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Photographs Album details for shelfmark Photo 591/

Patrick Gerald Fitzgerald (Indian Medical Service) Collection: Album of miscellaneous views in India including Mutiny sites.

Photographers: Patrick Gerald Fitzgerald.
Contents: 27 prints 141x96mm to 180x265mm Collodio-chloride (?) and albumen prints
Provenance: Purchased 1980.
Subjects: military campaigns - bungalows - cantonments - forts
Description: Green full-leather album, 284x245mm, containing mounted prints with handwritten captions. There is also an accompanying manuscript list by Fitzgerald describing several of the prints. The photographs include Mutiny views taken at Cawnpore after the massacre and at the Alambagh near Lucknow. There are also architectural views and portraits at Sasaram, Karwi, Nagod, Pallavaram, Madras and Bangalore. The majority of the photographs are later prints made from the original paper negatives (or possibly copy prints of original photographs).

Album contents:-
Photo 591/(1) The photographer. [Portrait of P.G. Fitzgerald]. 
Photo 591/(2) Beebeegurh, or Nana's Slaughter House, Cawnpore, Nov 1857, taken from the well. 
Photo 591/(3) Memorial Well, Cawnpore, in the Seige of 1857. 
Photo 591/(4) Part of Genl Wheeler's Entrenchment Barrack., Cawnpore, Nov 1857. 
Photo 591/(5) Alumbagh House near Lucknow, Jany, 1858. 
Photo 591/(6) Gatehouse, Alumbagh, Jan, 1858. 
Photo 591/(7) On the roof, Alumbagh, Jan, 1858. 
Photo 591/(8) On the roof, Alumbagh, Jan, 1858. 
Photo 591/(9) Officers of the Picket, Alumbagh, Jan, 1858. 
Photo 591/(10) Mosque Battery, Alumbagh, Jany 1858. 
Photo 591/(11) View from the roof of Alumbagh, looking towards the Charbagh & Lucknow. On the left is the road by which Outram & Havelock advanced to the relief of the Residency. X [marks] site of Havelock's grave. Yellow House Battery in the distance. 
Photo 591/(12) Mud-walled Fort of Jellalabad, on the right of the camp near Alumbagh, Jany 18[58]. 
Photo 591/(13) [La Martinière] College, near Lucknow, March 1858. 
Photo 591/(14) Tomb of Shere Shah, last Afghan Emperor of Delhi, Sasseram, Sep 1857. 
Photo 591/(15) Pagoda in Ganesa Bagh at Kirwee, Central India, 1859. 
Photo 591/(16) Palace of the Rajah of Nagode, 1859. 
Photo 591/(17) Tombs near Nagode, Central India, 1859. 
Photo 591/(18) House I rebuilt at Nagode, 1859 (Had been burnt by mutineers). 
Photo 591/(19) Cantonment of Palaveram near Madras, 1860. 
Photo 591/(20) Palaveram Hill, 1860. 
Photo 591/(21) My Bungalow at Palaveram, 1861. 
Photo 591/(22) Bungalow at Palaveram, 1861. 
Photo 591/(23) Native tombs among the hills behind Palaveram, 1861. 
Photo 591/(24) House in the Luz, Madras, where George was born, 1872. 
Photo 591/(25) [Carriage]. 'Sturdy' and 'Trump', Burma ponies (Georgie inside), Bangalore, 1879. 
Photo 591/(26) [European group] Bangalore, 1870. 
Photo 591/(27) [European group] Bangalore, 1868. 

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