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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 1/11

Wilberforce-Bell Collection: 'Photographs 1, 1904-1914'.

Photographers: J.Soame, Oxford; Gillman & Co., Oxford; Messrs. Stearn, Cambridge; Stewart & Son, Poona; R.D.Datye, Kolhapur and others unknown.
Contents: 127 prints 96x119mm to 298x356mm
Provenance: Presented by the executors of Sir Harold Wilberforce-Bell, October 1965, via Messrs Parker, Marsh, Charlton and Eastham.
Notes: Complete collection comprises Photo 1/1-23. See also Mss Eur G 57 for scrapbooks relating to the career of Sir Harold Wilberforce-Bell.
Subjects: official functions - social life - sports - army
Description: Leather album in a cloth cover, 323x385mm, containing mounted prints with manuscript captions. The bookplate of Wilberforce-Bell is on the front endpaper. The title is handwritten on a white label stuck on the front cover. Wilberforce-Bell's signature appears twice inside the free endpaper along with the manuscript note, 'The sequence of photographs in this book is: odd pages 3 to 81, then 80-4 even pages, but this is not always the order from 1904 to 1914'.

Album contents:-
Photo 1/11(1) Eastrington Church, showing Portington Chapel. 
Photo 1/11(2) In Eastrington Church. 
Photo 1/11(3) Portington Hall, Yorkshire. Built 1582. 
Photo 1/11(4) Scarborough 1892. Harold Wilberforce-Bell aged 6yrs 8 months [taken when staying with his grandmother, along with his mother. Photograph probably by Sarony ?]. 
Photo 1/11(5) Pembroke College, Oxford. Dr. Johnson's picture in the senior common room. 
Photo 1/11(6) Dublin 1894. The children of Harold and Lucy Wilberforce-Bell. Reginald Herbert, aged 7. Madeline Lucy, aged 4[and a half]. Percy Frederick, aged 6. Harold, aged 8 [and a half]. 
Photo 1/11(7) Pembroke College, Oxford. The old Quad. 
Photo 1/11(8) Bhavnagar 1912. The camp (Margaret in centre). 
Photo 1/11(9) [View of a party of state officials and IPS officers, Bhavnagar.] 
Photo 1/11(10) Pembroke College [Oxford]. The new Quad. 
Photo 1/11(11) Bhavnagar 1912. Watching the Maharaja's cheetahs being led. 
Photo 1/11(12) Bhavnagar 1912. The ladies go for an elephant ride. In first howdah Mrs. H.D.Merewether, Miss Impey & Margaret. 
Photo 1/11(13) Pembroke College. The Hall. 
Photo 1/11(14) Jetalsar 1913. Margaret & I, with Bhan Desa Wasa of Beilkha. 
Photo 1/11(15) Pembroke College [Oxford] . The Chapel. 
Photo 1/11(16) Barwala 1913. Laying the foundation stone of the main gate at Barwala. 
Photo 1/11(17) The Barge [England]. 
Photo 1/11(18) Barwala 1913. After the school prize distribution. 
Photo 1/11(19) Porbandar 1913. Lord & Lady Sydenham. George (ADC). Self [Wilberforce-Bell]. Mr. Sladen (ASR). 
Photo 1/11(20) Porbandar 1913. Lord Sydenham lays foundation stone of cement works. 
Photo 1/11(21) College group [Oxford]. Summer 1904. 
Photo 1/11(22) The 'Torpid' [Oxford]. 
Photo 1/11(23) The 'Torpid' [Oxford]. 
Photo 1/11(24) Junagadh 1913. Lord Sydenham arrives to open the Female Hospital. 
Photo 1/11(25) The 'Torpids' [Oxford]. 
Photo 1/11(26) Junagadh 1913. Mr. Sladen, Mr. Robertson, self. 
Photo 1/11(27) George, Lord & Lady Sydenham, Robertson, self [Junagadh]. 
Photo 1/11(28) The 'Soccer' Team 1904-05 [Oxford]. 
Photo 1/11(29) 'Bugshooters' [Oxford]. 
Photo 1/11(30) The 'Eight' [Oxford]. 
Photo 1/11(31) Junagadh 1913 [Group portrait]. 
Photo 1/11(32) The 'Eight' [Oxford] 1905. The first stroke. 
Photo 1/11(33) Eights Week, Oxford. 
Photo 1/11(34) Somnath Patan, 1914. The temple ruins. 
Photo 1/11(35) Dowthorpe Hall. Yorkshire, 1914. 
Photo 1/11(36) The Barge [England]. 
Photo 1/11(37) Junagadh, 1913. the big gun in the 'Uparkot' (citadel). 
Photo 1/11(38) Junior Commom Room [Group portrait, Oxford]. 
Photo 1/11(39) Jetalsar [Portrait of Wilberforce-Bell]. 
Photo 1/11(40) Pembroke (Oxford) - v - Sidney-Sussex (Cambridge) at Cambridge 1905. [Group portrait]. 
Photo 1/11(41) Peshawar, 1913. Percy (Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment). 
Photo 1/11(42) Mangrol, 1913, after Mahomedan meeting. Percy, Sheikh Saheb of Mangrol, self. 
Photo 1/11(43) College Group, Summer 1905 [Oxford]. 
Photo 1/11(44) Porbandar, 1913 [Group portrait]. 
Photo 1/11(45) Chelsea, 1905 [Group portrait]. 
Photo 1/11(46) Manawadar, 1913. The Guard of Honour on our arrival. 
Photo 1/11(47) Manawadar, 1913. Margaret, Khan Saheb of Manawadar, self [Wilberforce-Bell]. 
Photo 1/11(48) A Connaught Ranger. 
Photo 1/11(49) Manawadar, 1913. At opening of Cattle Show. Self, Margaret, Khan Saheb. 
Photo 1/11(50) 'H' Coy. Ahmednagar, 1906 [Group portrait]. 
Photo 1/11(51) Manawadar, 1913, at time of departure. 
Photo 1/11(52) Manawadar, 1913. Departure in Porbandar State Saloon. 
Photo 1/11(53) 'H' Coy. Ahmednagar, 1906. Officers & N.C.Os [Group portrait]. 
Photo 1/11(54) Porbandar, 1913. Garden party given us on relinquishing charge as Senior Administrator of Porbandar State, Sept. 1913. 
Photo 1/11(55) The Officers 2nd Battn. The Connaught Rangers, Poona, 1907. 
Photo 1/11(56) Rajkot, 1913. Thakor Sahib of Limbdi's Garden Party. Group of competitors, etc. 
Photo 1/11(57) The Sergeants, 1907. 
Photo 1/11(58) Peshawar, 1913. Percy's Company football team. 
Photo 1/11(59) The Corporals, 1907. 
Photo 1/11(60) Jetalsar, 1913. The Sorath Prant Cricket Team. 
Photo 1/11(61) The Connaught Rangers, Poona, 1907. 
Photo 1/11(62) The Drums, 1907 [Connaught Rangers, Poona]. 
Photo 1/11(63) The Band, 1907. 
Photo 1/11(64) VI Divisional Manoeuvres, 1907. 
Photo 1/11(65) VI Divisional Manoeuvres, 1907. 
Photo 1/11(66) VI Divisional Manoeuvres, 1907. 
Photo 1/11(67) VI Divisional Manoeuvres, 1907. 
Photo 1/11(68) VI Divisional Manoeuvres, 1907. 
Photo 1/11(69) VI Divisional Manoeuvres, 1907. Nanda. 
Photo 1/11(70) VI Divisional Manoeuvres, 1907. [Trenches] Built by 'E' & 'H' Coys, 2/C.R. 
Photo 1/11(71) VI Divisional Manoeuvres, 1907. Callaghan, Fraser, Dickson. 
Photo 1/11(72) General Sir Archibald Hunter's Ball, Poona, 1907. 
Photo 1/11(73) VI Divisional Manoeuvres, 1907. [Soldiers digging a trench.] 
Photo 1/11(74) VI Divisional Manoeuvres, 1907. [View of encampment.] 
Photo 1/11(75) VI Divisional Manoeuvres, 1907. [Soldiers cooking.] 
Photo 1/11(76) Manoeuvres, 1907. [Soldiers eating breakfast.] 
Photo 1/11(77) Manoeuvres, 1907. [Soldiers at rest.] 
Photo 1/11(78) Ahmednagar, 1906. J.L.Garstin [and] H.W.Bell. 
Photo 1/11(79) Senior Polo Tournament, Poona, 1907. Prize-giving. Jodhpur team winners. 
Photo 1/11(80) Manoeuvres, 1907. 
Photo 1/11(81) Manoeuvres, 1907. 
Photo 1/11(82) Buxton, 1914. Margaret, Colonel Paull [and] Mrs.Paull. 
Photo 1/11(83) The Poona Four (1907) - v - Madras. Bow L.A. Fanshawe (RA), 2. J.S. Graham (121st Pioneers), 3. C.J. Boyce (48th Pioneers), Str. J. Cunningham (IMS), Cox H.W. Bell (Connaught Rangers). 
Photo 1/11(84) The Poona Four, 1907. 
Photo 1/11(85) Jetalsar, 1914. The Sorath Prant Cricket Club . As on page 46 [Print 60] with the addition of Margaret, Amra Wala of Thana-Devli & Kanthad Wala of Bilkha. 
Photo 1/11(86) Poona - v - Madras, 1907, at Madras. 
Photo 1/11(87) Manawadar, 1913. At opening of the Fitzgerald School. Self, Margaret, Mayne [and] Khan Saheb. 
Photo 1/11(88) Manawadar, 1913. At opening of the Fitzgerald School. Self, Margaret, Mayne [and] Khan Saheb. 
Photo 1/11(89) VI Divisional Rifle Meeting, 1907. 
Photo 1/11(90) Poona, 1907. Marching past Lord Lamington. 
Photo 1/11(91) Poona, 1907. 'H' Coy. bridging with 3rd Sappers & Miners. 
Photo 1/11(92) Manawadar. At opening of Kamar Vegetable Market. 
Photo 1/11(93) After opening Fitzgerald School [Manawadar]. 
Photo 1/11(94) The Connaught Rangers Four, 1908. Bow. J.E. Hume, 2. H.B. Waling, 3. W.W. Roche, Stroke. A.H.B. Wright, Cox. H.W. Bell. [Poona.] 
Photo 1/11(95) [Connaught Rangers Four on the water, Poona Regatta.] 
Photo 1/11(96) Manawadar, 1913. Laying foundation stone of Vegetable Market. 
Photo 1/11(97) Manawadar, 1913. Our departure. 
Photo 1/11(98) Poona Regatta, 1908. [Race between] 3rd Sappers & Miners, 2nd Connaught Rangers, Royal Field Artillery. 
Photo 1/11(99) Poona Regatta, 1908. [View of the gardens with tables set for dinner.] 
Photo 1/11(100) Oxford, 1912. [Wedding presents given to the Wilberforce-Bells.] 
Photo 1/11(101) Bilkha, 1914. At foundation stone laying ceremony of 'Bell' Bridge at Bilkha. 
Photo 1/11(102) Canada, 1914. The 105th (Canadian) Fusiliers in camp. 
Photo 1/11(103) VI Divisional Assault-at-Arms, 1908. 'H' Coy. Physical Drill Team (Second). 
Photo 1/11(104) Barwala, 1914. My camp. 
Photo 1/11(105) Pembroke College Barge, 1908 (Lights) [Oxford]. 
Photo 1/11(106) Aden, 1908-09. 
Photo 1/11(107) Aden, 1908-09. 
Photo 1/11(108) Native Infantry Lines, Aden, 1908-09. 
Photo 1/11(109) Aden, 1908-09. 
Photo 1/11(110) Aden Polo Tournament, 1908. Teams: the Bedfordshire Regiment, the 113th Infantry, the Gymkhana. 
Photo 1/11(111) Marathon Race, Aden, 1909. 
Photo 1/11(112) Kolhapur, 1910. 'Hamlet' performed by the Kolhapur Infantry. 
Photo 1/11(113) Kolhapur, 1910. ['Hamlet' performed by the Kolhapur Infantry.] 
Photo 1/11(114) Kolhapur, 1910. {Group portrait] Lieut.J.C. Tate, Major H. Harrison, Major F.W. Wodehouse, LieutH.W. Bell. 
Photo 1/11(115) [Church parade, June 22, 1911, St.Giles, Oxford.] 
Photo 1/11(116) Kolhapur, 1910. {Group portrait: Lieut.J.C. Tate, Major H. Harrison, Major F.W. Wodehouse, Lieut.H.W. Bell.] 
Photo 1/11(117) Sawantwadi, 1911. [Group portrait including] H.W. Bell, Mrs Berthon, the Sar Desai of Sawantwadi [and] Major H.W. Berthon. 
Photo 1/11(118) Wedding group, Oxford, April 18th, 1912. 
Photo 1/11(119) Oxford, 1912. 
Photo 1/11(120) Pembroke College Barge, Oxford (Lights Week). 
Photo 1/11(121) Bhavnagar. At the sports. 
Photo 1/11(122) Bhavnagar. The Durbar. 
Photo 1/11(123) Bhavnagar. Group of English visitors to the marriage. 
Photo 1/11(124) Brass in Roman Catholic Church, Ahmednagar. 
Photo 1/11(125) Brass in Church of England, Ahmednagar. 
Photo 1/11(126) [Wilberforce-Bell opening the Bell Gate, Barwala.] 
Photo 1/11(127) [Wilberforce-Bell opening the Bell Gate, Barwala.] 

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