor]. 
Photo 628/2(107) Mission School [Chittoor]. 
Photo 628/2(108) Mission School [Chittoor]. 
Photo 628/2(109) Temple Tank [Chittoor]. 
Photo 628/2(110) Temple Tank [Chittoor]. 
Photo 628/2(111) Temple [Chittoor]. 
Photo 628/2(112) Ascent to Temple [Chittoor]. 
Photo 628/2(113) Old Palace- partly converted to P.W.D. Resthouse [Chittoor]. 
Photo 628/2(114) Untitled [Madanapalle]. 
Photo 628/2(115) Untitled [Madanapalle]. 
Photo 628/2(116) Untitled [Madanapalle]. 
Photo 628/2(117) Performing Bear [Mandanapalle]. 
Photo 628/2(118) Collector's House [Civil and Military Station, Bangalore]. 
Photo 628/2(119) Untitled [Civil & Miltary Station, Bangalore]. 
Photo 628/2(120) Untitled [Civil & Miltary Station, Bangalore]. 
Photo 628/2(121) Palace of Maharajah [Mysore]. 
Photo 628/2(122) Palace of Maharajah [Mysore]. 
Photo 628/2(123) Palace of Maharajah [Mysore]. 
Photo 628/2(124) Nandi (Bull) [Mysore]. 
Photo 628/2(125) Seringapatam Mosque [Mysore]. 
Photo 628/2(126) Collector's House (Waltair). 
Photo 628/2(127) Church of England, Waltair. 
Photo 628/2(128) Scandal Point and its neighborhood, Vizag. [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(129) Waltair Club. 
Photo 628/2(130) Beach Road, Vizag. [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(131) Cevil [sic, for Civil] Hospital and Medical College [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(132) Harbour with "Dolphin's Nose" [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(133) Untitled [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(134) Collector's Office [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(135) Collector's Durbar for presentation of Indian titles [Vizagpatam]. 
Photo 628/2(136) Collector's Durbar for presentation of Indian titles [Vizagpatam]. 
Photo 628/2(137) Collector's Durbar for presentation of Indian titles [Vizagpatam]. 
Photo 628/2(138) Simhachalem Temple [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(139) Anti-erosion work [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(140) [Simhachalem Temple, Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(141) Digging Well [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(142) View looking through Dolphin's Nose Cave [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(143) Bobbili- Rajah's Palace. 
Photo 628/2(144) Kurupam- Rajah's Palace. 
Photo 628/2(145) Guest House. 
Photo 628/2(146) Famine (Road) Works [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(147) Famine (Road) Works [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(148) Famine (Road) Works [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(149) Famine (Road) Works [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(150) Famine (Road) Works [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(151) Famine (Road) Works [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(152) Famine (Road) Works [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(153) Famine Works [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(154) Famine Works [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(155) Famine Works [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(156) Famine Works [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(157) Famine Works [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(158) Famine Works [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(159) Famine Works [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(160) Famine Works (Roads) [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(161) Famine Works (Roads) [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(162) The heavy roller pulled by manpower- Famine Works (Roads) [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(163) Famine Works (Roads) [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(164) Famine Works (Roads) [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(165) Famine Works (Roads) [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(166) Famine Works (Roads) [Vizagapatam]. 
Photo 628/2(167) The Nilgiris. 
Photo 628/2(168) The Lake [Ootacamund]. 
Photo 628/2(169) The Shandy (Market) [The Nilgiris]. 
Photo 628/2(170) The Shandy (Market) [The Nilgiris]. 
Photo 628/2(171) Temple [The Nilgiris]. 
Photo 628/2(172) Tea Estate [The Nilgiris]. 
Photo 628/2(173) Untitled [The Nilgiris]. 
Photo 628/2(174) Off on tour- Servants & luggage by Bus [The Nilgiris]. 
Photo 628/2(175) Untitled [The Nilgiris]. 

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